September 2010

Old Town Spirits Awakened

Joseph, IL, USA

   In 1996 I moved to an old "salt box" house in Glen Carbon, Illinois. The house I lived in was built in 1892, and was built for housing coal miners in the area.When we first moved there I recall a time when I went outside of my house andsat down on the curb. While sitting there, I could see a woman approaching mein period clothing to my left. As she came up behind me, I turned to my rightto look at her as she passed but there was no one there. That wasn't the only occurrence that happened in that house.

    About a year later while we were in the attic, we discovered old newspaper clippings from 1927 and most interesting we found two coal miner pay stubs from 1893 from a former resident. After these were discovered, strange things began to happen. Doors would open on their own, I would hear my name whispered in my ear at odd hours of the night. But the scariest experience I had occurred one night around 3 AM.

    In the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom we had another crawlspace. The door to this crawlspace wasn't attached, and was just a cut out portion of the wall that we had to lean against the opening. I was using the bathroom that night, I didn't even turn on the light. I looked in the mirror to my left and in the mirror I could see the door behind me. Suddenly the door just fell open by itself, crashing onto the bathtub behind it.

    I screamed the most terrifying scream and my sister's friend ran to my aid. There was no air flow coming into that bathroom, in fact the air was stale and humid. I could find no explanation for that door to fall open like it did. Over the next few years until we moved out in 2005, I would frequently hear the door falling in the middle of the night when it hadn't been disturbed for days before.


The Hooded Being

Pearl Nestor, Alaska, USA

   I am lucky that the apartment I occupy is not haunted, very little of the paranormal goes on here. Maybe because I live in a large apartment complex now and there's too much alive and living energy here. It's not to say that I haven't experienced strange things here.

    One night several years ago when I was on this very same site viewing ghost stories the table that my computer was on jolted, like someone punched the table underneath with great force from underneath. I looked underneath the table maybe thinking the cat was jumping because I heard a thud and there was nothing there.

    Another time I let a friend move in who was going through hard times, I didn't know he was close to being almost crazy. He had a bad alcohol problem. I was lying in bed and he was talking to himself in the next room. As I was lying in bed these strange colors started hovering above me. It was a bunch of colors like reds, greens and blues and whites. They never formed into anything, they were just colors. I remember trying to touch them, only to have the colors go through my fingers. I never saw anything like that before.  That's when I knew, for some reason, that it was a huge mistake to let my friend move in with me. A week later he tried to slash his wrists and he had to be taken away, blood everywhere, it was horrible.

   Another time I was sleeping soundly and I woke up to see this hooded figure by the side of my bed. He looked like the grim reaper but for some reason I wasn't afraid. He had a small metal bucket that he was shaking over my body and this green mist started rolling out of it. The green mist was hovering over my body and he took his hands (they were normal looking hands) and smoothed the green mist over the length of my prone body. Still have no idea what that was about, but for some reason, I didn't feel alarmed. But I swear I was awake and it wasn't a dream. He later walked out of the bedroom door, I remember getting up to see if he was in the living room but no one was there.

   Like I say, had a bunch of strange things happen to me, don't know why, still trying to make sense of it all. I swear I'm not crazy, and it's not my imagination. People have been with me when weird stuff happens, but that's another story for another day. Just thought I'd share more strange experiences with you and if anyone has experienced any of these things, would like to hear from you. I am sincere in my mission to make sense of all of this.