August 2011

The Ghost Woman

Natasha, IA, USA

We live in a duplex, a very nice duplex might I add. We have lived here for about five or six years. And during those years my mom and sister have been experiencing things.

My mom’s bedroom is downstairs so whenever she goes to the bathroom, which is upstairs she gets a feeling that someone is watching her from the kitchen. My older sister (before she moved out) said that she woke up one night and there was an old woman standing in her doorway watching her with a mean look on her face. And even my cousins have seen stuff in the basement and the kitchen.

Now one might think that I would be scared to live in my house, but no, I didn’t believe them. I mean I never saw or heard anything. So I really didn’t pay any attention to this so-called "ghost". Until one night about 3 months back. I am laying downstairs (my mom has moved her bedroom upstairs since my older sister has moved out) and I am all by myself. ALL the lights and the TV are turned off. I am laying on the love seat on my laptop surfing the internet. We have this entry way that leads to the front door and the love seat faces this entry way. Occasionally I look over into this entry way out of habit. So I look over and what do I see? A shadow, yes, a shadow.

I kind of brush it off as being one of the normal shadows from the lights being turned off. But I am still staring at it and it sort of looks three dimensional, like it’s seperated from the other shadows. I get freaked out and I draw my knees up to my chest but only for a few seconds before I jump up and turn on the light. I look at the entry way and see a woman in white kind of peeking around the corner at me. A few seconds later she disappears. I am scared so I turn on the TV and just sit down thinking about what I had just saw.

For a few months nothing happened to me and I kind of forget about it. But just last week I am in my bedroom falling asleep. It’s dark in my room except for the street light outside my window. I don’t know why but I open my eyes and I see this face looking at me from across the room. I was just staring at it kind of shocked but still scared after a about a minute or two it disappears.

This has happened to me two nights in a row so now I sleep with my TV on. I am so scared of this woman. But I never really tell anybody in my house about my experiences.

An Interesting Night

Natalie, CA, USA

About a year and a month ago, my best friend had her sixteenth birthday. She didn’t plan anything big, just a day at the mall, lunch out and some other little things. Afterward, me and another friend of hers, that I didn’t know very well at the time, hung out at her house, then had so much fun we decided to stay the night. Her house is only two streets away, so I went home for about ten minutes to grab my things and came back.

We all got ready for bed, then went downstairs to her living room to watch a movie. I helped Zia with the fold out bed and sheets, then we sat on it with her friend on the long side of the couch just adjacent to us, we talked to her mom for a bit then turned out the lights and turned on Silent Hill. It wasn’t too bad, but her mom had set the timer on the TV, and it went out without warning, scaring the wits out of us. A few seconds later we realized that nothing had happened but the TV turning off at the right time.

So we settled down, facing each other, and talked for a bit. We talked about the thing that we believe is in her house. I call it The Bandit, just because it rearranges the things on her nightstand and dresser, moves one book on the shelf, and takes the things that are in places known to no other living soul but her. Maybe it isn’t the most substantial of evidence, but there have been many other things that have happened besides those small events to make us believe there is something there.

Anyway, we talked about the things that have happened to us in our own homes and in other places until we got too tired to continue talking. She fell asleep about ten minutes later, I did not follow her into a nice sleep, I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but I felt uncomfortable, in a way I can’t describe. Zia chose that time to wake up and roll over. From where we were in the living room we could see the staircase, the front room and part of the kitchen and also the front door.

By the door, a tall figure swathed in shadow, was towering, we never saw it move. We would blink and it would be in a different place. None of its features were distinguishable, but I could feel it staring at us, maybe not even us, I just felt its stare. The stare was stifling, like it was trying to hold me down. Zia rolled over so that she was facing me.

I whispered to her "Did you see that?"

She nodded, we hunkered down, and we woke up once at the same time early in the morning, only to see that the figure was only inches away from the bed. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, we could hear it breathing, and its very presence felt menacing. Both of us just closed our eyes and tried not to hear it.

The Demon

Anonymous, KS, USA

Hello there. This is the story of the demon inside of my once dream home. When I was 10 years old (I’m 23 now) I moved into the most beautiful house (with my sister, mother and father) I had ever seen. It had a pool, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, it was enormous to me. I loved it.

About a month later, I started seeing and hearing things. I saw a shadow in my bedroom doorway. It was around 2:00 am. I screamed and when my mother and father got there, it had mysteriously vanished. I told them what I saw, but they didn’t believe me. I told my sister, and she believed me. But no one else did, until this.

One night, my mother was doing laundry and I was helping her. We were putting the last of the laundry into the dryer when she felt this burning feeling in her shoulder. When we got to the bathroom, she had 3 dark scratches, in the pattern of claw marks. Even my father couldn’t defend that there had to be an explanation for this. The only thing we could think of was there was a ghost inside of our home.

We hired a priest to bless our home, but as soon as he entered, he almost passed out. He said he would be back in a few weeks or so, but we didn’t like it. We knew that if we waited, there would be more encounters. But we had to. What else could we do?

It was a lovely morning. My dad went on to work. It was a weekend, so we didn’t have to go to school. I went into the living room and watched TV. My mom got on the computer to check some things and my sister was still asleep. It was around 10:30 am and then me and my mom heard my sister scream bloody murder. We ran to her room and I saw the same figure that I saw when I was in my bedroom. It was wearing a black robe like the Grim Reaper. It reached out to my sister but my mom ran in front of her and started yelling, "In the name of god and the Holy Spirit, I command you to get away from my daughter and out of this house!"

The demon made a terrible screech and vanished into black smoke. We stood there in shock, and then my mother broke into tears. I couldn’t stand seeing that thing, so I took my bible and looked for a cross and in the house I yelled over and over again, "We are here to stay! In the Name of the Holy Ghost, get out of this house!"

I heard something human like whisper to me, "Get out before it hurts you! Take your family and go to safety!"

I ran into my room and hid in my covers until my father got home. We told him everything, and he said that once the priest gets here, he will take care of it. So we stayed there a few more days. And then this happened.

Me and my family were having dinner. I wasn’t eating that much because of the experience I had with my sister and mother a few days ago, but then, in the kitchen hallway I saw that same shadow figure that almost attacked my sister and I froze in fear. My mother asked what was wrong and then she looked. We all looked and when I was un-frozen, I screamed. It screeched and came towards us. My father grabbed me by the hand and took me to the car. My mom took my sister’s hand and did the same to her. My father started the car and we drove away, leaving all of our stuff there. We only went back to get our stuff and then we never went back. I have sometimes driven by the house and I would sometimes see a shadow that is nonhuman standing in the window.

Thank you for reading my story and staying long enough to read it all. I hope you liked it.

Figure In The Door

Katy, TX, USA

The night of this story I was staying at a friend’s house. At the time, I hadn’t heard about some of the other weird things that had happened in the house like disembodied voices or things flying off the desk or running across the floor.

It was about five in the morning when the following story happened. I had been having trouble sleeping but had managed to catch about an hour of sleep. My friend had already fallen asleep, her brother and her dad were both out of town so we were alone in the house.

The first thing I remember when I woke up is the sound of heavy footsteps on the floor. It sounded like whatever feet were making the noise were wearing work boots. At first I thought it was her dad returning home even though he works about six hours away during the week. I just closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. About ten minutes later and I still wasn’t able to go to sleep. I sat up in bed and looked through the bedroom door. The doorway to the bathroom was clearly visible from my friend’s room. The bathroom light was on even though it hadn’t been before hand and standing in the doorway was the figure of a very large man.

At first I figured that maybe my friend’s brother had come back for something, since he is a pretty tall guy, so I just turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Having been the victim of a home invasion myself a few years earlier I began to worry that something was wrong.

When I got up to check the living room everything was normal. The next morning I asked my friend if it were possible that her brother had come over during the night she said no because he didn’t have a key to get in.

My friend thinks that many of the weird things that happen in the house are because of her mother who had died in the house about two years ago. Even though this was the first time I had spent the night at her place, the house always felt ominous to me and her mother’s death doesn’t explain the large male figure I saw.


Emily, Ontario, Canada

Three years ago, I was an innocent 8th grade student. I never swore or misbehaved because my best friend was against all that; she had me well trained.

One night during summer break, I had finished reading for the night and turned out my light to go to sleep. I’m not sure how much time had passed but I still hadn’t gone to sleep. Something caught my eye. It was a small figure crawling around on the floor. It was skinny, on its hands and feet and gave off an chilling yellow glow like an aura. It didnt appear to have a mouth, but there were black gaping holes where its eyes should be. I was frozen as I watched it crawl from the foot of my bed to where I was lying. At the last moment, I pulled my blanked over my head and slept like that for the rest of the night.

The next night I called my old friend. She told me about her growing interest in paranormal activities, so I decided to tell her about the previous night’s little visitor. She was excited about my story, so we stayed up late talking about it.

During my phone call with her, I started seeing ’it’ crawling over to me again so I immediately hid under my blankets and told her what was happening. About an hour had passed and she calmed me down by talking about random things so I decided to come out from under the blankets. Pulling the blankets down to my shoulders, I saw it again. This time was different though. It was face to face with me, so close. It had a mouth, open wide showing long, sharp teeth, each about an inch long. And its eyes... Its eyes were the most unforgettable feature. I was staring directly into them. They were the large black holes like before, but inside was white. Darkness, then a little white dot- like a pen light. I was terrified, but only a few seconds had passed and I was under the blankets again.

The next night, I saw it crawl over to my bed again. I was going to hide like I did before, but I decided against it. In a nightmare, you always wake up before anything happens. I made sure not to miss this.

So I stayed there, and stared back at it. It was just crouching there looking up at me. I realized it wasn’t a threat and decided to name it Medium. After that, Medium didnt scare me. About a week later though, I was having a sleepover with anther one of my friends. It was the morning after, and I was telling her about Medium, and I saw an arm come out of my vanity mirror. The arm looked human and strong. It looked like it was clawing at something, and it only happened once. My friend didn’t see it though, so I am still the only one who saw any of this.

About 6 months ago, I told a very close friend of mine about Medium. I told him about my three encounters with him and how I changed a lot since then. Later that night, we were talking again and he told me he researched the subject and said he read many people’s stories that were like mine. He said the number three was important because most people would have an encounter every three days, months or years and each encounter would last for three seconds, minutes or hours. He also told me he believes Medium is a form of Satan, but I dont believe him on that. Simply mentioning Medium while its dark out would terrify him...

Last night was my most recent encounter with Medium. But this time he was different again. I saw him infront of my door from a side view, so I couldn’t see his face. He was looking down a bit and he was moving forward very slowly - 3cm per second. And this time, he was standing up straight. He was about 5 feet tall and his skin was light gray without the yellow aura.

I was on the phone with my friend who is afraid of Medium at the time, and it was around 2:30 am. This time we were both afraid, but I continued to tell him that Medium wasn’t here to hurt me. And a few times, I heard heavy breathing on the phone that my friend didn’t hear at all. I had a strong headache since then, but I doubt that is important.

Each time I saw Medium, I was wide awake; not even tired. So I know it wasn’t a dream.

And im not making any of this up either. It seems so surreal, and you probably dont believe any of this either. But what could I get out of faking this?

Green Cemetery, Hollywood, California

Isabel Ortega, CA, USA

This is one of the many things I have experienced through the years.

This happened in the summer of 2004. My sister, my two sons (who were 21 & 17 years old), my daughter who was only 4 years old and I were on vacation in Los Angeles and decided to go to the "Evergreen Cemetery" in Hollywood. The famous Rodolfo Valentino is in this cemetery and we decided to look for his resting place. He is in a mausoleum and we had never been in one before. We could not find Valentino’s place and were lost. About 25 minutes after we entered this mausoleum my sons came up to me and say "what is wrong with your daughter?" I got mad at them, because they were always making fun of her. I turned around to look for my daughter and saw her running from knocking on the "plaques" and saying "I’ll be there" as if some was calling her. There was nobody else in this place besides us. I observed her for a couple of minutes and then called her. My daughter was smiling and was so happy, she was acting as if she was in the happiest place in the world. While coming up to me, my daughter kept knocking on the "plaques" where people are put in (on the wall). As soon as my daughter was close to me, I asked to whom she was talking to and she answered, "the lady is dead" pointing in back of me.

There was no one there, but I was concerned and told her to tell the "lady" to go away, which she did and waved. My sons were not laughing, they looked pretty serious and by the time I was calling my daughter they were already outside waiting for us. As soon as my sister and I found Mr. Valentino’s resting place we went outside.

I talked to my sons and they were still nervous due to they could not understand why a 4 year old is knocking on the "wall" and talking to thin air. My question is, how could my daughter know that there were people in the "walls" when she had never been to a mausoleum and I didn’t take the time to tell her what this place was? Plus, she was so happy and acting as if she was in "the happiest place in the world".

New Houses, New Occurrences

Nick, East Sussex, UK

Me and my friend Rob live in some new houses that were once a workhouse and later a hospital. The other night, we had a sleepover and we just watched a load of telly. Rob fell asleep at around 1 AM but I was still wide awake, so I went on the internet to look at ghost stories and go on Facebook. I stopped at around 1:30 AM and went to sleep. When I was about to drift off, something grunted and breathed into my ear. I sat up and looked around, all I could hear were footsteps treading around the couch and out the door. Stuff like this has happened loads to us, especially to me. In my house, the top floor was the surgery of the hospital.

My room is on the top floor of my house and there was a night that I have never forgotten in my life. Basically, I was going to bed, and I opened my door and switched my lamp on. It was flickering and the atmosphere was so cold. I ignored it and carried on attempting to sleep. At around midnight, I awoke and a figure was standing, waving at me. It was coming closer so I screamed. My dad ran in and I slept on the floor for the rest of the night.

The Townhouse

Rebecca Bigsby, IL, USA

A few weeks ago, I was babysitting my little cousin Gregory at his house while his mum went out with a few of her friends.

Normally I’d be thrilled to hang out in their house, since it’s nice and all, but that night it just seemed really freaky. I decided that Greg and I would just have to stay in one room together since I was way too scared to go into any other place in the house.

Gregory fell asleep fairly quickly, and it wasn’t too soon before I started dozing off as well, so I just began to watch the TV, to keep from falling asleep.

After a few hours of mindlessly surfing the television, I heard laughter and chairs being scraped across the floorboards in the kitchen. Thinking it was my aunt come back, I got up to greet her.

The only thing I saw was open cabinets and chairs pulled out from the table.

Frantically, I looked around to see if there was someone hiding. There wasn’t anyone to be found. Thoroughly spooked, I hurried back into the living room, where Gregory was now full awake and giggling to himself.

When I asked him what he was laughing at, he only replied, "My friend."

Now when he said that, I was thinking an imaginary friend, but the next thing he said chilled me to the bone.

"His name’s Marcus!"

About sixy years before that, the townhouse had burnt down in the middle of the night due to an electrical problem. The entire family died, save for the oldest daughter, who managed to get out in time.

I’d been told a few times what their names were, and Marcus was definately the boy’s name.

I wasn’t sure if I should pick up Gregory and run, or if I should sit down and shut up, but I managed to get some information out of him before my aunt walked in.

Gregory had assured me that his "imaginary friend" wasn’t imaginary at all.