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Friday 13th, Picton Ghost tour - 2002

Myself (Rowena) and Debbie Malone participated in a new tour of the haunted town of Picton, NSW.
We visited haunted sites including Jarvisfield", the historic home of the Antill family who were the original owners of Picton. Jarvisfield is now a Golf Club and known to be haunted by several ghosts.

Our nighttime visit on the tour was where we had dinner and an opportunity to visit the upper rooms, which were reported to be haunted by at least one ghost. Debbie Malone (psychic) felt more than one presence.

We wandered out of the buildings and out to the more quiet areas out the back. Debbie said (at one point) she felt a lady in old fashioned clothes was watching us from one of the upper windows.

We continued to wander around outside, where there was nothing but one of the holes for the golf course, a line of trees and empty space with gravel on the ground. We started shooting photos around the empty drive as Debbie claimed a spirit was approaching us. We were joking saying that whatever it was should "wave" to the cameras, at this time Debbie and I were both madly snapping pictures as Debbie clamied the spirit was getting closer, she said it came from the line of trees that was beside us and was rapidly coming towards us. Suddenly we noted the strange pictures she was getting, however I was taking the same shots as her and had nothing in my shots. At this time Debbie claimed whatever it was "hit" (walked into) her and her batteries at that point went flat in her camera and everything shut down, I didn't suffer the same experience with my camera and kept taking shots. Still nothing showed up in my photos.

We were astounded to find the following image captured.
Strange swirly mist
The first strange thing to show up on Debbie's photos from outside

click for larger image of this photo

The above photo shows what appears to be a misty shape of a woman in old fashioned clothes, waving?
At the time that this image appeared was when Debbie claimed a spirit was approaching us and I jokingly asked for it to wave.

There was absolutely nothing in front of the camera to account for this strange shape, the weather conditions were crystal clear with no mist or fog.

We later found out that there was actually a grave in the line of trees (where Debbie felt the spirit come from). One of the old golfers was actually buried there.
Could this image be of the golfer himself, or the woman Debbie felt in the top rooms in old fashioned clothing?

Photos © Debbie Malone

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