April 2012

A Visit From Mom

Jules V Ness, MN, USA

I woke with such a start that my body had automatically bolted itself into an upright position. For some reason, unknown to me, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was being observed. Even though my eyes were still blurry from sleep and not quite cooperating, I frantically searched the immediate area surrounding my bed. I felt a sudden stab in my gut as I realized someone truly was there, standing at the very foot of my bed. I flung my hand out sideways in the darkness towards my bedside table. I was desperately searching for my eyeglasses that I had left lying there just a few hours earlier. Without them or my contact lenses, what I thought I was visualizing as a person could easily have been my bathrobe dangling innocently from the six foot tall post at the end of my bed.

As I searched blindly in the dark, I felt them for just an instant, barely brushing them with my fingertips. The force was just enough to send them whirling off of the night stand and spinning across the wooden floor. So much for that, my only choice now was to squint like a mole and try to make out whom, if anyone was truly there. Concentrating to focus, I was able to make out the figure; it appeared to be a woman. She was wearing a brightly flowered dress with a brown tattered work coat over it. It reminded me of the ones we used to wear on our family farm during my childhood years. The woman was staring at me in an odd sort of a way. Her head was slightly quirked to one side. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I could hear the echo of each beat inside of my head. But then, even in my half blind state, I began to notice the warm soft smile on the woman’s face. I squinted a little harder. She seemed vaguely familiar to me. My brain shifted into overdrive racing through all my past and present trying to sort out a name that I could place with this face. Suddenly, I realized who was standing there! Oh my God, it was my mother! I had not recognized her in those first waking moments, only because she no longer looked pale and ravished as she had the last time I saw her. She appeared quite youthful, vibrant and full of love; exactly as she had been before the cancer had attacked her young body at twenty eight years of age. Mom died twenty two years ago slowly and painfully, one pound at a time. She was thirty years old, the exact age that I am now.

This truly happened to me. I was in a horrible place in my life and I believe my mother decided to intervene. She changed my whole life, it affected me so much that I actually wrote a book about it; "Intertwined: Based on a True Story", if you would like to read a couple of chapters, check it out on Amazon. Our loved ones never truly leave our sides.

You can read more from Jules' book here.


Laura, Wales, UK

Hi my name is Laura and I am from South Wales in the UK.

I am a skeptic, I do not believe in anything that I can’t touch or see. My experiences I do not put down to a ghost or spirits they are simply bizarre and I will not rule them down to ghosts until I get some hard proof. Nevertheless many may put it down to spirits and find them interesting that’s why I thought I should share them.

I have many stories about bizarre things happening at my home and elsewhere, many are my sisters experiences only very few are mine. But I will just share my one experience that I found eerie and rather disturbing.

A few months ago I had a party at my house for a birthday. My house is rather small, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms. Normal but a bit small. If I spoke in the living room you would hear it upstairs. At about 2pm I went to bed and left 3 people downstairs. My mum, my uncle and a family friend. I awoke at around 4:30am, I’m not sure what woke me up, I couldn’t remember hearing anything I just woke up so I was a little confused when I awoke. After a few moments I heard my name being whispered from the bottom of the stairs. I assumed it was the family friend calling to say that she was leaving or something but I waited a few seconds to see if she would call again. She didn’t. The whole house was silent so I went down to check. As I went downstairs I found my uncle sleeping on the sofa and Paula (the family friend) gone. The house was all locked up from the inside so I ruled out the fact that she didn’t just leave. She had obviously gone a while before. This shook me a little but as I said I am a skeptic so I ruled it down to imagination and went back to bed. As I jumped back in to bed I heard my name being called again. I didn’t answer, I just waited, still confused. I didn’t know who it was or could have been. I heard it again fainter this time but it was there and it was my name. This did freak me out. Again I got up and checked the house. I even woke my mother to see if it was her calling my me. It wasn’t, I didn’t think it was as it sounded as if it was from the stairs. I didn’t hear it again that night.

I didn’t hear it for a while after that but about 2 months ago I was making breakfast in the kitchen and there was only me in the house and I heard my name being called from the hallway. I went to check and obviously there was nothing there but I checked the house anyway. Everything was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. About an hour after that I was cleaning and I heard my bedroom door slam shut. That was weird because there were no windows open or anything and my door is quite stiff. So again I went to check and as I went up the stairs I was stunned to see my bedroom door was in fact open, so was all of the other doors in the house and my bedding had been thrown off my bed and my TV was turned on. Point blank weird. Nothing happened after that at all. That was it. You can put that down to whatever you want I just felt I should share. There are 100+ more stories to go with that but like I said very few mine. Most are my sisters. I would not like to go through what she has. My sister is a firm believer, I should probably ask her to upload her own stories on here.

I can give you one short one that happened only a few weeks ago. It will only be short one otherwise this will turn in to an essay. I’m afraid it might be too long so far but what the hell. So a few weeks ago my sister was changing her bedding. I should say that she has moved out. Anyway as she flipped the covers up to straighten out the bumps she saw a young woman sitting in the bed but as the covers fell down she vanished. She tried to try and make it happen again. Although she is a believer she will not put assumptions on anything, she wanted to check it wasn’t a trick of the bed sheet or the light. Naturally she couldn’t make it happen again. A few days later her fiancé walked in to the bedroom (in the middle of the day) and saw a young woman stood at the other end of the bed the same side as my sister saw the girl. He was a big girl about it ran back downstairs to get my sister. When they went back up she was gone. When they told me about this experience they both said that the girl looked a lot like me. Dark hair with similar features and a similar build. As it turns out my mother had been to see a medium a few weeks prior to this and didn’t tell us. The medium said that was connected to a female. The medium though it was a child that my mother had lost through a miscarriage but my mother couldn’t recall ever having one. Although when she had first started seeing my father she experiences really bad stomach cramps and heavy bleeding and blood clots but didn’t think it was a miscarriage. Apparently it was, the next time she went to see her Doctor she asked what it would be like and he described pretty much what she had been through.

After telling is those we worked out how long ago it was and came to the conclusion that the girl would be 25(ish) if she had been born. A young woman.

I ruled it to coincidence the miscarriage and age thing and as for seeing the girl it was probably a trick of the light and when my brother in-law went to the bedroom after hearing what my sister saw was expecting to see something so he did. I head an ear full when I said told them my conclusion. They both swear blind that they DID see a girl and she looked like an older version of me. Creepy.

As I said there are loads more "stories" and "experiences" I could share with you.

Activity At Night

Adina, AZ, USA

It was somewhat early in the evening, and I had just gotten out of after-school choir practice. I tossed my bag to the floor, and looked around. I went up to my room and locked the door as I usually do to prevent small children from walking into my room and bugging me. I looked through my photo album as I waited for my monitor to turn on and the computer to boot up. As I began to get my essay ready, I suddenly felt very tired and decided to go to sleep.

Around 10:30, I woke up to a loud thud. My computer tower had been knocked down, which was weird since it was so heavy. I put it back into place and picked my monitor up, seeing that the blank word document I had pulled up was typing random characters. I thought nothing of it and unplugged the keyboard, stopping it. I plugged it in again and the document was fine after. I erased the words and exited the word document.

I decided to watch some videos over the internet since I was no longer tired, and after four videos I heard a whisper. I looked around after pausing the video, and hearing my name being called, I went into the hallway with a blanket wrapped around me. The whispering came from a closet door acroos from my room. I turned into my room, deciding to ignore it, and saw a note from my dad. "Mom and I went to pick your sister up from Sedona. We will be back around five."

I called my mom, and no answer. I didn’t hear her phone go off, so they must have meant five in the morning. My name was shouted angrily, and I spun around to find the closet door opening. I was told to come, but instead, I backed into my room and shut the door, making sure it was locked. I sat on my bed and watched the door intently, wondering who or what was in the closet across the hall. I heard the grinding sound of my sliding door closet opening, and I turned my head slowly. I saw nothing but my open closet door, and I got up to investigate. I thought maybe I was going crazy, but I was curious to see what was inside my closet.

I reached the door when I felt a cold sensation going up and down my back. Suddenly, I was tired, and it took all my strength to stand up. I don’t remember much after that, but I woke up in the closet across from my room. I’m not sure what was calling my name or why, but I don’t think its intentions were good.