November 2011

What Time Was It?

Anonymous, Adelaide, Australia

One time my mum, my sister, my other sister, and their friend were sitting down by my pool in the back yard. To the right of my garden we have a very long silver shed which is covered by bushes, and the pool is at the very back of the garden. I was standing in my kitchen doing the dishes one time and I was daydreaming and just staring out the window (I can’t see the pool area because the bushes are in the way).

I was just staring out of the kitchen window day dreaming when my Nephew walked into the kitchen. he walked over to the back door trying to get outside but he wasn’t allowed outside so I walked over there and locked the net door so he couldn’t get out.

I walked back over to the sink and started to wash the dishes and I heard some one running up the pathway from the pool area. I looked up and thought it was my sisters friend so I walked over to the back door to unlock it and they were still heading up the path. Her hair looked very wet and her clothes were dripping I thought that she might of went into the pool.

I realised I didn’t have the key to unlock the door so I walked over to get it. When I walked back she was standing with her back to me. I said her name and she half turned round before running around to the side gate. I didn’t hear it open so I unlocked the door and went around to the side gate and no one was standing there but I saw wet foot prints. I went down to the pool area and said to my sisters friend, "Why were you just running around the back garden?"

And that when I realised she wasn’t wet.

I have seen that girl since and she is always standing there by the back door. I don’t know what she is or who she is and I don’t really want to find out!

Married To A Ghost

Anonymous, Cocas Island

This is completely true, not one word of a lie. This is not my experience but an experience of my close relative, my great aunt. She lives now and is 89 years of age, and when I went to visit her in cocas island, she showed me many pictures and videos of herself. But she always said that there was someone else in the picture, she was old and a bit crazy and she lived on her own, but she said she lived with her husband.

She was never married and didn’t have any children, but had 2 cats. She said to me she may sound a bit crazy but this is completely true - she was living with her husband and her 3 children happily in her big house.

We only found out about my great aunt in November 2003, so we didn’t know much about her life before we met her. She told me many stories about her and her husband and how they lived a happy marriage. She told me at first she was never able to see her husband but could touch him and feel him. She thought god was playing some sort of a trick on her by blinding her in her eyes. She then carried on talking about how she had got married in her garden, it was just her and her husband alone with a vicar who thought she was crazy because she was marrying someone that she couldn’t physically see. But she said she had spent 3 years with him experiencing sexual and normal relationships so she had got used to the matter. If you have any thought, comments or answers please can you comment, it would help a lot.

My Parent's Haunted House In Aliamanu

Anonymous, HI, USA

These incidents occurred when I started high school 1976 and continued on for several years after. Some of these cases involved my nephews and niece.

I am a local girl born and raised here in Hawaii. The house my parents once owned was purchased by my dad in the 1950’s, and they were the first owners. The history of this area (Aliamanu), I was told that it was a graveyard before they built a subdivision.

These are known factual events that took place. My nephew Jason, while he was growing up, use to report seeing a boy dressed in white underneath our house when Jason would be playing And my niece, when she graduated from high school, moved in and reported seeing a black figure come up out of the floor at the foot of her bed. He was tall and wearing a Hawaiian Warriors helmet! She ran out of the room and refused to sleep in there. She even brought a priest to have her room blessed! But to no avail, that entity came back! In fact, that particular room used to be mine!!

My story in my earlier years was so frightening for me that it’s hard for me to forget it! One early evening I came home, turned on my lamp, shut my bedroom door without locking it (it could only be locked from inside). I went to lay on my bed with my window wide open. I finally dozed off only to awakened by a heavy, heavy breathing, almost like someone was gasping for air. So as I listened I found that it was coming from outside my window. Then I realized my lamp was off, I was in the pitch dark, and began running for the door, only to find that it was locked! I scrambled to get it open and knew in my mind that that I never locked the door and turned the light off!! More I panicked, finally got out and ran to my moms room.

The next day my brother whom lives on another island and my other two sisters in Honolulu reported to my mom the next morning that they experienced the same exact thing as me! Which was a heavy breathing which started outside there windows and became increasingly loud! My brother told us it got so loud at his house it woke up the neighbors in his cul de sac. It happened around the same time as my incident . We still don’t know what that was but it sounded bad!

Since then my mom passed away in 1995, my oldest sister and brother in 2002 (4 monthes apart), and my dad passed in 2006. Before Dad died he sold the house in Aliamanu and since then it has changed owners twice.

Aloha! Thank you for letting me share.

Friendly Visit

Cindy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

First off I would like to say that I am not a person that sees ghosts in every corner. I try to find a rational explanation. My husband and I moved into our apartment 3 years ago and everything was fine at the very start.

I would notice the smell of a cigar, a soft lingering scent. My husband would laugh it off saying it was a neighbour smoking on the balcony.

Now I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, each morning before going to work I would make sure the bathroom door was closed. Sure enough each day I would come home and the door would be open. I remember at one point checking the door knob, no matter what I did the door would be open. Again I brushed it off as the door was not levelled, and one day as I left for the day I shut the door and said "Please leave the door closed" and left.

I walked in at the end of the day and to my surprise the bathroom door was shut, but my surprise quickly turned to worry as I looked down my hallway I saw that indeed the bathroom door was closed and as well as all bedroom doors. I always leave the room doors open for air circulation.

I told my husband and he once again laughs it off teasing me "Are you saying we have a ghost, should we call Grant and Jason" as soon as the words left his mouth the bedroom door slammed shut. I thought to myself I can live with it; it’s not so bad! We found the cigar smell stronger in the evenings and in one particular area.

A few weeks later my husband brought me home our dog and I have to say right off the dog did not like the hallway. She would follow something with her eyes while all the fur on her neck stood on end, it was shortly after that I started to hear my name being called and the slamming of the doors picked up. I would be home alone or with my husband, we would both and hear it, I decided my best line of defence was to ignore it.

Once night I was in bed unable to fall asleep when I felt my bed dip as if someone just sat down. I had not been afraid up until this point. I was too afraid to move or even speak. After a few moments I found my voice and said, "Please leave me in peace" I just kept saying it over an over until I feel asleep.

The next morning I asked my landlord who had been in the apartment before us, he went on to tell me that an elderly couple had lived here for many years that they lived here when his father bought the building. The woman left after the passing of her husband. At this point I lied to my landlord saying we still got some mail occasionally if he knew where the woman moved to.

He said he would check and let me know, thankfully a few days later he provided me with an address for an old age home just a few blocks over. I went to the home and requested to see Mrs. X - she was very kind, I introduced myself and told her I now live in your old apartment. She went on to tell me her life and time and how Mr. X died in the apartment in the hallway by the bathroom. She had come home and found him on the floor half in and out of the bathroom. She went to say in passing he was a good man his only vice was the one cigar he allowed himself to smoke each night in the dinning area.

I thanked her for her time and promised to visit again. That afternoon once I got back I opened all the doors and windows and walked around the apartment speaking to Mr. X telling him he had to move on that Mrs. X is no longer here. I asked him to please leave that this was our home know and if he wanted to stay he was not to bother us or the pets.

We have not had any issue since then but we still smell the linger of cigar smoke ever so often.

Connecticut Valley Hospital

Steve Waggoner, Connecticut, USA

This happened two years ago when I was 18 and me and a group of friends went exploring in the abandoned parts of what used to be a mental asylum at Connecticut Valley Hospital. There was seven of us (guys and girls) and we were all skeptics.

Like almost any abandoned building, the place was super creepy but upon entering I instantly got this inexplicable feeling of despair or fear or something I can’t really describe. We explored and although everyone was seemingly brave it was obvious everyone was at least a little creeped out.

After about half an hour I volunteered to stay by myself in what we thought was a patients old room. My friends had been gone about five minutes when I got another inexplicable sensation. I felt nauseous and apprehensive. Suddenly the room started spinning and I fainted.

At almost the exact same time two of my friends (one guy, one girl) swear they some sort of shadow or shilouete that suddenly disappeared. They claim, it was like the shape of a human but apparently saw no features. Freaked out, they decided to come find me and leave.

Unsuprisingly their fear only increased when they rushed back to the room and found me laid out unconscious on the floor. Apparently without wasting any time one of the guys grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder and followed everyone else out.

I came to once we were outside and was able to walk back to the car.

Once we were driving home I happened to glance at my watch. It’s a genuine Rolex Oyster Perpetual, a gift from my grandfather. It had frozen, at what more or less must have been the time when I collapsed and my friends saw the figures.

I’ve posted this story on other sites so I should clarify some points that have been raised already:

This was to primarily explore the abandoned Connecticut Valley Mental Hospital, it was not a ghost hunt, although he had heard some stories about the place which no one believed.

I’ve never before or since fainted in my life.

The watch wasn’t broken from the fall. It had stopped but was working again soon afterward. It winds automatically and shouldn’t have stopped at all. Also, the watch isn’t old and is in good condition.

I 100% believe my friends saw something. The two couldn’t lie that well.

Huddled Figure

Alysen, CA, USA

My good friend, Faryn, just moved into a house in Spokane, Washington. She was text messaging me last night, 11-10-11, when she said to me, "Alysen! There’s something in my room!!!"

Now at first I did not believe her, thinking it was just a prank she was pulling on me, but I was proven to be very wrong. I challenged her and told her to tell me what it looked like, it was a little dark figure huddled in the corner of her room. She also added that her cat was looking at the mysterious figure as well, and by that point I asked her to send me a photo of the "thing in the corner". She replied with a picture of a little black glowing figure, around a foot and a half tall, slumped over in the corner which was off to the side of her bed. It resembled to me to be a stuffed gorilla or a pair of black boots, but she said she owned neither object.

I asked for, once again, a photo, but this time a close-up of it. I got another photo, an enhanced image of the first one, it appeared to have a visible left ear. She picked up a piece of candy, and attempted to throw the candy at the thing. She did so, and then she frantically text messaged me saying "It vanished! It vanished!!" Then, she told me she had thrown the piece of candy, and right as it hit the huddled figure it let out a screech, like the one one hears when one drags their fingernails on a chalkboard, and disappeared, making the candy hit the wall in back of it.

After this occurrence, her cat, Baby, was staring out her open door, looking towards the direction of noises coming from the hallway. Let me note that she was home alone at the time of the occurrence.