April 2011

The Man at the Crosswalk

Anonymous, CA, USA

I'm going to warn the readers in advance that there is a large amount of tedious detail in this especially for such a brief encounter as it was. But it is just so fresh in my memory and I truly want to recount the terror I felt.

I live in a very quiet, peaceful suburb about 10 miles away from the city. It almost feels almost like a sleepy town nestled somewhere in Arkansas rather than an unincorporated community in a metro area of 3,000,000+, just miles from beaches and a bustling city. After 10PM there isn't a noise or person to be found outside aside from the occasional teenager speeding down the streets followed by the shrill squeals of their brakes when they come across an unexpected stop sign or stray animal.

I'm a typical young adult in that I go out with friends almost every single weekend. It has become almost a ritual now. Drink, have fun, eat, make sure I am totally sobered up, and usually get on my way home at about 3AM. In the countless weekends of doing this I've never seen anything out of the ordinary when navigating my neighborhood so late at night. Well, up until recently.

Last night was the same old routine. I was approaching the final traffic light on my way home. It is a three-way stop and I turn right. But standing in the crosswalk on the other side of the street was a man. He was a few feet away from the curb. Just standing there partially in the street, staring straight ahead. I saw him from a distance and as I got closer to the intersection I kept expecting him to walk or move but he was still. He had no hair and was wearing dark pants and a black jacket. If I remember correctly his arms were at his sides as well. Not crossed or fiddling with a phone or anything as if he was waiting for something.

There was just something about him. I couldn't stop looking. Not only was it highly unusual for somebody to be outside in my neighborhood at this hour just standing there but he gave me weird vibes.

I started to make my turn. As soon as I moved the steering wheel ever so slightly his head snapped to the left to look at me. But he wasn't just looking at my car turning out of curiosity. He was looking at ME. Not even a vague look at where the driver would be to see if he knew them. It was a direct gaze into my eyes. Every hair on the back of my neck and my arms immediately stood on end. There was something off about him. I couldn't figure it out right then but soon after I realized that I saw no color or whites to his eyes. Only darkness with nothing behind them. He also had no eyebrows. He had no expression but at the same time looked disgruntled and mischievous. He had deep, exaggerated age lines on his forehead and cheeks that looked menacing, to say the least.

When one makes that turn they suddenly go uphill so it is always a very wide turn in order to stay in the lane. It takes all of four seconds. But it almost seemed as if time had slowed. Like when you brace yourself for an accident or other impending injury and that sudden rush of adrenaline seemingly makes everything go in slow motion. I tried to keep my eyes on the road but every time I did look over his head had turned even more to follow me and maintain his gaze. He was still peering directly into my eyes. As cliche as this sounds it really felt like he was staring into my soul and getting some sinister enjoyment from the uneasiness he was causing me. All I felt was wave after wave of dread and in a way I felt violated. It was overwhelming. It felt like one of those stylish horror movies when people pass demons or other evil spirits in slow motion.

When I had straightened out into the lane and he was behind me I looked up at my rear view mirror and to my surprise he hadn't vanished. He was still standing there. Luckily he hadn't turned completely around to continue watching me. He had gone back to staring straight ahead into the darkness of the empty lot in front of him. But my fear was still there. I suddenly felt very cold. I kept getting chills and shivers and every hair on my body was still sticking straight up as if somebody had rubbed a balloon all over me. Out of nowhere a rush of emotion came over me and I started to tear up and my hands started shaking. It was anger, sorrow, horror, helplessness, vulnerability, and empathy, all at once.

I got home without any problem.

Now, I had been drinking earlier in the night and I was admittedly pretty tired by that point. But I know what I saw was not some hallucination or living dream or figment of my imagination. I've already been told by a few friends that it was probably just some random dude and I know how it could sound that way. But sometimes you see something that you just know isn't right or even of this world and I believe in my heart that I saw something paranormal and potentially evil.

On a semi-related note, a few months ago on another late night drive home, I was on the street I turned on when I saw somebody jogging on the side of the road. Normally that wouldn't be out of the ordinary but at 3:30AM? When I passed him I looked in my rear view mirror and there was nobody in sight, even under the street light. At the time I brushed it off and thought "whatever, I'm tired, maybe he suddenly veered off into a yard or ducked behind a car for some reason" but looking back I realized there would've been no time for him to do that since I looked back just as soon as I passed him.

There is probably no connection but I thought it was worth a mention.

Hooded Ghost of New Cut Road

A. M. Esmonde, Wales, UK

I had almost forgotten about this occurrence, and only reminded of it sometime on driving down a particular piece of road but there seems to be similar sightings across the UK of large hooded figures.

It the early hours of New Year’s day 1996/1997, I had finished work in a nightclub and a friend of mine picked me up, probably around 2am. Neither of us had been drinking and I should point out I reserve judgment on the paranormal. It was a crisp night and was lightly snowing on a bypass called New Cut Road, approximately a three mile stretch of road with barriers either side, hilly ground on the oncoming traffic (drivers) side and the passengers consisted of a banking slope and trees further away from the roadside.

We were going quiet slow on the 60 mile-per-hour stretch, possible 30-40 miles or less and we were around the half way point on the bypass and had just past a sign, there were no trees on the passengers (my) side, just a drop and darkness with the moon highlighting the trees. As the sporadic snow fell in the yellow and white lit air, I could see a figure beyond the barriers. It was large, around 7-8 feet tall, it appeared hooded with no features just blackness. I can only compare it to the hooded figure in the film the Frighteners (1996) and Lord of the Rings (2001) incidentally by the same director.

However, and I know this a contradiction, the figure was transparent but solid. A deep and intuitive feeling of dread and fear came over me, a giddy feeling of falling off a bike as a child mixed with a heightened fear of not wanting to go downstairs in the dark. It felt ominous and evil, something I have never felt since apart from possibly sleep paralysis where you know you are dreaming but can’t wake up out of the dream.

I looked to my friend who could see it too. He gave out a yell and put his foot on the accelerator.  The car skidded. If I had looked to my left as we passed the figure I would have come face to face with it. However, for some reason I turned looking right over my shoulder to the rear window, looking to the left side back window, between the passenger and driver’s seat. In retrospect it may have been to distance myself from the figure and passenger window. It, the figure appeared to lunge forwards as if to come through the back of the car.  We drove on and as I watched it, it was lost into the darkness.
When we stopped the car outside my house the side of the car had a large film patch over the door and part of the window, it may have already been there and a coincidence, I can’t be sure. But the substance of film looked like a smear on a knife after cutting cheese.

I was so scared that I had to wake my family thinking that I may die that night and this figure was a warning or a sign of something to come like a Dickensian tale. Of course I’m still here. I couldn’t help but think this horrific experience meant something and we both returned to the area by foot days later, expecting to possibly to find a clue, an injured person or even a dead body. We walked almost the whole length of the road and never found anything.

Sometime later the Times newspaper ran a story on hooded figure sighting which give me some credence of the events, a kind of reprieve.

Weird Experiences

Giovanna, MD, USA

I have always believed in the paranormal ever since I was younger, and my beliefs only grew over time.  Right now I'm a teenager, and this experience happened to me in 2006.

I was staying at my grandmother's apartment for a month, like I normally did back then.  And we went to wash clothes like we always did on a Wednesday or a Thursday, but this time we went on a Sunday. It was very bright outside, the Laundromat was inside her building at the very bottom, right down the hall from the main lobby and rental office.  The Laundromat had the only public bathroom in it, and there was only one toilet and one sink, so one person at a time.  Me and my grandmother were taking the clothes out of the washing machine and putting them into the dryer, and we didn't go back up the apartment which was on the 10th floor.

But we stayed and waited in the Laundromat.  As we were sitting there, a heavyset woman rushed into the Laundromat.  I wouldn't have paid attention if not for her abnormal clothing, everyone else that was waiting was wearing normal clothes for today, except for her.  She was a leopard print coat (like the ones from the 1970s) and it came all the way down covering her entire body, and a hat with a flower on it. The only weird thing was, she was rushing in a way that was surprising for her weight, she looked to be about 400 pounds.  And the only other thing was that I don't remember her having feet, and I made sure to look down at her feet, as I looked at everyone's feet back then.

Though she didn't have feet, they might have been covered by the coat. And she rushed into the bathroom and shut the door loudly.  Ten minutes turned into 20, 20 into 40, and so on.  Until our clothes were done, and that bathroom door still hadn't opened.  And we put the clothes into the basket, and I told my grandmother I was worried about the "weird looking lady".  So she went and told one of the guards that had a key to the bathroom, and he went and checked, 5 minutes later he came back, and to my shock and awe, said that no one was in there. And I know for certain that that bathroom door never opened, not once. I had kept my eyes on it throughout that whole time.

To this day that still haunts me, because when she rushed passed, the entire atmosphere changed.  But I've just come to pass it off as someone who died probably in the 1970s, maybe of a drug overdose, because that's what that area was famous for back then.  Anyway, I had fun sharing the story, and I'll post more when I remember more.

7 Years of Haunting

Mergim Gaxha, RI, USA

It started when I was 5 years old at the time and this house just had a bad vibe to it. This ghost would always haunt me in my dreams and at night. I would always see dark shadows move around the house which was very creepy and this only happened to me no one else in the house.

I will never forget the first dream I had of him he was bald white eyes about 6 foot tall he was chubby and had the most creepiest smirk id ever see. He appeared in my dreams at least 5-7 times a week. Like "it" would always come out my closets bathrooms cupboards etc. and I would wake up screaming every night.

As soon as I wake up around 2-3 am in the morning I would hear "him" around the house moving and shuffling seeing shadows. It got worse and worse sometimes to the point where I wouldn't sleep at night or where I would keep all the lights on in the house so I couldn't see him or hear him. It affected me to the point till today where I can't even stay in the dark today without having that paranoid feeling as a kid. I was being haunted until I was 12 when I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I reside now.

First Experience in This House.

Yesenia, FL, USA

It's 7:10 am right now, Saturday March 5th, 2010 and my experience just happened between 6:35 and 6:37 am , don't know exactly the time but I know that I did check the time.

I live with my boyfriend in his parent's house due to the fact that I lost my apartment because I could not afford it any longer. I only work part time now. Just a bit of background -  I have heard certain stories about things happening in the house from the family members, especially from my boyfriend’s older sister whom has practice white witchcraft ever since she was a teenager, she's in her 30s now, but I've never experienced any here until today.

I went to sleep last night, I was so tired I did not even walk my boyfriend out because he works graveyard shift. I was having a dream and then I woke up from the dream around the time I mentioned before. When I woke up, I still have my contacts on and the light of my bearded dragon was still on. I noticed that I was on the side of the bed that my boyfriend sleeps on, so I was facing the wall with my back against the wall that has the door, everyone was still sleeping, well just his parents, I move backwards to the middle of the bed. I checked the time, it was not time for my boyfriend to return yet but he would get out around 7 am.

About a minute after I moved on the bed, I felt like when you feel when someone sits on the bed and you are laying down. It was slow but I felt it. I had my eyes closed but I was not sleeping. I did not want to turn around because I knew it was not my boyfriend, the room it's not that big. Well I felt this, for the first time ever in my life, I didn't get too freaked out, I just didn't want to look back, but when it left or the sensation was gone I waited until 6:38 am and I had the courage of turning around and looked at the place where I felt it and I found a folded small paper. I was like what the heck??? I open it up and there is nothing written on it, but it's a receipt because of the shape of it. So since Spike's (my bearded dragon) light was on, I put it against the light and I see that it's an old receipt and the only thing clearly on it it's the price paid. It looks like a restaurant receipt because it has a faded line where you would write a tip.

I was a little bit shocked and went to the restroom with my phone and texted my boyfriend, he just said "weird", then in another text he said: "Can we say lotto? lol" So he's the only person I've told besides you guys. I'm not giving away the number but all I can tell you it's a 4 digit number and two of them are 6 and if you add the other two numbers it adds up to 6 as well. Lotto? Maybe but I'm not religious although I was raised being religious and everything they believe about that number. Everything is either gone from that receipt or really faded except for that number so that's why I think it's important.

This will be I guess another occurrence about the house to tell among the family. But the house it's a two story house and it's a couple of years old in a quiet community where the houses look a lot alike.  I don't know about you but I'm definitely playing that number because I don't play and you never know. It might be a winning number. I'll let you know if that happens. When I typed in the search bar of my internet felt someone sit on my bed a lot of results came out but this was the first actual website that caught my attention.

Crybaby Bridge

Anonymous, MD, USA

One of my good Friends Dylan reminded me of this thing me and him did way back in eighth grade. October or September 2008.

Me and him and our friend Dan were reading through this book of America’s urban legends. Dylan’s dad Ron found one in Bowie, Maryland.  It was the legend of ‘Cry Baby Bridge’. Apparently some young woman became pregnant and the man left, back in the twenties and unable to deal with the child, she threw the infant off the old bridge. The legend had it that if you go to the bridge (not at night, but it helps because it’s a cut-through to RT-100) and waited you can hear the sounds of an infant crying and/or see a light move through the underbrush.

It is also part of the thirty mile radius of woods known to have the legends of Goatman, who, according to legend is known to walk through the woods and screw around with people’s parked cars that are on the side of the road back by the bridge.

So, us being thirteen year old kids in the fall wanting the same excitement of the summer, got Mr. Ron to take us one night to ‘mess with things that aren’t real.’

I don’t believe in what I can’t see, and Dylan is even more skeptical than I am. Dan, was Christian and believed highly in the afterlife. So we all went into this expecting a little traffic and maybe few deer, then going to get some food.

It was around 9 PM when we got there, and pulled over on the side of a one lane road by the rusty truss bridge. Mr. Ron read something about the Goatman stealing keys off the hood of the car, so when the four of us got out he left them on the hood.

Dan and Mr. Ron stood by the car, and Dylan and I went with an old tape recorder to the bridge. We sat on a side rail for a good fifteen minutes, talking, bored. I looked down at the overgrown pond under us, and saw nothing glowing other than a few pieces of trash shining the moon off them.

But then a car came, so Dylan and I ran off the bridge to get out of the way, leaving the recorder until we went back to get it. This is when it all got unreal.

It had been around a half hour, and we were too young to have patience to wait all night. We casually walked back to wait another maybe ten, and tried talking and asking questions to the ‘ghost’. At this point, Dylan asked me if I was looking into the woods. I turned my head, and saw what he was talking about. About thirty feet up in the trees I saw this light, bright as day, moving. It could have been a bag or something, but it was so bright, and moving too paced in the still air to be the wind.

After that, we both heard in the distance this shrill, hysterical laughter. Shrill, only in the madness it voiced. But it was by far the creepiest sound I have heard to this day. It was a deep rumbling, that three years later I still remember. But, I thought it was Mr. Ron messing with us like he always did. Until he called over to us cursing and asking if it was us.

We ran. Probably the fastest I’ve ever run in my life.

Mr. Ron said it was so loud he thought it was right next to us. So me and Dylan weren’t crazy and hearing things. Dan heaved himself back into the backseat, locking the doors. Dylan and I took out our phones, and tried to get to the camera mode. During that time, I looked into the woods and saw this movement. It was quick, if I would have blinked I may have missed it.

Are there any deer around here?

I asked, being the only one who saw this. But I knew it wasn’t a deer. It stood too high, and moved without even the slightest crunch on the forest ground. We were done. We threw ourselves into the car, and drove away as fast as we could. As soon as we got back on the main highway, we all started laughing and told the stories of what we just saw and heard, playing it off, but silently trying to recreate through one another what happened, not trying to sound crazy.

Once we got back to Dylan’s house, we played over the hour of audio we got.

You could feel the excitement when we heard the car go over the bridge on the tape. As soon as it passed, you could hear this sound, this faint sound of footsteps walking past, louder (but still near silent) and then fade back. Then you heard Dylan and I return to the bridge and talk like we were.

You couldn't hear the hysterical laughing, which I was disappointed with, but at the end of the tape that didn’t matter. After you heard us run back to Ron and the car, you heard this rustling behind us, that we didn’t hear at the time. Then you heard these incomprehensible growl-like sounds. Five seconds of this just animal-like snarling. But it wasn’t an animal, we would have reacted to it. Instead, right after it happened, you heard me ask, ‘are there any deer around here’

And it all went silent.

That was the craziest night I had that year, and for a while, actually.

We went looking for a ghost of an infant, and, well, we might have found the Goatman. Or whatever 'he' really is.