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Small Girl photographed by accident by Tony O'Rahilly
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"This photograph was taken by local resident Tony O'Rahilly on 19th November, 1995, as Wem Town Hall burned to the ground. When O'Rahilly took the photo, neither he, nor other onlookers, saw the little girl in the doorway.

O'Rahilly claims there are no special effects on this picture.

It was taken with a 200mm lens from across the road.

At the time O'Rahilly and other onlookers were stopped by police and firefighters from approaching the burning town hall.

It was only after the image was developed that O'Rahilly saw the little girl.

He immediately sent it to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.

They, in turn, sent the photo and the negative to Dr. Vernon Harrison, former president of the Royal Photographic Society.

Dr. Harrison analysed both the photo and negative and reported that he was satisfied that the picture is genuine.

"The negative is a straight forward piece of black-&-white work and shows no sign of having been tampered with," said Harrison. Who is the Ghost of Wem Town Hall?

Fire ravaged the town hall once before, in 1677. The historical record shows that the 1677 fire was caused by a young girl called Jane Churm, who started the fire accidentally when she dropped a candle.

Since that date, it has always been maintained that the Town Hall is haunted by the ghost of Jane Churm.

Despite the international publicity and visits from teams of 'ghostbusters' the image of a woman's face on the pictures has never been properly explained.

Sceptics, including Dr. Harrison, have claimed the image of the girl is just a convenient trick of the light with smoke, flame and shadow creating an optical illusion at the moment the photographer took his picture.

But it still seems almost beyond belief that smoke, flame, light and shadow could randomly form the shape of a young girl in the doorway of a building that has has been reputed for centuries to be haunted by a the ghost of just such a young girl.

Question is - which is the most unbelieveable? An extraordinarily coincidental trick of timing and light - or the vague possibility that spirits roam the earth - and one just happened to be caught on film?"

The photo is Copyright: Tony O'Rahilly / Fortean Picture Library

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