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GHOST DOG PHOTO (common Internet story/photo)

Ghost Dog

Close up of ghost dog
Close up of ghost dog in truck

"This photo was taken in front of my childhood home in the summer of 1966. It was taken by my then seven year old brother with a very inexpensive Diana camera using 120 film.

In the photo my older brother is holding our kitten with our fathers truck in the background. As children, we never noticed anything unusual about the image. It was put away in a drawer with dozens of other snapshots and forgotten.

Almost 20 years later my brother (the one that took it) and our friend who grew up across the street from us were looking at a stack of photos reminiscing. Our friend asked "Who's dog is in the truck?". The problem was we didn't have a dog at that time, and the only two dogs we did have while growing up were both fawn colored boxers. None of us recall a white dog in our neighborhood. Also, we were not allowed to play in the truck and certainly wouldn't have let a strange dog inside it.

The strangest part of this is that the dog is transparent - the rear window can be seen through the dog's head. We asked my mother (our father had died years earlier) about the dog. She remembers that they bought the truck from a chicken rancher who had a large English sheepdog type of dog.

The dog is obviously looking at the boy holding the kitten with a great deal of intrest, just as a "real" dog would. This image is so clear that even very small children notice it without prompting. Also please note that the black circle around the dog's eye is the side mirror on the truck.

I hope you find this interesting, it still gives me chills up my spine after all these years".

Submitted by: Rita, USA

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