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Spot Hotel Ghost Photo (Scott Pearson)
Photo courtesy © Scott Pearson
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The above photograph was taken by Scott Pearson, who is a professional photographer.
He admits to being able to "feel" the presence of ghosts.
Scott shared the following story about the above amazingly spooky photo:

"Years ago my brother and his wife and kids moved into a hotel in Gawler, South Australia, a small town north of Adelaide. After carrying out renovations on the building that was built in 1836, strange things started to happen, people started to hear strange things and see the apparition of a small girl and an older man. Being a skeptic I didn't believe it until my brother started to see things as well. All the stories from different people were the same so I got interested, and being a photographer (Weddings etc.) I thought I would have a go at getting something on film. A friend and I stayed in the hotel all night in the section which used to be the Gawler morgue last century before it was turned into a hotel. It was very eerie and I could feel the presence of the spirits or what ever you call them. It was so strong a feeling that it is hard to describe. This photo was taken on 3,200iso speed Kodak TMax film B&W. I also tried inferred film without much success. After developing the film I had a quick look at it and didn't think I had captured anything until a week or so later when I was doing some testing in the dark room and I noticed a negative which looked different than the rest. I made a copy and could not believe it. I then took a copy to every photo expert I could find and they all said it was unexplainable. After the initial carry on about it, we decided to throw them in a draw and forget about it until the local Gawler paper "The Bunyip" contacted me 4 or 5 years later In March 1998."

The photo has been since featured in many newspapers and different Television shows throughout Australia.

Contact e-mail for Scott Pearson:

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