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The following picture was taken at a family wedding in Dalhousie Castle, near Edinburgh.

In connection to this my wife (whist carrying my daughter) had a strange encounter when crossing the threshold into the function room in which the photO was taken.

She said that she felt a 'whoosh' go through her body and she felt rather faint and dizzy immediately afterword (Like Jelly!). We believe that this was the entity in the picture gaining energy.

It is widely reported that there is presence within Dalhousie Castle by the staff.

This is not a fake, neither is it smoke. The image was not visisble to the naked eye.

What do you think?!

Dalhousie Ghost?

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The AGHS & Castle of leaves it up to viewer discretion and intelligence to make up their own minds what is actually in each individual ghost photo. Unfortunately there is no way we or anyone else can prove that any ghost is ever captured on film, we therefore offer all ghost photos up for individuals to scrutinize and decide for themselves if the image has been mistaken, faked or altered in any way, although we do try our best to note faked/altered photos.
We also offer the photos up hopefully as some proof that there are some things that are completely unexplainable.

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