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This well known "ghost" photo was snapped by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England in the 1960's. He claims he was merely taking a photo of the alter and didn't see anything unusual at the time, until the photograph was developed. This particular photo has been the subject of many arguments and much controversy over the years due to the rather "fake" appearance of the figure in the photo.

Newby Church was built in the late 1870's and was not reportedly haunted.

How does this figure appear on film? I have no idea how this particular image was created, but I would still stand to say it is a hoax of sorts.

Many years ago I received the following e-mail regarding this photo :

"With regard to the (black and white)monk in the church photo which you claim is a double exposure, in the early 80's I was connected to a team that examined this (and many other) supposedly supernatural photographs for the BBC, and the one thing we decided it wasn't was a double exposure. We used, at the time, the latest in computer enhancement technology and no trickery was detected. We examined about fifteen other famous photographs (including Indre Shira's photo of the Brown Lady in Raynham Hall) and all of them were explicable in decidedly prosaic terms. Furthermore, the photograph is of the complete altar, not just the half with the 'monk' in it. I feel you are doing a diservice to the photograph by presenting it in this truncated form"


Karl Denchly

The latest computer technology cannot see all trickery, especially if it is particularly clever.......the negatives need to be examined to determine further whether the photo and/or negative had been tampered with.

is this really a ghost?

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