December 2011

A Place Of Sickness

Anna, MO, USA

I moved back to Missouri and began renting a house with a good friend in early October of this year (2011). There are only two of us; we are both young females.

About a week before Halloween, we began hearing inexplicable noises (scratching sounds inside of my bedroom walls, knocking at the doors and windows at all hours of the night, thumping like heavy footsteps in the living area, etc.) At first, I figured it was just mice, unruly children and a shifting house, respectively. I tend to find logical explanations for those kinds of occurrences.

A couple days afterward, both my friend and I began to feel irritable and lethargic almost all of the time. Due to most of the noises coming from the front of the house and making it difficult for me to sleep, we began to sleep in the same bedroom at the back of the house. That is when things began to go downhill quickly.

Within the next three and a half days, we went from lethargic to barely able to keep our eyes open at any time. I began to get sick; it started out as a simple sore throat and progressed to the point that I was coughing up blood.

During this time there were several things that I saw that I cannot explain to this day. The first was a shadow in the living room in the middle of the night. It was that of a lanky, hunched man. He walked out of the beam of the streetlight and seemed to be gone. The second was the outline of the form of a medium sized fluffy dog sitting on our sink (my guess was an Akita or a Chow Chow.) We don’t have any dogs. The third occurrence was the appearance of two wet footprints leading from the door of the bathroom next to our room to the front of the house. Both of us wear US size 8 women’s shoes...these footprints looked to be approximately a men’s size 15 or bigger.

The disturbances were really problematic all the way through Halloween and the beginning of November, but they’re beginning to settle down...I hope they stay that way...

The Hall Walker

Amy, Jakarta

I’m a thirteen year old girl, and my family and I had just recently moved into an old house. The house used to be my grandparents house but they moved away into another location so the house was empty for years. This house is connected to another house beside it by a long dark hall at the back of these houses.

Before we moved in, my grandfather warned my parents that the both of these houses are occupied by ghosts, but my parents took no notice of it, so we moved in to the oldest house after a month of cleaning and fixing pipes and all that. Me and my sister got a room that has a two big windows. This room is at the back of the house, so if I opened my window, I would directly face the dark, creepy hall. To make it look less scary, my parents placed a light bulb that would automatically light up at night. Personally, the light gave me assurance that nothing was in the creepy hall, but I was soon to be proven wrong.

One night, a few weeks after we moved in, I woke up at 3 am, no particular reason why. I remembered my grandfather warnings, which is to never look at the big window if I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, so I closed my eyes shut and tried to go back to sleep. Minutes passed and I was still awake, so I opened my eyes a tiny bit to look at the window. Never had I regretted my actions as I had that night, because when I peeked, this huge, black figure with long black messy hair was walking in front of my bedroom window! I was screaming inside my head but no voices actually came out of my throat. The figure slowly disappeared within the view of my bedroom window and I woke up my sister, crying with fright. I told my mom and she didn’t believe me, but my dad did, and so did my grandfather.

They blocked both windows the next day so I couldn’t see past the window, but sometimes I would still wake up in the middle of the night and have chills down on my back.

Irmagarde Tator

Caitlin Artigliere, NJ, USA

I’m sure many of people have used a Ouija board and some have had real contact with a spirit. I have personally never believed in them because you are scared and anticipating something to happen, so it’s only natural for someone to push the indicator. Despite my disbelief, I still sit down and use it whenever given an opportunity.

I am a freshmen in college and sometimes there is simply nothing to do. So my friends and I decided to make a Ouija board and try to contact the spirits in our dorm. After multiple failed attempts and people admitting to pushing the indicator to spell out profanity to get a laugh, we decided to try one more time. This time we turned off the lights and closed the windows. We asked if anyone was there... no response. We asked again, but this time something changed. A sort of coolness came into the room and gave me chills. It was not the windows because they were closed and it was not from a draft because it was 90 degrees that day.

The indicator started to slowly move to the yes. I of course did not believe it, even though I had felt a chill. Someone asked, "What’s your name?"

After a minute of dragging the indicator around the "ghost" had spelt out Nick. We asked him multiple other questions such as:

"Did you live in Irmagarde Tator?"


"How old were you when you died?"


"When did you die?"


"How did you die?"

It took the spirit almost five minutes to answer that question but when he finally did he said, "Drug overdose."

At that moment we heard a crash and jumped up to turn the light on. The plastic desk chair had been knocked over as if someone was sitting in it and had fallen over. It was at this moment that I started to have faith in a Ouija board.

I have always believed in ghosts and that if you mess with them, they can mess with you or attach themselves to you. Since our Ouija experience, each of my friends have either had dreams or weird experiences like chills or a sense of sorrow that has come over them for no reason. I had not had anything like this happen to me, yet.

One night my boyfriend came up and slept over, in the middle of the night I started to have a bad dream, but it was just me in nothing but a black surrounding. Then, out of nowhere a face came shooting out of the darkness saying "Watch out!" starting from a whisper and grew to a screech. At the moment when this face would have hit mine I woke up and in the corner of my room by the wardrobe saw a figure of a man waving and then it disappeared. Since I had woken up so suddenly I woke up my boyfriend also. When he asked me what was the matter I was too speechless to say anything.

Then he said, "Did you say something before you woke up? Because I heard someone whisper and then shout ’Watch out.’"

Weird Happenings In My House

Johntia Jefferies, OH, USA

I have experienced strange smells,feelings of being watched changes in air temperature, things moving around, being touched, mood swings, and a few times I have seen shadows walking around or just standing in one spot. So far I haven’t experienced odd dreams and heaviness in the air and I hope it stays that way. I dont understand it though,my mother just had our house built from the ground up about 5 years ago and before the house was built there was a football field in its place. I believe that there was something here before the football field.

Hearing noises, objects moving on their own, and being touched happen more frequently than the others. There have been a few cases when I have seen something. For some reason I am the only one who hears everything and have seen spirits. The worst feeling is when I feel like I’m being watched, especially touched. It is the scariest thing to be touched by something you cant physically see.

Once I had my own room but it didn’t even last a year. Whatever this thing is in my house it is attached to me for some unknown reason. When I had my own room more than once have I felt a physical body lay next to me but when I turn around theres no one there. My TV would occasionally turn off unless I put it on a certain channel. There was a case when I had two glasses on my bed, both were sitting upright. One was a very thin glass and I had several others like it and these glasses break easily. The other was a very thick glass and I have dropped this glass plenty of times and it has not cracked once. Both glasses flew off of my bed and hit my carpet. My carpet is very soft and the thick glass shattered while the thin one remained unharmed.

Sometimes I misten to my MP3 and my head phones are very loud so I don’t hear things. Once I was in my room listening to my music when suddenly it sounded like my mother was calling me. I took my headphones off and walked around the house to find her. I called her and she told me she was at my aunt’s house.

More than once have I felt someone poking me. It gets very irritating and if I turn my back towards the wall it immediately stops but if I turn away from the wall it starts again. Sometime I feel real safe when I feel another presence with me but there are times when I feel I need to leave out of a room as quickly as possible before something happens. Sometimes I smell a dog and sometimes my room gets a musty smell and no matter what I do the smell doesn’t go away. I dont know what to do. The smell just comes at random moments and leaves on its own. Sometimes it lasts a whole day and sometimes it lasts just seconds. I don’t like feeling scared in my own home where I’m supposed to feel comfortable. I heard that evil spirits feed off of emotions such as fear but its hard to just stop making myself fear the unknown.

My Many Encounters

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

From an early age I have know there were others. I dont know how or why but I know it to be true as I have seen it.

In the early eighties my parents and I lived in a two story house, my bedroom was at the top of the stairs. Around aged 8 I was woken up by a strange feeling. When I sat up in bed and looked down the stairs, there was a man standing there. He was dressed in early 20th century dress. Smart suit, hat etc looked liked a wealthy man. I was scared somewhat but knew it was okay as I could see straight through him. Strange but I went back to sleep. In the morning I told my parents of this man and my father said that he had seen him also. My father later found out the area we lived was formally a rubbish dump and a likely dumping ground for bodies. He never hurt anyone, this sharp dressed friend of ours, but he did like to hide things and return them at his leisure.

In my teens we lived in another house. I did not like this house. Ever. Not in 10yrs did I feel comfortable in that house. I hated it. I never actually saw anything but I could feel it. Night and day it felt like the house was shrouded in a heavy cloak of unhappiness. I told my parents and again my father had felt the same. My mother had the Pastor of her church come and do a house blessing. Nothing changed for me. I could still feel it there. Even now thinking about it, this house, I feel sick. It was a very hard time. I developed insomnia. All while doing my HSC. The day we moved out of that house was an enormous relief. That first night out of that house I slept like I hadn’t in literally 10 yrs. Dont know what exactly it was but I do know it was unhappy and somewhat evil.

In my 20s I lived in a house with my baby daughter. 3 bedrooms all in a row at the back of the house. The last bed room next to the bathroom was always cold. Now where I come from its never cold in summer. Well this room was like ice. After realising there was someone else living with me I addressed them in a loud confident voice, "Who ever you are, I know you are here. If you hurt me or my baby I will have you taken away. We can live together peacefully, I understand if you are stuck".

After I said this I felt a wave of calm and knew that it was going to be ok. So I named this cheeky spirit "Charlie". Charlie woud take stuff and put it somewhere really strange, think house keys in the fridge, it also liked to shut the cold bedroom door as someone walked past to go to the bathroom. I have seen grown men turn white as a sheet and refuse to go back to use my toilet. I thought it was funny, they didnt.

Recently, a few weeks ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night to see a figure standing at the end of my bed. It was dark and shapeless. At first I thought it was my Nana who has recently passed but it wasn’t. A dear friend of mine passed a few years ago. Before he passed he made a CD for my baby daughter, it had only one song on it. Little did he know this was also my song. As I said "Nana??" I felt a wave of calm and heard a "No" then all of a sudden my head filled up with that exact song. That was cool. I am honoured to be able to know my loved ones are still there.

I dont voluntarily go to known paranormal haunts, that scares me. So believe it or not.

A Spirit From The Ouija Mimicked My Brother

Lisa Roman, KS, USA

I have been reading a few stories of other peoples experiences when they have played with the Ouija board and I can realate with most of the stories. It is very addicting, however I have not heard of an experience quite like the one I had when I was 11 yrs old living in North Platte, Nebraska. My brother Jason who is almost two years older than me, my friend Fara and I were playing the Ouija for a while and many strange things happened. Thats also when I developed a gift of automatic writing but I refuse to use it (I didn’t know that that was the name for it until I was older).

The event happened near dawn when Fara and I were just leaving the grocery store (went to buy candy) and as we walked out of the store I saw the back of my brother’s body turning around the corner in front of us. I swear it was him, his coat (black), his walk, everthing was exact, even the tuff of hair in the middle of his head that always stuck up. My friend and I both yelled his name for him to wait for us and we ran around the corner just behind him still shouting for him to wait . He did not respond at all, he didn’t even look back and kept at a fast walk. Fara and I were part jogging and running trying to catch up. He kept his same quick walk pace but was always the same distance ahead of us. I was angry that he did not wait for us or say anything at all.

We both saw him walk up the porch (which was lighted) and go into my house just as we had got there. I opened the door and ran inside quickly with Fara right behind me and we were both sweating. I yelled for my brother (angrily now) because I was going to ask him why he didn’t wait. My Mom came from the kitchen asking what was the matter.

I told her Jason didn’t wait for us (almost yelling it at her). She looked at me kind of confused and said " Lisa, Jason’s in the bathtub bathing. he’s been there for a while."

I didn’t believe her and I swung the coat closet open and found his coat was hung neatly and not moving. He wouldn’t of had time to hang it up and then go run to the bathroom and jump in the tub because we were mere seconds behind him. There was just no way. I know and Fara knows what we saw that night. What I don’t know is what it was or why it chose to mimic my brother?

True Stories

Bell, CA, USA

Growing up, my parents always told me there was no such thing as ghosts. My siblings and I disagree, as we have all experienced many paranormal incidences.

From the time I was 12 to the present, 8 years later, I have beenvisited by a dark entity. It used to stand in my doorway. It was so big, it filled up the entire doorway, its shoulders reaching the sides and its head reaching the top. Being raised the way I was, I tried to debunk it. Was it a shadow? Was it a light-play from the fire alarm? I slept with my door open, so nothing could cast a shadow or a light on it. Also, a simple shadow would not have blocked the entire hallway from my vision. The visits slowly got worse. I would hear a horrifying voice calling my name if I was sleeping with my back to the room. I would turn, and the shadow man would be in the middle of my room or next to my bed. I would always feel a horrible, heavy feeling on my chest and would be paralyzed with fear. I ended up developing awful sleeping habits, like sleeping with my eyes open, my back to a wall, with lights on, or sometimes I wouldn’t sleep at all for nights on end. My husband has met this entity and has told it to stay away from our family. So far, so good.

At my mom’s house, I shared a room with my sister. One night, she woke me up because she was hearing noises. At first, I didn’t hear anything. Then, I heard what sounded like heavy footsteps in the hall, as if whoever was walking around was wearing boots. I thought it was my step-dad, but I could hear him snoring away, still sleeping. No one else was heavy enough to make those sounds. The feet continued to take laps around the house for a few minutes before my sister built up the guts to find out what it was. As soon as she opened our door, the noises stopped and never came back.

My older brother was living with a family for a while a couple months ago. One of the sons asked him in passing if he had met their gnome yet. My brother asked what he meant. The man explained that they often heard what sounded like a small person crawling around on the ceiling and walls after they turned the lights out at night. We used to live out in the country, so my brother knows what animals on the roof and in the walls sound like. So, that night, he turned out the lights and paid attention to what he heard. True to the family’s word, he heard a "gnome" crawling around and swears up and down that it’s not an animal. He was terrified and slept with the lights on for a few nights afterwards.

Currently, my home is occupied by a ghost cat that I often see dashing into other rooms or feel rubbing affectionately on my leg. My dog sometimes barks at it, but usually ignores it. After I make a particularly delicious meal for dinner, I will feel that there is something in the kitchen, just hanging out and giving me creepy feelings. I have also seen a woman reflected in the sliding door that leads to the backdoor. There will be two of us in the reflection, but I’m the only one home. She always looks disheveled and confused, but disappears when I do my double take.

It may sound like I jump at every unexplained experience as if they are ghosts. I admit, I am a believer in spirits, but I’m also a believer in logic explanations and will usually shrug off my experiences unless they happen again and again without explanation. These are my true stories and my brother’s, whom I trust completely.

Terrifying Childhood

Anonymous, VIC, Australia

I’m nineteen years old and before my current residence, my family and I (mum, dad, two older sisters & I) used to live in a small suburban house, for about ten years. Apparently before us and the previous owners, a priest used to live in the house, whether that has any relevance, or brought spirits to the house, I’m not sure.

I’m not exactly sure when I first started seeing and feeling things, because I was very young, but I was constantly scared at night, and during the day there was always a feeling of being watched. I had frequent nightmares related to suffocation and also of rats and angry cats under my bed. I was wetting the bed to a later age because I was so scared to leave my bed and enter the darkness. I remember many nights, even during the heat of summer, I would have to have every part of my body covered with the doona, over my head, with just a small breathing hole, and I would have my fingers in my ears, even though holding my hands there until I fell asleep and the hot nervous sweating was uncomfortable and tiring. I just did not want to hear and see what was out there. I complained a lot to my mum, well rather, told her about how scared I was. But no one else really saw or felt anything, and thought I was just a silly girl afraid of the dark. But things unexplainable definitely happened to me!

One time when I was about nine, one of my sisters invited her friends over for her birthday sleepover in the dining room. The mattresses were laid out horizontally, one after the other, and I had a small mattress off to the side, at the end of their feet. The girl furthest away, on the edge of the group had been complaining that she was very cold, but no-one wanted to swap with her. To her empty side, was the hallway (the dining room and hallway were connecting rooms with no door). The one seater couches had been pushed out there. Anyway, Mum had sat on one of the couches until we fell asleep. I had awoken during the middle of the night, and saw a figure sitting there. I thought It must have been mum still there, so I called out a couple of times but started to realize it was something else. I believe the ghost must have just been wanting to look out for us.

Another time I was watching TV in my eldest sister’s room and fell asleep. My mum and other sister tried to wake me to get me into my bed, but couldn’t, so they left me there for the night. I awoke again in the middle of the night horrified to hear that our rocking chair was rocking. It couldn’t have been any other sound, and I knew exactly what it did sound like when used on the linoleum flooring of the hall. Never again had I allowed mum to let me fall asleep anywhere but my bed in that house.

My experiences in that house were not pleasant, and I still get highly emotional thinking about and sharing my stories. When I was fourteen and moved into our new house my mum still had to put me to bed and close my curtains for me, until I realised I no longer had the same problems here anymore. (Except recently it’s been happening again) I 100% believe there was some really nasty things in that house that effected me as a child, but that I can’t really explain. As a result I have a very damaged childhood, and a couple of stories that sound pretty stereotypical. To this day, ghosts still come to me. I’ve had experiences in other peoples houses where they say things to me in an inaudible language and apparitions occur. It’s very intriguing in a bitter sweet way!