February 2011

Evil Home

Anonymous, PA, USA

   About twenty years ago, when I was four years old my family bought the house my father had grown up in. My family consisted of my parents, my grandmother, and my sister who is eleven years older than me. It was built in the 1940's and no deaths had occurred in it. I know nothing about the land except that I know Native Americans lived in this whole area at one time (that can be said about every town though really). The house was located on a normal suburban street. Neither of my parents believe in ghosts at all, but my father had always thought the house was creepy, even as an adult.

   There were the normal things that the whole family saw: things disappearing and then reappearing a while later in the same spot (no one was playing practical jokes), the dial on the water heater getting turned to "off" when no one had been down in the basement (the water heater was located in the back part under the stairs where it is pitch black without a flashlight).

   There were an unusually high number of accidents also. For instance, in the eight years we lived there I fell down the entire flight of wood stairs (tumbling head over heels) no less than 9-10 times (by some miracle I never broke any bones). My parents tried everything to make the stairs safer and I always had to walk slowly and carefully up and down the stairs, yet still I would fall. I was afraid of the stairs for a while. Nothing ever went right in that house when my parents tried to work on it.

   I was the one who experienced the most there and I was terrified. During the day I would hear knocking on the walls and windows (we did not have rodents, cockroaches or anything of that nature). I would be sure I heard someone call me and no one had.

   Things got worse once my sister and I moved from the back bedroom into the front bedroom a few years later. Once a hanger flew out of my closet towards me, I would hear what sounded like a tinkling, almost like jingle bells moving around. My sister and I both had HORRIBLE nightmares quite frequently. The worst part was my personality started being effected. I would just be seized with waves of anger and hatred for no reason and at no one in particular and always when I was in that bedroom. Images would come into head that I do not believe is natural to a little girl under ten years of age who was not allowed to watch anything violent or scary.

   As far as having actually SEEN something a few times I thought I saw a cloudy form in the open doorway), but I can't be sure. My sister (around 20 years old by this point) once woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible "oppressed" feeling, sat up and saw a black form glide from the edge of her bed into the corner near our closet and disappear. Once I was awake after everyone else was asleep and all the lights were off and I got up to get a toy when I saw a blue light in the open closet. It was a steady light, not a flash like happens with static build up and it was IN FRONT of the clothing not coming from them. It was like there was a light bulb shining down, but the closets in that house were not lit closets. I thought it was coming in from outside so I went to the window and looked out, but there was nothing.
I held the edge of the shade (room darkening) tight against the window frame to make sure, but the blue light was still there. I finally went and sat on my bed and watched it until it faded away. It was there for about 10-15 minutes. I still don't know what it was.

   Everything was better once we moved out when I was around 12 and I have not had any more problems. I recently found out that my father's youngest sister (who also was raised in that house) had always said that she thought it was haunted by something and that weird things happened there. I once showed a picture of it to a friend of mine who is a psychic of sorts, without telling her what it was. She got sick to her stomach and couldn't keep looking at it. She said, "That house is evil!"

His Name Is Joe

Ashley, MN, USA

   My name is Ashley and I just wanted to write about my experience.

 I live in a house with my Grandma, Dad, Sister, Uncle, and Aunt. We moved into this house when my Grandpa died and he passed on the house to us.

   It all started one night when I had some friends over after a school football game. We were downstairs in my room and we were just talking and messing around.

   All of a sudden my Uncle's bedroom door slammed, right in front of our eyes. Everyone was so scared. That was the first time anything had happened. Then a couple weekends later my friend was spending the night, well we went to bed.  In the middle of night she woke up and she saw a figure that was about the size of a little boy and was like shiny. She said he was leaning over the bed whispering my name. After that I was really scared to even go into my room.

   A couple days ago my cousins were over and we had a Ouiji board. I know that's stupid, but we wanted to know what was going on in my house. The only response we got that actually made sense was.. "I'm Joe. “ That's about all the significant activity that I've had in my house.

   Thanks for reading.

My Parents And My Sighting of Bunny Man

Anonymous, USA

   One day when I was 9 my dad decided to tell my brother and I the story of Bunny Man Bridge. While he was telling us the story he told us, "This story is true. Wezi (my mom) and I have both seen him."

   I asked my dad to tell us the story of what he saw and my dad said, "Well when your mom and I were about 16 we went to Bunny Man Bridge and once we got there in the middle of the bridge I slammed on my brakes. We saw a full body black figure crossing the bridge. When I got up close to the figure I put on my high beam light (strongest lights in a car) and the lights went around the figure, it sillhouetted the figure. The man just stood there and looked at us for about 1 min then he walked through the wall on the other side of the bridge. Your mother and I were curious so we parked the car and went through the bridge, felt the wall and walked on top of the bridge on the train tracks. About after 2 minutes of walking the train tracks, a train started  coming so we jumped and lied down in between the two tracks. In the story it says, ‘if you see the train lay in between the two tracks and you will see bunny man running after the train’ so we lied there and we didn't see him chasing the train but yeah that was an experience with a ghost I will never forget."

   My brother and I were both excited by the story so we made my dad take us and now I pass that story on to my friends and my dad, mom, brother and I take my friends to Bunny Man. About my 3rd time going I took my friend Alexia and we took a camera. I took a bunch of pictures and in about 3-5 pictures we have either a face but only the outline of the face and we got a picture of a man’s body. The first time I saw those pictures but now when I re-look at them I said to myself,  “One day I will see his full body back figure like my parents".

   So both my parents and I have both had experiences with Bunny Man.

Shh, Or They'll Steal Your Voice

Joel, Auckland, New Zealand

   At times, I often remember my grandmother (and she still does) telling me not to whistle at night. But I had always whistled until I recently visited my grandmother's home country (Samoa). Same rule applied there, don't whistle at night, or else...

   During my time at Samoa, I stayed with her older sister who lectured about my disrespect towards hers and my grandmother's culture (Of course I didn't mean any harm, I just wasn't used to the stuff there). She too warned me about the whistling thing, but seeing as she had bad English, I blew it off.

   One night, she asked me to sweep around the house during the night time.  Although I was a bit puzzled (cleaning at that time of night) I didn't want to upset her or else another boring lecture was headed my way.

   Anyways, I swept the rubbish around the house (while whistling) , I had just about finished when I heard whistling coming from the next house to the left. Thinking it was a small child, I decided to play along. I whistled and the strange "child" mimicked back my whistling.

    My grand-aunt told me to get inside and stop whistling - this was when I realized the consequence of whistling at night. A black figure appeared in front of me and somehow stole my voice, I tired screaming but nothing came out  until my grand-aunt cussed at the black figure.  It then disappeared and I regained my voice.

   I laughed as my grand-aunt gave me the biggest "I told you so" look when i glanced over to the house to the left with the small child that had never been there. Now I know not to whistle at unnecessary times of the night.

ORBS in the house?

HeavenSoul, Yorkshire, UK

   The other night, in our bedroom, the wife and I were scared half to death because these strange lights suddenly appeared in the darkness.

   They were moving very fast and changing color from red to blue to yellow and back to white. They were very bright and moving in all directions. They left a trail of color as they moved, a bit like a comet but when they stopped they were perfectly round. They were about the size of a tennis ball.

   They flew around for a while then vanished as quickly as they came. I could’t get back to sleep that night. I was very interested to know what they might be so I looked on the net and discovered that they might be orbs.

   The next day my daughter came round with the grand kids and I wanted to take a photo of my youngest so I snapped away and captured a strange ball, much like the ones in the bed room, with my digital camera. Hope you can tell me what it is because we have seen quite a few since.

The Ghost Outside The Window

Elizabeth, FL, USA

   This experience happened in November 2008. At that time I was about nine or ten years of age now I am thirteen and wanted to share my story.

   My family had moved into a new house and it had only one upstairs room which I had told my mother I wanted for my own. Well about a couple of weeks later we have gotten everything settled. Then one night I was in my mother’s room and it had gotten late, so she made me go to my room. I was scared of the dark so my step-dad would walk me to the kitchen.

   My little sisters would always play with the curtains so some of them were broken. When I am scared I look around so I can feel safer. Then when I had looked to the window I saw a girl. She was turned around so I couldn’t see her face. To me she looked like she was about fifteen years of age, also she had short brown hair just like mine. As I froze in fear I stayed staring at her. She was floating in midair; she had on a long white dress that would stop right above her feet. She was starting to turn around slowly. As she got to the point of almost being face to face I had ran back to my step-dad  and I burst into tears. Trembling, I told him what I had just seen and he did not believe me. He made me go to my room so I ran to my room, not even daring myself to look outside the window again.

   After that no one had believed me, so I had decided to just drop it. When it was close to Christmas we were putting up decorations outside early. My mother was taking pictures of my brothers and I. In one of the pictures my mother had noticed a white orb flying right behind my head. That’s when they believed that what I had seen was real. My mother had told me that my sister had died when she was born, at that time that happened she would have been fifteen years old. Until this day I imagine if that was my sister I had seen.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it.

My House

Anonymous, London, UK

   I have lived in this house for about 6 months now. I moved here late last July with my then 13 month old daughter. To begin with I was perfectly comfortable here and nothing out of the ordinary happened.
I have incredibly noisy neighbours though, so maybe they just masked anything that I may have heard!
   I think really it's only been since Christmas time that I have noticed anything unusual. Even the things I have noticed may not be anything "something else" has done, but I honestly don't recall doing any of it. One incident was in September. I had my contact lenses in a case on the sofa next to me. My daughter saw them and wanted them but I didn't want to lose them so didn't let her have them but she was working herself up for a heck of a tantrum so I decided to just let her have them but watch her.

   I watched her go behind the sofa with them and I watched her come out not 30 seconds later without them. I didn't think much of it figuring I'd pick them up when I tidied up once she went to bed but when she went to bed I couldn't find them anywhere. I pulled the sofa out, looked in all her toy boxes, under and behind sofa etc., etc. but I still haven't seen them since. I KNOW she dropped them behind the sofa, I watched her go behind it with them in her hand and come out without them in less than 30 seconds and I didn't see her with them the whole rest of the day but they just disappeared. Really odd!

   After that nothing else happened until around Christmas time. I was sitting on my sofa after putting my daughter to bed when I heard a huge bang from upstairs. I have never heard anything so loud, my neighbours are noisy but I could tell this was from my house. My cat was on my lap and looked upstairs at the sound of this bang (my living room is a big room with the stairs in the middle of it which you can see right up from the side of the room we were sitting in). My cat then proceeded to "watch" something moving on the stairs. I was nudging her a bit and looking at the stairs, where I could see nothing, and was saying "Hey, there's nothing there stop looking at it!" She then watched “it" to the bottom of the stairs and began running around the room chasing something I couldn't see. I was pretty freaked out by that to say the least but calmed myself down saying cats are just crazy.

    The next two things happened in the last 10 days. I had a guy come in to fit Sky TV into my bedroom and he had to get behind a chest of drawers in my room so I put everything that was on the drawers on top of some washing in a basket on my bedroom floor. I had a picture of my dog on the top of everything once I had moved it, lying face down. When I went upstairs later to get something from my room, the picture was standing up next to the basket. I mean, I could have done it, but I really don't remember doing it nor can I think why I would do it.

    Along a similar thread I was wearing a dressing gown over my pj’s the other night downstairs watching TV when I got too hot and left it on the floor while I went to bed. I was laying there unable to sleep for hours with my eyes closed when I turned to face my door and hanging on the hook was my dressing gown. Again, I may have done it and forgotten it but I really can't imagine doing that, I was wide awake when I went upstairs so it's not like I took it up with me half asleep, if I did take it up. Lastly, I quite often feel someone touching my back now when I am downstairs. I'll be sitting on the floor watching TV and will feel a fairly light touch on my back, as if someone is just letting me know they're there. That one strangely doesn't bother me at all, in fact none of it bothers me as such but always gives me a start when it happens!

Unexplainable Ouija Board Experience

Lindsey, PA, USA

   For Christmas two years ago, I was given an antique Ouija board. I kept it in the box mostly, being as it is an antique, but one day my brother and I decided to try it out.

   I had studied the occult and paranormal for years and thought it was time to actually try it out. We set up our dining room for a "practice" seance. We lit candles and made sure the room was quiet. We sat down and began. A few minutes into it, the planchette began to spell out words. We couldn't understand them but we wrote them down anyways. I later found out that they were in Latin and were the words "demon" and "fire." At first, I thought my brother was moving the planchette, and he thought it was me.

   Then the scary part happened. The planchette stopped moving, and every light in the house went out. This was particularly frightening because nothing else turned off. All of the clocks, the computer, a TV in the other room, were all still on. But all of the lights were off. And the switches were down, so it could not have been a power outage. It was as if someone went into every single room and flipped all of the switches.

   I have used the Ouija board since. Not with my brother, but I have used it. Nothing like that has happened again.

Hide From Me

Lisa, DC, USA

   When I went to college I lived in an apartment in Washington, DC with a roommate. It was a studio apartment, sort of small but way larger than a normal dorm room. The building use to be a hotel when it was first built.

I use to travel back home during holidays or a weekend here and there. My roommate said she didn't like being in the apartment alone and neither did I. We both agreed that when we were alone it felt like someone was still in the room and sometimes even felt as if someone was looking at you. She would always try to find places to go whenever I was away.

   On Thursdays I had a full day classes, I would be away from 9AM till 8PM, while my roommate only had 1 class to go to at 1PM. When I got back to apartment she was lying in her bed and jumped up and yelled, "How'd you open the door?!"

   Confused, I just replied, "By opening it…"

   She said she went to go to her 1 o'clock class but she couldn't open the door. The knob would turn, it was unlocked, but she couldn't push it open. It was as if someone was leaning on it. She even tried to use a metal ruler as a crowbar to force it open. She called the front office and a person from the office came up and couldn't open the door either. I think they might of thought it was some sort of joke so they left her stuck there. She got herself all upset and scared, missed her class and hid under her covers until I came home.

   There were marks on the door where she had used the ruler. I tried to get the door to get stuck for me but it wouldn't. Then she said something that gave me more chills - she said, "It hides from you when you are here." I asked what else had happened to her, but she would never tell me. I told her to call me if she ever got stuck again, that no matter where I was it was only 15 minutes away. She never got stuck in again that I know of.

   The only thing I had happened to me was when we first moved in. I was alone and was setting some things up in the kitchen. I remember I put a carton of cigarettes in the cabinet, along with a bag of potato chips and other snacks. Not even an hour later I was still alone and wanted to open the carton of cigarettes, but they weren't in the cabinet. I couldn't blame anyone for taking them; no one was there but me.  My stuff was still in boxes and everywhere there were piles of stuff I was putting away. I started to go through everything; I was getting angry that I couldn't find them because I swore I put them in the cabinet. So I yelled out loud to the empty room, "Give them back!", pretty much because I was about to give up. I went over to the bookshelf and started putting the pile of books away off the floor. Then I found the carton of cigarettes behind a few books that were already on the shelf.

   "Thank you." I said to the empty room. At that time I just checked it off as me being tired and maybe somehow I moved them and forgot...maybe.

   So needless to say we lived there until the semester was over and then went our separate ways.


Zachary Newman, OH, USA

   We just moved to Ohio and trying to find a job to pay the bills of our new house. The landlord was a lawyer and upon further investigation of the house, we found that the previous owner had left some items.

   It was our first night and of course we were scared, it looked like a mortuary to be honest.  Everyone slept fine until we got downstairs a found that the TV was in the other side of the room. I guess we just scratched our heads or a little bit on that but passed it on as prank made by one of us.

   Things did not get better though. We had been here for about eight months and were used to the little things like footsteps in the middle of the night and a light turning on, but my aunt and I could not be prepared for what made us believe. She was sitting on her bed talking to mother in-law and we heard a male’s voice ask, and I quote, "Can you escape?"

   My aunt was as shocked as I was until we heard a female say, "No." My aunts mother-in-law kept asking us what happened and to turn the TV down - that’s right she heard it over the phone.

   The next night everyone was asleep but my aunt. She sat in her bed when her door opened. She thought it was her six year old son with a bad dream. Nobody was at the other end but the door closed by itself. She went nuts and laid down as soon as she could and snuggled next to her husband for protection when she heard something over her ear that sounded like a mad dog growling. She yelled at the top of her lungs and we all come in.

   Little has happened after that but nothing major, I think her scream scared it away, or at least in a corner. Hopefully.