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Photo submitted by : Karl
Berkshire, United Kingdom

contact me here: karl_n@hotmail.com

My girlfriend and I decided to walk the Thames Pathway from Reading to Pangbourne (UK) in April last year. The pathway was deserted for most of the journey, so we were able to take quite a few photos without interruption. At one particularly tranquil spot, my girlfriend took a photo of the track ahead of us. There was definitely no-one else with us on the track at the time, and we did not see anyone for approximately 10 minutes after taking the photo. The only thing we remember was that this part of the pathway was quiet and very serene. It was only sometime after the photo was developed that my girlfriend noticed the figure in the picture. We have also looked at the negative, and the same white patch is there. The white area is not present on any other photos taken on the same roll of film. The camera itself is a Canon SLR (non- digital). If anyone knows anything about possible sightings/hauntings along this pathway, I would be grateful if you could let me know.

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close up of ghostly figure on pathway
Close up of white figure on pathway

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