September 2010

The Closet

Anonymous, TX, USA

   People call me crazy, or that I made this all up, but this day, I learned a lesson that if someone tells you no, sometimes it's best to listen to them.

   It was a normal day in Savannah, Georgia for me and my friend Kahan. I had opened up to her about my past experiences with the paranormal and spiritual sensitivity, and she told me of a house in the city she had been to that had an evil spirit in it.

   The house used to belong to a man who killed his 2 kids and wife, buried their bodies under the house, and then killed himself. So me being the stupidly curious person that I am, I begged her to show me the house. After walking about 45 minutes, we arrived. It was vacant, but the door was locked. The neighbor had the key and they willingly let us inside. With only the light of our cell phones to guide us, we stepped inside and began exploring. I didn't feel anything on the first floor, so up to the second we went. Before getting to the top of the stairs, Kahan told me which room was the safe room, and to remember that no matter what, I would be safe in there.

   Almost the very instant we got towards the top of the stairs, I was instantly drawn to the room at the end of the hall on the right. Before going in, Kahan warned me that it had the nickname of "the bad room" and to stay clear of the closet, but I thought nothing of it.

   I stood in front of the door, said a prayer, and stepped inside with Kahan right behind me. I looked to the back of the room and felt uneasy, but I was still being compelled to stay in that room. I turned around and saw the closet. I just had to see for myself why she told me to stay away from it. I said three prayers, then walked to the closet door. With Kahan freaking out behind me, telling me to not to do it, I opened the door.

   All I can remember is stepping inside, looking up, and thinking to myself, "This is where he hung himself." Next thing I know, I can't breathe and Kahan has a fearful look in her eyes. It felt like my throat was normal but like the top was being sealed off somehow. She grabs me and we run to the safe room, where she tells me what had happened.

   When I had stepped into the closet, a little bit afterwards I dropped my phone and just stood there. She pulled me out but I went right back in to the exact spot I had been standing in. I twitched a little and then started laughing. I had a smile on my face that I had never made before, and that I have not made sense. She asked, "What's so funny?" No response. I just kept laughing a sinister laugh. She asked again, "Lizzie! What's so funny?"

   I kept laughing and responded, "being scared." I then leaned back slightly, tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and began twitching again. It appeared as if something was coming out of me. After that was when I came to and couldn't breathe.

   Kahan told me she's never heard a laugh like the one I had made. It sounded sinister, one that couldn't be faked. She then told me how the man had died, and why I was supposed to stay away from that closet. He hung himself in that room, in that closet, exactly where I had been standing.


Paranormal Stuff Going On

Anonymous, UK

   Never really done this before but, I'm seriously scared. I'm 12years old and I have been interested in ghosts and paranormal stuff like that for about a year or two.

   Anyway, back to the story type thing. Last year a couple of months after I turned twelve, I went to my best friend’s house for a sleepover with another friend, it started off really fun but then we went outside at 10pm to the park which was next to the woods. About 5 minutes after a guy whose face we couldn’t see walked past, I got a very strong gut feeling that he wasn't a good person, if you know what I mean. I kept quiet and carried on playing on the park when we heard a very strange noise like a squeal and a grunt mixed together.

   Apparently my friends have heard this noise before when they had a sleepover together the month before, again I got a bad gut feeling. My friend Francesca wanted to go back in but me and Fi were intrigued so decided to wander a bit into the woods but when we heard the sound again we looked at each other and bolted for the house. I felt violently sick. We told my friends mum, Nicole and she said that she'd heard it before and went outside to check it out but came back in saying that we should stay inside.

   We were all very scared especially when my friend Fi told us about ghosts actually existing and that one (called Abigail) lived inside her house. After about an hour we forgot about it and started taking pictures and acting silly, like a normal sleepover should be like.

   But we started hearing furniture being moved across the floor upstairs, we freaked out. We started getting under the cover and hiding then scaring us all, Fi's cat Roger padded in and sat on the small single bed. I immediately felt safe (I have no idea why) and went to the next bed and sat on it. When we started looking at the photos we noticed that on one of the pictures of Francesca, a small girls hand was touching her hair (I would have tried to put the picture on but it was on Fi's DSi). Again we felt scared and it was even scarier when Roger who was busy sleeping suddenly woke up and jumped of my bed and onto Fi and Francesca’s and started staring right next to me. I squealed and jumped next to Francesca’s lap so fast nobody actually knew what was going on except for me and Roger. When I told them to look at Roger they knew why I freaked out, but his head started turning towards me again slowly and stared right next to me. I almost blacked out, but as soon as she came, Abigail was gone.

That was a seriously scary night but there's a lot more.

   A couple of months ago I was listening to Katy Perry on the radio at about 9:00pm when I saw a shadow across my bedroom floor near the door. I turned my head and turned down the radio, it was nothing but when I turned the radio back up and started reading my book I felt immediately cold and very scared. I saw the shadow again but this time next to my bed I ignore it, but I felt more scared then ever! I put my book down sensing the thing watching me and snuggled down in bed, keeping the light down. I suddenly felt a weight on my bed and couldn’t move I tried not to panic but I started breathing fast and my eyes started to go blurry. My radio suddenly turned off and so did my light, I stopped panicking and slowly tried to turn round but as I did the I felt something brush my ear and caress my face then it was gone.

   This has happened a lot of nights but I haven’t been touched by it since. I started getting used to it but I'm still scared, my friends don't believe me anymore and I tried telling my parents once but they just said, "It must have been bad dreams."

   I feel really alone on this and every time I bring it up with my friends they just tell me to pray, but I'm not very religious so there’s no point. Any advice??

Work Experience

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

   About 10 years ago I went and did some work experience as a youth worker working with teenagers that had a drug problem. This was a live in style care provided in what used to be a nuns convent in Merrylands, NSW, Australia. I was only there for a very short time and was kinda freaked out. I had been warned that the kids have seen things in the past and the youth workers put it down to the withdrawl symptoms of their drug abuse.

    I was heading up stairs to the second floor one afternoon and saw a young girl run between rooms. They were not meant to be upstairs during the day so went to the room and went to tell them to go downstairs but there was no one there. I know they didn't go out the windows as there were bars on them to stop the kids getting out at night.  I just put it down to an overactive imagination on my part.

   It was about 2 days later and I was on the kitchen and the light bulb went out. It had stopped working so we put a new globe in it and then turned it on and it was ok for 30 seconds and then exploded. Not thinking anything of it we called an electrician and he said there was nothing wrong with the light or wiring must have been the globe. We put a new one in and it blew up again and again and again. The electrician was stumped he said he had never seen anything like that before and had no help for us, telling us not to use it.

   At this stage I was starting to get freaked out about what I saw but didn’t say what I saw to anyone. We decided to use candles in the kitchen until we could get the problem fixed and used candles that were deep in a glass so they couldn't be wind affected. However every time we lit them they would blow out again and again; all the windows were closed and there was no draft coming in.

   The last straw for me was about 4 days later. I was in the shower with the door locked. I got out and wiped the steam from the mirror and saw the young girl in the mirror behind me that I saw a few days ago running between rooms. I turned around and she was gone. To this day I never told the other staff about what I saw and as far as I am aware people still see this person. I have some some research and have been led to believe that a young girl died in the building by a fire that was started by a candle but haven't been able to fully confirm this as the records are not entirely accurate.


Anonymous, CO, USA

   This story did not happen to me, but it was told to me by my mother. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. However my mom was born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. She and her sisters and brothers were born on the reservation (a lot of people call it the "rez" for short). Because of all massacres that happened (plus all the other deaths from things like famine, disease, and the weather) it's believed that most places (not all) are haunted by different kinds of ...... well "things". My memory is kinda rusty, since these stories were all told to me a while ago.

   As my mother tells the story, “Me and your auntie Robin were house sitting for one of our aunts one day (for those of you who don't know, the house in these small cities are sometimes miles apart, especially that long ago), nothing bad had happened and it was sunset so we decided to sit on the porch and wait for her to come home so we could get paid and go home. We looked down the dirt road (to see if she was coming) suddenly I saw something huge and white come walking down the street. As it got closer we ran back inside, shut the door and locked it. Because when it got closer we saw its face, it looked just like a polar bear except that it had no snout and no face like it had been shaved down and the only thing remaining were two big blood red eyes along with bony skeleton face.

   “The other story takes place on Hamburger Hill which according to most of the people I talked to is actually haunted and no matter how sunny it is outside always seems to remain foreboding and dark. During the winter me and your uncles and aunts would go up to Hamburger Hill and sled down.

Your grandma always told us never to stay there late or that something bad would happen to us. Apparently a fight broke out between two men (not really sure on what started it) and they met on the hill to finish the fight. One man brought a knife and the other brought a hammer. According to the story the man with the hammer won and pounded the other man's face out like hamburger meat. So my mom and siblings had the genius idea of calling the hill Hamburger Hill and the thing that haunted it Hamburger Man (they were teens at the time).

    “One day we were sledding down the hill, and we were having so much fun that we lost track of time. The sun started to set and most of my brothers and sisters went home (they said that they were starting to get scared). The only people left were me, your uncle fuzz (which is a nick name), your aunt Lavina, and your uncle Dan. As I was coming back up to the top of the hill I noticed something standing under the tree at the top. It looked like a man except for the fact that his face was completely smashed and looked like raw hamburger.

   “So we decided to race it and see how fast it was. We would sled down the hill and at the middle of the hill it would disappear. It was late at night and my brothers wanted to go one last time before we went home. They piled onto the sled and started down the hill. Except this time it didn't stop at the middle of the hill... It chased them all the way down to the bottom of the hill and kept RUNNING. My brothers crashed into a tree at the bottom and we ran all the way home.”

   Well that’s the end of my story, again this wasn't my story it was my Mom’s and she swears that it's all true. Thanks for reading.  


Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Caitlin, Victoria, Australia

   Every Easter my parents and I go camping up near Beechworth, and as the title read it’s there we discovered a ghost tour based in the old lunatic asylum. Ever since I was young both my parents have explained to me about the paranormal, as my mum seems to be a beacon to activity. Nothing odd as ever really happened to me that I somehow have been able to logically explain except for the night we went on the ghost tour.

   I was already nervous and a bit worried, as the idea of stepping foot into an old asylum just sent chills down most people’s spine. The beginning of the tour we were shown the entrance to the asylum and taken inside and explained how people got into and out of the institute. While we were standing in one of the rooms which used to be a doctor's, an overpowering scent of embalming fluid filled the room.

The guide seeing people’s faces turning pale laughed and told us to expect more to come. The tour steadily went on, the constant feeling of being followed and watched lingered.

   We got to a ward in which they kept most of the criminals and as soon as you stepped over the threshold you kept consumed by and unexplainable wave of hatred. Once we stepped out of that ward everything seemed fine, you could hear the wind and crickets even hear yourself breathe. That once again unsettled me.

   Finally we got to another ward which was used to "fix" the mentally ill. Before we went in the guide did state that this building did get the most reactions out of people and if you felt ill at any point you could leave and wait outside. We entered the room in which the patients slept, the old metal bed frames lay in the same positions as they had been left. Gathering in a circle to listen to the horrible tales of what occurred in the building, I suddenly felt one of my hair extensions being pulled. (Quick note: My hair extensions are the ones you glue onto the roots which means you do feel it, I was also wearing a beanie at the time as it was rather cold). My first instinct was to slap the back of my head, as I honestly thought it was my father trying to scare me. No even five minutes later it happened again but a little hard, once again I slapped the back of my head, but this time I turned around to yell at my father thinking it was of cruel intention to scare me, only to find no one there. I turned back to the guide and quickly scanned the area to find my father, noticing he was standing a good four metres away from me. Needless to say I was scared, but I rationalized the situation and just told myself it was my beanie caught on the extension. The guide was still talking and explaining the torture methods when once again my extension was pulled but this time it was really strong and I almost fell backwards, both with fright and with the force. That is when I decided to move closer to everyone else and try and ignore what was playing with me. We then began to move on towards the morgue, but I sense something had latched onto me as for the rest of the night I felt utterly helpless and depressed.

Once the tour had ended my parents and I jumped into our car and headed back to the camp site. I was still an emotional wreck, I kept crying on and off without reason and this did baffle my parents -I had not yet told them what happened, they did assume I was just scared.

   However the next morning I woke up and was walking towards the bathrooms when my mother came up behind and pulled on the extensions which I can tell you made me jump almost five metres in the air. That’s when I told her what had happened and how I was trying to find logic within it, but when my mother had pulled that extension and it felt exactly how it felt the night before I have no logical explanation but a patient who was trying to get my attention and got it.

   If anyone else has had a similar experience, please feel free to e-mail me as I feel that some answer would be great. Also up to this day that wave of depression comes and goes but before the tour I had always been so happy and go lucky so if someone has any ideas or such please let me know.


Ghostly Aunt?

Rachael, Lancashire, England

   I have previously submitted a Story to CoS before, talking about happenings around my house that only seem to focus on me. Lately though whilst having a talk with my family I have found out some interesting information about the ghostly occurrences I didn't beforehand and wanted to share this new found knowledge.

   As I said before a lot of strange things happen to me, and always seem to focus on me until a few years ago when everything calmed down. Turns out that all this it to do with my mother’s aunt.

   When my family first moved into this house we never had a conservatory so I don't understand why the "Aunt Ghost" had such an attraction to it. But after it was built we would ALWAYS keep the patio doors leading to the conservatory closed and locked, only to be opened when we wanted to either store drinks (Beer/Pop) for Christmas or if my mother was doing some washing and wanted to use the maidens that we also stored in the conservatory.

   However in the mornings me and my sister would find that our pop and bottles of wine etc. had been moved around. We thought that maybe our mother had been cleaning or something and never really paid much attention to it, that was until one day coming down we found all our furniture moved around in the conservatory!  I knew about this happening but I never knew what my mother did afterwards, the story I found out only last week!

   Me, my sister and mother were talking about ghostly stuff in our house with my sister's friends, when my mother said that back when the stuff was happening in the conservatory she believed it to be her aunt. So she went in there alone and closed the door and told her aunt to leave us alone as it was scaring me and my sister. Then my mother went out and bought two small angel statues that she placed in the conservatory. After that nothing ever happened in the conservatory again! The angel statues are still there to this day, may I add.  I must also state that even though the happenings stopped in the conservatory, the angels didn't stop any of the ghostly stuff from happening in the rest of the house!

   Strange things still happen now again, such as not long ago, me and my boyfriend were downstairs playing Monopoly. My phone had been near me all night on the fireplace. We had a lovely evening and I packed my Monopoly up as my boyfriend went home. It was only after he had left that I realized my phone was missing! No one else had been in the house and I couldn't understand where it had gone from the fireplace!

   I was searching for almost an hour when my mother and sister came home and they decided to look whilst I went upstairs to my pc to message my bf in case he knew where it was. He replied saying he didn’t know and I got a bit upset as it’s my phone, something I use a lot EVERY DAY!

   I decided to go to bed and try again tomorrow, when about another hour later my mother came up saying the phone was under the DVD player! I never use the DVD player downstairs as not only is it broken but I always watch DVDs on my HDTV upstairs anyway! So how on earth could it end up UNDER the DVD player?

   My mother says my Aunt was a prankster of sorts and liked playing tricks on people, that would explain hiding my phone and moving things around, as well as some other strange stuff that goes on here.


Local Cemetary

Morgan, OK, USA

     I have been interested in spirits, ghosts whatever you like to call them for many years. Me and my husband and some friends decided to visit a known haunted cemetery not far from our home. We brought cameras, camcorder and EMF meter to see what we could catch!

   So around 2am we made our way into the cemetery with an instant feeling of being watched! This cemetery is pretty much in the middle of a cow pasture, so there was no one around it to see us.

   We began taking pictures and in the first few saw many orbs and strange mists. We walked to the back, down a trail and continued to take pictures. All of the sudden my friend's camera with new batteries went completely dead and turned off! I was capturing mists that rose directly off an old head stone!

   My friend put new batteries in her camera and again it went dead and could not be used! For some odd reason mine did not and I continued to take pictures! All of the sudden we all begin to smell a horrible dead smelling odor so strong you could taste it on the back of your tongue - a smell as if something was freshly buried or perhaps an evil spirit?

   We then began hearing in the woods what sounded like talking, screaming and twigs breaking or trees moving! As we made our way back up front I took more pictures and in many of them the mist covered all of the photo as if it was right in front of us.

   We noticed on the path walking back there was now a silk flower laying in the path that was not there when we made our way to the back! The smell was gone as suddenly as it had come, and there was no trace of it for a few minutes. As we continued to take pictures the smell returned stronger than before!

   We stayed for a few hours then went home. The next day me and my friend made a trip out to this cemetery to look around and I brought the photos I had taken. As we sat down to look at them the wind picked up so much the pictures were nearly pulled from our hands! Then the awful smell of something dead returned and the wind died instantly. We began to look at the photos again and yet again the wind picked up! I assume something or someone did not want us looking at these photos where were, so we left.

   Once I returned home I noticed a smell on me and my clothes and skin. It was the exact same smell as from the cemetery. It smelt like death and something rotting! I called my friend and she said the exact same thing! I believe in ghosts and we know something was with us that night and the next day and whatever it was left its smell on us!

The Pink Fairy and The Black Silhouette

Joel, Aukland, New Zealand

   Ever since I was 3 I would always see pink mist surround my hands and body, which I thought was awesome! I would always (and I still do) see the corners of my wall getting darker and darker to the point where I couldn't see the picture frames on the wall. This is when "the pink mist" would suddenly come out to form a barrier-like structure around my body.

   One night, my aunt came over and slept in my room. She was on the bed and I was on the floor. Then it started to happen again, the corners of my room started to get darker then the pink mist came out. But this was different from last time, the darkness gathered up on one side of the wall and made a silhouette of a tall man. My aunt quietly whispered "Can you see him too?" I slowly nodded.

   As the figure in the wall slowly completed itself, the pink mist suddenly gathered in the center of my room making a figure of a woman. Strangely I started to get excited, I sat up in my bed staring at the two figures then the pink figure looked back at me and gave me a smile whereas the black figure just invaded my walls making picture frames fall off.

    I thought "Oh no, Mum’s gonna hear this," but strangely no one came busting through my door. The pink figure floated towards my aunt and I and gave us a smile then suddenly she threw herself at the wall, erasing the black figure as she completely filled the room with her pink mist. As the mist started to die down my eyelids felt heavy as the pink figure wave at me and suddenly disappeared.

   The next day I found my aunt sitting on the side of the bed as she smiled and laughed about the night before.

   To this day the Pink Fairy (I made up her nick name) and the black figure still inhabit my room and I enjoy having them around otherwise I would be lonely during most nights.

What Happens Now?

Anonymous, Jalisco, Mexico

   We live in an old "barrio" up in the hills in a town in Central Mexico. Much of the land before being developed was wild and unsettled; very few people lived up here. It has been said that the some of the land has "bad spirits" and doing bold things to change the status quo just invites trouble!

   Across the street from us, there is a dilapidated dwelling that has experienced extended periods of being unoccupied. Somebody once moved in, a couple of years ago, but they moved out the very next day! Neighbors didn't want to talk about it (and we have super-gossipy neighbors) so I was really surprised when everyone "clammed up" when I asked why that family moved out so quickly.

   Well last week, this property, after a long spell of vacancy, received some new inhabitants, a young family, planning on more children, they want to make improvements. They started off by adding lots of extra lights, inside and out, and right now they are in the process of expanding the windows to let in more light. They said that a "dark spirit" has been presenting itself (just to the adults) and to avoid fears for the kids, they've arranged to have a priest bless the house, and on their own initiative, are lighting it up as much as possible.

   But the other night, when I KNEW they were not at home, I just happened to be glancing out our front windows, when I saw a dark shape sort of "glide" across their newly expanded windows. What was extremely creepy (and still sends chills down my back to recall it) was the second I took notice and really started looking at the dark shape, "it" stopped, seemed to turn around, and was "looking" at me! I quickly moved away from the windows to where I could see from an angle. The shape lingered a few seconds, but rather than moving off, left or right, it just sort of faded out!

   Will I tell the new neighbors about this? I don't think so. I think they already know!

The Glowing Body

Anonymous, AK, USA

   I knew it was a dumb idea, but did she care? No. My friend had the idea of going to the abandoned hospital after school; I didn't like it of course, since I am a believer of the paranormal. I phoned my mother telling her I would be exploring the hospital with Sadie. She said ok, but to be careful since she had heard...unusual things about it.
    We headed there which was like 2 kilometers from the school. Once we got there, I KNEW something wasn't right, I just couldn't put my finger on it at first. She insisted we go in, I couldn't protest since it would do no good. The outside was creepy enough, but the inside was even scarier! There were spider webs everywhere, the place smelled of dust, old medicines and blood. The lights kept on flickering on and off which scared the cupcakes out of me, but that was nothing compared to what was coming next.
   As we went deeper, the lights were brighter, which was odd because the lights were totally busted everywhere. I realized that we weren't getting closer to the light, the light was getting closer to us! I told Sadie that we should beat it before something happens but she just said, "Bala you are such a chicken! There's nothing here!"
    I wanted to turn and ditch her, but she'd get back at me some way. So I followed her, my spine was tingling with nervousness. Then, we saw it. It was a stretcher with a body with a blanket on top, but the FACE was showing. It was a teenager's face, all bloody and scorched as it was burned. The nurse pushing the stretcher had tangled brown locks and a horrified look on her face. They were glowing a bright white light.
   It was the same light I saw earlier. Then they disappeared. Sadie was dumbstruck for a minute, then she shrieked, grabbed my hand which was like a block of ice from the shock, and made for the door. We raced for my house which was closer and slammed the door. My mother came with a worried look on her face, "Girls what happened?" We told her everything in a rush and collapsed on the floor, tired and shocked.
   My mother called Sadie's parents and they forbade her from going there ever again, which was more than fine for her and my parents forbade me too which was excellent in my opinion! We were never able to forget that day, and our story passed in town pretty quickly, and a few people demanded the hospital destroyed. They smashed it a week later, which was great for me and Sadie. I hope you liked this story and it is indeed very true.

The Haunted YHA-The Three Ghosts

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

   This story takes place in NZ in 2000. I was over there on holidays doing a fifteen day trek thru the forest. Anyway, the trip was finished and I was glad to see the back of the some of the hikers I had to put up with. I ended up in a small town on the west coast of NZ and booked myself in a YHA. The YHA was an old horse stable but located on a seedy street.
   The day was warmish as I entered the grounds of the Hostel when I saw a young man standing on the steps. He was dressed rather strangely, I remember, with a collarless shirt, round glasses and his pants were held up by braces. I said g'day to him but he ignored me. 'Rude bugger,' I thought and went inside.
    There was no one about so I left my backpack behind the counter and in search for someone. The hostel was a three story building, I should've added at the beginning so I went to the first floor. No one.

Second floor and saw a woman wearing a grey dress entering one of the rooms. BINGO! I thought, there's someone. I strolled over to where I thought the person entered and knocked on the door. No answer. I repeated it and still no answer. Maybe it was the wrong room so I went around knocking on all the flamin' doors but no answer. I finally met someone and booked myself in for two nights and forgot about the woman in the grey dress.

   It was the second night before I left I finally found the TV room. It was located in a cold room, which you had to climb down some steps to get to. There sitting in a chair was a young woman dressed in a flannel shirt and flared pants. She had black hair and looked pretty.

   I sat down and smiled before watching TV. Nothing was on so I turned to say something to her when, to my surprise, she was gone. I would've heard her leave as the chair creaked but there was no sign of her anywhere. The hairs on my arms rose as I hurried out of that room. The next day I was leaving when I happened to mention the young bloke.

    The girl over the counter looked at me and frowned. There was no one with that description staying there, she told me. Oh, I replied...oh, and your co-worker, the one wearing the grey dress, is she around?

   Again the girl stared at me and asked me to follow her into the office. I told her about the woman and about the strange girl. The young woman sighed and told me that what I saw what a ghost of a maid that used to work here back in the 1900s and she's always been seen.

   The young woman sitting the chair she was a drug addict who overdosed in that chair and her ghost is also been spotted...the young man outside, could have been the stable hand who was murdered on the front steps in 1920...spooky eh? I've a few more to tell but some other day...ta!

My Dear Friend

D.A. Taren, NY, USA

   In all my life I have never, ever had a paranormal experience. I do believe in the paranormal and I believe that there are spirits that still wander this earth even after they have passed away . . . but I suppose that because I still had a little doubt, my friend decided to make his appearance.

   About five years ago, one of my best friends passed away; his name was David. David was a loving soul and someone that would always be by your side. I suppose that was why I was so shocked when I heard of his death. I attended his funeral, of course, and I had the honor of giving the eulogy. Tears were shed, memories were shared, and my dear David would never be forgotten. It is now 2010 and only months ago I had the pleasure of seeing him again.

   I was driving home from work at around 5 o’clock and for some reason the hairs at the back of my neck were standing straight up. I thought that maybe it was just because it was cold. Anyways, when I got home I was greeted by my trusted Akita, Aimi. She leapt up happily and when she licked my face, she ran down the hallway with her tail wagging. I thought that maybe she was getting one of her toys but she didn’t come back. Whatever the reason, I got started on dinner and ate in silence. At around 9 o’clock I decided to go to bed.

   I was brushing my teeth until I heard someone whisper my name. I froze up instantly but shook it off when I heard the wind whistling outside.

   My bedroom door was closed and I heard Aimi bark. Startled, I pushed the door open and saw David standing there in front of her. She sat there, wagging her tail while David stood there smiling. My heart raced and for some reason I couldn’t move. Then he looked up at me.

   His hazel eyes shined brighter than they ever did. I thought I was dreaming. I felt my eyes burn and realized I was beginning to cry. I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe I was just seeing things. Then I felt a cold air beside me and a voice say, “I miss you so much.” I felt something touch my cheek and I opened my eyes. I saw hazel eyes again before they disappeared forever. I was extremely light-headed and sunk to my knees. Aimi came over to me and comforted and I held on to her for a while. “I miss you too David,” I whispered, long after he was gone for good.

   The sight of my David was enough to make me a true believer. I’ve never experienced something so strong before. I hope you all believe my story. If you believe, you may be visited by the person you miss the most. A touch to the arm, a breath against your neck, or a kiss on the cheek may stay in your memory for a very long time.

Night Wakings

Bethany, Hong Kong

   As I child I have always had ghostly encounters. Living in old haunted houses I always saw things I did not want to see and it was only until I was about 10 years old that seeing these spirits stopped. We moved out of our house and to another city.

   Last night everything changed. Even though I did not see anything, I was woken to a woman saying my name "Bethany". At first I thought it was my mother, but when I checked the time "4:26 AM" and walked about the house...everybody was fast asleep.

   I ended up turning the bathroom light on so I felt more safe, but still could not sleep. I ended up moving into my sisters room in the end as I was completely horrified as to who could have said my name.

   I eventually fell back asleep, but not long after awoke to the feeling of  somebody's hand placed upon my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see if it was any of my other family members, but to my shock horror, nobody was there and it was still dark outside. I checked the time and it was "5:46 AM".

   I am still unsure as to what happened to me last night. If anybody has any ideas as to what it could have been, please let me know by contacting me.

Figure 8

Hannah, Canada

   About two years ago, while at a store, I saw an Ouija board beside a bunch of kid’s games much to my surprise. I looked at my mom right away and asked her to get it for me, at first she said no to me because she didn't want me playing around with spirits and bringing unwanted ghosts into our house. But after a while of pleading, my mom finally said yes.
    A few weeks later, I was in the mood to try it out, I mean, what can go wrong? So one of my older brothers actually agreed to try it out with me. We were in the kitchen that night with my mom sitting right across from us, watching, but not joining us. The lights were dimmed and the candles were lit to try to make contact with any spirits. So my brother and I began, at first, everything was fine. It had worked and the spirit seemed to be answering all of our questions.
   After we had decided it was time to call it quits and we said "We're going to go now and goodbye", the planchette moved to the word "NO".
   Now my brother and I were getting a bit worried. We kept trying to say goodbye, but then the planchette moved in a figure 8 pattern over and over again. At first we weren't sure what that meant, but when I looked at what it meant, it said that when a figure 8 appears continuously, it means that there's an evil spirit or a demon that's been brought in.
    During the time that the figure 8 kept appearing, I began to feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. My mom had even said I went pale and didn't look myself. I know now that when I use an Ouija board, I'll be careful. I don't ever want a scary experience like that happening to me ever again!

Church Spirit

Jessi Beckham, OH, USA

   I remember being told by my mom that the church up the street from me was haunted by evil spirits. But of course, I didn't believe her. More stories started going around about the abandoned church. The only reason I chose to believe it was because my boyfriend told me about it.

   I decided to take some friends to the church with me, of course I had to bribe them into it. We decided to go on Halloween.

   The church didn't look scary at all (not on the outside at least). The windows were scratched and some were broken. Shingles and siding lay on the ground in front of the doorsteps, making the building look hundreds of years old.

   My closest friend, Sierra, was trembling miserably beside her snobby boyfriend, Jason, who of course was trying to act brave.

   Beside me stood Rachael, Meghan, and Sebastian (they thought it was necessary to have guys...)

   I walked into the church, ahead of everyone else. The inside was pitch black, my phone light the only illumination in the dark place.

   Meghan stood behind me, whimpering and complaining about feeling a demonic aurora. I walked forward easily while the others hesitated 3 feet behind me.

   The podium was slanted and molded after years of not being used. Flags of the churches services hung from the ceiling, torn down the middles. The church was easily identified as at the most 100 years old.

   Meghan continued to whimper quietly beside Sebastian, who kept his arms tightly wrapped around her, ready to protect her from anything that posed a threat.

   Suddenly, there was a loud crash behind us. We all jumped and turned around. The front door had slammed shut. Rachael, the only other non-believer, laughed at the others who trembled, as did I.

   My phone buzzed in my hand, "my mom" I thought. But the number was restricted. I answered the phone. No one was there. "Hello?" I asked loudly. No answer. "Hello?!" I screamed into the phone. A loud demonic scream came through the other line. I covered my ears and threw the object to the ground. The line went dead.

   Meghan was beginning to cry and I saw Sebastian's grip get tighter on her.

   A loud scream came from Sierra and tears poured down her face. Jason pulled her away from the statue she stood by that she claimed had grabbed her shoulder.

   Closet doors began slamming shut. Something was wet and hot on my arm. Blood. I gasp in horror and refrained from fainting. I looked forward and there stood the black shadow of a short woman in a long dress that appeared to be for a wedding.

   The woman disappeared as quickly as she had appeared and the doors opened. Meghan screamed and ran out of the church, pulling Sebastian, Jason, and Sierra with her. Me and Rachael looked at each other. We frowned and swore never to speak of what happened again. We shook hands and ran out of the church.

   I had never told of it until now. I'm shaking in fear just by writing this (I can see the church from my bedroom window right now).

Ouija Board Experience

Angela, OH, USA

During the summer before my senior year of high school, I had told my friends about my grandmother's Ouija board she had hidden upstairs in her house. My friends wanted me to bring it to band camp (yes, band camp...) the next day to try it out in the school, so I did.

Our school was a small one holding about only 300 students altogether in grades K-12th so we could get away with mostly anything. At first we tried the janitor's closet in the basement of the school during our lunch break.

Between two friends and I, we had the cursor (or planchette) moving over the board but on random letters that we couldn't make any sense of. I wasn't much of a believer in Ouija boards, simply thinking it was probably just the others pushing the planchette around the board.

Lunch was over and we went back out onto the football field for band and decided to stay a little while after band camp to try out some other spots in the school. We only tried one more spot which was the corner of the gymnasium. Two seventh graders, one boy and one girl had their fingers on the planchette while sitting on the floor. We tried a boy and a girl because we had heard you can receive better messages, whether that's true or not I don't know, but it actually ended up working.

With five others watching, including myself, the two asked a question and had no result with the planchette but the board began to move quite subtly at first. Nobody was touching the board, but the board began to spin faster and faster in a circle while their fingers were still on the planchette. As soon as they took their fingers off, the board stopped spinning.

I haven't come across anyone with a similar story of the board spinning but I was wondering what, if any, meaning this may hold. I've heard Ouija boards can be a portal for demons and negative energy and I was trying to figure out if this was the case. That's when I started believing that Ouija boards actually did have connections with spirits or the supernatural beings.

Church Music

Candi, VA, USA

I want to start by saying this isn't my story, it belongs to my Uncle Fred. This is the only "ghost" story I have ever heard him tell, and he gets very serious on the rare occasion that he does tell it. After hearing about CoS he ask that I relay his story.

Let me give you a little background, as it relates to the story. My Uncle Fred is now in his mid-seventies. As his trade he repaired ceilings, applied plaster (referred to as mud/mudding) and painted them. Most of his career he worked alone. I'll be telling the story from his perspective.

In the late summer of 1967, I was hired to re-mud the ceilings in an old church just outside of town. I had planned to do this job by myself, but after the first day of work I vowed I would never set foot in that church alone again.

I started the job about 7am on a Tuesday morning. Back then church doors were never locked, so I let myself in and start work in the basement. Now the church itself was about 50 or 60 years old then, and the two sunday school rooms in the basement were newer additions. I decided to start there as they would be the easiest job.

At around three o'clock that day I was up on a ladder working when I heard the church piano start to play. At first it startled me, I guess because I hadn't heard a sound all day. I calmed down and thought maybe the church pianist may be practicing. I listened to the music as I worked. I wasn't familiar with the song, but it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. The song lasted for about 6 or 7 minutes. When it stopped, I waited a couple of minutes for another one to start again. It never did. About 5 more minutes went by and I decided to head out for the day. I was gathering up my stuff, when I heard a baby start to cry.

At first I thought maybe the pianist had brought her child with her, but the baby continued to cry. As went back to gathering up my stuff the music started again and the crying stopped. I walked up the stairs and when I got to the door the music stopped again. I had planned to tell the pianist how beautiful her music was before I left. When I got to main room of the church no one was there. I looked around, and thought I must have just missed her. I walked over to one of the pews and set down to tie one of my boots. As I started to bend over the urge to get out the church overwhelmed me. I've never felt that afraid before or since. I grabbed my bag, jumped up, and ran for the door. I didn't even look back. When I was outside I heard the baby again with the music. I jumped in my truck and took off to the Preacher's house. I walked up to his front porch where he and one of the church deacons were setting and told him to find someone else to finish the job, that I quit. Instead of asking why, he said "I forgot to tell you to take someone with you."

I must have had a funny look in my face because he began to explain. In 1898 the original pianist for the church was a young girl about 14 or 15. She had an affair with an older, married man from the church and got pregnant. Fearing the reactions from the community the man talked her into killing the baby after it was born. Worried that the girl might say something, he killed her too and buried them both in the basement of the church. After weeks of nightmares the man confessed to the murders. Ever since then, anytime someone is alone in the church they hear music, a baby crying or a woman crying, and feel the urge to get out of the church. I went back and finished the job, but took two of my brothers with me. I never heard anything after that. After the job was done I ever went back there, and if I drive by to this day I get a cold chill to the core of me.

This is exactly how I've heard this story for the last 30 years. I hope you've enjoyed it.

OU Ghosts

Anonymous, OH, USA

Ohio University is widely considered to be a center for paranormal activity. I'm currently a Senior at OU and have lived in 3 "haunted" dorms. These are just my experiences, and in one case, my former roommate's experience.

My Freshman year, I lived in Treudley Hall on West Green. This isn't one of the notorious dorms on campus but I've hear some things about it and I had a few very creepy experiences. I lived alone the first 2 weeks of Fall that year and I often took naps in the afternoon after my 1-3 Biology class. I would typically sleep until dinner in the evening. Keep in mind NO ONE but the RAs had access to my room and they can't enter your room unless they let you know in advance. I was sleeping in my room, it was probably around 5:30 or 6:00 and it was beginning to get dark outside. I'm a very light sleeper and anything wakes me up. As I was sleeping, I was awakened by the door creaking open then it abruptly slammed shut. I went down and asked my friend Brit if I'd left my door open and if she'd shut it. She told me she walked by to look in the peep hole to see if the light was on and the door had been completely shut. These doors also lock when you close them. I also heard the famous OU "rolling marbles" quite often even though I lived on the 4th floor and there's no attic in Treudley.

Sophomore year Brit and I lived together in Voigt Hall on East Green. We lived on the 1st floor in a corner room and continuously heard knocking on an outside wall that was probably 20 feet off the ground. Brit often went home on the weekends so I was usually alone in the room. Both of our beds were lofted with our desks and computers underneath. One night when I was by myself and up late, I heard things moving around underneath me. I immediately turned on the TV and it stopped. I was too afraid to climb down and see what had happened. In the morning, I climbed down and saw that all of my desk drawers were open and my pencil cup had been knocked on the floor. Brit's desk wasn't touched. I called Brit and started crying when I was telling her about the experience.

Later the same year, Brit was sleeping and I was staying with my boyfriend. She told me that in the middle of the night the TV turned on and off three times in a row and she ended up sleeping at a friend's dorm room because she was so scared.

Junior year I lived in Bryan Hall on East Green, pretty much right around the corner from Voigt. Bryan is an honors dorm and stays pretty quiet most of the time. As always, I heard the rolling marbles during late night study sessions, although the attic was above me so I could credit it to things dropping up there or mice/rats. Bryan was
pretty mellow but I did have one real experience. Each floor has 2 study rooms: one on the girl side and one on the guy side. A friend and I were studying for exams in the girl study room. We both had laptops and neither were plugged in. We heard the marbles start to roll and ignored it. Then, the light went off in the study room and
both of our laptops shut off and turned back on after a few seconds. Let's just say there was a little argument about who was going to get up and turn the light back on.

I've heard other stories that I don't necessarily believe. I've never been to the Ridges and have spent about 10 minutes on the 4th floor of Wilson Hall and didn't see or hear anything. These are completely true and all three of these dorms have had several stories attached to them throughout the years. I can't explain any of them, but
they're my "paranormal" experiences at Ohio University.

The Black Face

Jake, CO, USA

This happened to me around 7 or 8 years ago when I was in second grade. It was kind of like a ghost virus. Whoever was told about it saw the ghost. So inevitably I was told. But, I just brushed it off as a joke.

That night I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep when something tapped at my window. Thinking it was a branch I decided to ignore it. But the more I tried to the more urgent the tapping got. Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore, so I lifted up the curtains and came face to face with the most horrible thing I have EVER seen in my life to this day. It was this black face, and what was worse it didn't even look as if it had EVER been human. The face was pitch black with blood on it, and it was just a face, not a whole head even. It ended at the cheeks.

So I was staring out at this black bloody face. Then it looked directly into my eyes and I felt like I was being searched or something. Then it was over as soon as it started and the face just floated there for about five seconds and suddenly moved its mouth into the form of someone screaming while laughing maniacally at the same time. Then it started trying to get in. It backed up and rushed the window, and I shrank back certain that the window would break, but instead when the face hit the window, there wasn't even a noise.

That did it, I got up out of bed and quickly went to my door, it was still trying to break the window. I left my room and I heard tapping on our skylight, so I looked up and saw it again. This time though it had teeth- fangs actually. Once again it was trying to get in. I ran into my parent’s room certain I would see it again. And to my horror my parents had their window open, (it was the very start of school, so August 10th). I quickly lay down by the bed hoping to god that this thing wouldn't find me, so I looked up to check if it was there, and I saw it at the window. It smiled. One thing I can say is that I will NEVER forget that sight. That smile just scared the heck out of me. In fact, it was so terrible that it's actually indescribable, but I'll try. It was like the smile of a demon, horribly inhuman but at the same time, you know it once was (even though it didn't look like it at all). And the face just kept smiling and smiling at me.

Then came the worst part: It found it could get through, it moved forward, came through the open window, and rushed at me. All of a sudden I couldn't breathe, I heard maniacal laughing in my head, and then it stopped, over as soon as it started. The next morning after I woke up, (I had crawled back to my room) I thought it had been a dream. I rubbed my eyes to "get the sleep out" and went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw my face had black soot on it.


Conor, Kilkenny, Ireland

My wife and I live in a two story house in the Suburbs. I'm an author, she runs an antique shop. She brings over stuff sometimes, when there's not enough room over there, and she wants it as a temporary piece of furniture. One such item was the rocking chair.

It was placed in our living room. At first, it seemed nice, out of place with my decor, but okay as a temporary thing. Well, it soon turned out to be more than it appeared. My wife, when entertaining friends, was thrown violently out of it when it swung forward.

My mother was rocking on it, when it tipped backwards and she fell in a heap on the floor. It's creaking sounded like mocking laughter. When me and the guys were watching the game, it jerked, and I spilled beer all over a friend.

I went to sit down on it, and it was like there was someone already in it. You can hear breathing coming from it sometimes, and the last straw was when I looked in the mirror and I saw an old woman, sitting in it. She was staring at me, hatred in her eyes.

I tried to take it out of the house, but it wouldn't fit through the sitting room door. I got in just days before, and now I couldn't get it out. I set at it with my ax, I hated the thing that much. A stray piece of wood caught me in the leg, but I didn't go to hospital until I'd thrown the pieces on the grass, doused them with kerosene and set
them alight.

The haunting's stopped, but the grass hasn't grown back where I burnt it. So, you tell me, have years of writing fantasy left me with an overactive imagination? Or was the spirit of an abusive old woman haunting the chair?

Because I find it hard to believe, and it happened to me.

Early Morning Apparition

Anonymous, Adana, Turkey

It was Tuesday, 19th October, 2010, I was visiting with my son Matt and his family in Adana, Turkey. They live in a ground floor apartment, located inside a large compound consisting of eight separate high-rise buildings. Their apartment is located inside a walled area, with large grounds with many trees, shrubs, a playground and a large swimming pool. There are walking paths linking the buildings and the main gate. It is a secure, scenic and attractive community.

My alarm went off at 1:00 a.m. as I had a 3:40 a.m. flight out of town. At 1:15 a.m. I took Nash, Matt’s big Boxer, out for his routine walk. It was a cool night, with a light wind rustling the tree leaves and the wind chimes on the front deck were tinkling. Everything else was quiet, with no sound of traffic. That morning, Nash refused his normal walking route, and instead chose the path towards the swimming pool. He was unusually unsettled, and he was looking around and behind him towards the deck. I thought that perhaps there was a cat somewhere nearby.

Nash eventually took care of business on the grass by the swimming pool. I wondered why he was antsy and why he waited so long and walked so far, before he urinated and took a dump. After cleaning up after him, it was time to head back inside. Nash refused to budge, and took a keen interest towards the pool area. He didn’t appear to want to break out into a run and chase something down, nor did he appear frightened. Clearly, something held his attention and I was curious.

Together, we walked back down the path, towards the pool. I became conscious of someone watching me, maybe from one of the upper floor apartments. As we kept walking, I suddenly became very cold which is unusual for me. Nash was on alert, looking around. I did as well, but I could not see anything. I started to feel unsure of myself, so I turned back and dragged Nash with me. He then stopped dead in his tracks and refused to move.

Then I saw her, a glimpse of white on my right side. At first I thought it had to be the white painted tree, but tree trunks do not move. This was a moving, white apparition! A spirit came in from my right side, and passed directly in front of Nash and me. The spirit was a young girl about eight years old. She was clad in a long, faded white gown with a white shawl or veil on her head and shoulders. It looked like 19th century or early 20th century clothing. She had a round Slavic face and dark skin. Her lips were brown, not red or pink. She had large, intelligent brown eyes and black hair. I could not see her legs or feet; she was moving just above the ground, not walking on it, but her body moved as if she was walking. It is difficult to describe her motion as she moved across the grounds. As she passed right in front of me, I felt strange sensations. I shivered at the sudden extreme cold, and my skin tingled like it did during a high school physics static electricity experiment, when a static rod had been rubbed and then passed over my arm. All the hairs on my head, arms and legs were standing right up and my heart was racing.

I stopped immediately and watched her glide across the path in front of me. She had a very purposeful, intent look on her face, and she was looking forward, towards the main gate. I would describe her expression as that of a small child sent out by a parent or a teacher to do an errand, and she is remembering what she has to do. The girl had a serious look, not sad, or threatening, but she definitely looked like she was on a mission.

She could have walked behind me, but she deliberately walked in front of me, or so I thought. As she moved away from me on my left side, the apparition faded from my view, but Nash was still following her progress along the path towards the main gate. The wind died and the chimes stopped tinkling. All was eerily silent.

All the hairs along Nash’s neck and back were also standing up, as he silently watched with an extremely puzzled look on his face. I could no longer see the apparition but Nash could clearly still see something. As he watched her, he would not move. He still did not appear frightened or aggressive. I stayed motionless, observing Nash and looking towards the gate but not seeing anything. Nash apparently lost sight of the apparition and he looked at me. I walked him back towards the rear entrance and he now willingly came with me. He looked up at me with curious eyes, as if to say "What in the heck was that?"

My hands were trembling as I removed Nash's leash. I left him in the kitchen and headed for a quick shower. I dressed quickly and took my two bags from the guest bedroom to the front door. I went down the hall and woke Matt up before I made a pot of coffee. My heart rate was still up, and I felt strangely exhilarated. Every sense was enhanced and the smell of the fresh coffee was almost intoxicating. Matt and I took our mugs of coffee and my bags, and we walked down to his Mercedes SUV. The morning was beautiful, but I still felt cold, even after my shower and my senses were still heightened.

We drove off into the night. I briefly told my son what I had experienced. Matt did not say much but I think he believed me. He dropped me off at the airport for the first leg of my trip. I still felt a rush, an exaggerated sense of well-being and I was extremely aware of everything around me. This feeling lasted almost the entire day, as I flew from Adana to Istanbul, changed aircraft and went on to my international destination.

I kept wondering who this little girl was who looked like she belonged on the grounds. I felt that she knew that many children lived in the compound and played in the grounds. The grounds used to be the location of a big summerhouse that was owned by very wealthy people, before the series of apartment buildings (condos in the USA) were built. Maybe she was the daughter of the owner or of a family member. She was not a poor child, as she had looked privileged in her appearance and in her bearing. I also wondered why she chose to appear directly in front of me, and if I will ever see her again.

A few days later after returning to Adana, Matt and I met with Mustafa, the owner of the property. I asked him about the history and told him the story of my encounter with the little girl.

Mustafa was fascinated. I learned that the original house was built in the 1890s and his grandfather used as it the family residence until 1940. From 1918 to 1922, the house was taken over by the French, who used it as their headquarters during the time France occupied a portion of Turkey. In 1940, Mustafa's father demolished the original house, and built a new one. This is the one that still stands today, empty and desolate, behind the kids playground. This is where I think the little girl was headed. In the 1990s the condos were built on the site, and the family moved out of the house.

Later, Matt again met with Mustafa. He told his 80-year-old mother the story of the little girl, and she was absolutely delighted, as she thinks the little girl is living in the old house. The elderly woman did not want to leave the house and it was at her insistence that the house is still standing. Mustafa's mother wants to meet me, and she is going to ask all the family matriarchs if they know of a little eight-year-old girl who died there.