March 2011

Crying From The Kitchen

Rasto, CA, USA

   This is something creepy that happened to me last year and going through your site made me want to share my short experience I had.

   I was living in a 1 bedroom apartment with my family, I slept alone in the living room. One night as I was laying down falling asleep, I heard a weird whimper. I didn’t pay attention to it at first, but it started growing louder like someone crying in the kitchen. I was half asleep, and I was getting annoyed because it wasn’t letting me sleep.

   I didn’t really stop to think, "Damn, something is crying in my kitchen!" I just started to yell shut up to whatever it was, I wanted to sleep! My mom heard me and got up to check on me, she then told me to go sleep in the room with them. The next day she confessed when she checked up on me, she saw a tall dark creature thing, leaning over me while I was lying down, and when she walked in the room it turned around to look at her, and then disappeared. I still think about it…what the hell was that?!

A Clockwork Haunting

Anonymous, Vic, Australia

During my childhood my grandmother died in the hallway of my parent's home. The room that she had been staying in eventually became my bedroom as I needed more space as a teenager.

For many years since moving into that room I was constantly disturbed by the floor creaking and the sound of movement in there at night. If I was lying on my back I would often feel gentle fingers touching my face. These disturbances were so frequent that I gave up telling my parents about them and would simply brush the fingers away and tell whatever it was to keep quiet. Although I always felt fear, I still found the courage to yell at it and tell it to go away.

One night I had only just gone to bed. It was about 11pm, much earlier than the usual sounds of movement. I was wide awake, trying to wind down and relax. Suddenly a ticking sound could be heard in the room. I had nothing in there that would make such a sound. I got out of bed in the dark and discovered that the sound was indeed right inside the room but at the opposite end to the bed. I switched the light on and the sound stopped.

Some weeks later, at approximately the same time of night I was wide awake in bed and the ticking sound started again. It was louder this time and definitely in the room with me. I was both scared and curious at the same time. I didn't want it to stop so I tried slowly approaching it in the dark. It was down low near the floor in the back corner of the room and as I got closer I realized that the sound it was making was much more complex than just a ticking sound. I could hear all sorts of moving parts like wheels, gears and springs as if it was some kind of crazy wind-up toy. I don't know how I found the courage to get down on all fours and keep moving closer to the sound. I reached a point at which it seemed to be right in front of me and I stretched out my hand into the corner expecting to feel something but there was nothing to feel. I was terrified because it made no sense, but also very frustrated that I couldn't work out what it was.

In a bold move I leaned forward and I now seemed to have my head inside the invisible object. Mechanical gears and springs were moving around my ears and the sounds had become so loud that I panicked and jumped to my feet. I thought the sound would stop if I made a sudden move but it was still ticking away. I wanted to catch it off guard and hopefully see something, so I made a quick dash for the light switch. The moment the light came on the sound stopped again and there was nothing in the corner.

I never heard this sound again and moved out of my parent's house years later. I was so sure that I was awake and not dreaming.

Flannagans Border Inn

Janelle Nolan, Ballarat, Vic, Australia

I was at the Border Inn Pub in Bacchus Marsh victoria with my boyfriend, having a casual tea and playing a bit of pool. I had heard about all of these ghost stories and thought to myself what a lie.
We were there late into the night and as I walked past there old piano in the dining room it started playing. I was a bit spooked and went back into the bar, then I needed to go into the toilet so off I went. While I was in there I could hear a voice and the door open and shut but no one was walking in. Then I heard the hand dryer go off and then the power in the toilets started flickering. When I saw an orb shaped light in front of me I got up and ran out of the toilets.
I went back into the bar and told a worker that I thought the light was playing up. A few weeks later I went back to the pub with one of my mates who works there. We had to fetch a new keg from the cellar, were I once again saw the orb and felt something walk straight through me as though I wasn’t there. I left the Border not long after and have not returned. There is a video on YouTube under Flanagan’s Border Inn by Ghost Research International taken on Halloween one year it, is worth taking a look at but may frighten young kids.

Summer of 2008

Emma, TX, USA

I am pretty sure my house is haunted, and here are some experiences to hopefully prove it. See, the ghost of my house only shows herself (yes she is a woman) during the summer. My friends claimed to be pulled under the water in my pool, but I've never been pulled under so I don't know how much I can trust them.

The most experiences happened the summer of 2008 or maybe 2009 or at least in between that time. I was sleeping when I was awoken by a big "Boom" sound, I glanced up at my window and saw a bright white light flashing through, that disappeared and I settled back down, for some reason I looked forward at my mirror at the end of my bed and next to my bed side was a girl!

She looked about my age (I was twelve at the time) with thick curly hair and a one piece swimsuit on and black tennis shoes. I looked where she was, or would be, according to the mirror and no one was there. I was so young I was mildly creeped out but just went back to sleep. A few weeks later, I opened my eyes a little just so I saw a blurry version of everything; again I had randomly woke up to another "Boom" sound and flash of white light. Suddenly I saw this girl with light blond hair that went down to her waist and she was wearing an old fashioned, lacy dress with roses all over it. She walked up to my bed, and then disappeared.

The next day I was going to try out my new Knee Board, something flipped it over and I couldn't get out of it, then something from the back pushed me up and then I felt my friend pull me back up, but from another angle, so it couldn't have been the person pushing me from behind, IN the pool. And that's it, really. I've always had experiences with ghosts, my mom told me when I was little she heard me outside saying "Push me higher, Grandma," when my grandma had been dead for weeks. Sometimes I get feelings like the ghost is still in my house, but those are the only ones that I clearly remember. Thanks for reading.

Ouija Board Telling Me To Die

Nicolas, Gatineau, Canada

This story starts when I was 9 or 10 years old. I was with my brother watching YouTube videos about Ouija and well I wanted to know if it actually work. So my brother mike bought one and we played three times.

The first time it was more my brother asking the questions about 2012. It was telling us that it was going to happen which scared the hell out of me. But the thing that kinda made me like not so scared is that it says once you die you will become gods.

The second time it was more like gibberish talk I did not really understand what it was saying so we stopped. We played again around 12:00. My brother put candles around the Ouija board and I was holding the cross of Jesus Christ. My brother and I were asking it questions… I don't remember what we here asking it but I had to know if it was real  because I thought that it was my brother moving it. I asked it the stupidest question ever -  do you like the star of David? My brother told it that it was used for god in some sort of way. Then that little triangle thing was going pretty fast and it spelled out “kill yourself or I’ll KILL YOU.”

I took a knife stabbed it like 10 times and then burned it so now I believe in that stuff. After that I went to bed and I was woken up by chilling breeze in my room when the windows were not open. Then my TV turned on and the lights were turning on and off.  I saw a shape appear at the foot of my bed and  it looked like a person from the time 2000 B.C and I'm so not touching anything so dangerous in my life again.

A Skeptics Mistake

Jennifer, IN, USA

I have written a few stories on here as I have had several experiences in my life which all started I believe with this story I am about to tell. I am more than positive that what happened that night opened a spiritual door of some type that I don't know how to shut. So this is how it all began.

When I was 12 my parents became very good friends with a wonderful older man and his terminally ill wife. They had two grown daughters of their own who were 34 and 38 and they still lived at home taking care of their mother. Neither of them were married or had any children.

Now we were very poor and so the older man who I called uncle john felt sorry for me and invited me to go camping with his 2 grown daughters and four of his grandchildren that following weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to go camping. Like I said before we were pretty poor and had just moved into a house in a new area of town so I didn’t have any friends to play with yet and was very happy about meeting the oldest granddaughter named Stephanie. That weekend turned out to be just as amazing as I hoped and I hit it off right away with Stephanie. We were like peas and carrots that summer. They invited me to go camping with them almost every weekend that summer and I didn't think twice to say yes. My parents were also very grateful to uncle john for being so kind and allowing me to not only go camping and fishing with them but also because they truly treated me like one of their own.

On the last weekend of the summer just before it started to get to cold I went with them on a special camping trip that was to last four days and was planned out to be a big deal to end up the season. The last night we were all around the fire and it seemed the perfect setting for your typical ghost stories. Little did I know this family had a big secret that I was about to find out. The oldest daughter named Kay began to tell us about very scary and even sometimes dangerous things that this entity in their home did to them. She said that besides the usual flickering lights and bumps in the night this spirit would mock her sister or mother’s voice only for her to find out it wasn't them.

At this age I was very interested in what they were saying but more than anything I was pretty sure they were just making up a good ghost story to try and scare me. When the last camping trip was over I was a little sad and missed my new friend Stephanie and the two older ladies a lot. A few weeks passed by and out of the blue Lorie, the youngest daughter, stopped by my home and told my mother they all missed me to and she wanted to take me to her house to stay the weekend with them. My mother seemed somewhat torn between me going but with a little begging I was packed and ready to go that Friday after school. Before they came to pick me up my mom was acting strange and she told me that if at any time I felt scared for any reason while I was there to call and she would come over right away and get me. I couldn't for the life of me think of any reason why I would want to go home before the weekend was up.

When we pulled up to the house I felt so excited to be staying in a house that nice for a whole weekend. It was like a mansion to me complete with a pool and big screen TV's in almost every room. Back in the early 1990's that was a big deal. They had one room full of nothing but VCR tapes (this was way before DVDs, people) and had every Disney movie ever made. After they got me all settled in the guest room on the second floor Kay sat me down and gave me a gift. When I tore into the wrapper I wasn't sure what kinda game it was and surely didn't know how to use it. They told me it was an Ouija board. Since I had laughed at their stories and didn't believe in ghosts they wanted to give it to me as a sort of joke.

I put my present in my room and we watched TV and ordered pizza the rest of the night. When I began to get sleepy I told everyone good night and went to the guest room and lay down. It was so strange what I seen that night. There seemed to be about five or six small balls of light flittering around the room. The only way I can describe it is if you ever seen Tinkerbelle in Peter Pan that's what it looked like. I was not afraid of them at all though and after watching them for a while I fell asleep. The next morning I told Kay and Lorie what I had seen and they both said they too had seen the same thing many times in their rooms at night. They both seemed to be shaken up by it but it was not a scary experience for me at all.

Later that night though my opinion would change dramatically. At around ten at night Lorie suggested her and I play with my gift. So we both sat opposite of each other in front of a coffee table and Kay sat about ten feet away from us with three of the kids playing Nintendo. We began asking questions and right away there was no denying that neither of us had control over that board. The planchette was moving with such force at times it felt like it would be pulled from both our fingers completely. I asked it what were the lights I had seen in my room that night and it spelled out 'I' then I asked what it was doing in there and it spelled out 'float’. I asked it what its name was and it spelled out 'death' then it spelled out 'Satan’s legion.' I asked it why it was here and it said 'my house get out’ then I asked it if my house was haunted and it said 'yes it will.'

But the last question I asked gave us a response we were not prepared for. When I asked it where it was at that very moment Lorie and I both heard a very diabolical thundering voice answer us and say 'I'm right behind you’. We both went white as sheets and asked each other OMG did you just hear that but the weirdest part was no they didn’t. The only person other than me was Lorie who heard it and remember Kay and three other kids were not three feet from us in the same room and that voice was VERY loud.

Needless to say I was so afraid that night that I slept with Stephanie across the hallway from Lorie’s room. At around one in the morning everyone in the house was woken up by Lorie screaming that something had just bit her on her back. We pulled up her shirt to find a fresh bloody bite mark that had sharp thin teeth impressions unlike any human bite could leave. Where the teeth marks were each one had punctured the skin but the size of the mouth was very small.

By the time I got home the next day I was so freaked out. I wasn't even sure if I ever wanted to get their house again. There was no way for me to of known then what would happen over the next six months to me and my family in our own home.

My life became a living hell and awful things began to happen to my family members. My dad was sitting at the table and suffered a massive stroke and while he was in the hospital that night my mother slept on the sofa in the living room. She woke me up and asked me why I slapped her and then realized not only had it not been possible for  me to run back to my room upstairs in that short amount of time it took her to sit up but the hand print that was on her face was very large. In fact it covered the entire left side of her face. Later that week my aunt came to stay with me so my mom could be with my dad in the hospital. Suddenly she came running down the stairs in a panic and grabbed me by my arm rushing me outside without saying a word. When the police had shown up she said she had seen a man with a thick dark beard standing behind her in the restroom mirror. They searched the house and of course found nothing.

I began getting sick at this point. I would have terrible stomach pains and vomit across the room without warning. Then our bathtub would not drain and after three plumbers putting in new pipes and a long tube with a camera they could find no reason for the clog or the awful smell that engulfed the entire house. In the middle bedroom upstairs there was an old laundry chute with a wooden door about three feet tall and wide and had a small metal handle that turned like a door knob where you threw all the laundry down the hole leading directly into a basket in the basement. One night I was in the middle bedroom with my fifteen year old sister Tina and we both heard the familiar sound of the little knob on the chute click open. Then with a huge blast the door flung open and all this dirt and mud came spraying up and shot out across the room showering down on us. Not even two days later I had a friend over and we were playing in my closets, both walk-ins, on either side of my room when all the sudden both doors slammed shut and we couldn't get them open. We were both screaming as loud as we could and I could hear Michelle kicking the crap outta the door on the other side of the room. We were stuck in there so long that we both finally gave up and began to yell back and forth to each other wondering why nobody was coming to help us. All at once both doors slowly opened and we bolted down stairs. I asked my mom why she didn't help me and she told us she had just came from my room not five minutes before and both closet doors were wide open so she assumed we must have been outside.

It was so completely out of control in that house and I was sure by then it was because of that Ouija board. I knew in my heart that I had let it in. The last thing that happened there was not only the worst but we actually moved out three days later in such a hurry that we left behind a lot of our things.

It was May 28th, my 13th birthday, and I was having a sleep-over with five of my best friends. My mom had rented us Beauty and the Beast and Little Monsters and we were stuffing ourselves with junk food and soda when the house began to shake violently and there was a sound like a massive explosion coming from everywhere all at once. Then every cabinet and bedroom door began to open and shut rapidly slamming back and forth. We all could hear a very loud and evil laugh that was getting louder and higher pitched as the chaos escalated in the house. Our first thought was one of logic and we assumed it was an earthquake but as we ran to the street we realized not only were we the only people outside but an earthquake would not cause the laughing we could all still hear coming from the house.

As we stood there the people that lived across the street came outside from the noise and also witnessed the laughing and loud banging coming from inside the house. A light in the attic kept turning off and on and fear set into all of us who were looking at this house coming to life right in front of us.
Like I said before we moved out three days after that but one of the scariest things I was later told by my mom was that there was no socket for any kind of lighting ever made in the attic. The light we saw in the attic that night had to of been something other than a natural source.

Since this happened to me I have learned a few things about the paranormal. I now believe there is a difference between spirits and evil entities and one should never ever play with an Ouija board unless you truly know what you’re messing with. My experience with the Ouija board that night changed my life forever and still has a big effect on me to this day. I am way more susceptible to see things, hear things and feel things that others can’t and I know it's because I opened a spiritual door that can’t be shut once it's been opened. I have had so many strange and scary things happen to me since that night and I have nobody to blame but myself.

Thank you all very much for reading my experience. Sometimes you can play with the Ouija and get nothing but sometimes once in a while you might reach out to something that you will later wish to god you would have left alone. By then like me it's already way too late.

Our House

Tegan, NSW, Australia

Three months ago, I moved from my home town to Bathurst with my best friend. It had taken us a month and a half to find a place that would suit us. We saw this one and knew immediately that it was what we wanted.

As soon as you walk in the front door, you’re in the lounge room and in front of you is the door to the hallway. When you walk into the hallway, the third bedroom is in front of you, the kitchen door is to the left and about five steps down, to the right of the hallway is the second bedroom door which is right next to the third room, and then you have the toilet. Walk two steps to the right and turn right and you have the bathroom door to your left, the linen cupboard on your right and the master bedroom in front of you. Sorry if that’s confusing.

Anyway, my friend took the master bedroom and I took the second room, purely because the third bedroom is creepy. It is used as the guest room and the door is always closed. We have a boxer puppy named Xerxes that was sleeping inside with us at the time too.

The first thing that happened in this house was about 4 nights into it. I had fallen asleep on the lounge watching some movie about a giant cobra and Komodo dragon. Emma (my friend) had gone to bed about 2 hours before hand. Anyway, I woke up at about 1:30am. I turned off the TV and everything and walked into my room. I got into bed and was trying to sleep when I heard what sounded like a window slamming shut.

We have those old fashioned windows that have the latch on top of the bottom half of the window and you slide it up. So it sounded like one of those being closed and it sounded like it was coming from the spare room (it only has one window). I sat bolt upright and out loud I said ‘NUH!’ and got out of bed and went to Emma’s room. I opened her door and turned her light on. She stirred and just stared at me. I told her I had heard a window slam shut and it came from the spare room. She gave me a questioning look and asked me if it actually heard it or if I was imagining it. I swore to her that I heard it. We lay in her bed for a while, just listening for any noise. After about ten minutes, we heard noises around the house. I know it doesn’t seem like ghost activity, could have just been someone trying to break in, but there was a strange, heavy feeling around.

We got up and went to investigate. I plucked up enough courage to look in the spare room. The window was closed, but it was really cold. We went outside and looked around. Nothing was out of place, except there was a slash in the fly screen of one of my windows. Emma and I walked around the front and looked around. Nothing out there either. We went back inside for about five minutes then checked out the back again.

The fly screen that was cut was now off the window and leaning against the wall. None of the clips that were holding it in place had been moved. We would have heard someone rip it off, which was strange. We went out the front again, armed with sticks and looked around, still nothing. Emma said she was going inside for a few minutes and left me out the front. I must stress that we both had been keeping really quiet just in case we heard something. About a minute after Emma went inside, she sung out to me and asked me where I was. I told her I was still out the front and she told me to go around the back. The fly screen on the spare room window had been thrown on the ground. And again the clips hadn’t been moved.  We both decided to just go back inside and leave it. We went back into her room and lay down (I wasn’t staying in my room by myself.) After laying there for about half an hour, we heard banging.

We have a garage that isn’t attached to the house that’s metal. We never park the car in there and the door is always locked and you can’t open the roller door from the outside. Anyway, it sounded like someone banging a pole against the wall of the garage on the inside, because you could hear it echoing. Emma said it sounded like someone bouncing a basketball around in there. It was at a steady pace. Mind you, it was about 4 in the morning at this point so I highly doubted that someone would be up at that hour trying to piss us off. This went on for about ten minutes, then the sound faded into nothing. We were both freaked. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep until the sun had started to rise. Our dog slept through the entire thing.

One day, about a week after the incident with the windows and the banging, Emma and I had come home from shopping at about 5pm. We walked to our rooms and noticed that the spare room door and it window were wide open. Like I said before, we ALWAYS keep that door closed. We went to our rooms and those windows were wide open too. The fly screens were still on (we had put the screens back up on the windows.) The windows in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen were open too. No fly screens were off the windows and nothing had been taken. I had my video camera, digital camera and laptop sitting out in the open so you’d think if someone broke in, they’d take that stuff. We were a little spooked but just closed all the windows and didn’t talk about it.

The next thing was footsteps. Every night Emma and I close all the doors, the lounge room, kitchen and we make sure the spare room door is still closed. I sleep with my door open so it’s easier for me to hear things, plus it doesn’t seem as scary for some reason. Anyway, nearly every night, I hear footsteps walk up the hallway from the kitchen door to spare room. I never hear any doors open. I’ve looked a few times, but nothing is ever there. So I sleep with my doona over my head and have a little peephole that I can breathe out of, just in case something decides to make an entrance in my room. I know a 20 year old hiding under the covers every night, sounds lame.

The door to the kitchen is glass, which is kinda spooky in its own right, but whenever I close it and have my back turned, walking away from it, I feel someone watching me. I hate the feeling so I power walk to my room or into the lounge room.

About two months ago me and my boyfriend had broken up (he’s one of Emma’s close friends) and Emma and I had a massive fight, so I stayed at my friend’s house for the night. Brad had come around home and was with Emma in her room. She has two windows in her room and in front of one of them, she has her dressing table. The curtains hang behind the dresser. Emma told me that they had been talking about me when the curtain blew up from behind the dressing table and came to rest over it. Brad had looked at Emma and asked if she had seen it too, which she had. She said that none of her windows were open as it was cold. She had looked at the time and it was 3.15am.

While I’m on the topic of Emma’s room, she has told me that every night, she wakes up and there is someone standing near her bed. She does a double take and they disappear. She doesn’t really believe in ghosts and stuff, so she has no reason to lie about this. One night, she swears she woke up and felt someone standing behind her and heard a voice say ‘honey, you awake?’ She said the voice sounded like her boyfriend’s, which was odd because he lives 3 hours away. She said whenever she sees the figure in her room she just goes back to sleep and tries to not think about it.

We have moved our dog outside so he can be more of a guard dog. And every night, he barks at the side of the house. At first we thought it could have been people walking past, but I doubt people would walk past our house constantly all night. We have now put barbed wire along the top of our fences so no one can jump over them, and we would be able to hear them yelp if they did. Both Emma and I have heard footsteps outside our windows and the dog barking. The footsteps are evenly paced, so it can’t be the dog, and we’d hear someone jump the fence. It’s really creepy.

The last experience I’d like to share happened a week ago. I’ll explain the layout of my room. My bed is against right wall and on that wall, is one of my windows, the one that had been slashed to be exact. At the foot of my bed is my DVD rack, which is against the wall, which has my other window and across from my bed on the left wall, is my dressing table and cupboard. I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep when I heard two distinct knocks above my head. It sounded like it was on glass, but my window isn’t above my head. I laid there for a few second, thinking about what I heard and jumped up and walked into Emma’s room yet again. I slept in her room that night. While we were lying there, the light in the hallway flickered (we always leave that light on of a night).

There have been a few other things, like someone blowing in our ears, and only day I was sitting on my bed and it sounded like someone was breathing behind me. In the next few weeks, my boyfriend and two of Emma’s friends are moving in. I wonder if they’ll have anything paranormal happen to them.

Feline Phantom?

Anonymous, Wales, UK

About 6 months ago I was sitting in the living room of my little bungalow with my cat Hector on my lap. My son was tucked up in bed fast asleep. I had the door of my living room slightly ajar so if my son called I would hear him.

Hector and I were quite content quietly watching TV when something loud like an object falling over gave us both a start! I went to look but nothing at all was misplaced. I knew the noise came from the living room, but anyway I opened the living room door a bit more so I could check on my son. The kitchen light half lit the hall and when I pushed open the door I thought Hector had darted past me towards my bedroom, about two meters away. My first thought was 'oh Hector, you want to go out again?' as he often used my bedroom window to go out. But when I looked my door had the tiniest crack open, certainly not wide enough to let in a cat. Bemused, I stepped back and looked into the living room to see Hector fully absorbed with cleaning himself!

Frowning, I crept into my son's room, he was fast asleep breathing gently. On other occasions I have fleetingly seen out of the corner of my eyes something cat sized heading towards the window, but definitely not Hector. And a few times I have heard a noise of something falling over but not finding anything out of place at all, always in the same vicinity of the living room. My bungalow is newish, having been built in the 1980's on farmland, certainly not 'old and spooky' and it has a lovely friendly atmosphere. There are no rats or mice in my home, Hector is a great hunter. Make of the story what you will!

Tapping and Footsteps Upstairs

Hannah, NV, USA

My ghost hunting team and I went exploring through my house and decided to start upstairs. Uli and I took the smallest room that happens to be by the stairs. Soon, we heard footsteps up the stairs. We just shrugged it off and continued with EVP work. We were there for about 1 hour and heard a faint voice. When we checked it out, we heard a little girl giggling. Then, we heard more footsteps up the stairs only more fast paced and had a somehow uneasy vibe to it.

When I went to bed that night, I heard tapping, but couldn’t track the source of it. In the morning, I found out my friends heard it too. We hired a psychic and she automatically heard it too. She found it to be a little girl who lost her life in a car wreck a few years ago a couple blocks down and claimed this to be her home. The tapping and fierce running up the stairs was simply the little girl just wanting play.

Ouija Board

Alexandria, WA, USA

I went camping with one of my friends one summer, just for the weekend. Her family owned a cabin right by a small lake, without a lot of people around. I borrowed my cousin's Ouija board, and took it along with me.

My friend and I went down to the lake with the board and sat on the dock when everyone else was sleeping. We sat across from each other, with the board in the middle. We asked if anyone was here and the pointer moved to "Yes". We asked if they lived in the cabin, the answer was "Yes". We continued to ask questions, when we asked how they died they spelled out "W-A-T-E-R". My friend, Josilyn and I assumed they drowned in the lake. After the pointer moved to "Goodbye" we kept our fingers on it. All of a sudden, the pointer moved around and spelt "M-U-R-D-E-R". We looked at each other and threw the Ouija board into the lake, off the dock. The next morning it was sitting in the same spot on the dock where we had been playing with it the night before.