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All of these photos were taken at my parent's house in the city of Diboll in eastern Texas and contain what we have come to call simply "The Ghost".

The ones of the child (my son) were taken on Easter of 2001 and are some of the first ones that this 'mist' has started to appear in. The other photo was taken of my Dad's motorcycle sometime in the early Spring of this year (2003).

As you can clearly see, there is some type of unexpainable 'mist' that is in these photos. A ghost perhaps? It looks to appear to be smoke, but it is not, as the photographer was not smoking when any of the pictures were taken.

Both photos were taken in the evening but with different cameras. The one of my son was taken with an OLYMPUS Stylus Epic 35mm camera, and the one of the motorcycle was taken with a Hewlett-Packard photosmart 320 (2.1 MP) digital camera. There is also no haunted history at that house. Nor has anyone died there, with the exception of course of some beloved pets. All who've resided there however are believers in such phenomena and have had occasional paranormal experiences elsewhere. This includes my sister who used to visit a lone grave in the woods approximately a quarter of a mile from there. She would visit there as a child years ago and keep it clean by keeping the weeds pulled away from it. Only a few small strange things occured here and there, but an incident one night involving the mysterious opening of the clothes dryer door and clothes "flying" (not falling) out as she walked in on it, had her wondering if Miss Reed's spirit had followed her home that night to help with the laundry.

The Ghost has also appeared in other photos taken at their residence, but these are some of the most prominent ones. In fact there was only one or two good pictures out of the batch that was taken of the motorycycle. Most of them had The Ghost in it, and like this one, appeared to be sitting on the motorcycle. On this one it appears as if there could be a leg going down the side toward the ground.

The two pictures taken of my son are very interesting also. On the top one, it looks as if he has an aura around him on his right side; the 'mist' seems to be behind him. What catches the eye though is the swirl on the lower left. We've often said that was the long gone family dog playing with my son. The bottom photo of that set is also striking in that you can actually envision a figure to the left bending over with his hand on his knee, laughing too perhaps.

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