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This is a picture of my two sons taken last summer (yes they have diapers on their heads). Notice the white mist that seems to be moving through the picture?.

My husbands grandfather used to live in the apartment we live in now. Three days after he died my husbands uncle and aunt were sleeping in his apartment. His aunt woke up early in the morning and watched in horror as my husband's dead grandfather walked across the room and looked out the window (something he did often) and then disappeared. She, of course, was extremely shaken up. I'd like to believe the picture captured my son's great grandfather enjoying their company.

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Castle of Spirits leaves it up to viewer discretion and intelligence to make up their own minds what is actually in each individual ghost photo. Unfortunately there is no way COS or anyone else can prove that any ghost is ever captured on film, we therefore offer all ghost photos up for individuals to scrutinize and decide for themselves if the image has been mistaken, faked or altered in any way. We also offer the photos up hopefully as some proof that there are some things that are completely unexplainable.

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