March 2012

Weird Nights

Anonymous, DE, USA

I keep having the same experience over and over again. It started about 5 years ago when I was a freshman in high school.

My sister was away and I wanted to sleep with our dog so my mom made me sleep in her room with him. First, I woke up around 2 not being able to breath. It was as if someone was choking me. I remember staring at my sister’s dresser trying to move but I couldn’t. I sat up in bed to put my thoughts together. In the end I decided that there was no way that that really happened and it had to be a dream.

I went back to sleep but woke up again around 3 in the morning to the same feeling. This time however I was clearly awake because I could open and close my eye but my breathing was very difficult. I could feel an immense amount of pressure on my throat and it was terrifying. Again it stopped but after the second encounter I could not fall back asleep or leave my dog so I stayed up for the rest of the night. I told a couple of my friends but they all thought I was crazy, so I forgot about it and moved on.

I went a couple of months without anything interesting until one night I woke up to my bed shaking. It started out light, to the point that I thought I was imaging it but then it began to get stronger. When I sat up the shaking stopped. Again for my own piece of mind I told myself that it had to be a dream, although I had clearly been awake, and went back to bed.

About and hour or so later I woke up for no particular reason and saw a dark figure in the upper corner of my room. It didn’t have much of a shape, just a black mass. This scared me to the point that I couldn’t move. I kept closing my eyes hoping to fall asleep again but every time I opened them it was still there. Eventually I worked up the courage and slipped out of my room and went to my mom’s room to sleep. I never told her why because I knew she would never believe me.

Since these experiences I will still wake up to the feeling of being choked. These encounters are very infrequent, about 3 or 4 times a year, but they are still very scary. I never see anything I just know that feeling of hands around my neck and staring at the wall waiting for it to stop.

I have had other experiences as well. About a year ago I was laying in bed about to fall asleep when I heard a voice not yell or whisper just speak my name. My eyes shot open, and I remember laying there thinking did I imagine that. Nothing else happened. I didn’t see anything or feel anything. I just went back to sleep.

Now that I am in college I thought maybe the incidences would stop, however it has happened to me once here. Oddly it was a night when my room mate went home for the week end. This time I felt like i was being choked and the bed was shaking. I could hear voices of people from my floor in the hallway but I couldn’t scream out to them. When it stopped I wanted to get out of the room so met up with people on my floor. Just some weird things that have happened to me, hope you find it interesting.

Waitomo Caves Hotel New Zealand

Anonymous, Victoria, Australia

My partner and I and another couple visited New Zealand’s North Island recently on a self-drive tour. Part of our tour included a trip to Waitomo Caves, so we decided to stay at the Waitomo Caves Hotel overnight – not realising at the time that this hotel has a haunted reputation.

We checked in around 5 pm and were greeted warmly and shown our accommodation, when my partner suggested I may get a little scared as we were told the hotel is haunted. The manager just laughed and seemed to have a quirky sense of humour, he dismissed it saying a good haunting never hurt anyone.

He then took our booking for dinner and told us the bar was open if we wanted to relax and have a drink. I joked with him and asked if he was also the bar tender to which he replied no - but he was as it turned out. He then gave my friends the room key to someone else’s room who was staying there, that was funny watching our friend come out of the room somewhat embarrassed.

The accommodation was nothing special but we didn’t expect it to be, it was clean and comfortable and the ambiance of the place was fascinating and warm during the day, but pretty spooky after dark. We decided to dine at the hotel and went for a walk around the local area taking some photos of this amazing 100 year old Victorian hotel. Our booking for dinner was at 7:30pm and that’s when the weird things started to happen. It was busy in the dining room and we drank a few drinks, had a few laughs and took some photos at the dining table. Some of them, although taken seconds apart, appeared to be extremely bright for some reason and white glowing, so we just dismissed it as flash reflection,but on closer inspection, there appears to be some fog and orb shapes around us and also outside the windows looking in on us.

Our meal was taking forever and eventually around 9:40 pm we asked what is taking so long and how much longer do we have to wait for our food? By this time we were the only ones left in the dining room besides one other couple who we joked and chatted with about the long wait.

At that moment the door to the dining room swung closed by itself and it went very cold. My friend and I commented who closed the door, no one was there!

The manager came and apologized and couldn’t understand what had happened with our meals, saying they had been very busy. We eventually ate around 10pm and then retired to our rooms, I could not sleep and left the bedroom light on and tv on as every noise played havoc with my mind, creeping floor boards all night long, footsteps coming from the room above and then around 1:30 am I heard a strange moaning and crying coming from the room above. I woke my partner up, I was so scared and he said to turn the TV down so he could hear it properly but I was too scared and didnt want to listen to it. He said to me to go to sleep it must be a dog, but I knew there were no dogs here at the hotel and the noise was definitely coming from the room above.

The next day we checked out and told the receptionist what had happened with our dining experience. She looked our bill up on the computer and said that’s odd and went to get her manager. When she returned they both examined the computer and said everything seems to be taken care of, there was no charge for the meal or drinks. So we had to give them credit for accommodating us for the late dinner, they bid us farewell and off we went to explore the caves.

When we returned from our holiday we examined the photographs and one in particular caught our eye. The photograph was taken in daylight by a digital Nikon SLR camera and no flash was used. There appears to be an orange glowing ball in front of us and above our room where we stayed there appears to be a strange green cloud of light.

Overall a memorable experience,the hotel reminded me of "Fawlty Towers" on TV during the day,but quite disturbing after dark. We were wondering if you could tell us if this photograph and our other dining room photographs are of ghostly paranormal activity because it sure felt that way when we stayed there. I still have trouble sleeping now!

Unseen Roommates

Josh, MD, US

About 13 years ago, my then husband and I rented a house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was a two-story house built in 1919. The original structure didn’t have plumbing or an actual kitchen, so an addition was built on in the 30s or 40s with a small, galley-style kitchen, a bathroom at one end of the kitchen, and a laundry/storage room. Whoever built the add-on left the original windows in the walls, so there was a window (complete with wavy glass) between the dining room and the kitchen.

During the eight years we lived there, we experienced many strange, inexplicable things. Within days of moving in we noticed we (and guests) kept seeing someone walk by the window in the kitchen. We also often heard footsteps upstairs that were so distinct the first few times we rushed upstairs thinking someone had broken in only to find the rooms empty. Eventually, that just became part of everyday life in the house. We also occasionally smelled perfume in the living room, even though no one wore perfume in the house. It would start out strong and slowly fade away.

After we’d lived in the house for about six months, I was alone in the house when I heard a huge crash from upstairs, complete with the sound of shattering glass and the house shuddering from the impact. When I ran upstairs to see what could have fallen over, nothing was out of place or broken. It happened again numerous times over the years, sometimes while other people were in the house. Looking back, I wish I’d paid more attention to whether it was an annual thing (maybe on the anniversary of some specific event) or random.

The most unnerving thing that happened in the house came several years into our time there. One night when I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom downstairs, I was leaning over the sink when, in the mirror, I saw (and felt) someone walk up behind me and stand in the doorway. I didn’t bother looking up because I just assumed it was my husband waiting his turn at the sink. I told him I’d just be a few more seconds, and then I heard my husband upstairs yelling, "What did you say?" I spun around but there was no one behind me, even though I’d seen a figure just moments before out of the corner of my eye and very distinctly felt someone there. I started shutting the bathroom door while I brushed my teeth after that experience.

I found out later that the house was built by our landlord’s grandparents and that they had died there. I’ve often wondered if they were still in the house, or at least some echo of them. The presences never felt threatening, and for the most part, we lived together quite well.

The Boy

Anonymous, IL, USA

My best friend grew up together, I knew her family and was always aware of the "ghost" that lived with them but I never thought I would have an experience of my own. They named him frank and he has followed them to every house they have lived in. my friend has a lot of stories but this one is my own.

i was over at her house one day, just me, her, and her brother. I was in the living room when she told me she had to go downstairs to finish laundry and her brother was upstairs in his room

she went downstairs and I decided to get something to drink, I called her name and asked if she wanted anything,but I got no response so I called her brothers name and asked the same.

I poked my head into the living room and saw him sitting on the couch and asked again but still no answer so I got my drink and went back in the living room but her brother was gone. About a minute later she came upstairs and he came downstairs. He said he didn't know I was there and I asked why he ignored me. He said he was upstairs the whole time, he was wearing a t shirt but when I saw him sitting on the couch he was wearing a black hoodie. When I told them what I saw they were both a little scared but knew who it was right away.

When I think back about it, it looked like a boy maybe 10 years old with all black and his hood up sitting in the corner of the couch with his knees to his chest looking down like someone reading a book.

I think if I knew it was not her brother at the time I would have had a heart attack but thinking about it im not scared, I know he means no harm and he is just watching the family.


Rhi Nute, TX, USA

When I was about 14 years old, my mom, grandpa, and myself moved into a house we referred to as ’The Marie House’. My Uncle had planned on moving in with us as well, but ended up just using the room that was going to be his as storage. My mother had just gotten divorced a few years earlier and we along with my uncle had lived with one of their high school friends. Well he wanted to get married so we moved out and into the Marie House. This is where my run in with some of the most paranormal stuff I’ve ever been in contact with happened.

As a child, I’d always loved being ’scared’. I used to think that living in a ’haunted house’ would be the coolest thing and now and then, I would have ’weird’ encounters. Some of which now I can think back at justify a reasonable answer for, but some of the others the only thing I can think of is some paranormal thing. So when we moved into the Marie house, I of course had my fingers crossed that it just might be haunted. If I had known, however, that I was in fact right, I would have never ever wished it.

The first time I got to see the house for myself was the first night we were going to stay there. It was a two story house and was pretty nice. It was 4 bedroom, 3 bath, and a ’game room’ my mom ended up converting into her room. My room was on the second floor in the very back right next to the bathroom. On the other side was the room my uncle was going to claim as ’his’ and this was also the room my mom and I were sleeping in until our rooms were arranged and beds were set up.

Of course I’ve always been a night owl and since I was way too excited to sleep, I stayed up later in my new room pushing things around where I wanted them. Around 2:00 I went into my uncle’s room where my mom was asleep on the pallet of blankets we were going to be calling a bed. A while later, it became really hot and it became sort of hard for me to breathe. I could feel the weight of a blanket over me so I went to push it off but found I couldn’t move it away. It felt as if someone was hovering over me, holding the blanket over my face. On either side of my head I could feel the weight of, like hands holding the blanket there. I started to panic of course and must have hit my mom because she woke up and the second she sat up to check on me, the weight was gone and I could pull the covers away. I told her what I thought had happened and my mom just said I have a habit of tossing in my sleep and must have got tangled up.

A few weeks later, we were pretty much settled in and could call this place ’home’. It had my mom’s western decor up, my room was done, everything was in a place. One day I was walking across the upstairs hall to go into my grandpa’s study to get on the computer when I noticed something on the rail. Now the way this house is set up is one you walk through the front door, you can look straight up and see up onto the second floor. There was a rail for protection and it was connected to the stair’s rail on the right if you were walking in from the front. On this rail running across the top floor, there was the name Allie written in sharpie. That was curious because we didn’t know anybody named Allie who spelled it like that or would have been around. I asked my grandpa if maybe the lady who had lived here before was named Allie and he said no, it wasn’t. She was the only person to have owned this house before we bought it, so it was a mystery in of itself as to where this name came from.

Throughout the time we lived there, the door to my room would open for a short period of time, and then slowly close. The first time this happened I didn’t really notice as I just assumed my cat had walked out and the door had just closed. However when it kept happening every few nights around the same time, this started to concern me. Every night around 3:00 to 3:30 am this would happen. As I mentioned, I’d always had a love for the paranormal as a child. So I remembered hearing that animals had a second sense about things like that. I started keeping my cat in my room, hoping that maybe he would help me pick up on things. He didn’t seem to take much notice though, but each time the door would open, he would wake up and act like he wanted to walk out. However, he would just stop and come back to my bed or find somewhere else to sleep, not leaving the room. When my closet doors started opening as well, I decided that maybe my cat wasn’t going to be in tune with it so I brought our dog into my room at night.

Now Pup was a black lab my family had rescued and took in. He curled up on my bed with me the first night and of course, right around 3:30 the door opened. I felt Pup stiffen and lift his head up and since he had been resting on me, the motion woke me up. He was staring non-stop at my door, not growling but he had the look like he was trying to see something. I looked at the door and noticed that this time, it was only open a crack. I started to get scared so I tried to turn Pup’s head towards me and call his name but he just jerked his head back, eyes transfixed on the door. After a moment passed, the door closed and Pup went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

This really cemented my beliefs in the fact that something was not right here and there really was something going on. When summer hit and I started staying up late again, I got really into the Internet for, well personal reasons. It was an ’escape’ of sorts and I spent most if not all of my time in the study. My mom and grandpa would always turn in around midnight or sometime close so I would always be the only one up. I’m not sure what, but whatever was going on in that house would make itself known again around 3:00 only this time it was downstairs in the kitchen. We had a metal trashcan that you stepped on to open and from upstairs, I could hear somebody tossing it around and knocking it on the ground, slamming the fridge and pantry door and just making a mess. When I would go downstairs however, nothing in the kitchen was messed up. The trash can was right where it needed to be, pantry doors closed, and the fridge was shut.

Now and then however, the cow-hide pillows my mother would keep on the couch were thrown onto the ground. Because of this, I started avoiding the downstairs between 2 and 4 am. And if this wasn’t reason enough, one night I was down stairs at, once again, 3 am and was making a bowl of spaghetti-o’s. I had the TV on I think it was a commercial I wanted to see so I turned away to look. When I turned back around, one of the knives from the knife block my mom had on the counter top was hovering for a brief second before it fell and clattered to the ground. I was frozen with fear for a moment but needless to say ate my meal upstairs and didn’t go back into the kitchen until the next morning.

Throughout the time we lived there, I would also have these very strange dreams about a girl who looked like an older, taller version of myself. Only her face was a little different for mine but all in all, she looked a lot like me. In these dreams, it would be as if I was not in these dreams directly but watching them and almost each one had her dying in one way or another. If she wasn’t dying, I would just wake up panting and filled with panic. The time was always around 3:33 each time I would wake up from these.

I also started glimpsing the same girl form my dreams in mirrors around the house. Mostly the one my mom had by my room and the one in our bathroom. Though each time I tried to focus on her face, it was gone. Because of the feminine qualities, I made the connection that maybe this ’ghost girl’ of mine was named Allie so that’s what I started referring to her as. I also noticed that as I started taking more of an interest in her and referred to her as ’Allie’, the more active she became. Even during the day she would start trying to get attention. One of the times that sticks out most is during the summer. I was laying in the living room playing my gameboy when these loud knocks started coming from the garage. My family always kept this door locked and the power off because all we ever used it for was storage. But just to be safe, I got up to make sure the door was locked. When I got close, they stopped and the door was locked. I shrugged it off thinking the house was just settling or something. So I went back into the living room and started playing when they started back up again. It really felt like there was somebody in the garage slamming on both the door leading into the house, the walls, and the garage door outside. I was the only one home so this scared me. I went outside and spent the rest of the day out there until my mother got home from work. I made her go check in the garage and as expected, there was nothing in there.

A few days later, I noticed our front door had dents that hadn’t been there before. It looked like someone had shot it a few times at close range with a BB gun or something. Shockingly a few days before I saw this, I had a dream about the girl again, only this time it was a little different. This time I saw the girl running down the street and running into the house in a panic. She was being followed by a man who had a gun and shot and killed her. Though, I’m not sure if this is a very good accurate idea because the man hid her in the garage wall. Granted it was the one the banging was coming from, there obviously was nothing in the wall.

One of the strangest things that occurred in this house was one night in the summer of my 8th grade year. Only this time, it was around 4:20 and the last big thing that had ever happened. I had shut down the computer and was walking from the study to go across the hall and down stairs to watch TV then crash on the couch. As I rounded the corner, something in the window grabbed my attention. Now remember I said the way this house was set up was you could see directly up to the second floor. There was a window right above the front door and in it, I saw this blurry, white image. Like fog only it grew as it came closer. When it came in through the window, it was the girl I had been seeing in my dreams! She was white and you could barely see through her. She was in this sort of what I would call ’pioneer’ like dress and she walked across the opening as if it was solid ground. She then walked through the rail where the name Allie had been written and when she was standing in front of me, she stopped, turned her head to face me, then turned back around and walked through the wall into my mom’s room. This was the first time I had seen her full body and I was frozen once again. When I remembered how to move, I raced into my mom’s room and looked around then woke her up. My mom of course who never believed in ghosts said it was just because I had been up so late. My mother’s motto about ’ghosts’ and things of the like was always "I don’t NOT believe, I just personally have no proof TO believe." But I know what I saw and felt. It was nothing like I’d ever had ever been through and really scared me more than anything else.

After this however, Allie went back to little things. I started spending more time at my friend’s house and her presence in the housewas very dull. The only time I would ever truly know she was still there was when my phone would ring. I had a cousin named Ally who I had in my phone as ’Allie’ because I had forgotten the ’proper’ way to spell the name. As I mentioned, I had a personal reason for becoming obsessed with the Internet and when this ’reason’ of sorts would happen and my cell would ring, it was always under the name ’Allie’ and it was NEVER her. This only EVER happened when said ’reason’ occurred and not at any other time.

By the time I was in my senior year in high school we had moved out of the Marie house for almost three years. During my last year I met a friend named Amy. Her mom was a ghost hunter and as it turned out,they had lived just down the street from the Marie house. Her mom had some sort of ’ability’ to sense energies and had always been very curious about our house. Her mom said she always got these very bad vibes and it took her all she had not to come up and just ask if she could walk around. I laughed of course out of the irony of things. If I had known her back then, I would have BEGGED her to just see what she could pick up in there. She also said that once we moved out, the ’energy’ she had picked up when we moved in vanished. Another thing she had mentioned to me was that 3:00 am and mainly 3:33 am is considered the ’666’ of times. She said it’s the time where demons and spirits have the most power. Neither of us really think Allie was a demon as she never did physical harm to me. Her opinion was that my presence there triggered something that this spirit wanted to get across. She couldn’t figure out if she was angry or was trying to ’protect me’ from. Either way, I do wish I had found out more about the spirit and if she was in fact restless, I hope she was able to find her way.

The Black Man

Anonymous, Philippines

Hi! I am an avid reader of ghost stories and I stumbled upon this site. I love the stories and have been reading them ever since. This is my first time to share a story of mine that happened to me and affected my relationship with my husband. I am a skeptic, and I usually don’t believe in ghosts unless I, myself, saw it. I am well-aware that I am some what sensitive about the unexplained, but I ignore what I feel and what I see because I am pretty coward...So, here goes...

It happened in the year 2009 and lasted until the midyear of 2010. I and my husband were newly wed at the time my experience started. I presently live with my husband in a military camp here in the Philippines, most especially in the Island of Mindanao. My husband works with the Armed Forces and after our wedding, I decided to live with my husband. I was enamored by the way the soldiers and their wives lived so I made up my mind and joined them. From the city, I transferred to a rural area and was very disappointed to learn that there was no running tap water (you need to exert all your energy to pump water from a water pump), no toilet and bathroom! Imagine that. I know little about the background of this camp but the major historical events of it. The "other" things I learned from wive’s tales. It is said that this camp was a former campsite of rebels and there was a graveyard within this camp where fallen rebels were buried with stones and bottles to serve as their tombstone(my husband and I argue about this because I don’t really believe in this tale) and they are said to haunt the camp.

It was about 7:00 in the evening of October 2009 when I had my first encounter with "The Black Man". As usual, I was doing my nightly routine of having my nightly bath and stuff when I noticed something or someone peeping at me behind a mango tree (a slight information, after I arrived, my husband made me a decent bathroom and toilet made up of issued military camouflaged raincoats and unused tarpaulins. It only covers my body and I can see what is happening about. Since our hut is far away from other huts and near trees, my husband placed the makeshift bathroom and toilet about 2 meters from our hut). At first I ignored it because it was a military camp and it maybe someone going to his post for duty. After a while I was uneasy. I really had that sense telling me that there was someone watching me. Alarmed I called for my husband, and told him that something or someone was behind the mango tree. My husband who is a skeptic laughed at me and proved to me that there was no one behind the tree by taking the flashlight and lighting the tree. Of course, I saw no one. But when my husband switched off the light I can see the silhouette of a head peeping from behind the tree. Frightened, I asked my husband to wait for me as I quickly finished my bath. It was the beginning.

Two months later in December, my husband and some of his companions went to the division headquarters for their physical fitness exam and things for their promotion. I was left alone with our son, who at that time was 2 years old. I was pretty confident about staying there alone because my husband would only be gone for 2 days. That night, I slept in the bed while our son slept in the hammock near our bed. He loved to sleep in the hammock and would make a fuss if he slept with us in the bed. About midnight, I heard the water jug being shook like my husband uses to shake it and heard the contents being poured into a glass. I thought it was my husband and was relieved because I was feeling uneasy about him being away. I waited for the door to open but it didn’t. I was half-asleep that time. Our son started to cry and I started to swing my son to sleep, but he didn’t stop crying. Annoyed, I turned to face our son’s hammock and was surprised to see my husband, or at least the shape of my husband. It was like a shadow, and light doesn’t seem to penetrate it. I wanted to ask if it was my husband but words cannot come out of my mouth. I was frightened. It was like 30 seconds before it vanished. I then quickly stood up and took our son. He stopped crying and was asking to pee. Shaken, I accompanied him to pee, and we both returned to sleep with him beside me and my back to the hammock. I told my husband about the incident but he shrugged me off. After that, things became strange. I had the feeling I was always watched and we started to fight. Our son became sickly. It was as if the atmosphere of our home became a hot spot of disagreements and arguments. Sometimes, I can hear footsteps going around the hut. We don’t usually fight and argue because we always talk to each other about things, and when one of us disagrees, it just stays that way. I don’t know what we were always fighting about but we were fighting, and it was constant. But, when time comes for his vacation and we would go to my parents house, we will become the same old couple, sweet to each other and we don’t fight. But the fighting will start all over again when we return to the camp.

Then, I decided to transfer into another hut inside the camp, and we did. After we transferred, things were coming back to normal, my husband and I never fought and argue, and our son stopped being sickly. The Black Man never appeared to me again. My last encounter with him was when we transferred. It was about 8 months after. I was sitting in our living room and was watching TV when I saw his head peek out from behind the doorway into our hut. He peeked two times but didn’t enter. It was a strange encounter, like he was saying goodbye to me. After that, couples near our former hut begun to fight. Is it because of the Black Man? My neighbors tell me that they have encountered the same man I am talking about. Who is this man? Is he one of the fallen rebels buried in this camp? Who knows? But for me, I am glad my encounter with him is over.

Thank you for reading my story.