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The following "Ghost Video" was caught by TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society and was also featured on a US show by the name of Ghost Hunters.

This video has since caused a huge stir on the Internet - is it for real?

The following information was from TAPS website (click to visit the site direct):

"We went all the way to Good old Philly, PA to visit Eastern State Penitentiary. The place left an impression on us all. We did capture something odd on video. It is a figure of some sort coming toward the camera and then leaving quickly back down the hallway.

We want you to check it out yourself.

Here are some things to consider when watching this. While it does look like someone in a cape, the figure moves with great speed and does not turn to go back down the hallway, also it doesn't bob up and down & it would have to be about 4 feet tall. If someone was messing with us they would have had to have hidden in there all day, and known where all the cameras were and know when to stop right outside of the field of vision of the DVR camera. Everyone who was there that night was out eating dinner together when this footage was captured.

We can't say 100% what it is. But we had other experiences to support this as potential evidence. So, we present it here for you to examine and you can come to your own conclusions. We are on the fence, what about you?

Thanks to TAPS for the video footage.

DOWNLOAD FILE HERE (right click)
Be patient as this is a large file

After looking at this video clip very closely my own personal conclusion is that it is highly likely that someone is playing a joke or pulling a prank on TAPS. The figure does seem to be sped up, the disturbance of dust around the figure is too fast for normal video play and I also believe that due to the darkness and low quality image it only "seems" like the figure doesn't turn and run back, we may be fooled by an optical illusion caused by the darkness and our imaginations!.
It's just too dark to make anything out much except what appears to be someone running up and down with a blanket or cloak on, there is also quite a lot of movement around the area before you see the figure run/move up. It would be an easy trick to pull and isn't that hard to do.!

I may be wrong but I highly suspect a hoax of sorts with this piece of footage.

Rowena - AGHS

A still frame of where the figure seems to turn and show a hand and foot and possibly a bit of leg!

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