September 2011


’Kitten’, FL, USA

I have many stories that I want to share but I will post them later.

The females on my mother’s side of the family have always been slightly ’gifted’, a slight psychic ability to see spirits.

I will try to keep this as short as I can. I’ve always seen some kind of spirit. It started when I was little. I would see shadow people watching me at night. They would play with me at night, keeping me up all night so I wouldn’t sleep. I told my parents once that the shadows were keeping me up at night but they told me it was my imagination. As I started growing up I would see them less and less.

When I 15 I had surgery on my shoulder after I hurt it in an accident. While I was under my heart stopped though they were able to bring me back. When the nurses brought me out to where my parents where I started flat-lining many times and each time I would start to see a tunnel with a light at the end of it (totally cliché I know!). But as I was going closer I saw shadowy shapes coming from the walls. They finally got me stable. I went home and for over a year I didn’t see them again.

When I turned 18 I was in a long distance relationship and was very depressed because he was my first real boyfriend and he lived in Canada. I started seeing movement in shadows. He came down for my birthday and for Christmas. While he was down he did some...painful hurtful things. I let my emotions build up for almost a year before I told my parents. During that time I started seeing a shadow person in my doorway. I keep my door closed. It started shaking the foot of my bed, pulling the sheets off, and hitting me.

I stayed quiet about it for another year until my fiancée, my mother , and myself got on to the topic of ghosts. My mother told me that she has had some experiences like strange smells, voices, and things that she cannot explain. I finally told her that I had been seeing shadow people outside and that there was one that was in my room.

When I took down the cross that I have always had above my window to dust, I lost the nail and so I left it off for the night. I was going to bed and had just turned off the lamp beside my bed off and my eyes had just adjusted when I looked over to the doorway. Standing at least five feet tall was a solid black shadowed wolf was standing there, staring at me. It took a step towards me and I quickly turned the light back on making it disappear. I slept with something playing on my laptop so there was no darkness in my room.

Two nights pass with no sightings of ‘it’. That night mom started looking up shadow people and ways to get rid of them. As she’s talking about how to get rid of them I felt a hand grab the shoulder I had to have fixed and squeeze hard, making it cramp worse than it ever has before. Three o’clock AM comes and my mother takes me into my room to perform a blessing to remove this thing. As the two of us are doing the ritual ’it’ appeared in my doorway watching us. As we continued it moved to behind me and grabbed my forearm. I tell it to let go of me and to get out of my room. It pushed me down and went back to the doorway and slowly disappeared. When it went away the room suddenly felt new and happy. I haven’t seen anything since.

Paranoia or Ghost?

Allison, SC, USA

I’ve lived in my house since I was six and I’m a teenager now. I’ve always been scared to be alone in my house, even in the daylight.

I’ve always chalked that up to garden variety paranoia when I was little. But these days, it feels very much like I’m being watched. I get shivers and goose bumps and I cannot stay in the back rooms of my house for very long until running out and finding my parents. I’m frightened of going back there even when they are in the house.

I thought I would only get these feelings in my house, but in the past few school years, I’ve felt the same way wandering in the hallways alone. I also felt like I was being touched at night. It felt like someone was standing over my bed.

I don’t seem to be in control of my feelings, and they go beyond normal hormonal tendencies. I’ll be angry at someone I’m close to, and when they beg me to tell them what’s wrong, I don’t have any answer for them. I’ll be angry at them for no reason. I’ll cry for no reason at all. I’ll get suicidal thoughts without knowing why I would ever want to end my life.

I was sick very often at home and at school. Nearly every day, I had stomachaches and headaches. Recently, I’ve seen black shapes moving in my room. Some isolated lights, not really orbs, have moved around in my dark room at night as well. Black shapes seem to appear out of the corner of my eyes when I’m away from home as well.

This one door in my house opens when it is touched lightly, like by my dog. I was lying in my bed one night and I watched it open slightly and then stop. Nobody, not my parents or dog were on the other side, and the air wasn’t on since it was winter so that couldn’t have opened it. It opens to light touch, but not THAT light, you do have to push a bit.

Is my home, or me, haunted? Or am I just paranoid and/or hypersensitive? If it is a spirit, should I be afraid? Should I try to get rid of it?

The Dead Bride In The Curve

Giovanni Sanchez, PR, USA

Well my uncles and grandfather told me this story when I was about 12 years old. It’s in Puerto Rico, Las Piedras. Somewhere in a curve.

The story is about this "ghostly bride" that was killed by a drunk driver in her wedding day. It is said that after her death, that same day, her husband left her for another woman. So now she scares people that drive by that dark curve.

One of the experiences my uncle told me about was...

"It was a normal day, I just got out of work when your older stepbrother, Charlie, called me to see if we can go out and eat pizza. Before I left work, one of my friends at work told me about a dead bride that jumps into your car when you are turning on the curve.

I didn’t believe it so I decide it to check it out for myself. I use to drive this big, white truck. Right when I’m getting to drive through the curve, it seemed so peaceful and normal. Suddenly, the truck jumped. It felt like if I just ran over a dog. I look through my left side mirror and saw nothing.

Then I tried to look over my right mirror. In the passenger seat there was this old lady with a white dress. She just stared at me. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck standing up straight. She asked me, ’Why would you do that? I loved you Ronald.’ Then she vanished, right in front of me."

I noticed that as he is telling me the story, all of a sudden I see a tear in his eye. After that he said that when he took a closer look you could see tire marks on her dress and blood in her mouth. Not knowing why, he decided not to finish the story. I could see him shaking while he told me about the dead bride.

Strange Man

Kim, AZ, USA

My boyfriend and I had been having some unusual activity in his home for several months. Not really thinking a whole lot of it. We had gone on a visit to Los Angeles, California and it was late, at least one o’clock in the morning. We were outside of the hotel where we were staying, sitting in the car chatting away before we got out to go up to our room.

We had been involved a very in-depth conversation when we both suddenly stopped talking to watch a man coming closer to our car. Which isn’t unusual in itself as many of you know, LA is a HUGE place with tons of people of all ages, walks of life, and are frequently out at all times of the night. What made this strange was that he was walking very oddly, not in any particular way to describe. He was an older man, approximately late 70’s and wearing a very sharp tuxedo but wearing sneakers and a backpack. That was well...different. So we watched him slowly creep closer, and he was looking straight ahead not noticing us staring at him as he went by.

His face and appearance just did not seem..."normal" or "human". We watched him slowly disappear from view and remained quiet for a few minutes. At the same time we both started immediately saying how weird the guy was and not normal.

We came to the conclusion that to us, he appeared to be not human, but rather wearing a "disguise" of a human...we were not threatened in any way by him, it was just very, very, disturbing...has this every happened to anyone before? It wasn’t like one of those black eyed people that some individuals have mentioned or anything, it was like he was wearing a very ill-fitting human face mask!

An Angel On My Shoulder

Tricia, CA, USA

Have you ever felt as if you had someone looking after you? I don’t mean anyone like your brother, your friend, or even an actual flesh- and-blood person - but rather something more like an unseen presence that made sure that you were safe even though you may not have known that you were in danger to begin with? Well, there have been several strange occurrences in my lifetime that are completely beyond the realm of my understanding and remain without explanation. I rather feel that someone or something has looked out for me and kept me from harm’s way throughout the years - perhaps more often than I’ve realized. I’d like to share these experiences with you, as I truly feel they have profoundly influenced the course my life has taken.

The first odd experience happened back in 1984 when I was 20 years old. I had a very good friend named Richard that I had known since junior high school. For the first 15 years of our friendship we spent quite a bit of time together - but sadly - our lives have gone in separate directions and we have lost touch with one another.

Anyway, one cold, fall night back in ’84 Richard called and asked if I’d like to come over to his place and hang out. I didn’t have any plans and it sounded like fun - so I agreed. He had been living at the same place for over a year and I had been there many, many times before. He was doing construction work at the time and rented the house from the man he worked for. There were 2 houses situated on the lot - both of them were owned by Richards’ boss. Richard lived in the front house and the back house had recently been rented to 4 men that had begun working at the same company for only a few short weeks.

Richard was very easy-going and friendly - but hadn’t really got to know his new neighbors that well for they pretty much kept to themselves. Anyhow, after Richard called, I got ready to go and headed out the door. We lived about 25 minutes away from each other. Just a few surface streets and a short hop on the freeway from my door to his. Mind you, this is a trip I’d made so many times I could have done it in my sleep - but that’s not quite what happened on this particular night.

I was driving along and was getting ready to exit the freeway. I was to get off on the next off-ramp as I had done countless times before - but strangely - I could not find it! I thought I must have missed it somehow which had NEVER happened before so I turned around and made another attempt to exit the freeway from the other direction - yet I still was unable to find my exit! This was completely strange and I could not make sense of it. I’ve lived in this area for my entire life and I know So Cal like the back of my hand - so where the hell was my exit? I went passed where it ABSOLUTELY should have been - but it wasn’t there! I was totally confused and circled back five more times, trying in vain to find the street that I KNEW should be there - but to no avail.

By this time I was totally frustrated and a bit freaked out, as I had never before experienced anything like this in all my life. It was starting to get really late by then and I was also running low on gas - so I thought I’d better just turn around and head back home.

When I got there I tried calling Richard for the better part of an hour, but his phone kept ringing busy. I figured I’d just turn in for the night and call him in the morning. However, it was Richard that called me the next morning - from the hospital! And boy, did he have a story to tell me. He said: "Thank God you didn’t make it last night..." and proceeded to tell me of the nightmarish experience he had suffered through. It seems that his new neighbors came over and offered him a beer in the hopes of getting better acquainted - but when he let them in all 4 men jumped him! They beat him so badly that they broke his nose and three of his ribs - and then they robbed him! They stole everything he owned of any value, nearly $700.00 in cash, and left him there battered and bleeding on the floor. The police were called and they took a report - but no one ever saw the men again, as they disappeared immediately following the attack.

I picked him up from the hospital that afternoon and took him back to his place. We drove the same route I had taken the very night before, and as we neared our exit my heart was really starting to pound in anticipation of what we might find. We got to the off-ramp that I had tried so hard to find only the night before, and there it was, in all its glory, just as it had been every other time in my life that I’d driven past it! Needless to say, we were both baffled. It took me a few minutes to mentally process what had happened - and when it finally sunk in I was flooded with relief for being spared from the hellish experience my poor, sweet friend hadn’t been so lucky to escape, as well as a sense of gratitude to whomever, or whatever was responsible for keeping me safe. To this day I count my lucky stars for the mysterious intervention - as my life could have taken a very, very dark turn that night. I will NEVER forget the experience as long as I live.

The next odd experience was of a similar nature and happened 10 years to the very month after the first one. In the fall of 1994 my 4-year old son and I went to a cemetery called "Rose Hills" to visit his Grandpa Art’s grave. This was our eighth trip to Art’s final resting place in the 2 years since his passing so we knew EXACTLY where his plot was located. We got to the area where Art is laid to rest and parked the truck. We gathered the bouquet of flowers we brought for Art and headed down to the large shade tree where his plot was - but however hard we looked- we just could not find it! There are certain events that take place in our lifetimes that affect us so deeply that they are forever seared into our very being - and I could NEVER forget where Art’s gravesite was - even if I wanted to. My son knew exactly where his Grandpa was supposed to be as well as I did - but try as we might - we just could not find him! I was totally confused and just happened to glance up from our search and was horrified by the sight that met my eyes. Apparently, I hadn’t secured the e-brake of the truck as well as I should have {you really had to pull it with all your’ might-or it had a tendency to slip} and had carelessly forgot to turn my wheels in toward the curb -and the truck was beginning to make its’ way inching, then stopping, and inching, then stopping with increasing frequency down the steep hill I had parked on. The most awful aspect of the situation was that there was a funeral in progress at the bottom of that hill directly in the path that my truck was heading!

I’ve never before in my entire life moved as fast as I did at that moment, and was in the truck in an instant. Thanks be to God for adrenaline, as the sudden surge got me there before it was too late.

I was shaking like a leaf at the thought of what a terrible accident I could have caused and had to sit down for a moment to catch my breath. Once I had re-gained my composure, my son and I resumed our search for Art’s grave - and wouldn’t you know it - we walked right to it! Suddenly, it was where it had always been - where I KNEW that it was all along! I feel that if we had found Art’s grave right away, we might have been too absorbed in our visit to have noticed the emergency at hand and I shudder to think of what might have been. I really feel as if it were Art looking out for me that day - as I have no explanation as to why his grave suddenly appeared in the exact spot we had thoroughly searched just moments before. I’d like to add that I have an exceptional sense of direction and never have had any problems what so ever finding my way anywhere...unlike my poor, directionally challenged sister - but that’s a story for another day!

I really have no rational explanation as to why these extraordinary events took place - but they did. The only conclusion I’m left with is that "somebody up there likes me" and for this, I am forever grateful.

The Boy In My Room

Ashlee, ME, USA

My house is an old farm house, built around the 1890’s to the early 1900’s. I’m not really sure, but it was one of the first farm houses in the town. My family (my dad, mom, and myself) moved here about 6 years ago, and ever since I’ve always had a feeling there was something or someone lurking around the house. Previous encounters involve the basement door opening and hearing footsteps coming up and down the stairs to the basement. All the windows in the basement are boarded shut, so it couldn’t have been a draft opening the door. There’s also times when I’m home alone and hear faint footsteps upstairs, or a door creaking open and shut. I’m not the only one in the house that hears these.

One day I was talking to my mom about the things I hear, and she admitted herself that she thought there was something in the house.She told me about a time when she was home alone and thought I was home too. She was working in the kitchen when she heard footsteps coming from the living room, which is right off the kitchen to the left. She looked around the door and didn’t see anything, so she just wrote it off as her imagination. A couple days after that, I was sitting in the computer room, (when I didn’t have my laptop and used the family laptop) and my mother was in the kitchen and we both heard a door slam shut upstairs. She ran into the stairwell and started yelling up the stairs for me to stop slamming doors. There’s a door that leads into the stairwell from the computer room, and I just calmly looked at my mother and said I was in the computer room and thought it was her in her room. Both our eyes got wide, and we decided we would go visit my grandmother for the remainder of the day. This was about 2 years ago.

Recently, since becoming a high school graduate, I would stay up really late just socializing with friends online. Nothing completely strange had happened in years, except for these little things like money appearing where no one would think to put it (i.e. in the freezer, in a shot glass in our big china cabinet) and a few odd things that we’d gotten used to. But one night I was in a Skype call with a friend of mine from a different town, and my bed started to randomly shake. It was like someone had grabbed hold of the end of it and just started moving it from side-to-side. I looked over my laptop and there was nothing there. My friend then asked why the things behind me on the headboard were shaking and I was staying still. I didn’t know what to say so I just picked up the conversation where we left off. For the next few nights, at the same time, around 12:30 am, my bed would shake.

I had kind of gotten used to it until one night after the bed stopped shaking (it would only last about 5-10 seconds) I felt someone tickling my feet through my blanket. I thought it was my mother, trying to scare me because I had told her about my bed shaking. So I turned around and looked down at the foot of my bed. There was nothing there, and my bedroom door was clicked shut, I would have heard it open or close because it has a distinctive squeak. I just brushed it off and fell back asleep. The next night I was wide awake during the time it happened because I had developed a really messed-up sleep schedule. I quickly pulled my feet up closer to my body after the shaking but my feet started slowly moving back towards the end of the bed like someone had grabbed my ankles and was pulling them there. I tried and tried to pull them back to me but they kept moving towards the end of my bed. As soon as they stopped moving and were at the foot of my bed where they normally would be, I felt someone tickle them, and then a gust of wind blew through my room. That’s when I’d had enough and grabbed up all my blankets and went downstairs and slept on the recliner in the living room. I vowed the next night I would have my friends over to see if it happened to them. And it did.

The next night, after my parents went to bed, I asked one of my friends to sleep in my bed instead and I’d sleep on the floor. We stayed up, talking about random things and soon it was close to 12:30 am. I asked my friend to lie still and not move no matter when happened. She obeyed, and at 12:30 like clockwork my bed started shaking, but nothing tickled her feet. I felt the gust of wind blow over me and then felt someone’s fingers on my toes. Everyone was facing the same way, so it couldn’t have been any one of my friends. We all gathered our blankets and sleeping bags and ran downstairs and slept in the living room. The next morning I said good-bye to my friends and went back upstairs. My mom asked why we were all in the living room and I told her. She laughed and walked away. I walked into my room and sat down on my bed. Sitting on top of the sheet was a piece of ripped magazine paper. I flipped it over and read out "James", it came from one of my magazines, and was from the "How to get a guy, details from guys" section. I quickly got up and asked mom for the car, she said sure, and I went to the town library to check out the town history books. I looked through books, and only found one chapter on a teenage boy named James with the same last name as mine. There was a photo of the house with the boy and his father standing in front of it. I read the chapter about the boy, and it was said that James and his father were killed in the house when it caught fire in 1943. It also had a short biography about the two, and in the boy’s it said he was the practical joking kind and was always scaring and playing jokes on the kids around the house.

I have yet to find anything else on the house, but I have been in the attic and it does still have a very light smoky smell in the wood. So I do believe the house did burn, but it wasn’t significant, and the father and son may have just died of smoke inhalation. I’ve gotten used to the bed shaking and my feet being tickled. I even laugh sometimes, and hear an echoing laugh.

Ghost In House

Tara, NSW, Australia

I used to live in a house in orange NSW. Of course, after having moved in & lived there for a while, stories abounded towards me from various locals, none of which I’m sure I believe, however the house itself, in my opinion requires investigation. Do I know of any deaths there? No, as I didn’t investigate it further, but I am insanely curious to this day. The house itself was beautiful, 5 bedder & old enough to have an old "copper" in the laundry & a rather unsettling "pantry" off the kitchen. This room, I particularly hated & for the most part would not enter. Various people that would visit at times would refuse to come back, a flat mate of mine many times was electrically shocked by various items in his room, but only he.

Going to the "outdoor dunny" of a night, you would get the eerie feeling always that someone was behind you walking up the hallway & could actually see the foot impressions on the carpet. When sitting in the lounge room, it was nothing to see an apparition frequently floating or walking from room to room. My mother reported her door nightly squeaking open closed, open closed repeatedly. My oldest son, then very young, had reported seeing a man at the end of his bed. My bf, a skeptic, said that there was nothing to be afraid of & the next time he saw it he should say hello & smile. My son waved & smiled behind my bf’s shoulder & promptly fell asleep again smiling. My bf, however, jumped back in our bed shaking saying the hair on his neck was on end & refused to enter the kids room again!

We had frequent occasions where things would "disappear" only to turn up in the most obvious place soon after. One flat mate moved out after her bf had asked her not to play with his feet one night & she made a point of showing him her hands above the covers & poked her feet out the blanket, but he could still feel the sensation.

I, myself got the feeling that our mischievous visitor was a young girl, however my son still insists to this day that "his" ghost was a mature aged man. We lived in this house for quite some time as restless spirits of the non-malevolent variety really don’t worry me. The house still stands today & I have noticed that although work construction goes on all around, the house itself stands prompting me to wonder if it may be heritage?