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One of Australia's Most Haunted Sites


Visited briefly by the Australian Ghost Hunters Society (AGHS) November 2001.

Reports of hauntings in this site are many and we visited this historic place during the day to get the feel for any evidence of the supposed ghosts that inhabit the place.

A ghostly white streak appears across the photo
This photo was taken of Rowena in one of the cells containing a prisoners death mask. We did not see or feel anything unusual at the time however this unusual mist/vortex like shape shows up in the photo.

Unusual Vortex appears on the right hand side
The photo above is of famous bush ranger Ned Kelly's guns. Although some tales tell of Ned Kelly still haunting the gaol, it is generally considered that his spirit does not in fact haunt Old Melbourne Gaol.

The vortex seen in the right hand side of the photo was not seen or felt at the time that the photo was taken. Photos either side of this one show the guns without the anomaly. The camera strap on the camera used is black and we could not see that it was in any of the photos as we were careful to keep it out of the way of any pictures we took.

Throughout the gaol we had a feeling that on occasion someone was watching us, I especially had an especially strange feeling inside the room beside the gallows. It would warrant further investigation but as yet we have not been able to gain access at night to do some proper investigating.

We hope to return sometime in the future to do some further investigating of this rather interesting site. But for now our photos have left us wondering what entities might we encounter if we were allowed in during the nighttime.

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