October 2011

Sleeping Disorder

Idola Kaine, CA, USA

My name’s Idola, I live in southern California, S.D., and have for all of my life. For the longest time I only believed in a certain religious standpoint since I was in school, no other afterlife included, until I was around eight years old and it was the year of 2004. It was the beginning of third grade and I met a particular girl in my class; she was quite strange and convinced me that there were ghosts and demons that followed her all the time. I couldn’t debunk her ’experiences’ so I decided that there really must be something other than what I was taught. Soon, I got engrossed in the paranormal and read everything I could on it.

I didn’t believe in demons or other specific bad entities, but I tried to stick to what was scientifically possible. For a whole year I studied, or tried to as girls my age just seemed funny when they ’researched’ something like that, the paranormal and kept my head on something like: Spirits are like spiders, more afraid of you than you are of them. But it never helped that I was a child, still kind of am, and this was something that seemed beyond reach of even adults. There was one night, though that changed all of my hopes and fears into mixed confusions, what I believe to be my very first ghost experience that I was aware of.

I had been waking up at 2-3:00 in the morning through my bedtime hours every night for the previous three nights. At first, I brushed it off and tried to sleep, but the last night I woke up was the night the experience happened. I was cocooned inside of my blanket and was sweating; just as I was about to open it up and free my body from the blanket’s clutches, the bed began to shake. At first, it felt like someone below me, as I was in a bunk bed with my two brothers, but it moved in a certain way that I knew something was wrong. Scared, I was glued to my spot at the front edge opening of the bunk, and something climbed onto the top where I lay. People have asked before, "Wouldn’t it have been one of your brothers?" or said something like, "Oh, maybe it was your cat." But I know it wasn’t. The space between the wall and that bed is much less than the text box I am writing in now. Nothing human is able to fit through there and... what kind of cat do you have?

So, I lay motionless, and I could feel the pressure of a four legged (or perhaps something crawling) being moving across my bunk. I was sure that it had seen me and had come to do me harm, but it did nothing at that time. I couldn’t even see it. So, slowly, it made it’s way past; I was by this time wide awake, praying that it didn’t hurt me.

And an overwhelming sense of dread suddenly passed over me as it stopped at the head of the bunk. I couldn’t breath, I wanted to call out, but I couldn’t force myself to say a thing. I could have turned around at that moment and confront it, but some sort of mind setting had stopped me.

It moved down the other side without stopping again, but I remember this part clearer than day. I can still hear what sounded like tap shoes or a type of shoe a businessman would wear, though others have said, "What about hoofs?" I don’t want to think about that option, hitting the wood of the bed on it’s way down. Then the almost silent rattle of it dropping onto a misplaced plastic bag, and jumping back underneath my bed.

I never told the girl at school about this, and I have only shared it with really close friends and relatives, but now I look back on it and always wonder, "What would have happened if I decided to look?" I guess I’ll never know.

My Mother's Ghost

Victoria, Plano, TX

I will start my experience like this I suppose. My experience as it is, happened about eight years ago. My mom’s dear friend who I had come to conclusions was like a mother to me in every way. She passed away from cancer when I was just a little girl. I am now 14 years old and starting high school.

Since my "mother’s" death I have seen all kinds of strange occurences, but one in particular which will haunt me for the rest of my life. I was sitting at my computer all alone in my house and I had my hall light on as I always do. I looked up for a moment when I heard a strange noise, and like I said no one was home with me!

I saw nothing at first and returned to what I was doing, and soon enough I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A black shadow that was nothing but a blur at first. But then it changed into a figure and became my "mother"! Coming towards me saying something but no sound came out. She looked at me for a second and vanished. I never saw her again to this day. I still wonder what she was trying to say...

Dream Gone Real

Anonymous, IL, USA

This may sound fake to everyone, but what happened in this story is true. I was honestly possessed and this is not a case of sleep paralysis.

April 2009. The exact date I am not sure, but I know it is the end of the month. May day, fast approaching. I lie in bed attempting to sleep, but some other force is forcing me to stay awake. I know this because I was passing out on the couch downstairs, hardly able to drag my feet two flights of stairs to my bed. After what seemed like hours of tossing and turning in my sleep I heard a frantic voice somewhere in my room and man whisper harshly close to my ear. Wanting to hide under my covers, I was unable to and shot up like something, or someone else was possessing my body.

"Steven...don’t!" That wasn’t me, I was sure it’s not, but it was my mouth that opened and was forced shut by a hand.

"Shut your f***ing mouth, Elizabeth, or I’ll shut it for you."

Glowing red eyes and a shadow with a deviant grin stared me in the eyes. I’m not Elizabeth and who the heck is Steven? I asked myself. Not wanting this to happen to me I forced myself to talk to both Steven and Elizabeth, in the process expelling Elizabeth’s spirit from my physical body. In doing so, Steven lashed out at Elizabeth throwing her body into a corner. Steven went over to the corner where she was, looming over her examining the damage he had done. Pleased with himself, he leaned against the wall.

Myself more ready to confront these spirits, managed to ask who he was and why he was here. Not able to elicit a response, it took all my willpower to ask him, no, command him to leave as Elizabeth’s spirit had already departed.

With one last grin and a slight nod, Steven left as well as though he was testing me to see if I was strong enough to confront him. However, the year after on the same day, or close to it, seeing I don’t know the exact date, I feel the presence of Elizabeth and Steven and dreamt the same dream or violence that caused me to toss and turn in my sleep. Though they are not as prominent, they are still with me.

Believe or not, I am looking forward to their next visit as well as the other spirits that have visited me previously.

The Old House

Emily, VIC, Australia

When I was 7 I lived in this old house (I don’t live there anymore) and it was haunted. My first scary experience with a ghost was when me and my mum were playing games in the lounge room. My dad had just left for work. It was early in the morning so it was still dark outside. I was sitting next to the TV waiting for mum to go get the game when I look up our hallway, and at the end of the hallway there’s our spare room. I saw a man sitting on the couch! He was wearing some kind of black cloak, and he was staring right at me. It didn’t really scare me because my mum had told me about ghost and how they can’t hurt you.

I pointed at the man and told mum. She went up the hallway into the room and was asking where he was. I didn’t want mum up in the room because of the ghost so I kept yelling "MUM COME BACK!" and right when I said that the ghost turned its head and looked at my mum. The next day I went in the room and nothing was there.

There was another ghost in the house, a little girl who used sing and run up and down our hallway. I saw her once, she had Long hair the a bow with a pink dress. I could always here her singing!

Anyways, more about the spare room. It was always cold in there! One night I was watching TV in there and fell asleep on the couch. I had nightmares about the man killing my family. I woke up and I had wet my pants! Anyone who went in that room had bad feelings about it. Another time I was sleeping in my room when I heard loud footsteps in the hallway, I heard my door open then I felt something sit on my bed. That house was definitely haunted!

Skulls In The Fog

Gabrielle Johnson, VA, USA

A couple of years ago, my friend Chris and I were parked in a neighborhood parking lot, listening to music and having a very normal conversation during what seemed to be a very normal night. It was about 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. We were listening to music and enjoying each other’s company in his car when he interrupted our conversation and said, "Oh, now THAT is weird."

He was staring at my window. I was sitting in the passenger side, and it was mid-December in Virginia so it was pretty cold outside. Our windows were predominantly fogged because of how warm the inside of the car was. I turned towards my window and didn’t see anything. I was trying to see outside of the window.

"What is it?" I asked.

He said, "Look at your window. It looks like there’s an imprint of a skull. It’s sideways."

And sure enough, in the dead center of the window, there was a sideways skull, about normal size. It did not look angry, but it was slightly detailed. It looked almost as though an artist had drawn it onto the window. I instantly became terrified. I covered my face and screamed, "PLEASE wipe that off of my window!"

I moved closer to Chris and he used the jacket of his sleeve to wipe it off. He then rolled down the window and the window was clear of fog. Needless to say we were both a little freaked out. He rolled the window back up and we resumed our conversation. A few moments later, I remembered the skull and brought it up. "That skull thing was pretty weird," I said, getting frightened just thinking about it.

"Then don’t look at your window again."

Anxiety kinda took over me. My window had fogged up again, but I couldn’t help but look to my right. I thought he was joking. There on my window was a skull, it was also sideways, but this one was bigger, almost taking up the entire window. It was angry...its teeth had so much detail, it looked as though there were cracks in the teeth. The mouth of the skull spread towards the back of the window making what seemed like an enormous menacing smile. There were drips from the condensation which added to the effect; it was like blood was dripping from its mouth. I instantly had a anxiety attack.

I started screaming. I said, "Let me out of this car!" And he got out of his side and I jumped over his seat because I didn’t want to get out of my side of the car. He walked me home from there.

I started seeing skulls everywhere after that for a few months.

Figure Of The Night

Emma, NSW, Australia

My name is Emma. I am 13 years old. My great nan recently died and that was devastating for me. I so upset one night, and had trouble forgetting about never seeing her again.

At about 2:30 am that night, I could hear footsteps in the kitchen. I switched my lamp on but it started flickering on and off. It felt as though someone was playing with the electricity. I switched the light off thinking Mum or Dad had gotten out of bed for a drink. I tried to get back to sleep.

Then I heard more footsteps, but bigger and heavier. I looked up at my door to see if a light was on in the kitchen, and then I saw a figure outside my door holding it open. The shadowy figure had a dark hood on and was standing there looking at me! I was horrified. I pulled the covers over my head, and tried to fall back asleep-but it was simply impossible. I looked at where the figure was standing just to get a little glimpse, but it was GONE, the door was shut, and I could still hear footsteps. Everything was pitch black.

I looked at my mobile and read a text message from a blocked number, it read:


J? J was the inital of my great gran, the one who had just died. I layed awake for hours and hours until the morning so startled about the text message and everything else. I don’t know if I was imagining things, but it was a little bit of a coincidence.

Darkness Shows Something

Venkatesh, India

This is Venki from India and what we call ghosts or sprits whatever a paranormal thing is real. These are not fake entities but there world is different than us which we can’t see so we are not supposed to understand. I am not a psychologist and not even any person can see them or feel them. I am 23 and have seen these sprits two times in my life. These are 100% true incidents believe me.

Now coming to story. Please read it carefully and understand. For any query contact me on ngpprince@gmail.com.

Story 1: Nightmare on my friend’s street.

When I was in 4th class, I went to my friend’s house to take a notes of English in which we have to complete homework. I gave my notes from the morning in school to him but forgot to take them back. That night I realized I should complete my homework, otherwise my nightmare teacher will kill me. So I went to his house for notes and I am bit lucky that I have got 1 experience with ghost. Actually I and my brother both went over there and we stood in front of his house and start calling him. But the house’s main door was closed and the time was near 10 PM. We started calling him again and we saw straight that one person was coming towards us from that road end, an area was underdeveloped.

We can clearly see and differentiate that this is something different than a normal person and we realized one dog is standing beside us and continuously start screaming. My bro told me to wait don’t run let that object to come towards us. And we stood there and allowed it to come near us. Then it came at the distance of 15 ft, below a street light and clearly we can see that it’s not a human being, it’s a paranormal thing. It’s actually a women looking thing but she didn’t have face, just a black spot on her face and in white dress. We both ran towards our house and as we opened the gate we heard some voice in very high volume (a girl screaming ). But only we heard, nobody else, and we told this happening to our parents but they did not give much stress on this incident.

We forgot that incident but one day afterwards we were watching a horror movie at home. After the movie we had a small discussion on this topic then suddenly I remembered we saw sprit in my childhood. I told that story again to my parents and my bro also continued it and told them about that girl scream also then I realized what I remembered and what we saw was a real sprit.

Story 2: A Stranger in the Road

This story occured three years back. Me and my mom went to my native a small village in Anadra Pradesh near Vijaynagaram. Two hours journey from Vijaynagaram, we have completed our tour and we got a train at night 12.00 am on some date did not remember exactly. So we thought night 12.00 means come in another day but my father told me on phone it’s on other day night but we thought train will come this night.

Nobody is 100% confirmed and railway authority is also not responding properly and railway timetable changed in that month only so we thought why should we take risk and we went to railway station. But later we come to know that train will arrive on next day night. Then we decide to stay there to try to get back home but it’s 12.30 near about and nothing was running, not any buses or anything.

Suddenly one auto came near us and asked us were we needed to go. We had to choose between home or hotel and finally decided to go home. We asked him to take us home and he agrees because at night it will not take more than hour as there will be no traffic. But he agrees for double rate. And we also agree to go home rather than spend money on any room for just 7-8 hours.

Here the real story begins. Me, my mom and my uncle were in the car’s back seat and driver along with his friend in the front. We were started discussing about railways fault and other stuff. And after a half hour we were on a straight road with no lights, no villages, nothing. We were moving near about 40 KPH and we saw one person standing in the road moving his hand up and down. I said the driver to stop the car and pick him up also. Driver start reducing speed and when we reached nearer to him we saw that he is not a human being but some unnatural thing looking like a man but something other than human world which is difficult to explain. He is in white dress moving his hand, smiling continuously and his eyes were completely red. The driver raises the speed of the car and that abnormal man tried to catch us and missed. I looked back but it was completely dark and I wasn’t able to see anything. Then my mom and me were looking at one another without saying anything and there was complete silence in our auto.

After 5 minutes the driver said he is not a man not even human a being. He is a sprit a ghost. We are lucky that we saved our life otherwise this road is famous for accidents.

Now I come to know why that road is famous for accident because that road is being haunted. Many people near our home knows that road is haunted but they disclosed it after the incident took place. Believe me its true I saw them I don’t know how I am able to saw this weird things but I had experience two times, maybe it’s my ability.

The Necklace

Robin, GA, USA

As a child I was constantly told stories from various family members of being haunted by a rather playful spirit. Named "Hilda" by my grandmother, this ghost supposedly wreaked havoc for years until my mother and her family moved away from her childhood home.

After my divorce, my mother and I moved back into her childhood home with my young son. Everything was peachy for several months. One day my mother revealed that she had seen shadows and that household objects would disappear, only to show up sometime later. I quickly dismissed her claims.

One afternoon I was preparing to go to work. I was alone in the locked bathroom and in the process of placing my necklace around my neck when it suddenly slipped from my grasp and hit the floor. Absent mindedly I reached down to the place in which I heard it land only to discover it had vanished. A little confused, I searched the entire bathroom but could not locate the necklace.

The necklace had been a gift from my grandfather so I was very upset and dwelled on the incident for weeks. I just could not fathom how a solid object could just vanish right before my eyes. I began to research black holes and magnetic fields, but this explanation did not satisfy me in the least.

One day I walked into the bathroom and instantly felt the hairs on my neck prickle and my pulse begin to race. Then I did something I had not done in 20 years - I screamed for my mother. There, on the bathroom floor, was my necklace.

Mom put an arm around my shaking shoulders. With a slight chuckle she announced, "Hilda strikes again!"

Spirit Sitting On My Bed

Anonymous, RI, USA

This is A very true and personal story.

Nineteen years ago I was 18 years old and had recently found out that I was pregnant. Not sure of what I wanted to do, my then teacher (I’ll call her Liz) and my best friend Maureen decided we would take a trip out to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Liz thought because I was very young and still making an effort to get my life in order that a baby would not be the best thing for me.

Liz said because I was only a couple of weeks into my pregnancy that her mom could terminate it with a special tea. Me in fear of telling my parents that I was pregnant, decided that it would be best to go along with Liz’s idea.

Maureen and I made up some story to our parents about us having to go to Connecticut for a school project. They bought it, and we were on our way. Things started to go wrong immediately. On the high way we almost veered off the road after Liz lost control of the minivan but still we proceeded. Upon reaching the house we were a little tired, but nothing extreme it was only a four hour drive coming from Rhode Island.

Liz introduces Maureen and I to her parents, they seemed like pleasant people, but for some strange reason upon entering the house I felt my hairs stand up all over my body. It wasn’t fear, I could just feel and almost hear energy. I know that sounds strange to some, but now that I’m older I have learned that I have a gift.

It all started when I was very young about 11 years old My mother and I were in the kitchen , mom was cooking and I was goofing off and all of a sudden this beautiful white glitter dust just fell from the ceiling, it was beautiful! I remember holding out my hands to catch some. I screamed out, "Mom, look!" and she turned around from the stove with a deer-in-headlight look on her face. It was all over us, our hair, arms and we were in amazement not fear. Mom bent down to the floor which was covered in the glitter dust as well and rubbed the floor and I did the same I remember seeing my hand print in it, and in an instant it was gone, all of it gone!! Not even a trace.

I asked mom was was it and she said it was nothing not to mention it, because people would think I was crazy, and I would have thought that if we both did not witness it.

It’s fair to say I had a few weird experiences, but never have I seen a ghost, well not before that night.

At Liz’s perents house, we all sat down for dinner. I can’t recall what we were eating, but all of a sudden Liz’s mom start choking! But Liz nor her dad were in a panic. Liz explained how a woman had put a curse on her mom way back to turn her into a frog and that’s why she had all those warts and choked every time she would eat anything, and she said in a matter of fact kind of way, "Oh by the way there is a ghost in this house but don’t worry she is not harmful."

In my head I’m like OK great, if frog lady has a ghost in her house, I’m Janet Jackson, and I’m not!

After dinner Liz’s mom starts to make this tea. I can still remember some of the ingredients: aloe vera leaves, monzillana and humphreys 11, I forget the rest. She puts it in a pot and boils it, and it doesn’t smell that bad. She said I had to drink this tea every 4 hours until the termination was complete, she tells me to disrobe I take off all my clothes she sits me in a tub of super hot water, hands me the cup of tea and said drink it fast.

The moment my taste buds sent the signal to my brain that this was the nastiest anything that I have ever tasted, my body began to disobey, my throat got tight making it hard to swallow.

She then placed her hand on my stomach and began rubbing and chanting and telling me to drink. I don’t know how but I managed to drink it all. Liz and Maureen decided since we were away from home, us away from our parents her away from her husband, that we would go to a bar her friend owned cause we could drink without any ID.

I’m not feeling to well at this point, I want to erupt like a volcano, so I tell them just go without me I want to lay down. They made a couple of your a party pooper jokes and left, and at some point I dozed off.

All I could remember is for no reason at all I woke up. I didn’t hear a noise, felt no movement, nothing, I just opened my eyes and when I did there was a woman sitting at the foot of my bed, just looking at me. At that moment I wasn’t afraid, she was a defined light is what I can describe it as, no color, the glowing light was in black and white and she was dressed like a pilgrim. She had a bonnet on her head and a apron, and she was trying to tell me something, but not by verbally talking to me she just looked at me, and I knew what she was saying I cant explain it, but she had no facial expressions just a calm look about her. Her silence spoke volumes to me.

She was trying to tell me that what I was doing was wrong and that I shouldn’t be doing it, that I should have my baby and despite me drinking that first batch of tea he would be fine, that it wasn’t too late.

I didn’t comprehend what she was communicating to me I felt it, but with no words I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain that part. She faded out right before my eyes and was then gone.

Once again when my eyes communicated to my brain what I just saw I went into fear mode! I pulled the covers over my head and they stayed there until Maureen and Liz got back to the house. I have never been happier to see them! Immediately I go crazy telling them how I saw a ghost and I want to go home, I don’t want to terminate anymore. I just want to go home. Maureen laughs and calls me crazy and made a few jokes about "Wow, what was in that tea, some good stuff I guess!" and Liz said, "Oh you saw the ghost" like it was normal everyday experiences around there.

They were all wound up because apparently a young man asked Maureen to dance and she was about to, but when he smiled he had no front teeth, so she shot him down and laughed at him, and he pulled a knife out on her.

I didn’t drink anymore tea and we went home the following morning, I eventually told my parents and today I have a healthy 18 year old son. Whenever I told the story about the ghost on my bed everyone would say I was a liar or crazy, and I am neither of those.

Ghosts are real and do exist. It’s hard to understand the unknown, but I assure you they are among us, and some actually have advice like in my case. I will never forget her, her image is burnt into my brain, and if I could I would thank her for stopping me from doing something I’m sure I would have regretted. My son is my everything and if it wasn’t for the spirit on my bed, I’m almost sure my son wouldn’t be here today.

Nightly Visitors

Sapphire Angela Roberts, Ashford, South Australia

Ok, so let me tell you about myself first. I have always believed in ghosts and the paranormal. And I somehow have been attached to ghosts from my childhood. So now the story.

We have been living in an old house in Ashford, SA. It’s a pretty big house, with two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a beautiful living room. Well, everything was all right the first few days but after a few weeks, things started to happen. Things would disappear from their places and appear at different areas of the house, sound of heavy breathing, red eyes would appear staring at us and then disappear into thin air, the bed would shake violently at night and the things are unaccountable.

But after months we started seeing things. I would often see headless cats walking in the hallway, and this ’white lady’ would often visit us at night. She had black hair and pale white skin and would walk around my room. Sometimes I heard her saying things like "Get out", "This is my house" and "Leave this house". But any of the spirits did not harm us. After years, things started settling down and we no longer experience things.

My Many Experiences

Bekka, Devon, UK

My name’s Bekka and I would like to share my stories with you. None are particularly scary, depending on your view of the paranormal, I suppose.

My first encounter was when we lived in an old Mill outside of Royston, UK. It was a semi-detached house with 4 floors. At the top of the stairs on the - what would normally be - the first floor, leading to the "basement" (which lead to two bedrooms and a bathroom which belonged to me and my sister at the time) always seemed very cold, no matter the weather. I was about 4 or 5 at the time and a big house in the dark is always scary! I had woken up in a cold sweat and was really thirsty so I gathered my blanket around me and began my mission up to the kitchen. In the dark. Halfway up the stairs I could hear a weird wheezy sound. I assumed my mum - who has brittle asthma- was up and was sitting at the dining table. I was completely wrong.

I was nearly at the last stair when I felt this presence press against my left side and it was freezing. I didn’t want to look but something just compelled me to and what I saw was one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed.

In the wall at the top of the stairs was a double panel; like pipes that have been boxed in, and for a moment, it was like the whole panel had just popped off and there was a wounded soldier sort of strapped into this tiny little space. He couldn’t move and I presume he couldn’t talk either. I couldn’t help but scream at this strange man staring at me through a solid wall, in my very own house! In an instant he’d gone and the panel was back in place. I got my drink and crept back to bed hoping I hadn’t woken my sister up and just lay there all night wondering who this man was and why he was stuck in the wall.

My second experience was when we moved to France. We only lived there for 5 years and I hated to leave it behind. We lived in what I think would be called a Rectory and it was only 10-15 metres away from our little village church. We were basically in the church yard. It was a really early morning, about half 6, and it was dark and rainy and extremely dull. I had just stepped out onto the driveway ready to take the dog out when I suddenly just burned up. I went to turn back to the house when a figure on the road stopped me dead in my tracks.

He had a gun and what I think was a whistle. He seemed to be directing something towards the end of the garden and this massive white light shot down the road and the man charged after it. It only lasted about ten seconds when I heard a shout and something ran towards me and my dog but I just couldn’t move! It was getting faster and faster and then, nothing. Everything went black and I thought I was burning alive. My mum came out to see what was wrong and I just couldn’t speak, couldn’t make any kind of sound and burst into tears.

We later found out that our house used to be divided into three tiny little houses and the vicar and his wife were pretty much taken prisoner and were forced to care for the wounded German soldiers that fought across the fields surrounded our house. The barn at the end of the garden used to be a make-shift hospital where the wounded were treated. I’d seen many soldiers after we found out the information, wearing the French uniform, and I felt lucky that they would show themselves to me and protect my family from any German spies that would try to invade our lovely, peaceful garden. The other presence in the house was a little boy named Tom, I’d never heard or seen him but my toddling sister used to sleep under the stairs and talk to him. If I ever could have met him I would have liked to thank him. He taught my baby sister how to count to ten, all in French.

My last few experiences have been since we moved back. We rented an enormous country manor that had 5 bedrooms, two living rooms and an amazing kitchen with original Aga. The previous tenants had converted the old maids quarters - the loft - into what they classed as their family games room. It just looked like a musty old loft to me. All the walls of the room were storage panels and there was a tiny little crawl space at the top of the narrow staircase up to it. Being adventurous I decided to crawl in, torch in hand, and see what I could find. After passing many a tiny mouse carcass I was beginning to think it was a bad idea and decided to turn around a crawl back when a little light caught my eye and I decided to follow it. I’m pretty sure I managed to crawl halfway round the house by that point and I was terrified that I would fall through the ceiling, but I kept going when I came across this makeshift doorway/curtain. I pulled it back and found a small bed/cot and various faded letters all strewn about that belonged to a girl named Elizabeth. I wondered if maybe the previous tenants daughter was named Elizabeth and she used to crawl up here for solitude, but no, Elizabeth was one of the young maids who worked for the family that built the house and died when she was pushed down the stairs by a guest (which we’ll come back to later) that had been staying there. I felt bad for intruding, no matter how curious I was, and left. It wasn’t when I was nearly at the little door to the loft when I felt something touch my ankle, and me being a little squeamish of creepy crawlies started to crawl faster and try and get out when the "something" clamped down on my ankle and stopped me from moving. I couldn’t help it, I screamed. I felt bad afterwards when a teary Elizabeth apologized and vanished. She just wanted the company, I think.

At the bottom of the loft stairs was the door to my sisters’ en-suite (it also had an external door). We’d just finished painting our spare bedroom when we heard a swishy noise, like a curtain in the wind or linen being shaken. We went to see what it was and at the bottom of the stairwell was this shadow-y "Gentleman". He had a cape, cane and a top hat. He wasn’t there for long and we went about our business cleaning the brushes and scraping the paint trays when we heard a massive bang and a scream and then a deafening silence. Like standing next to a canon being shot and being deafened for a few seconds. We never found out was the noise was, or who our ghostly screamer was, but since that night many people who have visited the house seemed to be aware of a presence trying to push them down the stairs or blocking the way into the bathroom through the external door. I also witnessed the man run down the main staircase and straight through the main door to the house which can be seen by the chair in the living room which sits in the bay window.

There have only been 3 other lady ghosts that I’ve encountered thus far and the first being, whom we like to call "The Grey Lady". The owner of the houses’ mother had the extension and conservatory built as the right wing of the house. We often used to see her knitting on the chair in the window looking onto the grounds. Or preening invisible vegetables in the once, vegetable garden. She was a very nice lady and she always waved. Even the dogs used to like seeing her about.

The second lady I have only seen and heard once. We had been messing about and taking photographs of each other in the spare room for our scrap-book when I sat on the window seat so I can take a picture of my friends all jumbled up making silly faces on the bed. I kept hearing music throughout the night yet no one had been playing any. I leant back against the window to try and get them all in the picture when the singing got louder. I looked to see if there was anyone in a car parked down by the river that ran through the forest and the bottom of the garden when I saw a very beautiful woman with a basket full of flowers walk down the pathway past the two reception rooms and down through the archway that lead to the owners bunker (that had all of the antique furniture from the house that belonged to his family when he was a child). I can’t recall the tune she was humming but I was really awed by not only the beauty of the song but the beauty of her person.

The third person is a little girl whose father used to be a tin miner who used to sail down the river ward which passed through the garden.

Our neighbour told us about her when they saw her one day in the field which was home to their ponies. In 1937 there was a flood and the river burst its banks and flooded a major part of the forest. The boat, not having any lights, hit a tree and the little girl drowned with her father when they got tangled amongst the tree branched and overgrown weeds underneath them. We often used to see her giggling and running through the trees; either playing a game with herself or her unseen father. It’s extremely sad but heartwarming that even though she’s passed on she can still be happy and play games with the spirits of the forest.

I’m sorry to disappoint any of you who were looking for a scary story but thank you to everyone who read this and hopefully enjoyed it.

These are only my experiences and I’m sorry if you didn’t find them scary or even exciting; not all of our ghost friends are evil you know!

Shadow Man And Little Shadow People

Anonymous, SC, USA

My brother who is now 27 had just moved into his new house. He moved out for an unrelated reason but admitted that he was experiencing unexplainable things. Such as noises in another room, but stopped when he approached it. Shadow-like beings seen out the corner of his eye.

He saw quick reflections in the TV which was off at the time. His 1-year-old daughter, began to scream at the stop of her lungs and cry at 9:30 pm every night. He and his girlfriend heard an extremely loud crash that sounded like glass breaking that scared the both of them. When they went to go see what fell there was nothing. Her sister and their two daughters were sleeping at the time and they heard nothing because they didn’t wake up. Also a neighbor had mentioned that the previous renters had moved out shortly after moving in due to them seeing a toaster fly off the counter and hit the wall. However, that’s not what leaves me questioning.

After he admitted that, we got to talking about our experiences. I being a paranormal fanatic my ears were glued. He told me about what he experienced when he was little. We lived in separate houses so I never experienced any of this; in fact, I never knew about any of this before he told me.

My mom and step-dad had the living room in the den. All of the things that happened to him only happened when our parents were in the den. They later moved out of the den to the other spare room not due to experiences but just because they wanted more space.

He said that when he was little, about 5 to 8 years old, he saw a big tall shadow man - his eyes were big and black and he had a bone like face that was in a shape of a square. When he saw this bone-faced shadow man, he quickly rolled over facing his back towards it and shut his eyes. He felt like his whole body was lifting up in the air. He didn’t open his eyes until he felt like he was back on his bed. He then opened his eyes, and nothing was there. On another occasion when he saw the shadow bone man, he heard someone walking down the hall. He thought it was Mom going to check up on him, but he saw the shadow man again but that time he didn’t feel like he was being lifted up. He was so scared that he slept with his covers covered from his feet up to his neck, and with a baseball bat and nun chucks. He felt that if he was covered from head to toe whatever it was wouldn’t bother him.

One night he didn’t have the bat and nun chucks and his feet were uncovered. He wasn’t sure if it was due to him tossing and turning, or if something uncovered him. He woke up to a lot of little shadow people surrounding him. They were about a couple of feet tall. They tied a roped around his neck and pulled him out of the bed and through the house. The front door was open, and he couldn’t scream or anything. He was grabbing on to anything and everything trying to stop these little evil people. He saw the rope already leading out the door. He found a pair of scissors and cut the rope. He ran into the mom’s room and fell asleep in her bed when he woke up the next morning he had an imprint of a rope around his neck. Mom had asked him how he got the rope imprint around his neck. He told her, but she never believed him. He also said that he’s seen doors open on their own and his cat was hissing and meowing and when he went to go see what she was hissing at her hind legs were up in the air while her front legs were on the floor. She was looking back at NOTHING and was hissing. Like I said this all happened when our parents turned the den into the living room and when they moved into the bigger spare room, all of it quit.

As he grew up, he experienced doors and such opening and closing but that was about it. When he told mom about everything, she didn’t believe him. I have been trying to look up information about these little evil people. The only thing I came up with is a Fairy type being, which has said to kidnap people and breed with their own kind. Kind of like aliens. I thought these fairy tales were just that, TALES! I guess not. I’ve heard a lot of stories about fairies and gnome type beings over in Ireland, but I live in the USA.

I believe him when he was telling this story, he was almost in tears. I am so dead set on finding what these little evil people are and what they were planning to do with my big brother. I was actually scared out of my mind. I slept on the couch with the TV on and the lights on. This is not some made up story I really need to know about these little evil people!

Mysterious Hissing And The Room Of Sounds

Kevin, OR, USA

Mysterious Hissing

There are several stories regarding my friend Moz’s house. It’s a nice, big farm-house on the fringe of Ashland. It’s run by Moz’s parents, Mary and Larry (I’m not making that up). They have cows, chickens, goats, horses, and even peacocks.

I had spent the night in their guest room a few times before, but nothing like this had ever happened. What happened last time I slept in that room, however, was the reason it was the LAST time. It took me a second to realize I had woken up, but was confused to find that it was still quite dark outside. I’m a light sleeper, so I figured something had woken me up. My mind then started remembering why I woke up, and a very human-like hissing sound came to mind. All of that happened within a few seconds.

I was confused. A hissing sound? That didn’t really make sens- "Ffsss!" My mind was interrupted by the sound again. Not fully convinced that it really happened, I held my breath, to make sure it wasn’t my nostrils making that sound. The seconds painfully passed as the room remained silent. "Ffsss!" It happened again, quite clear that time. Very quickly I got up and left the room, utterly terrified. I immediately went to the living room to check the time. 5:13 AM. I played Fable until Moz finally came downstairs around 10:00 AM.

I retold the story to her, but she didn’t seem too interested, like she didn’t believe me. We went in the room and looked. I found out there was another door in the room that lead outside (with a tiny window above it), but it was against the back wall, behind a large mattress. To this day I have no idea what that was, and why it sounded so human. Moz said it might have been one of their cats hissing, but I know a cat hiss as opposed to a human hiss. And it was more of a ffsss sound anyway.

The Room of Sounds

After a while of knowing Moz, we’d gotten pretty close. Rather than sleeping in that creepy old guest room, I slept on the top bunk of Moz’s bunk bed. She sleeps with ear plugs, and I can see why now. Her room makes some of the creepiest sounds, and her parents are rather loud when they get up early in the morning (Moz’s room being between theirs and the stairs).

One night, I was awoken by what sounded like poster paper being messed with on Moz’s shelf. The shelf is on the same wall as the head of the bed, which means I couldn’t see what it was that made the sound. I managed to get back to sleep. In the morning, I surveyed Moz’s shelf, but found nothing resembling poster paper. The only paper was a small stack of printer paper under a cardboard box.

Another night, I was woken up by the sound of creaking floorboards. The sound was coming from the room, as if someone was walking by. I would have thought it was Moz, if she wasn’t at a friend’s house that night. Her creaky door wasn’t opened either, which means it wasn’t someone coming in for any reason.

I told her about both of these events, but she still seems uninterested. She said she knew the house makes creepy noises, especially her room, that I wasn’t the only one to hear them. A few times, I heard mice or rats skittering up inside the wall behind my head. Some mornings, I’ll hear and feel the bed move as if Moz is sleeping a bit restlessly, even if she’d gotten up before me and gone downstairs. The house is very old, and was owned by her family since it was build. I’d like to think that ghosts of her ancestors are still living there, but that’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?

Is My House Haunted?

Kayleigh, UK

I’m only thirteen years old, yes I know I’m young but I promise that everything I include in my story is real and I am genuinely scared. It all started around three years ago when I would knock on the ceiling and something would always knock back! I could even ask "them" questions (knock once if girl, twice if boy) that sort of thing. A certain toy would go crazy by screaming that there was an intruder in my room near enough the same time throughout the night, we finally had to get rid of it. I would always hear banging on the stairs that sounded like footsteps, but nobody else would.

Recently, I got a pet kitten. A few months after getting her she would refuse to go up the stairs, she would yowl and hiss until somebody walked up with her. She then started to get a little braver until one day she ran wild down the stairs screaming, her tail went really bushy and big and she seemed really frightened!

Another encounter happened when I was on the Xbox Kinect and there was a black shadow arching over my head. I got freaked out and ran downstairs and when I returned it has gone. The next day, my good friend came over my house. We decided to play a trick on my parents so we hid in the under the stairs cupboard, we heard very loud footsteps on the stairs repeatedly and when my parents returned they stopped.

My final encounter happens when I sleep, I get scratches on my arms for no apparent reason, I will find them when I wake up in the morning. I don’t have nails so it cant’t be me, and my kitten is not allowed in my room. The door is shut. I’m sorry it’s so long but I’m really scared and would appreciate if somebody could email me their views?

My Ghost Encounter

Michael Pitt, London, UK

Many years ago, when I was only about 7 years of age, I had a petrifying paranormal experience that I’d like to share with you.

It was night, about 1 o’ clock in the morning (that’s a rough estimate), when I suddenly woke up. I distinctively remember the entire room being ever so cold. I lay under my duvet, struggling to get to sleep. Next without a warning, a figure just randomly appeared. Obviously, I can’t see myself, but I guess that all the colour from my face would’ve disappeared. He was a tall but fat man, wearing a top hat, with posh clothes on. I stared in disbelief. He gazed into my eyes. Looking back on it, I know that he wouldn’t have hurt me, but I couldn’t help it. I screamed as loud as humanly possible. I instantly woke up everyone in our house and next door. My father burst into the room. The second he did, the figure disappeard and I was crying my eyes out.

A few years later, when I was probably about 10, I was discussing the matter with my mother. I described the figure to her. She told me that it was her dad, a WWII veteren, who died quite recently. Next, she showed me a picture of him. It was him. All my life I’ve wondered what I saw that night. Whatever it was, it sure was scary.

Shadow Creatures

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

Hi, most stories have an introduction but I am going to go straight to it.

I was reading a book late at night and I heard a strange noise sort of like a growl sound. I have no idea what it was but it was really quiet. I stopped reading to look for what it was. I thought it might have been one of the cats so I kept on reading. Later on I heard it again only this time it was louder. I hopped out of bed to see what it was but I couldn’t see anything, it was too dark with only a lamp on.

I went back to my room but I couldn’t find my book. I looked under the sheets and everything. I went back out of my room to check on the bench but it wasn’t there so I got another book. Then I took one look at my pillow and it was there nice and neat.

Later out of the corner out of my eye I thought I saw a shadow thing creep up to the stairs of my bed (I have a bunk bed with my sister) then when I fully looked at it it went away. Moments later my sister told me to stop calling her name and that she can’t go to sleep. I said I wasn’t doing anything. She said can I come in your bed and I said yes, trying to be a good big sister. My sister then thought she saw a shadow thing right at the top of the stairs to my bed. I said do you want me to go on that side and she replied yes. With my eyes watering from fright, my sister crying, and trying not to be scared, we decided to tell Mum. She didn’t believe us at all.

Thats all that happened for the rest of the night. My sister only slept with me for a week but I think things are starting to happen again...

Home Alone

Anonymous, IL, USA

I’ve been hearing/seeing spirits all around my house. I was home sick one day from school and my parents were at work so I decided to do some laundry. I got all the dirty clothes from my room and headed to the basement where I saw a black shadow with a hat on right at the bottom of the staircase. I immediately called my mom while she was at work she just told me to watch some TV to get my mind off of it. But she didn’t understand I was so terrified.

I took a nap thinking I could sleep it off and a black shadow appears standing in front of me. I start crying and put the blanket over my head. When I take the blanket off the shadow is gone. When my mom got home later that night and I told her that we could have a ghost in our house. She just told me there was nothing in our house.

A couple months later my parents went out for the night with my brother and my sister was at her friend’s bonfire. I was a little upset that I couldn’t go hang out with my friends so I stayed home. I heard noises coming from the back hallway later that night. It sounded as if someone was watching television so I went back there to check it out and all of a sudden in the bathroom the shower curtain pops open and my little brother’s bath toys start talking. I thought they were broken because of all the water but apparently not. I close the door in the bathroom and the toys go off again. I open the door and they stop I stood in the doorway for about 30 seconds then closed the door then they all started making noise again.

I continue to the back of the house checking all the TV’s not and none of them are on. I know what I heard and I know what I have seen yes, I’m only a thirteen year old girl but this could happen to anyone. These were just two major events with a ghost that I have happened but I’m really scared and I don’t know what to do because it seems like no one in the house believes me about the things that are going on in our house.

Lost Soul In My House

Anonymous, UK

You know when you parents or friends say things that you saw were just figment of your imagination? Well it isn’t. My encounter involves my first day of being in my new house and a holy figure. So here it goes!

Finally after two full days of transport to England, we arrived at my new home. After a couple of hours of settling in, thoughts came into my head that I had never encountered before like an image from a past life or something but they weren’t mine!

Unfortunately my head still hasn’t gotten around that. Soon after that when we chose our rooms I was drawn to a small room in the attic which for some odd reason had no insulation so it was very cold at that time of year but that didn’t make a difference. When the sun had fallen my mother said goodnight to me and turned off the light.

Later that night I awoke to a bright light and a figure with a bright outline of green it spoke to me in my head as if it was sending me messages,it said that I was next. But I still don’t get it and I’m 23. After that he left the room and the light flickered and shut off and it doesn’t work anymore. Shivering in bed I tucked my head under my pillow. Now I live in the same house and I would spot him in the corner of my eye. He looks as if he’s lost stuck between here and limbo.