July 2011

Night at the Slaughterhouse

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

It was around 6:00 pm in the evening, Alex, Jacob and I were really keen to go for a ghostly trip to the slaughterhouse just up the road. The slaughterhouse closed down roughly 50-55 years ago but we didn’t care, as long as it was still haunted.

Finally we were there, we made our way into the slaughtering room, the most haunted part of the slaughterhouse. We had a look around and found some interesting stuff. A lot of the tools were old and surprisingly stained with blood. After the look around we walked into the meat chopping section. A lot of the meat cleavers were old and rusty with dirt all over them.

We were about to walk out when we heard a deafening bang! My friends and I were shaking, just the thought of being followed in a slaughterhouse. Alex was the strongest in our group, so he went to investigate, we followed him. All of us walked in a bunched up small group. Alex opened the metal door and suddenly we felt all the energy out of bodies being sucked from us. The incident only occurred for about three seconds but we were definitely weak. Our group decided what we had to do... Get out!

We rushed to the next door, scanning for a way out of the haunted facility. We found a roller door which was probably the door they used to offload the cattle. We tried the door, no luck it was closed. Alex thought quickly and grabbed a meat cleaver and prized the door open. Freedom we thought as we saw the roller open a little bit. No luck, the door weighed a tonne.

We gave up and sat down to figure out a plan, when we heard footsteps in the office. We stood in disbelief as the footsteps grew louder, then... nothing. We thought aloud, "How could there be someone in here? The facility has been closed down for over 50 years."

Then it got us...ghost. We ran around in a fluster looking for an exit. Then we heard more paranormal stuff, what I presume would have been meat hooks being hit together. My friends and I were almost crying in terror. How could it be? There are no ghosts in the town where the three of us live, or are there?

The noise stopped but not long after it stopped we heard activity coming from the meat processing room. We slowly made our way there but saw nothing but processing machines and aprons hanging up. We walked back into the main room but soon found out that more was yet to come. Our group decided to find out once and for all what was haunting and terrorizing us.

We decided to stay in a group and search room by room for what we agreed was a ghost. After about 30 minutes of searching we found nothing. We decided to exit through the same door we had the energy sucked out of us from. As we approached the door we heard whispering, followed by numerous doors being slammed. We couldn’t take it anymore, so we charged full force at the door and surprisingly we knocked it off its hinges. We started running out when Jacob tripped over from running so fast and leaving him ending up with half of his body out on the grass and the other half in the slaughterhouse. We grabbed Jacob and pulled him out from the slaughterhouse having a tug-o-war with the paranormal forces over his body. Luckily we won the war and the three of us ran across the field back to the main road where we were safe from the haunting of the slaughterhouse.

We had a short meeting agreeing to not tell our parents or the authorities about our encounter, because we knew they wouldn’t believe us, they’d just think we are crazy and worry that we have some sort of disease.

So here’s a tip to all people who want to ghost hunt, the tip is to get information about where you are going hunting and find rumours about the place! Happy hunting.


Jenna, Nova Scotia, Canada

When I was about 9 or 10 I used to have "scary dreams" as my parents would call them, even though I swear I was not sleeping. I had woken up though in the middle of the night and there in my bedroom doorway was a huge black mass in the shape of a man. He filled my doorway and just stood there not moving. He was solid and I could not see through him at all. I knew I was not dreaming because I can remember throwing the blankets over my head to see if he would go away. I did this 4 or 5 times quickly peeking out to see if he was gone but he was still there. Eventually I screamed for my dad and he came running, and when the light came on the figure was gone.

I remember sleeping in their room for night after night. Then a few weeks or months later, I can’t really remember, I saw another solid black mass enter my room. This time it was in the shape of a dog. This mass walked in from the hall and laid down right next to my bed. I was too frightened to look again, all I knew was that we did NOT have a dog. Again I yelled for my dad. A few other times I have seen little things in our house and I still get creeped out quite often at night when I’m ready to sleep. Once I saw a woman in a green nightgown looking into my brother’s room and white shadows in the hallway.

Sometimes in the basement I would hear little noises but nothing as significant as the 2 black shadows.


Julie Adams, Missouri, USA

I am 21 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have had paranormal experiences. It doesn’t seem to matter where I live, or how old or new the house is. This true story is one of the more memorable, scarier experiences I have had…here goes:

In August 2010, my family and I made a trip to Southwestern Virginia to visit our extended family. For the most part I stayed with my maternal grandmother and grandfather, and they live within spitting distance of my two uncles. My one uncle, Jeff, has insisted that his trailer is haunted since he moved into it back in 2004. I brushed it off, mainly because my mother’s side of the family is highly superstitious and imaginative. However, this time I had to rethink my opinion in a big way.

I entered the trailer one afternoon a day or two into our visit to talk to Jeff’s girlfriend and see their toddler son. As we sat in the living room I began hearing a thumping sound coming from the direction of their bedroom. I had had a few small experiences in the trailer, and was beginning to believe that there may be something to Jeff’s beliefs, but still was uncertain. Still, the thumping persisted, so I asked Stephanie (his girlfriend) if she heard what I did. She confirmed that she heard thumping, we both agreed it was weird and kept talking.

At one point, I needed to use the restroom, but I was also aware that the master bathroom directly off of their bedroom was supposedly the most active spot. Any attempts to videotape in the bedroom or bathroom resulted in the video camera being thrown, shut off or the battery being drained by an unseen force. So I requested, I am embarrassed to admit, that she come in and stay out in the bedroom while I ran in and used the facilities; once in there, I sat down on the toilet, intent on just doing my business and getting out while the gettin’ was good, when suddenly, it felt like a hand was holding onto my ponytail. It began to squeeze tightly, and I felt like someone was pressing into my back, almost simultaneously, I began to hear heavy breathing and a low growl. At that point, I’d had enough, threw my pants back up and ran into the bedroom.

Stephanie could tell something had happened, so I explained what had occurred. At that moment, I heard a noise in the bathroom, like something falling, and Stephanie, now scared, asked that I go back in with her while she checked it out. I reluctantly agreed, and we entered the bathroom. I watched as she picked up a couple of bottles of shampoo that had inexplicably fallen from the shelf above the sink, and that’s when the mirror caught my eye. As I looked into it, it had the effect of a funhouse mirror. It distorted and stretched. Thinking that this was either a) my imagination or b) a warped mirror. I commented on it, asking what was wrong with the mirror. She stopped mid-step and just stared at me, then at the mirror, and then looked back at me. I repeated the question and said that it looked like a funhouse mirror, like my eyes were too big and everything was either too small, too big or misshapen. She finally asked me if I’d been talking to my uncle. When I told her I hadn’t, she stepped beside me and looked into the mirror at the same time as me. She proceeded to tell me that every time Jeff looked into that mirror, he described the exact same thing as I just had. The only thing is no one else, including Stephanie, can see that. When I discovered this, I confirmed it with my uncle, and did everything in my power to avoid the bathroom.

Since then, family and family friends have indicated that when they look at the frosted window that’s in the bathroom from the outside of the trailer they can see a non-human face looking out at them. If it discovers you can see it or are looking at it, it turns its head. They have covered the window with sheets and towels, and the entity can no longer be seen from the window. They continually report ghostly visitations, and maintain that the spirit or spirits in the home are not human and possibly malevolent.

Haunted House

Anonymous, Mumbai, India

This is a story from India from a place called a Lucknow. It was the time when my dad was born, between 1952-1965. My dad lived in a join family and so they bought a bigger house on rent. My grandma told me that when they were about to shift, people from neighbouring apartments stopped them saying that whoever shifted never lived happily in this house and they better give a second thought. They also reported that weird incidents take place in this apartment. But because of financial pressures and this apartment had a lower rent than the other apartments so they took it.

The broker who helped him rent this house said that there was a room which is locked and please don’t forget to light a small diya (a small pot made of mud lit with oil) every day.

Slowly people had incidents like somebody slapping them or the quantity of food going lower in the house. People were stressed and not keeping good health. Some or the other person in the house used to be ill all the time.

Once a mason came to the house for some civil work, he suddenly observed the house and said, "Leave this house as soon as possible."

Everybody surprisingly asked him, "Why??"

He replied that usually in every house you have four corners but this house is made with five corners which symbolizes "evil". Ghosts are in search of such houses.

Guests used to come to stay for a week and used to run away in a day. They said there are weird occurrences in the houses .One of the guests said that he saw a man sitting on the terrace and his legs came all the way to the ground. After much research they found out that that man who was seen from the terrace was actually the dead owner of the house who did not want anybody to stay in the house other than him.

Believe it or not my father and my father’s sister and my grandmother still experience the same tall man in their dreams although nobody other than the guests saw that man in the house. My dad’s family used to have ghostly experiences in the house but they never saw anyone unlike the guests in the house. They see a tall man in the dream standing at the gate of the same house and stopping them from going inside. How can three people see the same man in their dreams which they have never seen??

I dont know whether that house still exists in Lucknow. Just behind that house was an old broken graveyard and an old deserted mosque. The whole place had a spooky feeling about itself.

Farmer In My House

Sean, PA, USA

When my house was first built in the early 1900s there was a potato farmer who lived there with his fifteen year old daughter and sixteen year old son. The man was a kind and great all around man from what I have read. One day he went out to the market selling potatoes with his son when a man stole potatoes from him. The farmer chased after him until he was out of his sight. While he was walking back to his stand the man returned with a gun and killed the farmer.

The son and daughter lived there and then moved out and the house was bought by a young couple who grew old and sold the house to my parents. The couple warned them when they bought it that in the summer you can see a man with a shovel and straw hat standing in the window. My parents didn’t believe it until I was twelve.

I was swimming in the pool with my brother when I looked into my parent’s bedroom window and saw a man with a shovel standing there. I was frozen stiff. I yelled to my brother to look and he saw him as well. He was taller with a dark short beard and green eyes. I ran out of the pool and in the house yelling, "Get out, get out, get out!"

When I got to the bedroom though, he was gone. By this time my brother was back and when he got in the room he tripped but there was nothing to trip on. That night we stayed up all night and then we saw him again but he was somewhere else. When we saw him he was standing in the kitchen and then he saw us and whispered something to himself and vanished.

To this day we still see him every now and then, but since then my brother and I continue to see ghost in every old house and place we go. Because of this we keep doing research on the places and we find out who the ghosts were in this life.

The Mystery In The House

Ishara, Sri Lanka

This was a story I heard from my father recently, which he once met with while on his duty. My father is a police officer and this story is something that really happened to him.

So one certain night, he had to go with his friends (the other police officers) to some certain rural area for their duty. Usually they move from place to place on duty in Sri Lanka, especially when there is a special event organized. This was such a day.

After duty they had to come and sleep, but due to protective reasons one person should keep awake until another wakes up to guard once in an hour’s time. There had been three of them in the situation including my father and they had to sleep in an old large house. It is called a "Walawwa", an ancient house which belongs to the families of people in the higher castes.

My father had been awake and the other two had gone to sleep. In a short while, one of the police officers starts to scream really loud. It was like someone is trying to squeeze his neck. So my father had tried hard to wake him up and couldn’t so he had slapped him in the face and he woke up. He was like he had seen a nightmare.

The next hour my father too went to sleep.

While he was sleeping, he had seen someone in white coming towards him started to squeeze his neck. He had tried to wake up and yes, he was able to wake up. He explained what he saw to his friend to see that his friend had seen the same nightmare, which really wasn’t a nightmare after all.

The reason for all this was two small kids who had been murdered in the house and buried in it. If someone comes to the house they try to murder them by squeezing the neck. My father and his friends were not warned about it before and if they were not that fierce they wouldn’t have been alive.