Don Wilmshurst

It’s funny the way things work out – I initially emailed Rowena to warn her that someone was using email addresses from her guestbook for spamming and ended up with one of the best friends I ever had.  After a few emails she invited me to join the AGHS discussion forums and from there I was accepted as a honourary member. Rowena and I clicked fairly quickly and it wasn’t long before we emailed each other on a regular basis and kept each other up nights chatting on the computer or phone and became as good friends as two people on opposite sides of the planet could be.


  What I remember most about Rowena was her spirit and her general good nature. She was extremely supportive and we helped each other through some really bad times in life. She was always able to put a smile on my face with her irreverent sense of humour and her directness was refreshing; she was always there to listen to her friends and always responded with good advice.  Though life would get in the way sometimes and it would be a month in between emails and/or chats, whenever we got back in contact we’d always pick up where we left off and have each other laughing within minutes.


Unfortunately, it was during one of these email dry-spells that she passed away and I never got to say a proper goodbye, let alone ever meet this wonderful woman in the flesh, two things which I will always regret in my life. I am not a religious or particularly spiritual person, but I do believe in the soul and I know wherever she is, I take comfort in the fact that Rowena is looking in on her friends and now has all the answers she looked for in life… I just wish she’d pop in some time and fill us all in!

Goodbye Rowie, I’ll miss you. Meet me in the afterlife when it’s my time… we’ll chat.

Don Wilmshurst – castleofspirits@live.comAGHS