November 2010

Our Halloween Party

Anonymous, UK

   It was two days before Halloween and my fiancé’s birthday, so we decided to have a party. When we were all getting ready, then we hear a knock at the door, we all think its trick or treaters. My fiancé’s mum answered the door but there wasn’t anyone there, so we all laughed and thought it was someone playing a trick as it was nearly Halloween.

    At 7:30 we had finished getting ready and were going downstairs to enjoy the party. About 10 minutes later the guests started arriving, we were all drinking and dancing and by about 8:45 all the guests were here.

   There was another knock at the door, so one of our friends grabbed the sweets to give to the trick or treaters but again there was no one there. All of a sudden we hear a big thud by the front door, our friend was lying on the floor and the sweets were all over the floor. We all rushed over to see if he was okay and luckily he was, so we asked him what had happened and he explained that a big gust of wind came through the door and pushed the bowl out of his hands and pushed him over. By this time most of us were drunk anyway so we didn’t think anything of it.

   The next morning we all woke up and everything was fine, we said goodbye to everyone and tidied up the house. That night my fiancé, his family and I were planning on having a spooky night in to get into the Halloween mood, so we watched horror films and played games. Then it came to the Ouija board and we had all done this before and haven’t found anything, but this night was very different.

   We began by asking "Is there anyone there?"  No answer. We asked all sorts of questions like, "What is your name?" "Can you move something?" and so on but nothing happened. I should mention now that I was pregnant at the time and was having really bad pains and when we decided to pack up the game the baby started kicking. I said something like, "OW why are you hurting me so much?"

   That was when the spirit started talking, the cup moved to "J" then "U" then "S" then "T" then "R" then "E" then "L" then "A" then "X". This really freaked us out because that is what everyone had been saying to me all day. After this happened I would feel someone rubbing my stomach in the night and I would feel the pain go away almost instantly after it came and when she was finally born the presents of that helpful spirit went away.

    To this day i have not seen or heard anything else of this spirit and i still have no idea why it had chosen me and how it had the power to soothe me but i thank this spirit. I hoped you enjoyed my personal story.

Haunted Electricity

Tom, Manchester, UK

   I went over to my friend’s house, and we played all night on the computer and PS3 when we had a blackout. Me and my friend Rob immediately hugged each other in fear; his Mum had found torches and found us up stairs hiding under a desk. We went down into the basement and found that the power had been turned off. But no one could have gotten down there, there was a pin number leading into the basement, and his Mum was watching TV and me and Rob were upstairs. And it was only the 3 of us. We walked up stairs again and we reached the living room, the power turned back on. So Robs mum went down again while me and rob watched TV, she screamed and ran up the stairs leading down to the basement and into the living room. I asked: "What happened?"

   She said she saw a face on the power switch and that when she got closer it frowned and opened its mouth at her. About 5 hours later as we were all sleeping, Robs light switch blew up, sparked and all. His mum came running in with a torch and led us outside. As we watched the house in fear Rob was crying, then every light in the house turned on and then off. Ever since that I have never set foot in that house again, and neither has Rob.

Hanging Man

Erik Crate, Ontario, Canada

I was doing renovations to a house in Winnipeg Manitoba, of course it had to be in the basement. I sent the other workers out to get lunch and stayed back to keep working.

I was hanging fire guard to the ceiling when I saw something move out the corner of my eye. I went around the basement, which had 4 rooms that were accesible by a hallway and didnt see anything. I went back to work but not 2 minutes later I seen somthing move again, so again I took a look.

When I was about to check the last room I heard a loud bang come from it, it scared the crap outta me! I walked to the doorway of the last room and there was a man, with big side burns hanging from the rafters with a noose around his neck! I then turned and ran upstairs to the door and outside.

When the other guys got back and saw me pacing outside, they asked what was wrong. I explained everything to them and they laughed at me. It wasn't until we tried the door that I came out of to find that it was closed and locked. I never closed the door and definitely couldn't lock it considering I didnt have the keys as they were in my truck which the workers took to get lunch!

To this day I still cant explain it, and everyone I tell just laughs at me, but I swear to you....that was not right and I saw it, plain as day. If I would have had the nerve I would have touched it to see if it was real. But I know, I didnt have to touch it, it was right there, you could see that the mans lips were blue and the blood vessels in his eyes.

More Strange Experiences

Pearl J. Nestor, Anchorage, Alaska

Hello, I am P.J.  Nestor and have contributed several stories on this site. I feel comfortable on this site and have been a huge fan of these archives for some time.

    As I have been saying I've have had many paranormal experiences all my life. I've tried to put them in order to give an accounting of all my episodes, which I will, but thought it more interesting to give some accounts where people are with me when strange stuff happens.  I used to live in a small apartment in Anchorage, Alaska in the early 80's.

Since the day I moved in there was loud knocking at the door in the early morning hours, usually around three am or five am. I would open the door and no would be there. This went on for about five years or so. One time my brother John was staying overnight and this was a one room apt, so I kept several sleeping bags if someone wanted to stay overnight. Just as it always happens there was loud and urgent knocking at the door, I asked my brother to answer the door, only when he opened it up, no one was there. It had also just snowed, and there were no footprints in the newly fallen snow! He kept asking over and over again how that could be. I didn't have an answer for him, but I told him I was happy that someone was with me when it did happen, because most people wouldn't believe me that I had it happen for months.

    Another time, around the same time as this episode, I had a friend Dottie whose husband used to work up on the slope, she was always afraid to stay by herself so I used to keep her company when her husband went out of town. One night we were on our way to Bingo and she said not to use the water because she was going to take a shower and it affects the water temp. I stayed in the living room and watched the TV. I heard the washer machine turn on and thought that was strange since Dottie was still in the shower.  When Dottie came out of the shower she asked me why I turned on the washer machine, which I did NOT! It happened all its own.

   I gave Dottie a lamp that I didn't need any more because I got a new one. One time in the middle of the night, the lamp shade shattered, just like that! She was rather spooked of me after that and mentioned that there is something following me around causing all these things. No doubt about that, I always felt it so.

   One time I took a painting class and made this really nice painting. My mother was in the living room and I presented the painting to her. As soon as I showed her, the painting on my wall that was by another artist, flew off the wall. We were stunned, I looked to see if the nail was in its place, it was, no reason why it should have happened. All these thing are rather odd, with no explanation, they happen in seconds. Nothing before, and nothing afterwards, and you are left with wondering WHY??? Just a few seconds of strange things all your life really do add up to something. It's enough to make a body wonder at it all. Go figure folks. All these things together cannot be a random chance. I am not afraid of these things; I am looking forward to the next weird, strange, other worldly, experience. This is truly a big wonderful world! I bid you all good tidings. These are all true accounts as I have stated to you all, and I have witnesses too.

The Old Lady in the Nursing Home

Glenn Harris, Victoria, Australia

    I have written to this site once before about my first experience at seeing a spirit/ghost if you look up Stamford Hotel Ghost you will see it. Since then I have come into contact with a few spirits/ghosts mainly good experiences but all rather unusual. I have had one extremely bad experience with a spirit that scared the hell out of me but I don’t like to discuss that one. Maybe one day I will have the courage to write it down. I will tell you of my recent experience with a spirit /ghost.

   I am currently working as a fire alarm tester and I go to different buildings each day to test their fire alarm panels. I will not name the company I work for or the place it happened but I will tell you it was an old nursing home in Elsternwick, which has been renovated and extended.

   The nursing home is 3 stories, the front and rear of the building are only a few years old but the centre of the building is 3 stories. You can tell that the middle of the building is at least 80 years old by the fittings and the plaster work in that section.

   I had finished testing all of the detectors etc. on the first and second floor and needed to get up to the third floor. I went to see the maintenance man and asked for the key to the third floor as it was locked. He gave me a big cheesy grin and said, "Are you really sure that you want to go up there? No one has been up there in years and it is a bit of a mess. Also the lights don’t work up there."

   I said, "No problems I have a Maglite and I have to do a report on the whole building." He gave me the key and away I went.

   I got to the door on the third floor and couldn’t open it. I twisted the lock in many different ways and pulled the key in and out of the lock several times to try to get it to open. My swearing was starting to get louder but I couldn’t be bothered going back to see the maintenance guy. Finally I said loudly, "Damn it, if it doesn’t open this time I am going to kick this fricken door in." To my amazement the door opened.

   I went inside and felt around for the light switch. It didn’t work. I pulled out my Maglite and looked around. The place was dark, dirty and dusty with cobwebs everywhere. Rat poo and possum poo littered the floor there was junk everywhere and then I heard her... "Excuse me! Excuse me!! Excuse me!!!" she said.

I shone my torch toward where the voice came from and I nearly pooped my pants... There was an old lady in a pink nylon dressing gown in fluffy slippers leaning on a 4 prong walking frame. I could tell immediately she was a ghost as my torch shone straight thru her and only the shadow of the walking frame reflected on the wall.

   I said "How can I help you?"

   She said, "What time is the Albury train arriving?"

   I thought holy crap, there is no train station around here. So I said to her, "Sorry darling, the train isn’t coming today, they have sent a bus and if you follow the light it will take you to the bus."

   She said, "Thank god you came along and told me, I have been waiting here for ages."

   With that she proceeded to turn the walking frame around and shuffled off. Within about 10 seconds she disappeared but the walking frame stayed where it was. I tested all of the break glass alarms and detectors in about a minute flat on that floor and got out of there quick.

   I went back to see the maintenance guy to give the key back and with a cheesy grin he said to me, "Well, did you see her?"

   I said, "Who?"

   He said, “The old lady."

   I said, "What old lady?"

   He said, "There is a ghost up there. An old lady in a pink dressing gown."

   I said, "Yeah! Are you serious? I didn’t see anything." I didn’t want to let on that I had seen her. I don’t know if I helped her to walk into the light and finish her journey on earth or if she just vanished temporarily. I guess I will have to wait until next year when I go back to test there again.

What, That Room Up There?

Kat George, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

    I grew up hearing ghost stories as everybody has I’m sure, but I was always fascinated but still skeptical as I figured they were all made up! Until my own personal experience.

   In 2003 When I was 21 I moved to the mining town of Kalgoorlie Western Australia with my then-boyfriend. We quickly meet a young crew we partied with every weekend. One of the Crew owned an old 2 story place which was originally the York Hotel 100 years ago.

   It had been turned into 5 apartments, and by turned into I don’t mean renovated at all! They were very old rooms and nothing had been fixed up.  He offered us the top apartment for next to nothing rent. We accepted and moved in. He would tell us about stories of the place being haunted and that he had seen the ghost of a woman sitting on the end of his beds several times but this never bothered him. The first week we settled in fine! Drinking and partying. Then very strange things started to happen.

   One day I was sitting up stairs in our lounge room reading my book and listening to my stereo (which was up very loud) the next minute I felt like I was being watched and I froze, and then the stereo turned from max to silent in 1 second. I turned it back up again and within 10 seconds the knob turned down again to silence. I absolutely froze for a while then ran outside and waited the 2 hours till my partner got home. As expected he just laughed and said I was imagining things.

   A week later we were asleep but were woken by very loud running footsteps through the lounge room (which our bedroom was joined to by a very old solid shut door) and then the door flung open like someone had ran into it! It made the biggest crack noise into the wall of our room, my boyfriend & I jumped 2 foot in the air and was so terrified. He believed in ghosts from this day on.

   A week later I walked through the lounge room & went to bed. The next morning I got up & walked through the lounge room to find a candle that was given to me for my 21st & never ever had been lit on the wick ever was sitting on the mantle piece and was completely melted down to nothing but the wick was still alight. I walked in & started abusing my partner as I wanted to keep this candle for a while; he bluntly denied any responsibility to lighting it as he was in bed before me the night before.

   The final straw was 2 weeks after this, my best friend & I went out for a night on the town and caught a taxi home, as we pulled down the street that the old York Hotel was on, the cab driver (obviously a local) started talking about the old York hotel & how it used to be a pub down stairs and a brothel up stairs. Then he went on talking about the prostitute that was shot in the head with a shot gun back in 1930, as he said this he raised his right hand and pointed to the top story to the lounge room window and said "She was shot in that room there.”

   I replied “What? That room up there?” this was the lounge room next to our room where all the strange things happened. Chills went down our spine and we refused to stay there that night.

   The next day we went back & collected all our things, that was the end of me trying to be tough! It was completely haunted and it was the scariest thing I have ever encountered! I still live in Kalgoorlie and drive past this old hotel every day. I still look up at the lounge room window & get chills.

That Room Up There