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How to submit Your Ghost Story
Your story may or may NOT be accepted, we do not notify if your story is or is not accepted and you will need to check the updated stories to see if your story appears.

Special Note! Please no more "Bloody Mary" stories - they have been massively overdone recently. "Bloody Mary" stories will not be considered for posting.

-that have NOT been spell checked, bad spelling, use of leet speak (the use of "u" instead of
"you", "gr8" instead of "great" etc). Continual use of "i" instead of "I" throughout the story.

-that contain any type of religious propaganda.

-written entirely in capitol letters (check that caps lock button!!) .

-about dreams - Folks THESE ARE NOT GHOST STORIES!

-that contain ANY profanities (swear words etc), insults towards anyone who may read the story.

-describe an episode of SLEEP PARALYSIS .

-that are unrealistic or obviously made up (some fictional stories are acceptable if well written) or describe an Urban Legend that is already on the site already.

-that describe any content that may not be for younger viewers i.e. excessively violent or describe in graphic detail any murder or suicide. PLEASE DO NOT SWEAR IN YOUR STORY .

-written in parts i.e. "here's Part I, stay tuned for part II at a later date" - if you wish to submit a story SUBMIT THE ENTIRE THING AT ONCE PLEASE we do not accept serial stories in parts.

-not written in English

- that are written describing a photo, EVP (voice recording) etc. - YOU MUST INCLUDE THE PHOTO OR EVP OR FILM CLIP WITH YOUR STORY - there's no excuse nowdays with the technology including Digicams, e-mail etc. - NO PHOTO, NO RECORDING = NO STORY.

-Once again I STRESS - if you are describing ANY PHOTO at all in your story YOU MUST SUBMIT THAT PHOTO with your story PLEASE!!!! - we will not take stories that "describe" any photo at all without that photo accompanying the story.

- any story with the word "Ouija" board spelt wrongly....there is no such thing as a Quija, Weejie, Juju, Quueeje board, the word is "OUIJA" pronounced OUI (French) - JA (German).

-in general, we do not accept stories that have been previously published, or published for monetary gain and used for promotional purposes (books etc). It is the nature of Castle of Spirits that we like to have original stories for our viewers as much as we can.
If your story is already published elsewhere, chances are our viewers will know and not wish to view it again and again and it will therefore be removed.
If you wish to promote your previously published story please contact us first and we will come to a financial arrangement to include your story for promotion purposes or other purposes.

By submitting any story to Castle of you are in agreement that Castle of Spirits may or may not publish your story or use it to promote or provide to the media as we see fit. This includes featured articles in newspapers, magazines news stories and other media representations in print.



(will not be included if you choose to remain anonymous) & please don't put "anon" as if I need to write to you I don't enjoy writing to "anon" :o)

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NOTE: unfortunately we have no control over others using the e-mail addresses in the stories published on Castle of to spam, although we do our best to deter them by not using an e-mail hyperlink it still doesn't deter some. You may therefore attract junk mail and other unwanted items into the e-mail address included in your story - remember your e-mail may be online for a long time.........please be sure you aren't planning on changing it anytime soon!


Do You Have a Photograph, Drawing, Sound Recording (EVP) or Other Item to be Included with Your Story?:
SUBMIT your item (photo) separately to "" with the subject header "GHOST PHOTO". If you do not include this your photo may not reach us. Please include all relevant information with both YOUR STORY AND THE SUBMITTED PHOTO to allow us to match them up easily.

What is the title of your Experience/Story?
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