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Submitted by: Samantha & Laura, Yorkshire, England

Camera Used: MAX SPIELMANN, "Wow" Camera-Disposable

Conditions: Indoors, Dark, Flashing lights. Date: 19th May 2005 Time: approx.: 10:45pm

This photo was taken at a Rugby Club on our prom night. A few weeks before the prom, we had been told that the Rugby Clubs owner had suddenly passed away while hosting a relatives birthday party 2 year ago. Supposedly, he still "hung around" the club after his death and has been "spotted" by visitors and family members to the club, usually in the main room, where many of his events were held and where our photo was taken.

The friend who took the photo says she never saw anyone where our "ghost" is, until she saw the actual photo. Earlier on word went around the ladies toilet that people had been seeing strange "mists" all night in various places of the main room.

Many people who have seen the photo believe that it could be the man who died. So we'll leave you to decide...is it the owner who died a couple of years back? Or a mistake with the camera?

Contact me here: lil_miss_giggles_661@hotmail.com

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