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Submitted from: Australia

My sister and her kids used to mention regularly that there must a ghost in the house because it made a lot of noise, sometimes in an area of the house where nobody was at the time.

I cannot remember what exactly it used to do, but my sister was very pleased to finally "see" the guest in the photo we had taken of us one weekend when I visited her in Hamilton, Victoria.

My sister's house was renovated and extended. The noises never were heard in the newer part of the house. It appears a man is looking at us. We were standing where the old kitchen was. I've put a circle around the ghost figure. I asked my sister to make sure that it wasn't a reflection of light like the fairly straight line on the wall from a framed picture on the other wall (not seen in photo).

The picture was taken around winter time 2003. The photo was taken with a normal 35mm film camera just after lunch.

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