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Submitters Name: Cherri Ann Brignac

Location: Houma, Louisiana, USA

Type of Camera: Digital (?)

This photo was taken in Houma Louisiana - I am now a resident of Conroe, Texas. I am very heavily involved in service work through NA and I am taking the message of hope and recovery to the women in jails there. I was thrown for a loop when I found this photo - you see this was about the time that I had a turning point in my own life.

I took this picture myself with a digital camera - as you can see weather conditions are not a factor. There is no source of smoke. If you look on the wall clock a 2nd photo was taken right behind it and the image (image not included on site) was not caught the 2nd time. This does prove however that there was no source of smoke because it could not have cleared that fast. This picture was taken about four years ago - It is in my sisters house and we were both battling heavy-duty drug addiction. There was major drug use going on at this location; however on this day - it was Thanksgiving and our family was gathered together.

There were other strange things that went on at this location - too many to list. Our lives were going nowhere and we were sick sad individuals.

The toddler in the picture is my little boy Julian who saved my life when he was born. I have been in recovery for four years and am drug free - I get involved with lots of service work on the recovery level. My sister has spend time in prison since this photo and actually had a child in prison - a girl she named in Heaven backwards - Neveah. This child was the miracle in her life. This photo has been a spiritual awakening for me - because at one point in time I did not believe in anything religious or spiritual. My whole world has changed since this time period.

I believe this Angel was put into our lives to give us hope and Joy and to watch over these beautiful children.

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The AGHS & Castle of leaves it up to viewer discretion and intelligence to make up their own minds what is actually in each individual ghost photo. Unfortunately there is no way we or anyone else can prove that any ghost is ever captured on film, we therefore offer all ghost photos up for individuals to scrutinize and decide for themselves if the image has been mistaken, faked or altered in any way, although we do try our best to note faked/altered photos.
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