RowenaRowena Gilbert originally created Castle of Spirits in 1997.

Rowena has been interested in the paranormal since she was a small child. Rowena's baby book lists her two favourite books as "Ghosts" and "Dinosaurs". One of Rowena's early recollections was being taken to Hanging Rock by her family where she was told the story of the schoolgirls disappearing (which is pure fiction - read more by clicking here). As Rowena grew older she was fascinated by all aspects of the paranormal and craved to look for ghosts in old, haunted houses.

That dream came true at the inception of public use of the internet in early 1996 when Rowena found other ghost groups around the world online. In 1997, Rowena founded the Castle of Spirits. Castle of Spirits was originally set up to report ghost stories and promote the paranormal field in Australia, for a while it was the only Australian paranormal site.

The website soon caught on and Rowena began to attract worldwide attention and also became a regular point of contact for the media. Within twelve months, Castle of Spirits became extremely popular becoming one of the most popular websites in Australia (measured in volume of hits).

Castle of Spirits became an invaluable source of information for anybody researching the paranormal. Over the years Rowena developed a reputation for being detailed, balanced, well researched. Rowena soon developed a network of contacts around the world who shared her enthusiasm and came to rely on the quality of her research.

Rowena was able to extend her interest in the paranormal with the Australian Ghost Hunters Society and became an expert on haunted sites in Australia including the Quarantine Station in North Head (Sydney), Picton, Port Arthur and Annandale asylum (Ararat). Rowena's expertise gained her unparalleled access to these sites.

Castle of Spirits was Rowena's proudest achievement.

Rowena sadly passed away in March 2008 and her family and friends were devastated. Castle of Spirits continues to exist in memoriam to Rowena's enthusiasm and dedication to presenting a balanced view of the paranormal.