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A few weeks ago my friend Cameron and I took a small road trip to Jacksonville, Flordia (we live in Miami) and found a pool hall where we were going to meet some friends that lived in the area. I brought my camera with me, it wasn't a digital camera (I know how it is with orbs and such). I'm not sure of the exact camera brand, though its fairly new.

Anyways, as you can see in the photo, Cameron is leaning again the rim of one of the pool tables, taking is turn in one of the games. If you look in the direction of his right arm, and little beyond it, you can see the outline of what seems to be a teenage (or so) boy standing near another pool table in a white and blue shirt. You can see that the figure is a bit transparent, which can be a common clue to a paranormal figure.

Now I know what you must be thinking...anything can show up on camera film, which I believe. However, my memory does recall there being no one else at the pool tables next to us (on the side that the picture was taken from). Also, two other friends who were with us were also taking a picture of Cameron. Both were standing right next to me (we all wanted Cameron's pose on our own film, also, neither of them had a digital camera). On one set of film, the transparent figure appears, but not on the other.

I do believe in the paranormal, firmly. But I also do believe that seeing isn't always believing. However, the fact that no one can recall anyone standing in that position, and the fact that 2 out of the 3 pictures contain the mysterious figure is eerie enough to be considered a ghost.

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Things of note - the head of the "ghost" image is not see through.
The images that make the figure look "see through" are actually either caused by the camera or a reflection of the bar/area behind on the mans T-shirt as they do not match up going straight through the figure (of note the light/gold bar in particular that does not match up as a straight line).
Conclusion - the figure is not an apparition and merely a trick photo.

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