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by Rowena - AGHS/Castle of Spirits.com

16th April, 2005
Between the hours of 12.00midnight -> approx 2.30am

Lilydale cemetery, located on the outskirts of Rural Victoria, Australia is most famous for it's well known permanent resident, Soprano Dame Nellie Melba, who died in February, 1931 and is now buried there.

The AGHS took a short visit to this cemetery in early 2004 and vowed to return for further investigation at a later date.

We took another impromptu visit on 16th of April, 2005 mainly to test out a sensitives skills, we happened to have a low res (3 megapixel) digital camera on hand (lucky!). We soon found out how much of a sensitive he was!

Upon entering the cemetery it was noteworthy that this cemetery was on a hill, above any low lying fog and mist that was present at this night. We took note that absolutely NO mist of fog was in the cemetery and neither of us smoke.

We walked around the cemetery and of places to be drawn to we were drawn over to the grave and monument of Dame Nellie Melba (after a few short visits to other graves). This particular spot did have a feel to it and Derek our sensitive felt compelled to take photos and investigate further.
After spending a few minutes around the grave site itself we soon noticed a flash of light and moving shadows in a spot just at the side of the site among some graves. We took photos of where the sensitive felt a presence and I noticed a small shape/shadow where I previously saw a white light flash from in between graves. We both felt it was a child that was with us. Later on I looked around the graves and found one of a daughter (with no age on it) in the exact spot next to where I saw the light.

Imagine our surprise when the following photo showed up that was taken at the time we felt there was a presence with us.!

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