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The above 2 photos were taken in Arizona somewhere near Phoenix in March 2001. Unfortunately I can't recall where exactly. No one was smoking when those photos were taken.

Above: was taken in a bar in Vienna, Austria in April 1998. Only staff and close friends of those were present as the bar hasn't opened yet that day. Only the girl in the back was smoking. I do not believe that she caused this smokey thing in the front of the photo. No one else was smoking at the time this photo was taken.

Above: was taken at Maitland Gaol, Australia in July 2003. It might be just a light reflection but I believe to see a face kind of sitting on that bed. It looked more distinct on my digital camera display.

I haven't altered those photos in any way except making them smaller. Would also be interesting what other people think of those photos.

Submitted from Katrin, Vienna, Austria

Contact: madster@darrenhayescentral.com

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