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These photos were taken in 1983 at a town in South Australia just outside of Whyalla. We stopped of at this cemetery as we were travelling on a Horse and Wagon holiday. I had a few photos left on the film so we took the last remaining photos that was left on film. It wasn't until we got back home and had the pictures developed that we notice the two figures in the background. During that time I use to buy a magazine called "The Picture" and it contained a section called Pinkies Report.
People would send in their photos of Ghosts and UFO`s. Unfortunately I made the mistake of sending them the negative to which I never got back nor was there any reply as to them publishing my story.

Several weeks went past and one Saturday I purchased the magazine and to my surprise it was published and the photo had been altered.

They stated that the photo was taken by a truck driver from Brighton in Melbourne. I knew straight away it was the picture that we had sent them.

After a few days we decided to follow up who the truck driver was and phone them. To our surprise a Lady answered and I asked to speak to her Husband. She told us her husband had passed away a few years ago driving the truck through Whyalla in South Australia. I felt a cold shiver through my bones and apologised to her and hung up the phone.

Submitted by: Joey, Victoria, Australia

original photo

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close up of apparition behind gravestone

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strange "ectoplasmic" mist appears behind gravestone

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