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My girlfriend Audrey took this photo.
It was late July and it never gets foggy here! We went on a hiking trip and took our cameras to take pictures with. And she said "wow this looks so cool" so she took this picture of the trees and it turned out like this.

It was so freaky when we developed it. The person just standing by the tree had this hood on and kind of flowing robes. I swear we did NOT SEE ANYTHING WHEN WE TOOK THE PICTURE!.

We spent the night in a tent about 100 yards away from here because it was flat compared to the area around it which was all hills etc. We heard whispering at midnight, only we thought it was each other trying to scare us or something, but it was not.

In the morning we were packing up and it was really early because we had to get going, we suddenly got super cold. It was July too, and it was so weird!

Submitted by: Christine, USA

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