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The woman with no legs

This is another common photo floating around the Internet that is mistaken as a ghost photo.

The problem with this photo is that it's really quite obvious that it's not a ghost photo at all - in fact the poor woman pictured here has had her face plastered all over the Internet and publicised as a ghost - when she is very much alive and well.

The photo has caught her in an unfortunate position - it's obvious by the blur that she is moving forward quickly - therefore one leg (left) is caught mid air up behind her (possibly trying to step over and avoid the pram you see beside her)...you can just see the tip of the foot dangling down from the edge of her coat - and her other leg (right) is caught back behind the black pole holding up the chain link. When you suddenly run forward your body usually leans forward then your legs take off - that's what's happened to this woman - her leg is back behind the pole giving this photo the odd appearance of her having no legs.

Help me - I have no legs!!!

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The AGHS & Castle of Spirits.com leaves it up to viewer discretion and intelligence to make up their own minds what is actually in each individual ghost photo. Unfortunately there is no way we or anyone else can prove that any ghost is ever captured on film, we therefore offer all ghost photos up for individuals to scrutinize and decide for themselves if the image has been mistaken, faked or altered in any way, although we do try our best to note faked/altered photos.
We also offer the photos up hopefully as some proof that there are some things that are completely unexplainable.

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