Summer 2017

Terror on the Street

Anonymous, Kolkata, India

This happened about 2 months ago. My family had to attend a wedding. So we got ready about 7 p.m. and decided to leave. we were just 4 people so we took our car to reach the place. we had a good time there with our relatives and friends. "I think we should leave now, you and your brother have school tomorrow" my dad said. So I said yes and we left for home.

We finally reached home. Everybody was exhausted and looked sleepy. I looked at my watch, it showed 11: 43 p.m. we slowly moved out of car, entered home and changed our clothes. My brother and parents fell to sleep quickly. I, on the other hand watched TV for a while and when I was about to go to bed, I realized that I left my cell in the car. I didnt want to disturb my parents so I picked the car’s key and quietly moved out of the house. We parked our car a little away from our home as someone else had already parked his car at our place.

As I walked towards the car, I could feel the silence in the street. There was literally no one in the street. I reached my car, unlocked it, got inside and closed the door. There on the dashboard I found a phone, it was my dad’s. A smile came across my face. Then I started looking for my phone. I couldn’t remember where I kept it so I searched here and there but couldn’t find it. I started looking down on the mat, searching for it when suddenly someone banged my window. I moved my head up and looked outside the car. Nobody was there. I was sure someone banged because it was quite loud and there were impressions of someone’s hand left on the window. I wondered for a little but ignored it and again began searching my phone. when i failed to find it, I took my dad’s phone and dialed my no. I heard my phone vibrating but it was very faint. I was not able to tell from where it was coming. I again dialled and again my phone’s vibrating sound came. I looked for it here and there but didnt find it. i got a bit puzzled.Then out of nowhere, again someone banged the window and this time harder. I looked outside again and like before there was no one. Now i got scared, I started sweating. my breathing became fast. I looked at dad’s phone and it showed no signal. I felt helpless.I decided to not leave the car no matter what and completely locked all doors and shutted my eyes.

After about 4-5 minutes I calmed down a bit, opened my eyes and looked outside, still no sign of a person there, just complete silence. Then gathering some courage, I again checked my dad’s phone and it showed some signal. I got some relief. I again dialed my no. This time someone picked it up. I was taken aback by this and said hello. It was my brother on the other side. I got some relief listening to him. he asked me "Where are you?"

I told him that I left my phone in car and had come to take it, i asked him where is he right now? Is he the one outside? He replied "No, i am in my room. When we reached home after wedding, I saw you leaving your phone behind in car so I picked it up and brought it home but forgot to tell you."

I was shocked hearing this. Few minutes before I heard my phone vibrating and I started arguing with him just then my attention went on the handprints on the window caused by banging. I looked into them for sometime and then I realized something and started screaming. what I realized was that handprints on window were not from outside the car but from the inside!!

I started panicking, opened the door of car in hurry and rushed to my home screaming. My brother met me at the door and asked about my state. "What happened, I heard you screaming on phone?"

I told him about all this but he didnt believe and instead focused on calming me. I even told my parents but they also didnt believed it and called it hallucination due to tiredness and daydreaming. Only I know this was real and this incident still gives me chills.

Hospital Spirits

Anonymous, IL, USA

When you’re close to death do you believe you can see spirits? I was hospitalized because I tried to end my life. I have all these faint memories of going into the hospital. I was unconscious while I was brought there, and I can’t really figure out if these things are my imagination trying to fill the void of not knowing, or if I was having an out of body experience while half dead.

I have this "memory" of nurses rolling me to a room on one of those stretcher beds (if that is the correct term for it) and I was floating above my body? I couldn’t see anything in color. It was all black and white, foggy too. I felt like a pair of eyes. While "floating" i looked to my left and saw a very skinny "person" walking. But the legs were backwards. I can’t remember if they had a face or not. I only saw a glimpse of them because like i said my body was being taken to a hospital room, and I was "attached" to my body, I couldn’t wander freely. I remember thinking although that sighting was strange it didn’t terrify me.

All of my memories are scattered and its been 3 years since this all has happened to me. But I keep having memories pop up randomly. Just thought I’d share that.

I Think I Conjured Spirits

Lisa, KS, USA

My story begins when I was around 13 or 14 years of age. I am an only child so growing up I was pretty good at entertaining myself. This was especially true during the summer months when school was out. I was old enough to stay alone during the day while my parents were at work. One of my favorite things to do during this time was to walk to the public library and hang out. I LOVED to read (I still do!).

Since I was getting a little older I ventured, one day, into a section of the library that had more adult books. I was always above my age in reading and wanted to see what kind of books were available on the second floor of the library. I was also attracted by the cool spiral staircase leading to the second floor. Once up there I was drawn to the far corner in the back. It was shadowy, quiet and really spooky! Just what I love! I found a few books about haunted places but what really caught my eye was a book by Alastair Crowley. It was a little above my head with the content but it had several "spells" or "words"to say to conjur forth any spirits. I checked it out immediately.

It took me a few days to get the jist of the book but apparently if you repeated these incantations you could call forth a spirit. So i waited one night when I knew my parents would be in bed to try these incantations. I remember sitting right in the middle of my floor slowly repeating these words, wondering if I got the words right, the timing right and yada yada. And hmm..nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until a few nights later.....

The first thing I remember was waking up in the wee hours of the morning and hearing what sounded like a whole room full of people talking in the room beside me. A murmuring huge sound, no words could be made out. It frightened me, my heart was racing but I wasnt about to go see what it was. So for several nights it went like this.

Eventually those murmmering sounds died out. Next to come was a little more personal. My mother worked very early in the morning and would put her uniform folded neat and ready on the bathroom counter. She would go about doing her morning ritual. One morning she came into thebathroom and realized several pink kleenek were wadded up and placedon her clothes. Very unusual, pink kleenek were in my room and she could plainly see it didn’t come from my room.

So soon after that we all noticed that a voice was singing along when we had certain cds playing It was pretty creepy.

In the meantime I felt a more sinister being was wanting recognized."it" was asking what they needed in the quod.

I had had enough and left the group.

Breton Alberta Haunted Post Office

Shawn, Alberta, Canada

In the summer of 1992 my wife and two kids and I moved to a small town, in central Alberta, called Breton. I had just taken on a job as an operator for and oil company and we were just starting out our new life.

We commissioned a realtor to find us a home from which my wife could start a business to keep busy, but also raise our two girls. After some time, a house on the town’s main street came up for sale, this house was perfect it had a reasonable living area in the back and ample business space up front. We bought the house, moved in, & put our personal touches on it.

This town was the best thing that ever happened to us, the locals were friendly, the air was clean, and it was a nice quiet break from city life.

The first couple months of living in Breton were like something from a storybook, but that changed after what we experienced in our home. The paranormal experiences started with us hearing the floor creak sometimes, but this was an old house (formerly a post office, built sometime in the 1940s or 50s) so this was somewhat explainable. It didn’t stop there, we would only enter the basement for maintenance or to store unneeded items, but every time we’d go to the basement there was always a smell that reminded us of burning cloth.

It was hard to sleep at night in this house my wife would wake up panicking and I would always grind my teeth during my sleep. Not too long after all of this started our marriage began deteriorating, my wife and I were constantly fighting over the most trivial issues. We went from being deeply in love to hating each other and not being able to bear each other’s presence.

We are of the Christian faith, so we decided to have the house blessed. This helped for a few months, but the problems returned. Each time we’d have the house blessed the problems would return, but worse. It got to a point where my wife and two little girls hated me and although it pains me to recall, I hated them.

After realizing that this house was the problem we sold it to the first person willing to buy it and moved away from that town. My wife and I are still happily married and our little girls are grown up and have a brother, we’ve been doing great since we moved to another nearby town. My wife and I are certain that the house on the corner of 50th and 50th was our problem and that it almost ruined our lives.

Demonic Scars

Anonymouse, TX, USA

I was about three or four years old but my older brother confirmed my suspicions when I noticed small bruises or scratches that appeared over night. My bedroom door was usually locked but he said that whenever he went to check on the pups my door would open quietly and he would see a dark figure disappear into my room. By the time he was on his way back I was sitting up in bed crying for our mom and saying I was hurt. They would check my body and sure enough there were bruises and scratches covering my back. One was so deep that by the time it healed it was just a giant cross shaped scar on my back.

It got worse when it was just me and my brother. I could be in the living room and recovering from that night’s attack and I would be shoved onto the hardwood floor on my back. I looked up and there was a demon shaped figure leaning over me. I screamed for my brother and continued to point and scream until he got there. He looked up to where I was pointing and said there was nothing there. But there was something there and I coudld not stop crying.

My parents hired a priest to come and cleanse the house and at the same time he baptized me. When he flipped me over to look at the marks on my back he poured holy water on it. I sat in his lap and was screaming for him to stop the burning. When it was over the air in our house felt lighter and I personally felt better. It is an memory I will probably carry to my death. I still have nightmares about the attacks and what I had seen.