Matt Bowden

I met Rowena on-line to begin with in 2001 as a new visitor to the AGHS chat group. My interest in the paranormal meant I had a lot in common with Rowena and the other members (Leanne, Ronalee etc.) It wasn’t long after this that Rowena made me a member of the AGHS as a ghost hunter. I finally met Rowena in person in 2003 when the AGHS spent a weekend at Monte Cristo in Junee.

Rowena was one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. Her sense of humor and take on life was so endearing she was a joy to be around. Her passion for investigating the paranormal and her dedication to her website, Castle of Spirits is a credit to the type of person she was.

I’m sure she is still looking over us all in spirit. She will be greatly missed.

Matt Bowden –