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My name is Carly McLaughlin and I live in Victoria, BC Canada. I personally took this picture with my Canon digital camera at Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC Canada in June 2006. It was a bright sunny day and I would say this photo was taken at approx. 2pm.
My friends and I were running all over the castle snapping shots with my camera in hope of finding something ghostly... no one noticed the image in the mirror of this photo until a month after, when my friend Sara really zoomed in to inspect the pictures.
This is a room in the basement of the castle, and it is a room you cannot enter, as the doorway is blocked off at waist-level by a 'velvet rope' type stand. From what I can recall, this is the area of the castle that the servants lived in. This is a bedroom, and if you zoom in on the mirror and look to the upper left corner just above the flash's reflection, you can see what made us not ever want to go to the castle again!! There are 2 blonde haired children, one whose face looks almost skeletal (the child on the far left) and the other child seems to be sort of looking over the skeletal child's shoulder, possibly with its little hand in a fist resting on its chin. The 2nd child's face looks more human and chubby.
Further more, we noted that on the right of the mirror, there is an outline of a woman's profile, as she appears to be standing sideways. You can make out that she has a bun in her hair and black dress with some sort of white line down the front, maybe an apron strap?

Anyways, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! A friend of mine works for a prominent local news station and he asked me to email him the picture. The news channel's producer was blown away at the images in the mirror and wanted to do a news piece on it, but the castle declined, in fear that it may provoke intruders to break in at night, being that the room the photo was taken in is on the bottom floor.
The spokesperson for the Castle was not shown the photo but stated that we were very fortunate to capture such a great picture!

We do plan to go back to the castle at the end of September, when my friend Sara (who noticed the images in the mirror on my camera) comes back to Victoria for a weekend stay.

I'm too creeped-out to go back unless it's with her.

She noted that there was something odd in the mirror just by looking at the picture on my digital camera at the original size... before any zooming-in was tried.
She's amazing.
This image is shockingly clear and it has not been altered.

I will email again once I have gone back to the castle to report any more ghostly images in that same room.

Thank you for your time,

Carly McLaughlin (photographer), Sara Goorts and Dara Holden (my fellow ghost-seekers that day)

Craigdarroc Castle
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The AGHS & Castle of leaves it up to viewer discretion and intelligence to make up their own minds what is actually in each individual ghost photo. Unfortunately there is no way we or anyone else can prove that any ghost is ever captured on film, we therefore offer all ghost photos up for individuals to scrutinize and decide for themselves if the image has been mistaken, faked or altered in any way, although we do try our best to note faked/altered photos.
We also offer the photos up hopefully as some proof that there are some things that are completely unexplainable.

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