May 2011


Richard Kells, Kilkenny, Ireland

My mom died three months ago. She was old, she was sick, and it was her time. But she didn't want to go. More then anything, she wanted to stay, just a little while longer. She cried on her deathbed. And sometimes, when I come home, it's like I can feel her here. Like, I've forgotten everything and she's still here, and then when I remember it's a shock.

My wife says I'm still getting used to her not being here. I say differently. I know it's weird, but it's commforting, all the same.

But then things took a...sinister turn. Mother was always very possessive. She never did like my wife, although she refrained from speaking directly to her about anything.

In death, she had no such qualms. My wife was pushed down the stairs by a ghostly hand, her jewelry went missing. A light exploded above her head. All perfectly explainable things. And soon it wasn't just her. My Mother was always strict. She hated it when I put my feet up on the table. I did it in her absence, and spilled piping hot coffe on myself. I spent the rest of the day in the burn ward.

We talked, my wife and I, and we moved. Everything conceavable went wrong. Nothing paranormal. A gust of wind smashing china. The movers getting a flat tire and having to postpone the day. Twice. I cut myself heavily whilst I shaved. A slip of the hand? No.

But once we were out, everything stopped. The new arrivals in our home have no complaints. I'm having second thoughts on my opinion of Mother.

Scream In The Forest

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

This happened to my uncle and aunty quite a while ago (late 1990s) – they told us this story when they came over for dinner last week and it really creeped us out.

They were going on a two-day hiking trip around a lake in the middle of the bush somewhere. My uncle said as soon as they got there, he felt that the place had a strange ‘vibe’, like a really heavy feeling – a weight on his shoulders.

They started their hike and had been walking for a couple of hours when they heard a horrible female scream echo through the forest. They ran towards it but when they got to where they thought it came from, they heard it again but it was further away – like it was leading them somewhere.

They ran towards it again but as they got closer they came right up next to the lake, so the scream must have come from a place inside the lake area! They searched the surrounding area but couldn’t find anyone so they turned back – after being lost for a few hours they went straight back to the camp site and came home.

My uncle now thinks that it was a bird or some animal, but my aunty thinks a woman must have drowned there. Creepy!

The Holiday Hospital

Anonymous, MA, USA

I had one of the crumbiest Xmas holidays one year - in 1989 I’d been in a pretty serious bicycle accident and spend a lengthy part of year end in hospital. By Xmas time I was recovering well, but still bed ridden. I’d say it was pretty miserable being there during the festive season, but I was on the road to recovery, so it could be much worse!

My sleeping patterns would get out of sync, and I’d sometimes be awake in the wee hours when no one was around.

It was one of those times I first heard it. Someone was sniggering. It was in my room - the other patients were asleep. But what made this strange was that the sniggering was coming from under my bed! I put it down to my medication and nodded off.

Nothing happened for a couple of days. Then, a few days before I was due to leave, I wake up one night with the strange feeling my sheets were being tucked in. Very tight. I didn’t want to open my eyes, but said ‘Hello’. No one answered but the tucking stopped.

The next day the old guy in the bed across from me asked why my family had been visiting me late at night. That creeped me out. My family had gone back interstate the week before when I was on the mend. I asked him what he saw and he said it was a woman, dressed like a nun.

The next night, the sniggering started again. I should mention that it sounded like a man - like a nasty, sinister kind of snigger. Like the guy was toying with me.

I again tried to ignore it. I figured it was coming from the floor below. After a while, partly fed up, but mostly curious, I leaned off the bed and peered under it. Nothing.

So I got comfy again, and started to nod off. That’s when my sheet got tugged and at the same time the male voice sneered “No”. Naturally I freaked. I yelled and woke everyone up. The nurse came in and - embarrassed - I said I’d had a nightmare.

When I packed to leave, I told the nurse about what had happened. She was new there and really sweet. She said she’d heard weird noises in that ward since starting there. She’d asked around and found out that there was an old matron who was said to wander the place at night and watch over people. Apparently she was stern, but kind. I bet she was the one tucking me in.

However, the nurse never heard of the sniggering guy, at least during my stay.

That’s it. I’ve got a few other creepy things that have happened before and since, which I’ll post down the track.

Just remember - always ride with your helmet on!

The Grey Lady

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire, UK

One time me and my siblings were sitting down with my nana, who lives in Chester. She used to work at Chester City hospital. Here's her story (written in first person):

It was a cold winter night whilst I was working in the hospital, and the snow was up to my knees. I couldn't drive out of the hospital as the snow was far too deep. So we had to stay in the beds there where the night workers were. Me and my friend went up to the rooms. In the room I stayed in, it was said that the Old Matron of the hospital stayed there. I was very tired, so I went straight to sleep. Deeper on in the night I felt my blankets being pulled off. So I pulled them back on, and again, they were pulled off. I turned on my light, and no one was there, so I went down to the night nurses and told them what happened. I thought it was them playing a joke on me, but it wasn't.

So I went back up, expecting it to happen again. But it didn't, so I went back to sleep. Next morning I shared my experience. But after that I forgot.

Legend has it, the matron still roams the hospital and she is said to wear grey clothing, hence she being called 'The Grey Lady'

After hearing this, me and my siblings were bedazzled. Thank you for reading! This is honestly a true story!

Spirits Of The Cemetery

Jessica Ramdin

This happened to 1 of my family, my aunt’s cousin. She was driving home one night when I don’t know possessed her to pass by the old cemetery by the river. Anyway, she was driving and just as she was passing, she lost control of the car and she felt something pulling her hair and she couldn’t stop the car. She was panicking, mostly because she realized the car was heading towards the river.

Her mind was racing and her heart was beating loudly (she told us) and she didn’t know what to do and the car was a few minutes away from going into the river when she remembered something...she had matches in the car! She began to pray in her mind while she felt for the matches.

Finally, she found it and, still praying, struck a match. All of a sudden, the car stopped inches away from the river. She hair felt free and she once again had control over the car. She started the car and sped away from the cemetery. There were two results of that little experience, 1) she never passed there again and 2) she always carried matches with her. I once saw that and asked her about it, that’s when she told me this story.

My Dear Shadow

Melanie, GA, USA

I'm writing this Long after these experiences occurred and first and foremost I'd like to apologize for any grammatical errors (because I know they will happen). I'm currently 18 bordering 19 and a senior in high school, these occurrences started when I was in about the 6th grade, I think. I was about 11 at the time I started noticing these things. And YES I'm aware that doesn't add up, I have a June birthday and was put to school early then held back in 7th so bleh. Most of this is a little foggy so pardon me if i don't make much sense. I apologize for the length in advance; this is basically a recap of the events that happened in the last 7 years of my life.

I was in 6th grade when I first started to notice these occurrences, we were also living in Panama City, Florida at this time, and when I first started to notice foots steps behind me as I walked home from school each day, I am not sure when they started I just noticed them randomly one day and then they continued. I would turn around and see no one but instead of being scared I felt this odd feeling like I was not alone but not precisely in a frightening way, the same feeling as if you’re walking with a friend but aren’t paying attention to them. It was a little startling at first, but still comforting. It was a 10 minute walk through the neighborhood to my house from the bus stop and no one else lived in my direction so I suppose I was glad for the company. Every day I would hear those foots steps in the grass behind me walking me home to my house. When I was younger and even now I walk in the tall grass and hope to hear those footsteps, it was a comforting sound for someone walking alone. And every day I would walk to my door and the moment I'd step out of that grass the footsteps would stop. And I have tried multiple times and know for fact there’s no mistaking, I would hear my own feet and those of larger feet behind me, they were never in unison with my own for a second. Almost every day for 6 years I heard those steps and was happy to hear them, sometimes they would be there and sometimes they wouldn't, but I found it was on the days I felt loneliest I'd hear those steps. And sometimes I'd think maybe it’s in my head. But I knew it wasn't.

I do remember one small thing though, when I was in either 5th or 6th, there was a tornado close to my sister’s school, which was the high school. So school was held in for them, but since my school was a good ways away, I was let out normally. I was walking from my bus stop and there was a strong breeze and i felt my feet lift off the ground, but then something grabbed my backpack and pulled me back down to the ground. I ran home after this. I mean seriously what little kid wouldn't?

Now over the years I've seen some strange things, and at the time we were living in a haunted house but this is a different story and I'll have to post that on here later. I don't want to be annoying and tell 5 to 6 stories at once.

For a long time that sound of footsteps would follow me. And since it started, I had transferred schools, and started to make some friends. I was a sort of lonely girl when I was younger and when all this happened I only had my sister as a friend and a girl named Kate. At my new middle school which was a Charter Academy I made a lot of friends and I mention this because one of them were directly affected.

During my time at this school most of the classes were inside and the walk from the bus stop was much shorter, so I didn't get to hear those footsteps as much but it wasn't so bad since now I had friends.

But one night I and my friend Grace had got into a terrible argument. She had lied to me about a matter involving a ghost, and I just knew without a doubt she was lying. This argument took place on the phone late one night and I had been angrily pacing outside in the dark while yelling at her on the phone until I got so angry that I hung up on her.

The next day I was late to school and when I arrived my friend Karlena (we called her K.K.) had ran up to me saying something was wrong. I asked her what was wrong and she said that something had happened to Grace. We ran to the bathroom and I had asked what happened. And what they told me was they were playing bloody Mary.

Now grace didn't actually play the game. And this is not about the Bloody Mary story in anyway. She just said that she would. And she had went into the bathroom alone and turned out the light joking around. She said she turned on the light again and tried to open the door, which was a door to push to open. But she said she couldn't open it. She figured it was just the other girls playing around. Then she told me that a shadow came out of nowhere and hit her. According to her it was like a black silhouette of a man, but seeming to be made of nothing but shadows. This shadow had then grabbed her and thrown her against one of the bathroom stalls so hard she bit through her lip. And this part of the story she showed me her lip which was severely swollen and giving a small stream of blood.

Now to be honest I was sort of glad this had happened. And while I was concerned I was trying to stop myself from laughing.

Since that day, the footsteps continued, and every now and then when I was outside I'd see a black silhouette out of the corner of my eye but when I'd turn it'd be gone. This was in 7th grade by the way.

Another day we were visiting my grandmothers new house, she had sold her house by the bay for a smaller one story house by a lake. This place also has a few stories about it but nothing important. But one day during the summer me and my friend Ossana were in the backyard by the lake, we had picked some flowers and berries and were grinding them up trying to make lotion because we were extremely bored. When my friend Ossana told me that she saw someone. I didn't look up immediately but when I did, I saw a silhouette of a man staring at us, or so i thought but the second I looked up he ran off and hid behind a bush next to the pond. Me and my friend ran to look but saw nothing behind the bush.

By my 8th grade year I had decided to name him 'Shadow'. Now I was never exactly afraid of Shadow because anytime I saw him, be it out of the corner of my eye, or like the time at the lake, he gave off the same feeling as the ghost that walked me home, and to this day I believe him to be the same one. I always felt he was watching over me, like a sort of guardian. My 8th grade year I was transferred back to my original middle school and made a few more friends. But since I was back at my old bus stop I got to hear shadows footsteps walk me home and stop at the sidewalk every day.

One morning, and forgive me for gong out of order but I can't quite remember if this was my 6th grade year or 8th grade year since I changed schools in 7th and then back in 8th. I remember a rainy day and the house next to our bus stop had a Doberman pincher. This Doberman jumped the fence and started running at me growling and barking, and I went to hit it with my umbrella because I was scared it was going to bite me. But the dog stopped randomly and just stared at me, the growled and ran for me. I went to hit it but before I could I made a loud whimper like it had been hit by something else and ran away. I didn't see anything hit it. And didn't remember hitting it with the umbrella, though I intended to. So I figured I was safe and continued to the bus stop, and after that there were no further problems from the dog. Because not to long after it had disappeared. I don't know what happened, maybe it ran away, or maybe it got taken to the pound. But it was a mean dog so I was glad I didn't have to see it bark at me every day.

Ninth grade there wasn't much to tell, except I saw Shadow a few times around the school. But the summer of my 9th grade year, just before I started 10 grade, we moved to Warner Robbins, Georgia to be closer to my dad. We moved into my Grandparents house. And yes same grandparents.

At my grandparents’ house I saw Shadow more frequently, every now and then when I'd turn around quickly I could catch a quick glimpse of him. And sometimes if I looked down when I walked I could see his feet behind mine. But he showed himself more frequently to my friends as well.

My friend Jade stayed the night one night, and we had stayed up till about 3 AM that night drinking monster and eating candy, even putting skittles in our monster, mainly because that night my computer crashed. Around 6 or 7 I had gone into the kitchen to get something, it was getting dark out but not enough to need all the lights on.

Anyway Jade was waiting in the room while I went to get some food. I walked back in and Jade was looking at me strangely. And she mentioned she saw the silhouette of a man outside of the door, but she couldn't tell if he was watching her, or me, as the door to the bedroom and the opening to the kitchen were directly across from each other and at the angle he was standing it could have been either.I told her about what had happened to Grace and all the times I'd seen Shadow. She said it was possible he was watching out for me, that he might be protecting me.

Another night Jade had asked to stay over out of the blue because both me and her had tried the Hell Correspondence website, and were scared that Hell Girl was going to show up. So we decided to spend the night together so we wouldn't be so freaked out. Late that night, about 8 or 9, about when it just had gotten dark, me and jade went out to the pool and decided to blast some music while we were swimming. By the way it’s nice swimming in the pool during the summer at night. Water's warm and its more relaxing. While we were swimming Jade looked up and noticed the shadow of a man watching us from the gate. We were already spooked, and even though we knew it was shadow, because the entire night we felt something brush against us and grab our feet here and there and kept seeing strange shadows in the pool and it felt like something was watching us from under the water and kept feeling cold spots. So we decided to go inside. But before we went inside I had looked back at the pool and saw the figure of a baby floating face down in the water. I closed my eyes turned around and walked back to the porch quickly and Jade did the same. I asked her if she saw anything, and she mentioned she saw it too. Both our descriptions matched except I saw it face down and she saw it facing up. I always look back and wonder, because it was like Shadow was telling we to go inside that night, and I always wonder what would happen if we didn't.

Recently I have been seeing my Shadow less and less. And one day when I reached down to get something, I saw the feet of a man dressed fully in white, I turned around and no one was there. No one in the house was even wearing white shoes that day.

After that I stopped hearing his foots steps, and stopped seeing him. And that’s when I noticed a lot of strange figures around my house.

After he vanished I’ve see the shadows of others, but they were static like, and see through. And I saw a ghost or two hanging around my house that wasn't there before. But recently they're all vanished.

One day at the bus stop, a black cat walked up to me, and that day I took her home and she's been with me ever since. When she showed up those strange figures vanished again. I find it amusing because she's all black, just like my Shadow was, except for her pretty green eyes.

She's a sweet cat, and has never hurt me not even if I bathed her.

And I believe her to be Shadow in a new body. She's always following me, and she's always there when I'm lonely. I named her Midnight, since it is a lot like shadows covering the whole night. And it was a lot more feminine than Shadow.

Though she will respond to Shadow more than Midnight.

I thank you for your time reading my story if you would like to know more feel free to email me.

FMPF - Horrorfest Sleepover

Anonymous, Merseyside, UK

One Saturday in March, Me, my girlfriend Jess, my sister/best friend Becky, my best friend James, and Emily were sleeping at Katie and Chris’ house for a horror movie sleep over. Her mum is awesome so she didn’t mind, even though we we’re 14 at the time, she trusted us.

We watched a few mild horror movies first like Dead Silence and Drag Me To Hell and then went on to scarier films like The Exorcist and The Saw Trilogy. James and Becky are scared really easily so we turned the TV off and sat and bitched about people we don’t like. Later they were playing Just Dance on the wii and I was not going to embarrass myself like that so I sat there and laughed at them try to dance. Then I got to hot and needed abit of air so I and Katie went to ask her Mum if we could go out on the front for abit. She gave us the front door key and we out the door on the hatch so it could be opened from the outside. Then Katie, the stupid cow, told me about a dream she had were she was running outside at night and a man asked her to get inside his car. This scared the shit out of me and we were walking around the estate and it was round 12:00 am. Katie’s estate is pretty rough as it is and it’s probably likely for someone to get kidnapped. I then heard a rustle behind and shit one and started to run. Katie caught up and told me it was just a crisp packet so I felt stupid and never said anything until we got back home.

We opened the front door and locked it and took the key to her Mum, then went into the living room and they didn’t even realise we had left. We started to tell each other about super natural occurrences that had happened to us, so I told them about the time I got possessed when I was three (I stood up on my bed laughing hysterically and peed). I also told them about my Mum; she used to see ghosts in our own house and once thought one were me. Then we all got excited and wanted to make and Ouija board, so we got out Katie’s laptop and typed in how to make a paper Ouija Board. We made one out of paper, I began to get nervous.. We asked a few obvious questions like is anyone here or do you need help? We got no reply for a few minutes, but the first reply was "Yes."

James partially died. Becky was hiding on the sofa. Emily and Jess just stared at it. But me, Katie and Chris were shocked but not as much as the others because we knew something was in the house from when I helped them move in.

Then Katie moved the letters to say, "Who are you?" No reply.

"Hello?" We wrote.

"I like watching you Katie.." Katie jumped out her skin and started to shake; Chris went comforting her.

I wrote, "How did you die and when?"

"Can you see me? Haha"

Then we were like wtf!

"Just turn around, I’m behind Becky" (Before it has chance to finish, Becky leapt of her seat and twisted around. In the small round mirror behind to sofa was a dark silhouette of a young mans face laughing!

We got out of that room quicker than Scooby Doo could shout "G-g-g-g- ghost!" Katie screamed for her "Mummy!" when we were in the hall. She rushed down the stairs and went into the empty living room and just called us in. There nothing in the mirror, the Ouija board was gone and no windows or doors were open.

This was only a few weeks ago and we’re planning a new Horror Fest so if anything else happens I’ll post it as soon as I get chance :D hope you enjoyed <3

FMPF - Do you still like her,Sara?

Rivia Hart

My family and I moved to Kentucky in 2008 when I was 12. My sister, Sara was then 8. We both didn’t like the house we moved to but we were always told by mom that "SWEETIE,YOU WILL GET USED TO WITH THIS NEW STUFF".

But I never believed we would. Little did I know, I was right.

Now let’s go back to the main story.

On 1f March 2008, Saturday morning, I was getting ready for my basketball practice. Sara was in the kitchen giving our little terrier some snacks.

My parents weren’t home. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the front door. The knock wasn’t normal. It was like someone hitting it hard. Sara let go out the terrier and ran upstairs to my room. She was sweating and her eyes were like diamonds. She seemed like crying, so I hugged her tight. Then I slowly came down, and opened the door. I saw a little girl panting hard. She was not like the regular kids. She wore a torn old-fashioned frock and it was kind of made from some thick material. The color was dark ,nearly black. She was so pale that in the light she looked almost white. She seemed approximately 10 years old.

She was trying to tell something but she couldn’t for her panting. I let her come into our house while Sara made a cup of drink for her.

Fifteen minutes later, she told us just a word. Soon as I started to ask some other questions she got up and ran to the attic. I got a little scared because we never opened the attic door after we moved down here in January. Sara and I followed her to the attic. I saw her sitting at the corner, moaning. When Sara asked her why she came up to the attic, all she said was that word, that still gives me goosebumps.

All, after that what we later knew was she lived in the house before us. But she never explained when. She used to go away and again meet us in the backyard. She never told where she lived, who she is and what she wants. when we asked her she looked down upon the ground and didn’t talk. But she got to be Sara’s best friend. They used to hang around all day long. I didn’t know, why I didn’t like the girl but Sara kept on talking about how much she liked that little girl. Later one day, we came to know that the girl was called Cecilia. We used to call her Sissy. She didn’t seem so lively neither she talked much. When she did, she talked in a Victorian way. Once she never came back. Sara waited for her the whole day but a parcel came from someone and it was a necklace with a locket where there were Sara an Cecilia’s photo. We never knew how Cecilia got it but we got a letter from her. In which she wrote:


Hope you are well. I am sorry I can’t meet you anymore. But I am really happy that I got a place in my heart for you. If you please, I have done my work what I needed to do. It’s my pleasure, that I could give my locket to a friend like you. It’s my time to go away leaving u forever but I couldn’t do anything for you, Sara.

I am sorry. All I need is just a wish from you that I could be in peace in there. Thank you.

From your dear friend,

Cecilia Jupe.


I don’t know why she did give that YEAR but I think that is when she died. I still remember her. Sara does it too. But she is very quiet now. All she does is hold the locket hard in her hand and say something in her mind. Now still, we didn’t get to know what happened.

P.S-It’s a completely true story.

Lost Voices

Alek Fisher, Wounded Knee, SD, USA

Living in Wounded Knee you should know about the history of the whole Wounded Knee killing. Anyways when you’re a little kid you hear all kind of stories of how people see ghost or hear voices mine happened three months ago.

I was walking home with my girlfriend we wanted to talk about leaving and going to live with my brother in Arizona. While we were walking we kept hearing a soft cry. Thinking it was a little kid I went to look for it. Half an hour later I said, "Let’s call the cops."

When we heard an a very loud cry it sounded as if someone was being dragged or beat. I started to scream around yelling for them to leave the person alone. Then we heard a loud scream that sounded like the person dying. My girlfriend grabbed my hand and said run I got to the house called the local police. And waited for any bad news the next day I got a call back saying they saw our footprints but no others, no body or drag marks. Thinking I imagined it, I said, "Okay thanks," then called my grandmother.

What she told me next was very shocking. Every now and then around eight or nine at night screams are heard at the grounds of the massacre. The cops always get calls about it but same thing, no bodies or anything. They call they it the lost voices of our ancient ones. Very scary if you hear it yourself.

Headless Ghost

Dalip Vermam, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Once in the chilly night of December I was returning back from a late night movie show to my residence near railway station of "Bathinda" in a north Indian city. My bodybuilder room partner Harry was also with me. We were discussing about the movie, extraordinarily chilly nights of the season and our foolishness of missing last vehicle because of that we were forced to walk a long distance to our dwelling. Road was crossing through a vast uninhabited area.

Suddenly we noticed that at about two furlongs distance from the road a man was moving in a circle and yelling at regular intervals "Be awoke and be alert". We were little confused that why this man is doing a watchman duty in that deserted area.

Because of cold it was a smoggy night. A lantern in that man’s hand was making it little possible to guess that man was carrying a stick in his other hand and he was covering his face with a blanket.

We both discussed and concluded with two possibilities. Either he is a mad person or he is fully drunk, otherwise there is no logic in guarding a desolate piece of land. We decided to take him with us to the railway station where we will be able to offer him hot tea or coffee else because of tremendous cold he would definitely be dead during the night. We shouted very loud to call him to the road but he did not give any heed to our calls. He continued with his work of guard duty.

Then Harry told me that we should go to him and persuade him to come along, we shouldn’t mind taking little pain of walking that distance to save a life. I agreed and we both proceeded towards that man. When we reached quite close to him Harry shouted to him "Who are you and what you are doing here?" In a swift action he put his lantern and stick on the ground and sat facing that stick and lantern.

I also shouted to him"Why you are not replying? Please come with us we will take you to the railway station and offer you hot drinks and some eatables too." But he did not reply. Then Harry told me that we should take him forcefully else because of his own foolishness he may lose his life. I was in indecisive state of mind about that man. I told harry to leave him if he is not willing to come with us.

Harry thought for a moment then he said at least we should see his face who this foolish man is. And he went near to that man and tried to remove blanket from his face. But that man held that blanket very tightly on this face. A tussle started between Harry and that man. Although Harry was a strong man but other fellow was trying hard to keep his face covered with the blanket.

Suddenly Harry started running towards the road. He shouted, "Dalip run!"

I was stunned and unable to understand anything. Within no time Harry eloped from the sight. After a moment I came back into my senses and started running towards that road. Harry was nowhere traceable. I was too scared and do not remember how I reached my room. Harry was lying in the bed with 103 degree fever. I scolded him to have left me in that deserted area without telling anything properly. He replied you do not know what I saw, that man had no head; there was only his neck on his shoulders and I got so scared and frightened that I ran away. I could only warn you to run that was not a mad or drunk man that was a ghost without head.

A Traveling Spirit

Madison, TX, USA

As a child I always held a deep interest for the paranormal, especially because I had experienced several rather small and insignificant episodes of paranormal activity. None of these episodes really bothered me until they began to intensify. When I was 9 years old, I was adjusting to a new house to which my family had recently moved. We had moved into a nice neighborhood with good people, but near historical land where battles had been fought.

Not long after getting settled in the new home, I began to feel uncomfortable. There was something about that house that made me feel like I was always being watched. After hearing some strange noises and watching my normally quiet dog bark at nothing, I began to suspect something unusual going on in my new house. One night, while I was sleeping in my bedroom, I was awakened by my bedroom lights turning on, thinking it was my parents I glanced to my door but I saw nothing.

I was extremely frightened by this event, and upon asking my mother about it the next day, she said she hadn’t come in my room.

After this event occurred I began to have trouble sleeping; I felt like there were always eyes on me. Because I wasn’t really sleeping I began to notice more things happening at night. One night while I was lying in bed awake, I heard a computer mouse clicking noise; I had a computer that sat right across the room from my bed. As I looked towards my computer I saw the monitor light up and the mouse move across the screen. Immediately after I saw this, my desk chair moved about a foot and half away from my desk. I was frozen in fear. Many more events like this occurred while I lived in this house, but we moved away from it several years later.

I was happy that I was going to get away from the spiritual chaos that I had experienced in my previous house, especially because we were moving to a different state. The first night after moving into my new house, I felt the same discomfort I had felt in my old house. I began to think that maybe I was just paranoid and there was truly nothing paranormal going on, but things began to happen in the new house also.

Not only did I feel on edge in my own bedroom, but also my cat seemed to develop a lot of anxiety when coming into the section of my house by my room. In fact, she rarely ever ventured to my room. Nothing too exciting happened (other than the general discomfort I felt) for about two years.

When I was about 13 I began to experience even more frightening paranormal episodes, the following being perhaps the most memorable. I had a friend sleep over one night and we did nothing out of the ordinary. We watched movies, played computer games, and talked on the phone. Around 10pm I decided to take a shower, and after I showered, my friend decided to take one also. When she got out she walked over to me and told me that her back was hurting and asked me to see if she had a bruise or cut. I looked at her back to find a cross etched into it. I had asked her if she had done it herself, and she denied it; I questioned whether or not she was lying until I saw another cross appear on the back of her neck. I was standing behind her as I saw the skin rise up and turn bright red right in front of my eyes; it looked as if something was causing this from the inside. She continued to develop more than 5 of these markings throughout the night. When we finally decided to try sleeping, we both had a hard time calming down enough to rest.

We eventually fell asleep for a few hours, but upon waking up we found the most terrifying marking she had gotten. On her forearm read the words "your next." Noting the misspelling, I once again asked her if she had done it and sincerely, she denied it again, but I was still skeptical. It wasn’t until a few days later that I actually believed her.

A few days after the event I was sleeping at night when I awoke feeling extremely exposed and with the piercing feeling of being watched. I opened my eyes to see a very large black figure with red eyes staring at me. Paralyzed with fear I couldn’t speak, but managed to pull my blankets over my head to hide from the figure. I stayed that way for about an hour, and then I got up the courage to see if the entity was still there. I was relieved to see that it had left, but the eyes I saw were imprinted in my memory.

The feeling of being watched stayed constant, and my insomnia grew to be even more severe. I found myself only able to fall asleep if I left the TV on because it provided light and sound to distract from my room. The occurrences began to happen less frequently, but I never truly felt alone. As I got older, the feeling began to be less invasive as I got used to it, but still every now and then I can feel eyes on me just like I felt that night.

The Man In The Doorway

Jessica, AZ, USA

I grew up in a house in a small town named Casa Grande, Arizona. The house was an older home, I estimate it was built in the 1960’s or so.

When I was about 10 or 11, I was sleeping in my twin sized bed with my bedroom door open. I used to feel trapped with the door closed when I was little and never had it closed. My bed was positioned on the opposite wall across from the door. In the middle of the night I woke up and rolled over from my right side, to my left side, in the process waking my little dog, Buster. When I looked towards the door, I noticed a man standing in the doorway. At this time, my parents were separated and my father was not living with us any longer. I noticed that this mans face was in shadow, as well as his feet, but the rest of his body were solid. He was wearing a striped t-shirt and dark pants. He was not see through in any way.

As I watched him, I noticed that he appeared to be looking from my doorway to the other doorway across the hall from mine too. My mind started telling me, "you have to be dreaming", "it’s a dream, it can’t be real", so I rolled on my back and pulled the blankets over my head and kept telling myself that it wasn’t real. I finally got the nerve to pull the covers down past my eyes and take a peek at the door. I now saw the man standing slightly IN my room, but still in the doorway. I quickly yanked the covers back over my face, and rolled back onto my right side, facing the doorway so that I could easily peek again, plus, there was NO WAY I was going to turn my back on this guy. I braved yet another peek out of the covers, only to see with terror that he was in the middle of my room, standing completely still, each time I peeked he was motionless, he did all his moving when I wasn’t looking, like a cat stalking it’s prey.

By this time, I was freaking out, thinking of ways to get out of my room, but too scared to move, to even call out for my mom. I looked one last time, and this time, I saw the man kneeling beside my bed, first his torso, then the shoulders as he kneeled, and then where his face should have been, I saw black. Nothing. I didn’t see a face, but I didn’t see through him either. I shot up out of bed like lightning and bolted for the light switch by the door, flipped the light on, whirled around to, but there was nothing. He had vanished. For weeks after this I was unable to sleep in my room. After I was able to sleep in my room again, I had to sleep with my door closed, there was no way I wanted to see him in the doorway again.

Devil On The Train Tracks

Piper. Sydney, NSW, Australia

I just want to point out that I have NEVER been interested in the supernatural, nor am I religious; nothing unexplainable has ever happened to me or my family. I have always been a sceptic until this occurrence.

Six nights ago I was coming home from my step- brother’s house at around 11:30pm and it usually takes 30 minutes to get home. I had been driving for roughly ten minutes now and I stopped at the train tracks to double check that no train was coming. I was sure that nothing was coming so I began to drive across the tracks when out of the corner of my eye I saw I black masculine figure, I quickly turned around to evaluate what is was. It was an abnormally tall man peering over and staring right at me through the car window. He had an evil sinister grin on his face and his eyes sloped.

I was absolutely terrified and I thought that I was going to die. I immediately hit the gas but the car wouldn’t move, I quickly looked down to see what was wrong, everything seemed fine. Straight away I looked back up to the window to see if the thing had gone and to my surprise he had. I felt relieved. I was able to get the car to work. I had driven 50 metres up the road when I saw the same man in the distance; it seemed as if he was waiting for me. I was so terrified that I sped up the gas (to the point where I was driving above the suitable speed limit) and drove right passed him but as I did I felt a cold chill and heard a demonic whisper right in my ear, I couldn’t make out what it was, but it sounded like something evil and deadly. While I was driving past him I made sure that I didn’t look anywhere near him but I could tell that he was looking straight at me. I immediately went home with no further occurrences.

Nothing supernatural has happened since. But I haven’t driven that road at night by myself anymore and I don’t think I ever will.

Just A Few Little Experiences

Anonymous, KY, USA

None of these were truly terrifying or even threatening, but it does send chills up my spine thinking I was in this situation at some point in time. Well I am 14 years old now, and I used to live in this other house before the one I am in now. This house was built by my dad, so it was less than 10 years old at the time, so I don’t understand how these things happened. But everything happened around a certain age period I was probably 4 when the first thing happened.

Well I had my cousin over who was the same age as me, we had fallen asleep in my room, I had woken up in the middle of the night though, usually if I wake up in the middle of the night I adjust my blanket because normally it has fallen halfway off of me. So I sit up in my bed, and my bed is against the wall so there was a large space in the middle of my floor. Well in the middle of my floor there was a smaller circular table, sitting at the table were four women dressed in old fashioned clothing, their mouths were moving. But no sound was coming out? They also did not seem to notice me at all. I also noticed that the TV was off, and we had left it on when we fell asleep. But I was young of course so I just put my blanket over my head and fell back to sleep, and of course in the morning nothing was there.

At another occasion I was sleeping in my room by myself, and had woken up. I was under my blanket still at about the age of 4. I was trying to go back to sleep when I started hearing a man talking, he was yelling like he was selling something, then I also heard children playing and running on a hard surface. Obviously everyone else was asleep in my house so it couldn’t of possibly been coming from them.

Well again that time I went back to sleep.

Another time I had fallen asleep on the floor by our couch in the living room, around maybe 1 in the morning I woke up, well from the living room you could see our stairs leading to the basement in the kitchen. Well on the wall there was a shadow of a person maybe only 4 feet tall walking up our stairs! Only a shadow, and no I was not seeing things because it was dark, because the kitchen light was on!

That time I had screamed for my parents, around the time they were running through the hall to the living room the shadow had ran back down the stairs! I will never forget that!

On another occasion I was about 8, I had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up and 2 people were standing beside the couch looking down at me, and they looked just like my parents, and I called for them. But they ran almost faster than light back to my parent’s bedroom, I called as loud as I could "MOM! DAD!" But nobody ever came back out there. I had fallen asleep that night and I was awoken later at about 6 am by my parents. They told me our new house we were building had caught fire, and we had to rush over to it. Kinda weird i don’t know if those two things were linked but yeah.

One day I was about 10 me and my best friend were playing this game sorta like cops and robbers I guess. So I went down to the basement by myself to this tote to try to find toy guns for our game, when all of the sudden from the other room in the basement I heard a loud noise which sound like organ keys being pounded on, well we did have a little toy organ in that room, but nobody else was downstairs, and the organ toy was un-plugged!

This is kinda weird but back when I was 3 I used to sleep in my parents room, and one night when I woke up I looked at my parents door and a man-sized bunny was looking around walking on 2 feet! I woke my dad and he said he saw it, but the next morning my dad said he was just joking with me and he never had seen the bunny I was pointed at!

Sounds absolutely ridiculous but I do believe I had seen it.

My mom had also told me stories about how when she was in our play room in the basement which on one wall was lined with mirrors, she had seen a tall dark figure standing in the doorway from the mirror, she would then look at the doorway and nobody would be there!

Also when I was about 10 I used to take guitar lessons and I would go to my teachers house, which was an old cabin that was around during civil-war times! Well obviously old houses make a lot of noises, but one day while we were sitting in her kitchen at the table, we heard someone walking up the stairs which were blocked by a door in her kitchen and they leaded to the garage downstairs. Well she said her husband was probably home, and she looked out the window from the kitchen but nobody else was home?

This is creepy but once when I was at lake Cumberland with my cousin and our family and we were 4 we were swimming in the pool, and obviously being 4 years old we couldn’t swim. Well I was wearing a life jacket but my cousin was not, and we were heading towards the deep end of the pool, well when we got close my grandfather (as I remember) was telling us not to walk any farther, about the time he stopped warning us my cousin went under water because she stepped to deep, obviously her mother jumped in and got her, and she was fine.

But when I retold the story jokingly to my mom at age 12, my mom says my grandpa was out fishing somewhere with my dad that day, and there was nobody in the pool with us!

This is the most recent and last story I have to tell you, it was just last year (2010) and it was my 13th birthday party in April. Well of course by now we had moved into our new house. We were playing across the street in the woods, well nothing strange had happened to me since I had been in my new house. Well we had gotten pretty deep in the woods and right when we reached this creek (which I never even had gotten to before) my friend shrieked and pointed by this tree, there was a dark figure running after us! So all of me and my friends ran as fast as we could back out of the woods, I had turned many times and the figure had disappeared. Well we had decided to just play on this gulf cart my grandpa was letting us borrow and drive back my side road and then back up to my house. But right when we were passing my barn on our way back (which had the woods behind it) the gulf cart slowed almost to a stopping, and we noticed white flags were tied all over the trees (even up to high where people could reach) Well when we got back to the house, I told my dad. He went over and there were no white flags! A few months later when my dad and his friend was in the woods hunting they ran into a few rocks, which were none other than 4 gravestones dated back to the civil war times! Obviously white flags were known to mean someone was surrendering if I remember correctly. I also came to know my dad discovered the gravestones by this tree near the creek, where the man had appeared? Ever since then I had never entered the woods.

Well those were all of my real-life stories from my lifetime thank you for reading and I hope they scared you as much as they scared me.

FMPF - The Mansion

Anonymous, Tasmania, Australia

There are five girls named, jenny mary maddy zoe and clare.There is a mansion down the road. Oneday they go exploring and mary walks off up stairs and finds a dressup table with a mirror onit that reflects your dreams. Mary looks init with a crown on her head suddenly she feels dizzy she falls on the mirror and cracks it glass goes all over her and blood She is dead the mirror brings her back to life, in the mirror living as BLOODY MARY, and then maddy walks off and finds the mirror with money all around her in the mirror in the back ground in the mirror Maddy sees the door open and it's BLOODY MARY She pulls Maddy in living as BlOODY MARY'S sister. The girls ran everwhere looking foe her, now the three girls know what happened, and they were grounded for two years, and after that they were never seen again.iThe mirror was still waiting. THE END.

Was it a Dream or An Out of Body Experience?

Alexandra Do Sado, NSW, Australia

My father passed away in 1995 from kidney cancer.

Two months after he passed I had an interesting dream ( or at least I call it a dream, I really don’t know what it was ). That night I went to bed around midnight, I was just about to fall asleep when I saw two men standing in the two corners of my room, one on each corner.

One man had long blond hair and was dressed in a white suit, the other had long black hair and was dressed in a black suit, I wasn’t scared but I was startled. They both looked at me and said, " don’t be scared we just came to take you to your father, he has something to say to you."

All of a sudden I was standing in the middle of these two men, one had me by the left arm and the other one had me by the right arm. I remember thinking ’ how did I get here? ’, and then I looked down at my bed and I could see myself sleeping on it. Suddenly there was a really bright light filling up my room and then I felt like I was floating. The men took me to a garden, a garden unlike any I have ever seen in my life, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, the colours were so much brighter, the air was that much fresher and the perfume of this garden was like the perfume of everyone and everything you have ever loved in your life. As I stood there just taking it all in, I saw this small hill in the distance with a figure of a man standing on it, I knew then that it was my father.

I walked towards him and as I approached him he turned around and smiled at me. As he looks at me and smiles he says, " don’t worry my darling, everything will be all right." The strange part is that he didn’t moove his lips as he said it, it was more like he projected his thoughts straight into my head. After that I opened my eyes and I was back in my room and it was morning.

So tell me, what do you think it was, a dream or an out of body experience?

Thanks for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it.

Ghosts At Work

Clair, North Wales, UK

I work at a residential college for people with special needs, the place was originally used to provide soldiers disabled after the 1st world war with employment and also to provide them with care and somewhere to live. There are some very old buildings there amongst the more modern onese and I have experienced some very strange things there. Sorry if this is a bit long but here goes.

One day I was working in my area on my own, it was in the holidays so there were no students there, and thats when we have to take our holidays, but we cant have the full 6 weeks off, so there is just a skeleton staff on. I was in the laundry, and the door was open, when I became aware out of the corner of my eye that someone had gone into the kitchen which was to the right. I thought that was odd as if someone had come into my work area they would have came and said hello as to avoid startling me, so I went into the kitchen and there was nobody there. This scared me quite badly and I was so shaken up I was sent home early and nobody questioned what I had seen. I later learned that other people have had similar experiences, and that a small number of students had died in this building over the years.

Another time, in the holidays again, I was working in another area (old bungalows occupied by the more independent students). I was working the day, as soon as I went inside I heard vouces coming from somewhere inside, they definetely werent from outside but I couldn’t pinpoint where they came from, or what was being said. It sounded like a woman, but just seemed to be coming from far away. This freaked me out a little, so I left as I had a bungalow that I was responsible for to clean, and by the end of the day I had more or less forgotten or convinced myself I was imagining it. Later that week on the saturday, I was working an evening shift, on my own again and was in the same bungalow (as thats where our office was.) I was in the living room watching television, when suddenly I felt very panicky, and just had to get out, I locked up and went and sat in another bungalow which was fine, until I realised I had left my bag in the office. It took ages to work up the courage to go back, and soon as I got back in there I felt panicky again. later, when it was home time I had booked a taxi to pick me up from outside this bungalow, and I thought I could feel someone looking out of the window at me. I mentioned this to a colleague and she said she had experienced the same thing.

Another colleague was very sceptical until a few weeks ago, when she was sleeping in one night (a member of staff always sleeps in) and she was woken at 3 in the morning by footsteps in the corridor, thinking it was a student using the toilet, she got up to see who it was and there was no one there. She checked all the bedrooms and everyone was fast asleep. This happened again about an hour later. On another occasion, the taps in the bathroom kept on turning themselves on of their own accord, we would turn them off, only to find them on again minutes later. I suppose its not surprising considering the amount of people who have passed through this place over the years, some come back or don’t leave at all. Another time myself and a colleague were in the stores, which is a very old part of the campus, sorting through junk to sell at the summer fete, when we found an old black and white photo of men in wheelchairs (ex soldiers probably from the 1940’s) This spooked us, had it been there all those years?), maybe some of the men in that photo were still here?

Walking Spirit

Vi-Vi, MO, USA

I was about 8 and I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the day of my older friend’s birthday. We were spending the night at her house, me and a couple of her other friends, and we had said goodbye to one of her friends because he couldn’t stay. She lived out in the middle of the country across from a large field. There was a road seperating her property from it.

It was about 10:30 at night and we were all sitting on the porch in the dark. The only light was behind us, coming from an open window in the house. We had all gone quiet and then one of the girls stood and pointed across the road. At first we didn’t see anything, then it came into view. It looked like smoke, and after a few minutes it formed into a man.

He looked old and worn, he was leaned over a cane and he had a long beard. He didn’t seem to notice us, he was just walking back and forth. At that moment we were all freaking out, and asking each other if it was actually there. It looked as though he was walking in place for a few moments, then when a car passed, he would move one way then the other. He was just pacing, but he never turned around. He was always facing one direction, and every time he took a step he wouldn’t move until a car went by, then he was in a differant spot.

After a few minutes, he had stopped walking, and I remember all of us going cold as his head turned and he looked at us. We ran inside, covered my friend’s window with a blanket and sat there for the rest of the night.

The Dark Mountain

DK, Queensland, Australia

A true (but possibly hallucinated) event.

I was just 16 when we embarked on our journey to Black Mountain. I had saved up for weeks, as had my friend, so we could afford the 5- day trip from cairns (on foot). It began on a Sunday, at the end of the first weekend of the holidays. We caught a stinking tourist bus up from central, and were at port Douglas by 3pm. From there, the rest of the day was spent hiking to the upper Daintree – we ended up sleeping in a bush outside a tourist center. The whole area of cairns is wreathed in misty tropical mountains, sometimes getting up to 1200 meters (roughly 4,000 feet) in height, each one host to countless rivers and streams, birds and frogs. All except black mountain.

Exactly why it is so barren, I still have no idea. The place is wreathed in most awful vibe, ringing of negativity and evil, I just cannot explain it. It contrasted sharply with the beauty and exotic nature of the mountains just south of it. We arrived at the mountain at 11am on a Wednesday, and immediately I felt something odd. A metallic ringing appeared in my ears every few minutes, as if I had sat next to an exploding bomb and been knocked over. We set up camp roughly a kilometer away from the base of the mountain, and cooked and ate some steak for lunch. The mountain is surrounded in some spots, by abandoned shacks of what must have been aboriginal trackers or perhaps gold prospectors. We entered some but found them empty, and by that stage I was beginning to get scared. The area has a ringing darkness, as if the entrance to hell was somewhere in there.

But what terrified me were the caves, the things I had been fighting my friend not to go into. But into them we went. The passages were narrow and black, filled with a foul stench and the distant rumbling of millions of bats. We wandered what could have been a kilometer into them, and they only went deeper and deeper. Now and then they led off into chambers with vast drops that our several torches could not illuminate. These immense drops must have led so deep into the earth that you could drop the empire state into them, but what I found was occupying them was far darker. Suddenly, after an hour of taking photos and "mythbusting" a low ringing appeared, and then footsteps. I went to a psychologist after that. Sometimes, when I hear footsteps, I have a panic attack. But sure enough, these bizarre, wet footsteps seemed to be coming from the deepest parts of the mountain. The chambers were getting darker and darker, so replaced our torches, but they went out. We got our others out, and they got darker and darker too – it was then I saw the light. A dim, almost reddish glow was coming from the bottom of the pit. I swear to any who ask me and passed a lie detector test, that there was red light coming from the chamber. The footsteps came closer and closer, until we just lost ourselves and ran. I dropped my camera, my father’s war watch that I always took with me, and my food pack. But sure enough, even with replaced batteries, our torches went out. We started to panic, and as we desperately clambered through the dark passageways, the footsteps stopped. We stopped too, and I tied a rope around myself and my friend so we wouldn’t get lost. Then the footsteps came back – only this time they were running. I suddenly started running too, grabbing my friend and running as fast as I possibly could to get out of there. I was horrified; the place was so dark and voices that rung out like deep, ancient wells were coming from the passages, muttering curses in some horrific, ancient, long forgotten language. They were so deep and so dark, the voices I heard. My friend wasn’t responding when I said; do you hear them? Do you? We saw a dim light reflecting of one of the rocks. I absolutely nearly died then, for I thought we had come all the way back, and that wet running was getting closer, like just 120 meters away through the rock. I then realized that the light was coming from somewhere above, so I pushed and pushed, and before long we were in an entrance passage again. That running, I hear it my dreams sometimes. I would later be told, after the lie detector test, that the experiences I had could well have been hallucinations from natural gases and incredibly low oxygen that had built up in the cave, and the theme of them was because of the ideas that had sprung into my head before I entered. But I swear, I absolutely swear I was in a right state of mind.

The Haunted House In My Old Town

Casie, FL, USA

I used to visit my aunt and her husband a lot when they lived in a really small and historic town called Edington. Down the road from my aunt’s house is a really old home about maybe 100 years old, and it was coming apart, and my aunt told me about the story of the woman who lived in the house.

Some time ago, a woman had three children, and all of them died including the youngest who was an infant. One night when the woman was sleeping her children came to her in a dream and she walked them back to the cemetery she had for them in the back yard. The woman thought it was a dream because she missed her babies, but when she went to get out of bed her feet were muddy. My aunt told me that there are still some of her belongings in there, including a baby carriage that is on wheels. People have seen it on one side of the room and turn away and then they will hear a creaking of rusty wheels and they look over and they see the carriage go to the other side of the room.

I was always skeptical about ghosts, but one night myself, my aunt’s husband and his brothers and his family decided to go to the home and see what we can find. When we got up stairs we heard a creak and so my uncle took my hand and led me to the room where we heard it. I shined the flashlight in the far corner of the room and there it was, a faded pink baby carriage and we just stared at to see if something would happen and it creaked and then it came right at us.

Apparently it did not want us in the house. I was a little freaked so I went outside and I tried to start my four-wheeler and then all of a sudden I didn’t do anything butt turn it on and it felt like something pushed me off of it and then it pushed me so hard. I landed 3 feet from the cemetery and I just looked up and saw an infant child. She just stared at me, as curious as I am, and she just faded before my eyes and I was in shock. I have never seen anything like that before and it was strange. When we got home I went to take a shower and I looked in the mirror and I noticed two claw marks on my shoulders.

I do not know what to think about my experience, you’re skeptical until you come face to face with a ghost.

Ghostly Girl With No Eyes

Laken Bufton, Perth, Austrlia

When I was thirteen I had encountered my first ghost as a teen this scared me and opened my eyes to the spiritual world, I can now say that I am a true believer.

My brother Josh had to be taken to school by bus, the bus was going to be parked at the other end of the alley way next to me house. I started walking down when I looked up at the sky, the clouds were covering the sun and the clouds were a deep grey, I thought that it was unusual for a hot summer. Anyway we reached the other end of the alley way and sat on the curb waiting for the bus, I felt like someone was watching me so I looked around but no one was in sight besides me and my brother.

It felt creepy to be there even if I was with my brother, ten minutes later the big orange bus came and I watched as Josh got on the bus heading for school. I waved to him as him and the bus drove away around the corner of the cul-de-sac and disappeared, I then went to turn around but something caught my eye.

I stopped and looked towards the driveway of the units and there was a little girl about the age of seven standing there. She had long black hair, about chest length, her skin was pale, she was wearing a shin length white laced nightgown it was ripped at the bottom and on the sleeves.

What scared me the most was that she had no eyes it was just two black holes where her eyes should have been and her mouth was stitched up, she looked like any ordinary seven year old girl but i knew in the back of my mind she wasn’t real. I didn’t move for some time I just stood there staring, then she took a step forward with such a fluid move and I started running back down the alley way, I stopped, turned and there she was standing at the other end with her head tilted on the side watching me.

I ran home screaming and tears streaming down my face, mum asked me what was wrong and I told her what I had seen.

To this day she haunts my mind and number of questions like...who was she? Why didn’t she appear until the bus left? Why did she only appear that one day? And why me?

The Pinch

Lindsay, OH, USA

This event took place sometime in the early 80’s after my uncle’s accidental death. I would also like to say that this happened to my mom.

It was probably a year after my uncle’s death that my mom and her mom went to visit his grave. My mother at the time was around 10 or 11 years old and did NOT want to be there.

She kept complaining that she didn’t want to be there and how she wanted to go home, and I think she would regret this later.

As she and her mom were heading back to their car, my mom was still complaining when all of a sudden she cried out.

"What’s wrong?" her mother asked.

"Something pinched me!" my mom answered.

Later on my mom checked her back (where she had been pinched) and found a red mark that you can only get when someone pinches you.From then on she never complained about going to visit her brother’sgrave.

If you hadn’t guessed, it was probably her brother who pinched her for her complaining, at least that’s what I believe. So be sure you don’t whine when your at a cemetary, if you do, the spirits may not tolerate it!

Thanks for reading!

Haunted Hampton Inn Crestwood

John, MI, USA

During mid January 2011 I traveled from Detroit to Chicago to work on some machinery at a local plant. On the second day of my trip I wrapped up at the plant and couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel: the Hampton inn Crestwood on Cicero Ave.

Upon arrival and watching television I turned off the lights and laid on my side waiting to drift off to sleep.Immediately after closing my eyes, I felt as though I was not alone or someone was watching me.I rotated my head to the left and saw something extremely dark waving in front of my eyes.After lifting my head up a little to get a better look I realized that it was not the blankets waving or anything.

I quickly rolled completely over to the left and I saw a dark mass quickly back away but remain beside the bed.The mass was only about three or for feet higher than the bed. It was almost as if someone was kneeling beside the bed.I stared at the shadow trying to rationalize it as my clothing on the chair or something. After about fifteen or twenty seconds the shadow quickly moved through the wall.I could not sleep at all that night.

After the next days work I returned to the hotel and decided to ask the desk clerk if someone had reported strange things, or if someone had died in the hotel. The clerk, a young woman around twenty, told me that nobody had reported anything and nobody had died in the hotel.

I still felt compelled to search so I went online and Googled: "Hampton inn" two or three different ways. The last way was Hampton inn murder. I immediately hit the story of a woman named Nan Toder that was killed in the same hotel by the maintenance manager with a MACHETE! I called the hotel clerk and told her she better do a Google search which she did while I was on the phone, she was very surprised and said she had goose bumps.

Unable to sleep, I checked out and went to the Days Inn!

Here are the links I found:

Unseen Pranksters

Anonymous, UT, USA

It was a couple of years ago when my friends and I took a camping trip. There were other groups with us, staying in other tents.

As we settled down for the night, we got to talking. We weren’t telling ghost stories, just talking about everyday things.

When it got late, someone (we assumed pranksters) began rubbing our tent walls with their hands. We called out for them to stop bothering us a few times, we even unzipped the canvas tent windows a few to see who was there. It would stop when we looked out there. No one would be there. Mostly, we lowered our voices and ignored it.

Time flew by. We didn’t know it had been going on for a couple of hours. But it seemed like the more we ignored it, the more furious it came. It started out on one side, then two, then three. Soon the entire tent was shaking. Still, we tried to ignore it.

It wasn’t until we had decided to settle down for sleep that it really started to bother us. My friend got really scared. We opened the window again. It would stop on that side, but would continue on the other sides. We were too afraid to call out now. By now, we had realized that something was truly wrong. We knew now, that a person wouldn’t keep this up for hours.

In frightened whispers, we all agreed to get out of the tent. As we stumbled outside, the tent calmed to a picture of serenity. There was no movement at all in the tent, when it had been shaking violently only moments before. We found that we were the only ones on the campsite that were still awake. Everyone had gone to bed long before.

Not knowing what else to do, and knowing we had to go back sooner or later, we all ducked back into the tent. The attack started up again. I remember watching the walls of the tent. It seemed like there were several...things...for the hands were running down the tent in several places. The fact that we knew no one was there was the most frightening.

We all got down to say a prayer, not knowing what else to do. As we prayed, it only got worse. I feared the tent would collapse with all of the stress it was going through. It was like a violent windstorm was trying to lift the tent from the ground. The tent was smashing in from all four sides. My friend claims she felt a solid hand touch her shoulder from the other side of the tent wall. I felt the same thing on my face when the wall drew nearer to me.

Suddenly, it was gone. The tent slowly calmed and stood still.

For the rest of the night, I jumped at the slightest sound.