Halloween 2016

St Joseph's Orphanage, Morgue

Kat, UK

I wouldn’t call this a story as such, more of an experience. The town where I live has an abandoned building that through the years was a hospital, orphanage and asylum. It was a care home until closed down in 2003. Me and a few friend went in, I had been in before and heard a few weird noises, once heard a voice, I didn’t think much of it as I kind of guessed the building was haunted anyway and it didn’t really bother me. Another time, my two friends were just at the doorway while the rest of us were in one of the old rooms in the basement, there was a small bang so they flicked their torch at the wall they heard the noise from and some plaster fell off the wall as if something hit the wall from the other side so we then left as they got quite scared.

I went in again, and I highly regret it. Even though I had been in several times before I still hadn’t explored all of it. So we went to the chapel and down some stairs behind it all the way to the bottom and followed round some rooms I hadn’t seen before, we followed it all the way through to a very small set of stairs that led to a few rooms, one really dark small room and some more rooms around the corner. My friend Michael turned to Jack and said "Jack, do you recognize this place?" It was the morgue. (They had experienced something weird in here before which I’ll explain later on).

I had a bad feeling about the area in the first place so I kept tugging on Jack’s coat saying "Please can we leave? I want to go find Ryan but I’m not going back on my own. Please can we leave? Please can we leave??". I was getting progressively more panicked (due to anxiety).

Jack turned and said "just one sec..." and stepped towards it, I looked directly into the room and honestly, I got the most haunting feeling in my head. I got tunnel vision, I got dizzy, felt like I was going to pass out, I literally experienced death, or a ghost, something like that. I can’t explain the way I felt but I had to get out that building fast. I couldn’t sleep until stupid hours the next morning, I couldn’t speak properly when I left the building. Furthermore, I stole a "Fire Exit" sign from the building one of the times I went previous to this experience, the sign is nowhere in my room to be found.

It isn’t just me that’s felt something near or in the morgue. My friend Lexi was at the back of the morgue and felt something pull her back, she also took a "Theatre" sign from the hospital bit which she cannot find.

Back to Michael and Jack’s situation that I mentioned earlier, I feel this to be a scarier experience but I wasn’t there so I can’t vouch for that. They went into the morgue, after a few seconds they felt the same thing as I did but not as intense but they left the morgue as they got a bit scared. They started going towards the room with the ladder and rang me to tell me what happened. While on the phone to me they said they heard a bang from the room next to them and a shadow on the opposite side of the building, so they said they’ll ring me back as they needed to get down the ladder as soon as possible because of course they were scared. They rang me when they got off the premises, and I was told as they were going down the ladder they saw a shadow in the room that they heard the bang from.

And one last morgue experience with someone I know was similar to mine, I’m unsure if he went in the morgue or just looked in to it like I did but he felt the same thing (I wish I could explain how horrible it was but I’ve never experienced anything like it, I was so scared, there’s no way I can deny that ghosts/spirits aren’t real), anyway, after that he had a full blown panic attack and would’t speak for the rest of the day.

Whatever’s in there doesn’t want people around the morgue. Apart from that it’s an amazing building and it’s honestly a shame so many people have vandalized it and smashed it up so much.

The photographs attached is a friend of friend. Apparently there’s been sightings of a nun, and a small blonde girl, in the building before, I did see a small shadow around the chapel once so it may be connected. He went in this place alone, in his mirror photographs from what we can make out is the small blonde girl that has been apparently has been seen before.

I tried researching this building loads when after what I experienced but there’s not much I could find on the internet, but this was my friends’ and mine’s experiences of the abandoned building, if you’re into ghosts I suggest go having a look!

Grandpa Cahrlie

Jocelyn, FL, USA

I have waited so long to have a forum on which to relay my story. The incident shaped the way I was able to perceive and accept the multitude of metaphysical experiences that are not a part of everyone’s journey and become receptive to them at a young age.

At the age of 12, I lost my beloved Grandpa Charlie to complications from diabetes. In today’s world, he would not have passed from these complications. However, he did and painfully, and the entire family gathered for his funeral in Santa Barbara, California. He was much loved and it was emotional for everyone. This was the first occasion of a close death that I’d faced in this world and I was extremely shaken. My Grandpa had taught me how to fish at the Santa Barbara Pier. Everything about fishing, insistent that I also learn how to clean the fish I caught. I’d stayed parts of the summer at their home.

After the funeral, in typical tradition, the family gathered at my grandparents’ three story Victorian home for a meal before leaving my Grandmother, as most of us lived out of town. Their home had always been amazing to me. They had such a large living room that a baby grand piano sat on one side of it and there was still about 20 feet over to the couch on which I sat, eating between two of my female cousins. On the other side of the room, on the piano bench, sat Michael, my 16 year old cousin, and upon whom I had my first crush. Since I was adopted, I felt no guilt at having a crush on him. He had that slight bad boy edge, was terribly good looking and very sweet. I thought we had a "special" connection. He also had been very close to Grandpa Charlie. We had been the closest grandchildren to him.

Between Michael and I about halfway across the room and up to the right, was my Grandfather’s Lazyboy chair. Positioned to see the tv, he watched the news almost every night. Fighting back tears while playing with the food on my plate, I glanced over to his chair. He was sitting there. He had a look of peace on his face and appeared to be watching tv. He also looked healthy. I snapped my head back to center, not knowing what I could have possibly thought I saw and locked eyes with Michael across the room. Michael stood up and wiggled a finger at me to follow him and pointed towards a side door, to his right. I got up, walked across the room and silently followed him out the door and down a hallway and out onto the fabulous wrap-around porch of their home.

Stopping, Michael turned to me and said "Did you see him too"?

My world was never the same again.

The Lady in White

Anonymous, Japan

In a dark windy night, we were driving, heading to the city. We drove not too fast since it was night time. We chatted for minutes, until my friend pointed at the front window and said, he could see a person hitch hiking right beside the road. It seemed to be a lady, dressed in a white dress. We joked that she might be one of the hitch hiker ghosts out there.

We stopped anyway and asked her if she need a ride. The lady nodded and rode on the back seat, we felt a breeze and thought that she must be out there hitch hiking for along periode. My friend turned around and ask if she was cold, the lady remained silent, and her long hair covered her face, we saw no emotion from her, we thought it was because of her hair.

My friend looked at the back mirror and found that the lady seemed wounded. My friend asked her if she need to go to a hospital. The lady nodded lightly, and we dicided to head to the nearest town hospital.

Suddenly the car shook hard like if it became alive, the engine stalled when the shakings stopped. We tried to see if the lady was alright at the back seat, but she was gone by the time we turned around.

We called the JAF to fix whatever the problem of the car was. The JAF workers came and told us, the car was fine. We restarted the car and headed back to the road to the city. We check again the surroundings just incase the lady was still around, but we found no one but a long deserted road.

The engine stalled again before we went back to the road where we were heading. We saw the lady in white waving at the same spot emotionlessly. My friend pointed out that the lady seemed a little blurry, while I thought she looked kind of like a hologram. We tried driving back to the same spot where we picked her but the engine did not start, we tried to call the JAF again but both our mobile phones were drained.

We felt a breeze just like before when the lady rode into the car. The car started to shake again, so hard that we could not even open the doors to exit the car. My friend nearly passed out, I tried my best to keep him awake so that I would not be the only one experiencing the event. My friend tried to turn on his mobile phone but it was dead, low in battery. I tried to stable myself so that I will be able to open the door. The car stopped shaking and the engine re-started. Both our phones worked again as if they had been re-charged.

I asked my friend where that lady was, just in case he was looking out the window. He told me she was at the spot where we saw her right before the moment the car started shaking. We checked the back seat again for any trace, but all we found was just some old dust and dirt. We drove to the nearest gas station. The staff came to us and asked if we need to wipe our windows, I nodded and asked him to full fill the tank as well. We went out to have some fresh air, my friend shreiked and pointed at the car. I turned around and found that it was covered in dirt and had brownish hand prints all over.

The car was cleaned by the staff, clean enough that it sparkled. But from my eyes, I could still see one hand print at the back window, I told the staff wipe the back window again. When he finished, that hand print was still there, then the staff pointed out that the hand print was actually printed from inside the car. We quickly ran, away from the car and asked the staff to clean the inside as well. We asked the elder staff of the gas station that if he had heard of any hitch hicker accedents and told him about the lady in white.

He told us that he is not sure about any ghost stories or rumors, but he do know that there was a girl, whom got hit by a speeding car just right beside the road to the city. She was found lying beside the road dressed in white and wounded. We quickly know that what we saw might be this girl’s spirit and the events that we experienced was the girl trying to tell us that she actually excisted. We drove back to the spot where we had picked up the lady in white the next morning and offered her some white lily.

Friendly Ghost

Anonymous, UK

When I was 3 years old me and my mum lived with my grandparents, my mum had me young and we were saving money to get our own house.

One night my grandparents went out with friends and me and my mum stayed in together. I was down at the other end of the living room where you could see down the hallway. I was building my own den when I felt a cold breeze. I asked my mum if any windows were open and she said no. I looked up to see a man stood in the hallway, he had hair round the sides of his head and no teeth when he smiled and said his name was Peter. I told my mum straight away but when she walked over no one was there.

After she walked off the ghost came back.

I saw him many times after that and learned that he had a wife named Edna.

One day we were at my great granddad’s and we told him the story. It came as a bit of a shock when he told us that he had a cousin named Peter who lived in our house 30 years ago. One day my mum asked me where Peter was and I told he that he had said him and his wife were moving to Bulgaria, and I never heard from them again.


Parker, MT, USA

About ten years or so ago, I experienced a ghost that I won’t ever forget. This was in my Grandmother’s house, to which we always knew as haunted, but we didn’t know by what, not that we wanted to, we had become used to the antics of this ’ghost.’ It was usually small things getting misplaced, small touches and tugs of your clothing, limbs and hair. But it’s antics seemed to get more terrifying and frequent. The ghost began to drag blankets off of the bed while we slept, and even sitting on our chests (well it felt as so) and it gave us night terrors or night paralysis.

We slowly got more worried until we couldn’t survive in the house, we had to become more religious, well not become more religious, but instead show it by putting up crosses and religious things around the house. But once we started doing so, they seemed to go upside down, or even flying off the wall.

My grandmother knew exactly what this ’being’ of the paranormal was. We had a demon or so we thought, it was not until she explained it to me (as I needed it explained a few times since I was quite young) it entered the room. We couldn’t physically see it, but we could feel the anger in the room, we could feel the being wishing death on us. We could also touch the being if it was physical to us.

We had to leave, but we couldn’t more, it was as if we were being held down or even, the feeling of being out of body, as if you are floating out of your own being and watching your death. I was physically panicking (whether it was out of body or not) but then all the sudden it stopped. We ran out of the house, leaving all of our possessions and fleeing. We only returned with a priest to get family heirlooms and such.

Ever since that experience, when we moved and my grandmother died, I saw something in the window as we passed the house. Once we moved out of state, and the house was well, part of a construction site, I could still see a ghost face, in the yard, looking a bloody ghoul.

Bed and Breakfast

Brittney, VA, USA

Let me start by giving a short backstory explaining why I was in said place and why I was with who I was with. I won’t mention names and the place that we stayed to protect their privacy. The place where everything occurred doesn’t really like to have their paranormal phenomenon brought to light so as not to affect their business. To be honest I always thought this was really funny because they hold "ghost tours" in the house, but I digress. This isn’t an incredibly scary story for those just reading it but worth a share I think.

I’m a paranormal fanatic and have done work in the modeling field from time to time. I was asked by two friends to go stay in a bed and breakfast and model in some of the period clothing to help promote their website as well as keep for our personal portfolios. One of the two friends is a photographer and the other is a pretty well respected paranormal expert who has investigated this place multiple time with groups. After getting the story of the house I decided I would go and after we finished our work, we would try to catch some EVP recordings and try to reach out to the spirits. Something that I have never done but have always wanted to try. The owner of the house let us have the entire house to ourselves since she knows my friend so well and trusted that we wouldn’t burn the place down. There we’re also no visitors that night so us three had the entire house to ourselves.

A brief history of the house: Built in the 17-1800’s and was the home of a slave owner. It was kept in as good shape as possible given it’s a historical building. Renovated to have faux fireplaces in each room and very authentic period relics, clothing, and beds kept inside.

All throughout the day I noticed a few things that caught by eye. Small things like a picture frame moving before my eyes and a chandelier shaking while there was no one moving it. I just chalked it up to the house being old. After we finished our work we decided to sit in the living area to rest and have a beer or two. Then a strange feeling of nausea hit me. It was very odd because it didn’t start happening until we sat in the living area. I noticed that there was a faint cigar smell and asked my paranormal friend if she noticed it. She then told me that the room we were in was believe to be the "sitting room" back when the owners we’re still alive and they would have their cigars and drinks in that room. She also stated that during some of the ghost tours people have also mentioned this. I decided that we should leave the room and go sit outside. The nausea wore off within a minute. I wasn’t bothered by any of this because, hey, I knew what I was getting into. After a beer or two we decided to hook up the EVP recorder and explore the house. We visited every room including a room where Jeb Stewart (look him up) was known to have stayed in at some point. We asked all of the basic questions that you could think to ask a spirit.

The last room we went in was the room that Jeb stayed in. I noticed that the "fireplace" was on. Funny thing is, none of us had been in that room until that point when we all went together. Again, I ignored it and went about my business. My friend mentioned that female visitors during the paranormal investigations have complained about a feeling that they are being groped. Of course, with the EVP recording device glued to my hand and head, I tried talking. Nothing. We went on for about 30 minutes and gave up. Maybe I was too eager? I mean, I was really begging for any trace of afterlife. Anything would have sufficed for me. Still nothing. At this point it’s probably around 10pm. We settled down and decided to bunk up in the same king sized bed. Less cleaning for the owner the next day since we were staying for free. After a bit more chit chat we all passed out with the tv on. That’s when things got weird.

I woke up I’m going to guess between 2-4am. The tv had automatically cut itself off because it was on a timer so I had been asleep for a little while. We kept one of the lamps on in case we needed to get up and use the restroom so you could clearly see throughout the room. When I awoke I was covered in sweat. It felt like I had been dreaming a bad dream and suddenly woke up and couldn’t move a muscle. I stared blankly at the ceiling until I started to hear a tapping noise coming from across the room near the fireplace. A very faint tapping noise that sounded a lot like fingernails tapping on a window. It started out slow and started to move towards me. At this point I’m freaking out. Mostly because I was paralyzed in the bed and had just woken up. The closer it got, the louder and faster it got when suddenly it felt as if the noise was right next to my ear. Then, nothing. At some point during the noise I closed my eyes. I opened them and looked directly at the ceiling. A small black shadow moved very swiftly from one end of the bed to the other. Eyes closed again. Nothing to report after that except for the fact that as time went on, it got more and more unbearably hot but I was terrified to even move, much less take the covers off. I wanted to wake up one of my friends but I felt like I couldn’t even speak. I think after about two hours I finally saw what looked like the night turning into dawn and I fell into what felt like one of the deepest sleeps. I didn’t hear my friends when they woke up and finally around 10 the next morning I woke up. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. My body was so tired but I forced myself out of bed to get some coffee. My friend who is the paranormal expert looked at me and asked how I slept. "Awful." I said to her. I asked if either of them had woken in the night at all and neither of them did. Not even for a bathroom break.

She looked at me and said, "I know. I went upstairs when I got up this morning to pack up all of my EVP equipment. While I was packing I heard a very faint voice say "We came to visit her last night."

Now, let me just say, normally I would call BS on this story really fast. But, how could she have known I had any kind of visitor during the night when she hadn’t woken up to see my whole episode? How could she have known that before I even had a chance to tell them the story of what happened to me? After we left I felt I huge relief. I was so tired I fell asleep during the long ride home and was hesitant for a while to even talk about it. Maybe it’s because this was my first real paranormal experience. I have no idea. All I know is whatever happened that night and whoever tried to contact me scared me for a good while. It doesn’t seem so scary now but during the experience I’ve never been so terrified.

I’ve been invited to go on another paranormal trip to an old sanatorium. I’m hesitant...

Waketop Walkers

Anonymous, TX, USA

As a new crew member,part of my duties were to take the trash can up from propulsion(scrap iron junk and gasket pieces)and dump it over the side.The can was so heavy that it took 2 of us to get it up the ladders from below to the fantail above decks outside.The time was about 23:30;the location was somewhere between Hawaii and the Philippine Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.As we stepped outside with the can,we closed the hatch doorway back quickly as we could to maintain darken ship.

We stood still outside to let our eyes adjust to the dark.In case you don’t know,it is very dark at sea at night,because of the absence of light. After 5 or so minutes we edged the can toward the railing,getting ready to lift it up and dump the contents over the side. We dumped the can,then stepped back from the railing and stood still again.My shipmate(senior to me)said for us to just cool it for another few minutes before going back inside.

We both stood there in total darkness,he was 3 feet from me,but I could not see my shipmate standing there.That is how dark it is. Anyway,I started looking at the sky to see if I could see any stars I did not see much in the way of stars that night.As I looked down at the sea going by us below,I saw our wake on the port side where we were standing.Like you would see on a ski boat,the white water wave rolling out away from us.As I looked at the white top of the wake,I followed it out with my eyes to see how far I could watch it.Then,as I was watching the wake,I distinctly saw a bearded white man with black hair and short type of beard walking on top of the wake.

He had on one of those ruffled sleeve long sleeve shirts from olden days.He had on dark trousers.He was looking straight ahead,like he was going somewhere by walking on the top of the wake.I questioned my own sight and looked beyond the man further,to see if my vision might correct itself.Instead,I saw a second man,further out,doing the same thing;walking on top like he was going too,wherever they were going. I could not make out the second mans’ clothing.He was shrouded in the darkness of the night,but I could see that he was there,watching his leg movements as he walked.

I focused back closer,to the first man.He was continuing on,his shirt sleeves were blowing in the breeze as he went along. I did not dare say anything to my shipmate,who had remained absolutely quiet during this whole time.He may have been watching it too.Finally,my shipmate said that we better go on back in,so we went in and back down to the engine - boilers work space.I have not shared this story with anyone til now,and will always remember it like it happened yesterday.

69 Highland Avenue

Kim, MD, USA

I’m sure there are many explanations—some scientific, some describing an obsessive compulsive delusion, others a psychotic break, or perhaps an elaborate prank. Maybe all of these possibilities explain living in a haunted house for a year. Maybe there were really just t three ghosts, and maybe it was all in my head. I left not knowing. My two roommates and I moved in August for our sophomore year. I’d been struggling with getting the correct medications to treat my Bipolar Disorder and I was blissfully unaware that I would be tested by paranormal events. When I began unloading my belongings, both of roommates came over and whispered ‘do you feel anything?’ And I was like a chill—a presence maybe. My medication made me a little hot.

Over the next few weeks it became apparent that we were living in a true haunted house. We had pieced together three distinct presences, a woman/mother figure, a young man, and an angry older man. The older man would sling knives and silverware, open and close drawers, slam doors. The woman was the protector. She kept things from getting too out of hand. Helping us not slip, that sort of thing. She was comforting. The young man would unlock doors, and his footsteps led to my room. He walked nightly around ten. I tried three different medication combinations. My psychiatrist didn’t believe in ghosts. She knew I was terrorized, but thought it was an inner demon. I knew it was an outer demon.

I’m neo-pagan, so I am inclined to believe in spirits. I know some people don’t. I used all the folklore I could find to combat spirits. I had several salt circles, an altar, and Holy water just in case. And even with all that, I was still haunted, more than my roommates. The older man scared me. He was so malevolent. I knew he wanted me to leave, and I thought he couldn’t get past the salt. One night, in the wee hours, I was alone in the house, studying on my bed. A dark shadow floated above my salt ring and pressed my head into my pillow. I screamed unable to breathe, clutching and praying and helpless to stop the smothering. I believe the woman stopped him. I could breathe and my head came out of the pillow. I was gasping and crying. I had almost been murdered by an apparition.

I must say, after that, the footsteps seemed tame. But before I left, the young man showed himself to me. He must have known that I was leaving. He walked down the hallway like usual, but this time I could see his tousled hair and smile. He waved to me. What is one’s reaction supposed to be like when a ghost greets you? I smiled, waved back. Threw some more salt.

I never freed them. I’m sure the three ghosts are still there. I’ve asked several times if I had been pranked, but nothing could explain the near death experience or young man. My roommates remain as confused and terrified as me.