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Photo Submitted by Karen, USA

This picture was taken 16 years ago. I went into my kitchen all during that day and I would have this really weird feeling. The hairs on the back of my neck would stand up and I would get a shivering sensation, the room was much colder than the rest of the house. That weird feeling lasted all day, every time I would go into the kitchen.

My youngest son was a year old and I kept the camera on the cabinet all the time because I would take about 25 pictures of him each day. (HA) I just picked up my camera and made a picture of nothing. There was nothing there, I did not see anything at all, I just could not get rid of that strange feeling and I did it out of curiosity. Believe me, if I were just taking a picture of my kitchen, I would have picked it up and straightened it before making the photo. When I got the picture back, it scared me so badly, I put it up and made myself forget all about it. I recently found it in an upstairs closet when I was cleaning and rearranging.

We have always had very strange things happen in our house, nothing that would scare you, just things that were like practical jokes.

I do believe in ghosts, I have had experiences before. You have even printed my story "Daddy's Final Visit" October 2001. I just wanted to share this picture with you. I am not claiming it to be anything---I just had a very weird feeling, snapped a picture of nothing and this is what was on it when I got it back.

Contrasted image
Misty image after the contrast has been turned up

I do truly believe that my house does have a spirit in it. All these strange occurrences started happening shortly after my Mother's best friend was killed instantly in a car accident. She lost control of her car and it flipped with her, she had on her seat belt and her neck was broken. She and her husband were never able to have children and she thought of me as her daughter. Just a few days after her death, all these things began to happen.

Here is an example of something that happened just a week ago. We have two ceiling fans in our utility room, one of them broke and needed replacing. My husband and I were taking the old one down and putting up the new one. They new ceiling fan came with the exact amount of screws required to put on the new blades, I dropped one of them. I looked all over that utility room, I could not find that screw. My husband and I looked everywhere, we could not find it. I got a broom and dustpan and swept the entire room looking for the screw--it was not there. We took a screw out of the old fan and put it in the new one and finished the job. We went outside for a few minutes and when we came back in--there the screw out of the new fan was!! It was right in the middle of the room, plain as day, directly under the new fan. There is no way we could have missed it after searching for 15 minutes and sweeping the entire utility room floor.

It is little things like that, they happen all the time. Nothing that would scare you, just as if someone was playing a practical joke on you.

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