May 2010

Hauntings at the Keisser House

Amy Sophia Keisser, NC, USA

   I live in a house, not very old at all, and not very far away from Concord, NC. It was built in 1995, a 3,200 sq. foot, 3 story, red brick house with green shutters, located in a fairly large neighborhood. It appears as normal as could be, but once you have lived there and experienced things, it is anything but normal.

   I have a whole plethora of ghostly occurrences related to the house, but I have selected the best to share on this website:

1) I was at home by myself one day, just sitting and playing my piano (dated 1878) in the front room of the house when all of the sudden I felt a cool breeze rush quickly past my back and then it felt as if someone laid an ice-cold hand on my shoulder, though the windows were shut and the air conditioning unit was broken at this time. My dogs looked straight at my back where I felt the presence and began barking like crazy. Terrified, I shot out of the house and didn't dare go back in for another 30 minutes.

2) My friend Emalie was at my house and we were just to about to go outside to sit on the porch when we heard the dishes that had been lying on the kitchen counter being picked up and set down. Knowing we were the only 2 in the house, we both looked at each other and took off down the street.

3) My friend Ashlynne was over and we were sitting in the living room of the house where there happens to be a large mirror. I had gotten up and gone into the kitchen while Ashlynne was talking to me. All of the sudden her face turned extremely pale and drained of all color. She jumped up and ran out the front door. I chased after her and asked her what had happened. Shaking with terror, she explained to me that she had seen a transparent lady dressed in Victorian-era clothing with light brown hair walk straight across the living room, but she only had seen the reflection in the mirror. To this day, Ashlynne refuses to come to my house.

4) I was sitting alone on the porch one day reading a book with the door to the kitchen open. Then, I heard a door from the second floor slam shut. I ran up the stairs to find that no doors had been closed, so I proceeded to the third story, only to find the same thing. Puzzled, I walked back downstairs and a little while later I heard the door slam again. I again ran back upstairs and again there were no doors closed, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow dart behind me and run into the nursery. Terrified, I chased after it, but there was nothing there when I walked into the room.

5) On Halloween, a group of trick-or-treaters had come to my door and were waiting for me to give them their candy when a little girl looked into the dining room and said "I like your costume." Not sure as to whom she was addressing, I asked her what she was talking about. She replied, "Didn't you see her? There was a lady dressed in a long old dress and she had her hair up in a bun." Not wanting to scare her, I said nothing else and gave them their candy. After they left, I couldn't help but go into the dining room to search for this lady, but found no one.

   I still wonder... what are the hauntings connected to? The house isn't old, and no one ever died in it. I do, however, have a hunch that these strange happenings are related to a) my antiques or b) the land. A Revolutionary War battle was fought on the same land my house is located, but I tend to think the antiques are more likely. I own many historic artifacts such as a grandfather clock (dated 1752), an 1856 dining room table, 1829 couch, just to mention a few. Many paranormal researches believe that spirits have the ability to attach themselves to objects.

   I have many other stories, but I think that these are the most interesting ones I have to tell. I used to be a major skeptic in the paranormal, but after the many instances at my house, I became a major believer. Even though I have been startled on many occasions by the paranormal, I have never felt that anything evil lurks in my home. Many of my friends whom have experienced the paranormal in my house raise the same question: are you going to have an exorcism performed? I don't feel threatened in my house. Nothing demonic lives here, therefore I do not see the need. I have learned to live with those who are neither living nor dead; those who simply linger on after death.

Katherine's Trauma

Breighana, FL, USA

    Having grown up in a haunted house and being surrounded by a family of avid believers, I have adopted a position in dealing with the supernatural that is oriented in belief and respect, but initial denial to preserve my own sanity. I choose to ignore ghostly encounters until I have time to sort out in my own mind if they are real or imagined. This tactic has worked well for me, but in one occurrence led me down a very unhappy path. The following story is a bit long, but completely honest and sincere and, based on the other stories I have browsed through, I would consider it a worthy read.

   In 2008 I was living with my friend, Katherine, in my parent's house.
She had recently moved to Florida from Texas, and we soon grew bored of our sleepy town in Central Florida. We decided to move into a house with some friends in Fort Lauderdale (near Miami) to try our luck in the booming South Florida industry. The house we were moving into was a large 1920's Florida style house that had been through many renovations throughout its long history. Before we moved there I was warned with stories of a ghost haunting the older portion of the house, but dismissed it as overactive imaginations. It was only when we moved in that I got the whole story, and understood the full scope of exactly what was going on in that old house.

   When moving into the house, which the girls had gotten for a fairly cheap price in the South Florida real estate market, the landlord had given them only one rule: never step foot in the attic. One of the previous roommates had a borderline obsession with the supernatural. She even went as far as to keep a spirit workbook with different experiments that she tried to get in touch with the spirit world.

   Within a few months, even the residents that didn't care about ghosts began to notice something strange occurring in the older part of the house. While taking a shower in the master bathroom, it was common to hear someone whispering to you, with the words just too distant or unearthly to be understood. When home alone it was also common to hear the locked front door open and close and someone walking through the house, but when your shower was done and you came out to greet the other person, there was no one in sight. When in the master bedroom connected to the bathroom it was hard to shake an on-edge feeling of being watched, and closely at that. These things could be explained away by the rational minded, but the roommate with the ghost obsession could not leave it alone.

   It wasn't long before the four original roommates decided to use a Ouija board to figure out just where this ghost was coming from. During the trial, conducted in the bathroom where the spirit was most often encountered, they learned a few things about the fifth rent-free roommate. The ghost told them that it was a girl, nine years old. It liked them but hated Chester, the group's pit bull. It warned them strictly and repeatedly not to go into the attic and signed off quickly. The male roommate, our friend Marcus, made a joke out of the situation and immediately made a bee line for the attic. Once up there, the only thing that he found was an old cardboard box. In the box, creepily enough, were the toys of a young girl along with a diary dating back to 1932. The box was never placed back into the attic, and I don't think that the little girl liked this one bit.

   The four began to fight regularly and experience anger toward one another, normally for trivial reasons. Things got so tense that two of the girls moved out with little warning, which led to Katherine and I taking their places. Katherine, being of Catholic Mexican heritage, was very superstitious and not pleased to hear of the ghost in the house. Within weeks of moving in, her personality began to reflect this. Though I believed what was happening in the house was the work of a ghost, I tried to ignore the terrified feelings that would come over me while home alone, or sometimes even with others around. I made a joke out of the situation while Katherine became more and more anxious over it. She had lost her happy, bouncy nature and became dark and depressed. I couldn't understand it, because we were living in an exciting place and making decent money. But things slowly got worse.

   One evening I returned from work to find Katherine sitting on the front porch of the house crying hysterically. When I finally calmed her down enough to speak, she told me she couldn't tell me what happened because I would think she was crazy. When she finally felt up to telling me, she relayed a story of her night at home. She experienced the ordinary ghost happenings: the chatter in the shower, footsteps through the house, doors shutting. She tried her best to pray and burn sage to comfort herself, but to no avail. While walking from the older part of the house into the kitchen, she saw a flash run by her and was not able to move or breathe. She felt like inside of her head whatever it was told her not to tell anyone that she saw her.

   After hearing this story, I decided that Katherine had officially lost it. Several months passed but she never forgot what happened that day and refused to be alone in the house. She was deeply depressed and cried often for small reasons. When another roommate and I went on a month long trip to Europe, she saw her opportunity and fled back to Texas, leaving our guy roommate Marcus alone in the house.

   After several weeks Marcus emailed us and told us how excited he was for our return. Things at the house had gotten worse and he now made excuses not to be there alone. One night, while he was in his bedroom, he came into the kitchen to get a drink and found every cabinet door open, the trash can standing up on top of the counter, and several blocks from the attic box laid out on the floor. When we returned, the change in the house was easy to recognize. Normally a pretty happy place, the house now had a dark and foreboding feeling. It seemed our ghost was not too happy with Katherine's abandonment.

   Although I initially wrote off my bad feelings as culture shock and sadness of Katherine's absence, it was hard to deny that I was feeling as depressed as she seemed. During my morning showers, in the haunted bathroom, I would cry deeply for no reason at all. I never wanted to be alone and found it hard to sleep, laying awake for hours scared for no reason and waking up before the sunrise like someone had just shaken me awake. I began to feel like the other roommates were keeping secrets from me. I have never had a history of mental instability, so this depression really threw me off. Activity in the house had gotten worse, ranging from cold chills creeping up your neck at random (Florida is not famous for cold breezes) to furious door slams and running footsteps in the middle of the night. On a visit home to my parents, I felt cheered as soon as I was driving away from the house and felt no symptoms of depression until I returned and pulled back into the driveway and was instantly filled with dread and started crying uncontrollably.

   The last straw came to me when I was home alone one day. I had felt the strong presence of our ghost all afternoon and heard her moving about the house, but chose to ignore it and burn sage to give myself peace of mind. As the sun began to set and I was walking from the older part of the house into the kitchen, in the same position that Katherine had been in that day, I saw something that made me drop the glass that I was carrying. In the middle of the kitchen stood a little girl, barely visible (you could make out her features but she was, I don't know how to properly describe it, misty at the edges). Her hair was ratty and dangling down almost to her waist and the nightgown she was "wearing" was very old fashioned. Her eyes seemed to stare right through me and her face had a very childish look of anger.

The next thing I recall I was standing in the living room (a solid 20 feet from my original position), stumbling against a wall like the wind had just been knocked out of me. I have no idea how much time passed or how I got from point a to point b. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or after that day. Within two weeks I had packed my bags and was back to the sleepy central Florida town. My depression had subsided as soon as I escaped the house, and now new renters live there.

   I can only wonder if the little girl has taken a liking to them or is deciding to cause trauma to them like she did for Katherine, and eventually me.

The House on Gamma Road

Ronan Burton, UT, USA

   This story happened in late September of last year, to some friends of mine and I.

   There's a busy road in my town called Geneva Road, it goes through several cities and there are several roads that branch off of it, some of them are fairly busy but most of them are just old farm dirt roads, one in particular is the road my story takes place on.

   My buddies and I were bored, and decide that we should hit up all the scary places we can before Halloween gets too close and the overcrowding kills the scare. So we talk about what places everyone knows, and the ones we've heard of but never been to. My friend (we'll call him Jeff) tells us about a place his grandpa and his buddies used to go to, that was supposedly haunted. It's a single house on a dirt road a couple of miles off of Geneva road. We asked him why it was scary, what the supposed story behind it was. He said that, "The only time my grandpa ever started to tell me about the history of the house, my grandma poked her head around the corner, and just shook her head at him with the sternest look I’d ever seen on her, and grandpa said, "Nah, never mind, you're too young." But his grandpa did tell him where it was.

   So we all loaded up in our buddy's (we'll call him Louis) car, and headed off. There were 4 of us Me, Jeff, Louis, and our other friend we'll call Jason. We were all excited to see this place that none of us had ever heard of, a place that was old and run down when Jeff's grandpa was young.

   We found the road, I still laugh at the sign, I'm not sure if someone put it up to be funny or if someone was serious, but it was the classic Halloween sign that read "BEWARE!" in painted red letters, haha, now I wish we'd listened.

   I think it was when we were driving down the old dirt road, that we started feeling uneasy, I mean more than just scared, like a heavy sick feeling sat in on all of us.

   There were dead fields on both sides of the road, with gnarled dead trees every now and then, and then we saw it in the distance, the house. It was a lot older than I expected it to be, peeling white paint on wooden siding, and semi-exposed brick, but most of the windows were still intact. We all had the feeling of being watched.

   As we pulled up to it we started having second thoughts, but we got out anyway. We cautiously approached the house. At one point it had four steps leading up to the porch, now only two of those steps were still there, the whole porch was falling apart. We climbed what stairs were left. We weren't even going to try the door, and Jeff was the only one with the guts to look in one of the windows. We suddenly all felt the need to whisper, even though we knew no one was around for miles.

   Jeff said, "I can’t see anything, it's too dark." Louis quickly said, "I've got a flashlight in my car, I'll go get it." I think he was just looking for an excuse to get the hell of that porch. I didn't blame him. He got the flashlight and handed it to me, because he was going to stay in the car.

   This is when the REALLY weird stuff started happening. Jeff got the flashlight on and looked inside. The light beam only went about two feet into the window and stopped. It didn't land on anything it just stopped. We thought the light was broken so Jeff pulled it away from the window and turned it off and back on, when he put it back to the window we could see inside (weird) there was just some old furniture and graffiti on the walls, but the creepy thing was the shadows. In the corners of your eyes...

   They moved.

   Not like a moving object, but like water, we couldn't figure it out.
But whenever we looked at them straight on they stopped. While we were preoccupied with that, we suddenly heard what sounded like a piece of metal scraping along the wooden floorboards inside, we all jumped. Then Louis honked the horn, and if it's possible to double jump like in the videogames, then we definitely did that. We started sprinting to the car, half to beat the crap out of him, and half because we couldn't take anymore, but as we turned to run, window on the second floor EXPLODED.

   That did it we were in the car in .0001 seconds and getting the hell out of there. We almost forgot about Louis honking, but then Jason punched him in the arm and asked him what the heck that was for. Louis was still terrified, all he said was, "He was staring at me from the window...the window that shattered." before we could ask any questions we saw police lights and heard sirens.

   We still weren't that far from the house when the cop walked up to the car. He started, "You know you're tresspaa..." He quickly looked up, looked back at us and said, "Make sure you get home safe" faster than I've ever heard anyone talk. And he could've beaten any Olympic runner with how fast he speed walked back to his car.

   We weren't sure what he saw but we weren't in the mood to find out.

   We got home, still baffled at what happened. We sat in silence for a while, then Jason asked Louis what he saw in the window. He said, "There was a man, an old man standing in the window. I don't know how long he was staring at me I only noticed him a second before I honked the horn."

   We still don't know what/who Louis saw in the window, or what the story behind the house is, and unfortunately Jeff’s grandpa never told him before he passed away. It’s one of those things, I think to be better left unsaid, and undisturbed.

   Email me if you have any questions, and thanks for reading my story.

Screams in the Night

Tammy, IN, USA

   When I was seven years old, my parents had a new home built.  I
was an only child.

   Lots of weird things happened in this house.  I think the first thing I noticed was a strange sound coming from inside my desk.  I had a white dresser and matching white desk.  I'd sit at that desk and do my homework.  I would almost always hear a scratching sound coming from the inside of the desk.  I heard it so often that it didn't even scare me... I can't remember NOT hearing it.

   From the time we moved in, I had horrific nightmares...nightmares of the deaths of my parents, dismemberment, my beloved dog going rabid...absolutely horrific nightmares that I'd never had before, and have never had since.

   A few years after we moved in, I awoke one night to the sound of a man screaming.  It seemed to be coming from down the hall.  I thought it was my dad, so I ran to my parent's room to see what was wrong.  They were both sleeping soundly.  I woke my mother anyway and told her that I'd heard Dad screaming.  She assured me it was a nightmare and told me to go back to bed. 

   I heard this sound at least a few times a month for years.  It was loud enough to wake me, but my parents never heard it.  Even our dog didn't seem to hear it; it was like it was meant for my ears only.  One night I pinched my own hand until I bled to prove to my mother it wasn't a nightmare.  I'm 38 years old now, and to this day, I KNOW I was awake.

About a year ago, my mother mentioned the "blood" that showed up on my wall while we lived there.  I'd completely forgotten about it until she mentioned it.  One morning, I woke up and there was a red substance (my mother thought it was paint) on my bedroom wall that hadn't been there before.  It was splattered, as if someone had taken a paintbrush and flung it on the wall.  We had no paint in the house that color, though... blood red.  We painted over it.

   I wonder now if there are other things that happened to me in that house that I've "forgotten."  I never saw anything, and I have no idea of the history of the area.  I know the house has changed owners many times since I lived there... no one seems to keep it longer than five years.  And I know I heard a man screaming from down the hall on many, many nights.

   We moved out of that house when I was 15.  I never heard that screaming again, thank God.  I have had things go missing in the house I live in now, only to turn up again moments or even days later right where I left them.  (I have witnesses to it this time!)  And I've heard friendly humming in the garage.  (A tune, not just a monotonous hum.)  I'm wondering if I can HEAR spirits, but I've never seen one.  I've never heard of anyone like this; if anyone has had similar experiences, I'd love to hear from you!

My Life of Ghosts

Lee Manning, Suffolk, UK

   I have quite a few ghost stories, all true, but some set in different areas. I have shared houses with ghosts and had many extremely spooky moments. Some don't sound too scary but you have to put yourself in my shoes.

   The first ghost experience I've ever had was in my house in Cambridge. We moved in and immediately a very ghost-like thing happened. It happened to my mother and only myself and my mother were living there, although my mum didn't tell me about any ghostly activity until I witnessed some for myself.

   We'd just moved in, and my mum had invited some friends round. Just as my mum went to go and boil the kettle, she burnt herself. The kettle was boiling hot, as if it had just been used. We'd only just unpacked it and hadn't made a cup of tea (or coffee, hot chocolate etc.) yet. My mum said that herself and her friends all heard some creaking in the front room like the sound of a rocking chair swinging back and forth. She shrugged it off, but was still highly suspicious. A few weeks later, my mum spoke to our neighbour and told her all about the experience. The neighbour said that an old lady, Mrs. Kilbey, had lived there before.

   She died in the house when she was 104 (old, I know!) and she used to sit in the lounge near the window in her rocking chair drinking her cup of tea. My mum then became instantly positive that our house was haunted by Mrs. Kilbey. The thing you should know about me and my mum is that we're very gullible. We believe anything anyone tells us.

Nothing happened for a long time after that, until one night I woke up bang-smack at midnight. I heard footsteps downstairs, but obviously thought it was my mum, as I wasn't aware that our house was haunted. The same thing happened the next night. And the night after. I spoke to my mum, complaining that she wakes me up in the night. But she insisted that she didn't get up, and that's when she told me the house was haunted. You're probably thinking that this isn't scary, but I'm getting there.

   Once I was aware of the ghost, the footsteps were heard every night. One night, whilst lying in my bed, I heard the footsteps again. The footsteps came up the stairs this time, and walked across the landing, and stopped outside my bedroom. I always left my bedroom door wide open because my door was so old it wouldn't close. I just shrugged it off, but 5 minutes later, I felt someone tugging the covers off of me. Naturally, I tugged back. The duvet was tugged again and then I felt someone nudge my ribs as if just messing about. I told my mum and that was when I discovered I'd had a duvet tug-of-war with a ghost. It was obvious the ghost didn't mean any harm. A few weeks later the same thing happened again, but I kept my sense of humour and started messing about and treating the ghost like a real person. I've always been very open-minded, and as long as nobody means me harm, I'm open to having fun, even if they are dead.

   The next week, early in the morning, my mum was in the bath, when a tennis ball rolled in. She called me and asked if it was me, but I was in my high sleeper so if I had thrown the ball, you would have heard me getting out of my bed. I came in and the tennis ball was lying there, which the night before was lying at the bottom of the stairs. We laughed it off, and my mum had a medium come into the house though not to see if our house was haunted. But just wondering, my mum asked the medium if our house was haunted, and she replied that it wasn't, but Mrs. Kilbey had passed through a few times, just to check on us.

   We then moved into my mum's boyfriends house, which was were extremely scary things started happening. Peter, my mum's boyfriend, and I hadn't always see eye-to-eye. His house was a lot bigger than our old haunted one and it was down a very posh close. I'd seen pictures of the close before the houses were built on it, and it was fields and farmers. There were still at least three miles of fields out the back of the houses. My room looked out onto the fields. I'd always had a very negative feeling about the house, and certain rooms I would run out of, because I felt very pressured.

   I always thought I felt negative energy because of the relationship between my mum's boyfriend and myself. But once I moved in, there would always be an extremely eerie part of a room that I would naturally back away from. Especially upstairs. To this day I have no idea why I felt like that. I used to hate the landing upstairs because every time you went upstairs, you would see a shadow under the very harsh light, but the shadow wasn't mine. I hated the spare room because I always felt very watched. I hated my room because I felt watched and extremely pressured. Another reason me and my mum's boyfriend didn't get along was because I spent a lot of my time downstairs because I hated going upstairs.

   I then had a sleepover with 3 of my friends. We slept in my room, but on the dot at midnight we heard footsteps in the landing, and then severe galloping, like a horse running up and down. The house was built on an old farm, and I occasionally could make out the figure of a woman (looking like a maid or a farmer's wife) in my bedroom. I then felt followed by a dog, and I would hear barking when I was alone in the house and scampering, but I was positive that the dog was protecting me. As for the maid ghost and whoever was riding the horse, I was positive weren't very happy with me.

   I remember a day, when it was thundering and flashing with lightning, and my mum and her boyfriend were working, I was in the house on my own downstairs watching television. I heard someone walking down the stairs. On the fireplace, we had a big shovel for the coal, and I sat with my back to the door with a shovel in my hand. I then heard some furniture moving upstairs, and then heard and felt someone constantly kicking the door of which my back was to. Whatever it was walked away, and I darted into the kitchen, grabbed the phone and sat outside in the rain, lighting and thunder calling my mum. Just as I was in mid conversation, the power lines went off. I don't know whether it was the weather or if it was the ghost but I waited for a whole two hours until she got back. I hated going into the house, and at that moment I felt extremely threatened. We moved out of the house a few months later, but not for the reasons of the ghostly activity. I did think that it was a burglar, but we were on a neighbourhood watch site and they were all home, and my mum had asked them if they'd watch me.
They all said that there wasn't any burglars or any people inside the house that they knew of.

   I told my mum about it, but she thinks I'm mad. I told my Grandma, and she believed me 100%. My Grandma is slightly psychic. Not fully, but she can instantly tell if a place is haunted, even if no ghostly activity has happened. One time, she went to a hotel, and after instantly walking into the hotel, she almost fainted. She felt very drowsy, and almost passed out when she walked under the banister. She asked the hotel manager if anything had happened around there, and the manager said that the hotel was haunted, and that the ghost had hung himself from the banister. Whenever we move into a house, we always bring Grandma as well, just to see if she has any feelings. She said she'd always had a very bad feeling about my mum's boyfriends house anyway, but never told us.

My auntie has also had some ghostly activity. She moved into a house in Cambridge, and she said that her wardrobe moved in the night. Keep in mind the wardrobe took four men to carry. She then had her answering machine playing up, and certain parts of messages would constantly play over and over again. She moved out after about a month.

Another weird experience was at the Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel in Derbyshire. Everyone knew that the magnificent hotel used to be a nunnery. People have said to have seen some nun ghosts wandering around the grounds. But the most haunted room in the castle was in the highest tower, where a lot of the leader nuns stayed. Legend has it that two of the leader nuns were murdered on the grounds and haunted the tower. We never believed it until we were assigned the tower room. At first, we weren't scared at all. But my mum went downstairs to help her boyfriend with the suitcases, and I was left on my own in the most haunted tower in the whole hotel. First the television turned itself on and the channels started changing. I just laughed it off, but then I walked into the bathroom, and there was makeup smeared all over the sink, toilet, shower and mirror.

   Obviously, I got the blame. But that night, two figures constantly walked around in circles in the room. I remember sitting bolt upright, just staring at these nun ghosts doing what looked like a little dance. I knew that they didn't mean any harm, but all of a sudden they stopped in mid circle, turned to me, and then turned their heads to the window. I looked out the window, and I saw a figure, a man figure, sitting on the ledge outside. He looked at me in a very eerie way and the nun ghosts fled the room with a very frightened expression on their faces. I didn't know what was happening, or whether I'd had an extremely weird dream. But the next morning I spoke to the waiter who had worked at the hotel for years, and he told me that the man figure I saw was once a visitor, who was also murdered on the site, and could of in actual fact been the murderer of the nuns, which explains why the nuns looked so frightened. I've been back a few times, but never stayed in the room, as I was far too scared.

   I'd always believed in ghosts, and always been fascinated by the dead. I remember thinking I had 'the gift' when I was in school. I looked out the window and saw a very eerie and creepy white man walking around the school field. I nudged my friend, but she couldn't see anything. I then looked up five minutes later, and the eerie man was standing right up against the window. I was petrified and screamed to my teacher to get the man away. She looked out the window, and saw nothing. I humiliated myself, but the man was still there, giving me this nasty look. I heard that once I left, another student had seen the man. So I wasn't completely bonkers.

   But the scariest thing that happened was when I was staying at my ex-best friend's house. She lives in Willingham in Cambridgeshire, in an old 5 storey pub that had been made into a house. The pub/house was notorious for drunk men having fights, and even one guy was killed. My friend's dad had joked before that he'd seen to big ghostly figures before, but he was only joking, we thought. I'd stayed over a few times before, but only heard a few bangs in the night. I assumed it was one of her family, because there's at least two people on each floor. Anyway, my friend and I had always joked that the house was haunted, and there were two lumps in the garden that looked like graves. We'd been having so much fun but then down the corridor, we both froze and saw two man figures. We shook our heads and ignored it. We joked her house was haunted by rugby players. Everything was fine for a while, we'd been too busy messing about to notice anything. We'd take pictures, and there were at least four orbs in each picture, but we said the camera was dirty.

   My friend's bedroom was on the highest floor, and in the landing was nothing but an old rocking horse. My friend always kept her door open, for a simple reason that her room got to hot at night. We were in her room, and my friend was fast asleep. My friend wanted to be a fashion designer and had got a dummy in the corner of her room.

   Instantly, I was petrified at this shadow in the corner. I then figured it was just a dummy. But I was naturally shaken up. I then lay wide awake for about half an hour, and I heard loads of crashing from two floors down in the kitchen. It sounded like saucepans and knives and forks all being swiped off a counter. I heard them all crash to the floor, but in my head I was making up excuses that it might have been someone getting a glass of water. I looked across the hallway, still sitting in bed, to see if my friend's sister was in her bed or not. She was fast asleep, but I was distracted by the rocking horse. It was violently rocking back and forth, and I thought it was going to break or crash. The horse toppled over onto its side and I saw a shadow near the window. I then covered myself with duvet, hoping I was slightly mad. I then heard what sounded like a knife being scraped or picked off the floor from the kitchen. It was very echoey in the house, so you could hear everything perfectly. I then heard footsteps climbing up every staircase, until it reached the door to the small staircase leading up to the top floor our floor.

   The footsteps walked up the small staircase, but stopped at the door to the landing. By this time I was so scared I could have wet myself, but unaware that my friend was awake, I looked across and she had some light up SpongeBob T-Shirt wear only his eyes and mouth glow in the dark. Upon seeing this, and with all the activity that had just happened, I let out a small scream. My friend laughed, thinking she'd scared me, but what I was really screaming at was much worse. I looked out into the hallway, and pointed. My friend looked, and for a minute or so, we both stood, staring at the hallway. In the hallway was a man, looking rather evil. He was white, had a long face and was holding a knife. We sat with our mouths open, tears running down our faces. The ghostly man glided very quickly towards us, with an extremely creepy expression on his face, but vanished at the bottom of the bed. In the corner of my eye, I saw a child figure lifting up the rocking horse. She seemed sweet and apologetic. I think that they must have been father and daughter and the father was very strict, but that's only a guess. I later asked my mum, who had stayed over that night and had slept on the sofa in the room across from the kitchen. She said she'd heard a couple (that had also stayed over) having a row in the kitchen. She said she heard things crashing, but the couple then left in embarrassment. It still doesn't explain the ghost with the knife.

   I've moved away, and luckily don't visit my friend anymore. I live in an old house, but so far, it's not haunted. The only unexplainable thing that's happened so far, is the sound of someone walking into my metal blinds in the middle of the night. We don't think it's a ghost, but we're always open to possibilities. I just hope I don't have to experience ghostly stuff ever again.

Lady in the Mirror

Carmen Mejil, MA, USA

   My friends and I have had a few experiences, some we experienced together. I have never been afraid of the paranormal, in my culture it is normal to believe in spirits that protect you and to have an occasional visit from a deceased relative, so my parents, my father in particular, would always explain to us that they are never there to hurt us, just to watch over us or to give us a message. 
Therefore, we should be listening.

   One incident, my friend Brenda lived across the street from me and she was on the porch while I was in the house doing dishes.  I had the front door open because it was nice out.  Brenda came in and asked me where the old lady went.  I told her I was home alone and she said she was on the porch and seen an old lady walk into my house.  I told her that I have been home alone all day cleaning and there is no way someone could walk into the house and not be heard or seen.  That creeped  her out, I just figured it may have been my grandmother who passed away a few weeks earlier.

   Another incident that happened was when my best friend Kristina stayed at my house one night.  We were in college and had gone out late so she crashed at my place.  She said she woke up that night to go to the bathroom and saw what looked like a big Indian chief standing at my bedroom door with this big feather hat and his arms crossed over his chest.  As she was telling us the story the next morning my father said, "Yeah, that's the Indian chief I pray to protect my children."  She seemed to just accept that answer.

   A few weeks later she and I were on our way to eat at a restaurant and we were sharing our experiences with the paranormal.  I told her about my grandmother visiting on occasion and how my friend Brenda has seen her.  Well, she started talking about the day that her grandmother passed away and how close they were.  As she was telling the story (we were still in the car but parked at the restaurant) something made us  both turn and look at the side mirror on her side of the car.  At that instant we both screamed and got out of the car.  We stopped and looked at each other and she said, "You saw her too right."  I said I did and we both just looked back at the mirror and decided it was a good time to go and eat and maybe have a drink.

   What happened was that as we both looked at the mirror we seen her grandmother staring back at us.  I don't usually get freaked out but that scared me somewhat, I can never get her face out of my head.  It wasn't menacing, just surprising.

The Man Next Door

Rhianna, South Australia

   I’ve had many experiences with the paranormal, but this one has always stuck in my mind for some reason.

   I was visiting my dad for a few weeks. (My parents separated and after a few years my mum and I moved towns). It must have been around September from what I can remember, this particular night I was staying at my best friends place, who I loved visiting considering we had remained close even though I moved.

   It was fairly late, I’m guessing close to midnight and we decided to call it a night. But before getting ready for bed I went out the front of her house to have a smoke. I was sitting on a bench they had at the front of the house minding my own business, everything was completely quiet.

   For some reason I had an overwhelming feeling to look to my right, when I looked across the house next door had an older man at least in his late 80’s  leaning against the fence looking around as if he were lost.

   I myself thought it was fairly weird considering it was so late and he was just standing there for no apparent reason. The odd thing about it was, all though I knew he was human, he looked as if he had some kind of gray mist around him.

   He didn’t seem to notice me sitting there, I kept quiet as I slowly saw him head closer to the house (I’m assuming for the front door). Right in front of my eyes, he vanished. With that, I bolted inside and told my friend and her mum why I was so out of breath.

   I explained every little detail I possibly could. They both looked at me with complete shock, as my best friends mum shivered as if a chill went down her spine. I asked them what it was. They informed me the old man in the house had passed away three weeks before hand. It was only the old lady left in the house.

Daddy Came Back

Vickie Rossi, Maryland, USA

   This isn't one of the really scary stories I have read, but it was scary enough for me.

   On February 28, 1966 my father was killed in an accident at work.  I was 11 years old.  About 6 months after his death my family moved to a different house in my hometown of New Martinsville, West Virginia.

   In January of 1967 I was home from school due to illness.  My sister and brother had gone to school and my mom had to run errands so I was tucked up on the living room couch with juice to drink and the television to watch.

   I was watching television when I heard the screen door on the side of the house open.  I thought this was strange because my mom had made me lock both the screen door and the regular door on the side of our house as she was leaving.  I was frightened, but I knew the regular door was bolted so I was in no danger.  Then, the side door swung open.  I not only heard the squeaky hinges on the door, but also saw the shadow of the door opening move across the dining room floor.

   I sat there on the couch frozen with fear.  I kept telling myself that this wasn't really happening and then I heard the footsteps in the kitchen.  They were slow and deliberate, but not as if someone was sneaking into the house.

   I decided to just lay back down on the couch and pretend to be asleep.  I couldn't get myself to get off the couch or to even look towards the kitchen doorway.  I think I was praying that whoever was walking in the kitchen would go down the hallway to the bedrooms, but they stopped just where the kitchen opened into the living room.

   Then to my horror I heard a noise I hadn't heard in almost a year. My father had a peculiar way of clearing his throat and that was what I heard.  I don't remember what I was thinking at the time, perhaps I wasn't thinking at all, but when the noise came a second time I found myself compelled to turn and look towards the kitchen.

   Standing in the doorway was my father!  Not as he had been dressed when he was buried, but in his work clothes.  He was completely three dimensional and as solid as any living person you might meet.  He smiled a somewhat sad smile and I began to scream.  You see, the only feeling I associated with my father was fear, and to see him there in front of me flooded me with total terror. 

   I don't know how long I screamed.  It could have been minutes; it could have been hours.  The next thing I knew my mother was yelling and trying to break down the door to get in the house.  You see all the doors were locked from the inside after all.

   I came to my senses enough to finally get off the couch and the doors open.  I fell into my mother's arms completely hysterical.  I told her what had happened, but she didn't believe me and insisted that I had had a bad dream.  No one believed me for a long time.  Then my sister finally admitted that she had seen our father too.  After that it didn't matter if anyone believed me.  I knew that what I had seen was real.

The Old Larder

Anonymous, UK

   I live in an old ground floor flat hidden away by all the flats piled  on top. In the Victorian era it was used as a whole house and the basement flat (which I live in now) was the kitchen. In the early 1900s it wasn't needed so they separated it in the 1920s I think.

   When I moved in there was a strange feel to the place. I thought that maybe I needed to get used to the energy of it. I used the biggest room in the house as a living room, the  second as an office for all my studying and revising for university. I used the smallest room as my bedroom and this I was told by the estate agent was the old larder. After I'd settled in, everything was okay, but after the first week when I was sleeping on my proper bed I had my first encounter.

   I woke up to go to the toilet and opened my eyes to see a shadow carrying a lump of meat over his back. I turned on my night light. I was face to face with a meat delivery boy in his early twenties in fact. He had a soft cockney tone to his voice."Meat Miss" he said. I was quite speechless and looked onto the face of the wall there was meat hung up on hooks just like a Victorian larder. I looked back across to where the meat delivery boy was standing, but he had vanished.

I was looking through some old photos, and I saw the same man outside a butcher shop. I then found out he was my great, great, great uncle. Now it is normal to see him round corners and bends but I'm fine with that. My parents said they had seen him too. I wanted to go deeper into this mystery so I went to a medium reading. She told me that this man was just making sure I was okay. I see him by my bed from time to time. The medium described him as a real gentleman whose energy focused around my family. I have become attached to this ghost and I will be sorry when I leave. 

Grandma's Ghost

Kanchala, Colombo, Sri Lanka

   November, 2006 this was an unforgettable and terrible month to remember. After long weeks of suffering my grandma died of old age. This had us all trembling and eyes filled with tears. I was about eleven years old when she died. Days passed by and it rained continuously for weeks, making it seem like the sky was weeping.

   One cloudy day just about a week after the death of my grandma, I walked upstairs into the television room deciding to go to bed soon. But just before going to bed I called to her thinking my grandma was listening to every word I said. I don’t know what my reason was to call her but at that moment I missed her so much I couldn’t bear it. “Hey Aachchi” I used the Sri-Lankan word for grandma and called out. And of course didn’t expect her to reply so continued to speak “Hey Aachchi” I called out once again. “Please meet me downstairs at mid-night” I have absolutely no clue why I said that. I didn’t expect to see her again, however I did…

   Just a few short weeks later I arrived at my cousin’s place where I planned to stay over. Hours passed and nothing unusual happened but I guess I spoke too soon as later that day I did see my grandma and it scared me for life…

   The moment I finished eating dinner I walked up the stairs while my twin cousins stood there talking to my twin sisters. I didn’t bother to interrupt the conversation they were having together. So walking up the stairs I found myself getting a bad feeling like I was being watched, so I started humming to myself and tried, unsuccessfully to get rid of the chill that ran down my spine. I was then upstairs and started walking towards the television room and suddenly stopped walking as soon as I saw her …

   There standing just near the television stood my grandma! She was smiling sweetly at me while I stood there shocked, with my mouth flapping like a fish and my eyes wide open. I identified her the moment I saw her. Her white hair was tied in a bun as usual, she was also wearing a white sari that had flower-like patterns sewn on it. Well the particular thing that shocked me and scared me for life was her skin! Her skin was as black as coal, which definitely wasn’t her usual skin tone colour.

   I blinked several times thinking I was imagining the whole thing but my dead grandma remained silent while she stood there looking straight at me. I blinked again and then she was gone! Soon I realised that it had been her ghost so I let out a piercing scream and started running downstairs screaming my lungs out!

   I never did believe in ghosts but this was not just some ghost I saw, it was definitely and truly my grandma and from that day onwards, I started to believe that ghosts do exist…

The Girl Upstairs

Caroline Spencer, Colchester, UK

   Not many people believe in ghosts or spirits and neither did I. But it was only lately I've started to wonder if they really do exist.

   I've lived in my house for nearly 11 years now and I haven't been overly keen on it. Plus the fact, that we are actually built on an old grave-yard. I don't believe that all the bodies have been re-moved as my children actually used to dig up bones. e.g. finger bones, kneecaps, jaws etc.

   Anyway, it was only a few years ago things seemed to get weird. Apart from the fact, my dog Cyrus, who barks at random things since he was around 1 year old. I didn't take much notice as my dog barks most of the time. It only used to freak me out when he used to stare under the table as if he saw feet walking by and bark at the same time.

   So, carrying on. My daughter once complained about seeing a tap turn on by its self. This really seemed to scare her as she's been watching horror movies since she was young. It was only when weird things started happening to me I started to pay attention.

   I woke up around 2 am as I recall, and I heard what sounded like running across the landing. Ever since then, I wake up around 2am every night hearing the same noise!

   But Lately, I sometimes see a small shadow on top of the stairs when its late at night. However it's not always a shadow. Its sometimes occurs as a figure of a small girl. You can briefly see what she's wearing and looks like a long dress and a dirty white shirt over the top.

   It's been a few years since then, but we don't seem to get the problems like we used to. I think, that as the kids grew up, the young child got lonely and left.

The Old House

Nicole Ivanova, Haskovo, Bulgaria

   As long as I can remember there were always strange things happening around me. Like the time when I heard strange footsteps in my room, but there was no-one except me there , or the time when I saw a strange mist coming towards me but the scariest and the most confusing event  was in the old house.

   I know very little about the site where our block of flats is built. The only thing is that once there were small houses where people from the 19th century lived and died. One of the house was still standing but fortunately they destroyed it 3 years ago. I've always been curious about it because people often said that at night you could hear laughter or the crying of a woman. I once myself had the opportunity to go inside. And I often regret it. The story begins like this:

   It was a warm summer evening and me and my friend Mirella (she lives in the block of flats above mine) were bored. We were 12 years old then and didn't know what to do because all the other kids had gone to the sea side. So we decided to go in the old house, of course not believing all of the rumors about ghosts.

   Going inside was easy, all we did was climb the fence (it was 2m high) and went through the deserted garden. When we reached the entrance we saw that the front door was missing, probably stolen by someone. We went in. The smell of fungus and rotted wood was very strong, the house was deserted since 1913. We didn't get any flashlights because when we went in it wasn't dark yet and that was I think our biggest mistake.

  First we went on the second floor and that was when the first strange thing happened. We were walking close to one and other and heard something moving behind us, as any normal person we immediately stopped and turned around - no-one. Scared we continued forward into the first room. It was small and it had strange brown spots on the walls and they looked as if it was kind of liquid (I still like to think that that wasn't blood).There was a door leading to another room so I suggested to Mirella to go in, but it was getting a little dark so she decided to stay in the other room. I said OK and went in, after a minute she screamed out of horror. Terrified I went back, she was staring at the door and said that she had seen something moving in the hallway. After that event we went downstairs to the kitchen and then I saw it: there was a table and chairs and on one of the chairs there was a dark figure, which then opened its eyes - they were ghostly white. All of this happened in 2 or 3 seconds, because we started to scream and of course ran out of the house.

   I still can't explain what we had seen in that house, but all of the time that I was in I had the feeling that someone or something was watching us and hating us for being in there .

A Reassuring Hand

Lori, NE, USA

   When I lived in Arkansas I moved into a two bedroom house with my husband and three children.  From the start I had a funny feeling about the house.  I would hear footsteps in the middle of the night on the wood floors.  At times I would see something out of the corner of my eye, but could never make out exactly what it was.

   One day, while I was outside with my children, I turned and looked into the big picture window at the front of the house and saw a man standing in my living room.  Needless to say, I rushed into the house and no one was there.  The back door was locked, as well as the windows, I searched every room and found nothing.  I was seriously creeped out but, oddly, I was not afraid. 

   Shortly after seeing the man in my living room I began going through a rough patch in my life.  I was battling depression and an abusive husband.  One night after a serious fight with him I was standing in the kitchen crying wondering if I could take much more when suddenly I felt a soft touch on my back.  I thought it was my husband trying to apologize.  When I turned around there was no one there.  I just knew it was the man I had seen in the window.  I named him Victor, because it seemed to fit.  Whenever I was going through a rough patch or worrying over something I would receive a soft touch on my back. 
It was Victor was reassuring me that things would be okay.

Ghosts of Those We Love

Jonathan Broadway, LA, USA

   In the middle of the year sometime during 1992 we lost our grandfather to a major heart attack. During this time I was given the duty of watching over my grandmother since she was now alone in a large open ranch house. I was only thirteen at the time and coming to grips with the loss myself. My grandfather was in my eyes larger than life and the best mentor a juvenile could look up to. My grandfather was a WWII veteran and POW survivor. He managed to oust any and every obstacle that ever got in his way.

   Taken in by the loss that he did not pull through this particular circumstance was all I could do to keep my composure. After all I was there to look over my now grieving grandmother.  After the funeral, I stayed over that night watching television and sitting in the then monstrous armchair that was my grandfathers.  During the very early morning I noticed that the lights in the back room were flickering and the lights in the hall would begin to flicker. Then the lamps in the living room would start to flicker. At this time I was a little more than shocked and when the lamp and TV started to flicker on the table next to me I was beside myself. Frozen in fear and the cool air that now surrounded me I did not breath.
I assume my grandfather came to the conclusion that he was terrifying me he left the room. When he left the room, he let the appliances and lamps turn back to normal one at a time starting from the closest to the furthest. Still not wanting to move and frantic I sat there.

    White knuckled, I found the courage to get to the room which happened to be the same direction that the spirit of my grandfather had gone. I did not talk about that night for many years to anyone. That in itself would be a good ghost story, but this is not the rest of the story…

   Ten years later I had the duty to again keep the house and live there. I was married and had my first child. We had made the nursery in the furthest room in the hall across from our own. My daughter would laugh and coo while staring up at nothing. She was never scared but in the middle of the night and sometimes during the day moan . I told my wife of the encounter and she thought I had lost my mind. During the time their she would have different experiences of her own. The thought of my grandfather looking over my family comforted me but the thought of having an outright ghost in the house also scared the heck out of me.

    We realized quickly that he was displeased with us leaving because he tore off the mirror in the nursery from the studs in the wall that it was bolted to. No way was this thing just going to fall. It broke and frayed the wood that it was anchored to. It also was pushed outward and shattered on the carpet and vanity. When I invited him to come with us he did. Since we have moved from different place to place and every time he finds his way to our house.  It is good to have loved ones watching our children. It is also good to know that the guardian angel is my mentor.

    We later found out that when my daughter could talk that a man she called "Pops" would play with her. And the wings of my Harley Davidson shirt looked like the ones he had. ( My grandfather was a pilot in the war, and we think he looks like he did in the war with his flight suit. She also recognized him from an old picture and called him Pops)  Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Paranormal Attractant

Jess, Victoria, Australia

   I have long had an interest in the paranormal; it started when I was about 7 and had my first experience with a ghost. My family lived in an old house on a property in rural Victoria. We had relocated the house and made some changes including demolishing a sleep out and adding an extension.

    I had lived there since I was 5, but hadn't experienced anything for those first few years. One night, I had woken up to go to the toilet and once I had gotten back into bed I looked up to see a figure in the doorway. I thought it was one of my parents checking on my sister and I (we shared a room) but it was obvious that they were too short to be an adult. The figure slipped into the room and I remember realizing it was a little girl with long blonde ringlets and wearing period clothes. A second figure then followed her
through the doorway, this one even shorter than the little girl. I saw this one to be a little boy, and afterwards I always referred to these two as 'the brother and sister ghosts'. I was never scared of them and I saw them many times, but I was very curious about them because it seemed that neither of them could speak, even though I asked them a lot of questions. They would just nod or shake their heads and smile to answer me. I did manage to gather, however, that they had lived in the house a long time ago and the little boy was sad because his room was the sleep out which we had demolished.

   I never felt right telling anyone about the brother and sister ghosts, but one day long after we moved, my mum mentioned something about a child ghost she thought was in that house. She said that she would sometimes hear giggles and had things mysteriously disappear and reappear in an obvious place when there was no one else home. Stunned, I told her that we actually had two children ghosts living with us, a little girl and her little brother. My mum was also a little stunned, but was happy to know that she wasn't going crazy.

   I also encountered a shadow person in this house when I was about 11, and this experience really did scare me. I had just walked out of our toilet, at the back of the house, when I saw a black figure leaning in the doorway of our spare room. The hallway light was on and I remember I felt like it was glaring at me. I screamed and ran straight past it down the hallway, calling to my parents. They searched the house, thinking there was an intruder (kind of funny considering we were on a property out of town) but I kept telling them it wasn't a person, that they were all black with no face or hair or anything that I could see. I never saw it again, but after that I was scared to go down that end of the house.

My next paranormal experience occurred when I was 14 and was on a ghost tour of Melbourne with my mum and some family friends. None of us were expecting to see anything as it was a tour of about 20 people, but we were still excited to be seeing some supposedly haunted places. We were at the old Cobb & Co. factory (which I think now has been demolished) and being the only children on the tour, we were asked if we would like to walk around the back of the building by ourselves to see if we could draw the spirits out. My little sister and one of our friends chickened out, but a friend and I decided we would do it. We walked through the huge open doorway into the courtyard behind, whispering nervously together, when suddenly my friend looked up and froze. I paused and also looked up to see what he had seen only to also freeze on the spot. In an upstairs window of the Cobb & Co. building there was a pale figure that was distinctly human in shape. It had no features but it definitely felt as if it were staring at us.

   After a few seconds we both looked at each other and ran as fast as we could back into the building, but no one would believe we had actually seen anything. To this day, my family friend rarely speaks about the experience and still seems quite unnerved by it.

   Nothing much happened for the next few years until I was 18 and my family had moved into a house that had recently been renovated. It's split level, except the only thing on the ground level is the garage and to get to our front door you have to walk down a path, up some stairs and around a verandah (a bit of a trek, I know!). Our lounge room looks out over this verandah, and quite often we will be sitting watching TV and will see heads bobbing along near the edge, as if there were a person walking up the path to the stairs. The heads always appear to be male, with short dark hair, and we sometimes mistake them for my dad coming home but when no one comes inside we realize it's just another 'head visitor'. My sister and I have also heard people calling our names in the house. This is nothing out of the ordinary, except that it quite often happens when nobody else is home. This occurs more to my sister than to me, but she has said that 9 times out of 10 my name is being called and not hers. I also often wake in the morning to find my wardrobe doors, which I always keep closed, wide open. This is strange because they get stuck a lot and make loud thudding noises when you wrench them open - the sound is loud enough to wake someone up (I frequently wake up my sister in the next room when I open the doors late at night), but I have never heard them open. No one in my family feels threatened by what's happening in our house, which we still currently live in, and it's been occurring for almost 2 years (I'm now 20).

   The most recent new experience that I've had was on holidays in January with my friends. We had rented a 2-storey holiday house for a week in Torquay, a town along the Victorian coast. On the first morning there, one of my friends, who were sleeping downstairs, woke up at about 5am to go to the toilet. As she was getting back into bed she heard, clear as day, a voice from upstairs shout 'Everybody shut up! Be quiet!' which she found surprising as everyone was asleep. She eventually went back to sleep, but asked us all about it later on in the morning, but no one else heard the voice or admitted to being the one shouting.

   As well as this, almost every morning at about 9am, my boyfriend and I would awake to the sounds of people moving about and talking quietly in the kitchen which was right next to our room. We would get up and go out there, only to find that everyone was still in bed. One afternoon, everyone had gone out to lunch or to the beach,  but my boyfriend and I decided to stay home and clean up a bit and watch a movie. We were sitting in the lounge room eating lunch when we heard what sounded like people rustling around in the kitchen (like moving packets and cutlery around on the benches). We knew for a fact this time that no one was home, so I rushed into the kitchen to try and catch whatever it was in the act. As soon as I reached the doorway, however, the noises stopped.

    That same night we had all gone out for dinner except one of our guy friends who wasn't feeling well. He said that he was upstairs watching TV when he heard the front door downstairs slam shut followed by what sounded like one of the downstairs bedroom doors. He thought someone had come home in a bit of temper so went downstairs to investigate. All of the bedroom doors were open, there were no cars out the front, and upon further investigation he discovered that there was no one else home. What makes it even stranger is that to get in the front door you needed a 4-digit pin code that changed weekly.

These are just some of my experiences, and I do hope for more, maybe something I can capture as proof of the paranormal. Thanks for reading.

The Wandering Hotel Spirit

Anonymous, FL, USA

   I have worked at a certain hotel for the past 2-3 years. It has changed names three times. Not only have our guests had strange and unusual experiences but so have we. We do not advertise the hotel for its playful spirits and are not allowed to mention the name.

    The most recent experience occurred on 5/12/2010. Our guests arriving at 2:00 pm were placed in 2 rooms with double beds. Somewhere around 6:00 pm, I received a call from room number #116. The guests were having some kind of unusual electrical problem with the lights in the room. There had been no prior complaints of any electrical problems so naturally I was skeptical and told them I would be over in about 5 minutes. I finished my paperwork and went and knocked on #116. The guests re-iterated how the lights had gone on & off all around the room on different circuits. Everything appeared to be normal at first glance.

   Then to my complete amazement, the lights on 3 separate panels and the bathroom light started to go on & off alternately back & forth. Three guests and myself witnessed it and all of us pretty much stood there with our mouth open. The older gentlemen spoke up and asked, "Is there any chance this room is haunted?" I had to smile because several months prior another set of guests could not get this door to unlock with a slide key. I could open it but for some strange reason the door simply would not unlock for them. Both sets of guests were given a different room on both occasions. Oddly enough, the room was re-cleaned and re-rented to other sets of guests on the first occasion and the door unlocked easily and there were no complaints from the next guests. As for the unusual electrical display, the room was checked the following day by General Manager and maintenance. No problems were found… However, we left this room off the list the following day in hopes  that our little spirits would calm down.

   It is not unusual to read and hear ghost stories all over Saint Augustine but our hotel won't be found on a ghost tour and we have never advertised other haunting experiences at this location. We prefer to wait and hear our guest’s stories first.

   Our front lobby has what appears to be a trickster of a ghost. On one occasion a guest handed over $59.59 cents in cash and change. We both counted the money with the guest who then picked up the money and placed it in my hand but somehow the change disappeared in the process. We were both searching the counter and floor on both sides when the change (seemingly) just dropped one coin at a time, out of nowhere onto the counter. My only response to our guest was, "Did you see that too?" He replied, "Yes, but let’s not mention it to anyone because I don't think they would believe us!"

   There are three doors in our lobby, two of which have an electronic lock and one that just has a turn bolt. All of our managers have soon and quickly learned that after dark only unlock and go out the bolted door. The main door mysteriously will click shut and lock managers out even when it is TURNED OFF!

   We sometimes receive calls at the front desk from rooms that are not rented usually #119 & #122 appear on the switchboard.

   Inside room #120 the sound of a woman singing can be heard coming from #119. Sometimes people can be heard talking or drawers opening and shutting or bags rattling. Number #119 is unoccupied when this occurs.

   Even the General Manager has seen what he thought was a guest entering the front lobby. He rushed to the office to help the customer only to find the lobby completely empty. He even checked the closets for the man wearing a long white beard, shorts and sandals that he saw enter the main doorway.

   A man has also been seen standing just inside the windows in room #227 on the second floor. The room again was empty and had not been rented that day.

   Guests staying in #107 reported much activity on their ghost meters and rattling sounds at night.

   Other guests in #114 felt uncomfortable and asked if this room was haunted. One renter scattered garlic around the room (????).

   A repeat customer whom always stays in #124 stated that he has heard street brawls and arguing outside his door but when he opened the door no one is ever there. This man has been coming here for 8-9 years and always requests the same room.

   #108 seems to have a spirit that likes to touch your arm or blow your hair to one side.

   WE had repeated problems keeping the mirror on the bathroom wall in #117. It finally had to be practically glued, cemented and screwed to the wall!!!

Restaurant's Guardian

Jennifer, Victoria, Australia

   I used to work in a cafe/restaurant in an old mining town from the Gold Rush, and it had a resident ghost.

   Overall, he (the owner was adamant the ghost was male) rarely got involved in the day-to-day occurrences of the restaurant, but occasionally he would intervene when things were done that he didn't approve of.

   The owner, for instance, had a story of when she first bought the business and was decorating its interior prior to opening. Her business partner had found a framed collection of foreign World War II recruitment posters at a local op shop that he thought would look good on the walls. The ghost, however, wasn't impressed with this choice and when the two returned to the shop the day after hanging all the posters, they found them all on the floor. The Japanese poster's glass frame was broken.
When they re-hanged them that evening, they found the same thing upon returning the next day. This lead the owner to conclude that the ghost may somehow be linked to the War Memorial that's less than a five minute walk from the restaurant. I'm not sure I agree with her, but it's possible.

   My own experiences with the ghost weren't so dramatic. One night when I was cleaning the coffee machine at the end of the day, one of the cups (stacked two cups high on top of the machine) fell to the floor. I picked it up and carefully replaced it, only to have it fall off again. I tried again, and held it to ensure it was steady before removing my hand, upon which the cup levitated about 8 inches into the air, hung for a moment, and then fell to the floor. I looked over my shoulder to see the manager staring at me open mouthed, he had seen it too. Wanting to be respectful, and having been told by the owner stories about the ghost before, I apologized aloud to him for repeatedly putting the cup where he didn't want it, and stacked the cup elsewhere on the coffee machine, where it stayed.

   The most activity I ever experienced from the ghost was while a certain chef was briefly working at the restaurant. We never figured out why, but for some reason our ghost really didn't like her. During her time in the kitchen, pots and saucepans would move overnight. The CDs she kept at work to play while she was cooking would be mysteriously scratched when she took them from their cases.  Sometimes, the metal rack on the wall that the pans sat on would just start shaking quite violently for a few minutes.
Or well-stacked piles of pans would just collapse for no apparent reason. None of which are individually that surprising, but with all of them happening at once fairly often, it was rather odd. I admit, I tried to talk to the ghost about it aloud once or twice (despite other waitresses looking at me like I was an idiot), trying to reassure him that the chef was a good person. But he really just didn't like her. The chef refused to be intimidated, but once she left the restaurant, the strange happenings in the kitchen ceased.

   These stories perhaps aren't as scary as some of the other tales on this site, but I always felt as if the ghost only wanted to protect us and keep us safe. And occasionally, just have someone talk to him and give him some attention. I think that, if he could somehow know about it, he would feel content knowing that his presence and "assistance" was known.

The Noises

Ariel Renee Riley, MO, USA

   I have always hated to be left at home alone. I don't like being alone for a couple hours, a day, a weekend, or a week. At least, not in my house. I always knew there was something weird about my house. From creaks and bumps to computer chairs spinning until they fall. My house is not like the others I have lived in.

   My brother has witnessed a computer chair spinning when no one has touched it. My mom has heard footsteps. But neither of them have heard or seen the things I have.

About two and a half months ago, my parents and my brother had gone out of town. I had spent the day with my friends and decided that I was ready to go home and go to bed. The first thing I did when I got home was make sure that all the lights, computers, televisions, and stereos in the house were turned off. Then I put my dog's in their crates, (which are in the room right next to my living room.) locked the front and back door, and went to the living room to sleep on the couch.

   When my back door closes, it makes a very distinct sound. It doesn't shut just by being pushed on lightly. It has to be slammed.

   After lying down for an hour, I heard the back door slam shut (and I knew I had locked it and no one has a key to the back door). What made it strange to me at the time was the fact that the sound had come from my parents' room, right above the living room. I ignored it because I just wanted to sleep.

   Shortly after the slamming from upstairs, I heard music playing. I thought it was coming from outside so I rolled over to get up to close the windows. Once I rolled over, I stopped moving. I could see the light from the computer screen in the next room. I knew I had turned it off. The music got louder and then shut off. I was terrified.

   For the next couple hours it was quiet. No sounds were made. I had just started to fall back to sleep when the footsteps started. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. The steps were creaking with each thud. I had finally had enough and cried out "Leave me alone! Just let me sleep!"

   The noises stopped that night, but I know they're still here. My mom hears them. So does my brother. He tries to wake me up to hear them early in the morning. My dad won't tell me if he's heard the noises. I'm sure he has.

   I don't stay at my house alone anymore.

Paranormal Past

Anonymous, Lancashire, UK

   I've always had unusual experiences and been involved with life after death. In fact all my family has, it’s sort of something that runs in the family. Anyway I am only going to tell you about one of the many stories that have happened to me, as it is the most extreme.
   I lived in a new built house, the same on I lived in today, and because it was a new house I never thought that it would be haunted.  I was 6 and my sister was 9 and as we were so young we both shared the back bedroom of the house and my parents share the big front room and our baby sitter, Hannah used the smaller spare bedroom at the front.

   One night I was in bed and from where mine and my sisters beds where if I sat on my sisters bed and looked out the door I would see the spare bedrooms door and from my bed I could see the landing and stairs.

   Anyway, I was suddenly awoken one night to see a dark figure on the stairs. The figure walked half way up the stairs then stopped, I couldn’t see the persons face as it was just a dark figure but I’m sure it was looking at me. The "Shadow" didn’t walk up the rest of the stairs it floated up and through the banister that stopped people falling down stairs and landed in the hallway; it looked at me once more and drifted off towards my mother’s room. The strange thing was me at first believing it was my mum, shouted out for her and I got no response also the "shadow" wasn’t on the same level as the house, it was inches above the ground. I wasn’t scared and I drifted back off to sleep, however the next morning me and my Mother went downstairs and all of the items and cards on our fireplace and onto of the TV where either knocked over or dropped on the floor!

   Nothing happened the rest of that week but the next Saturday, My baby sitter was round and she sleeps our house when she Baby sits as it’s so far away from her own house. Anyway I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, as I went to pull my pajama pants down I heard I loud bang and then loud footsteps coming from my Ceiling and another bang! As if someone was up there knocking over all the boxes containing Christmas decorations. I was terrified! I ran to my baby sitters room and she had to wait outside my toilet until I had finished.

   Yet again nothing else happened for the rest of that week. Then I asked my mum could I sleep in the front room when our baby sitter wasn’t staying so I wasn’t next to the bathroom, my mum agreed and I slept in the front room Saturday night. As I lay there with my TV on low, I started to hear a strange sound; as I listened more carefully it was the sound of my mother’s One Gallon Barrels handles being flicked up and then flicked back down and then the handle vibrating. I must let you know the handles don’t fall down when flicked up; you have to actually push them down! So I got a little scared but I didn’t freak out in fact I ignored it, closed my eyes and went to sleep.

   This was one of the strangest months living in that house. I still live there and nothing every as strange happened after that, I mostly think it’s because I decided not to be scared and I ended up talking to whatever was in my house. I think the biggest reason I wasn’t scared and decided to talk to the "shadow" as through-out all my life I have been in close contact with the spirit side, and this was just like another normal day to me.

   There are still strange happenings in my house today…

My Family's Experiences

Tegan Masters, NSW, Australia

   Let me start off by saying that I’m a firm believer in ghosts, although I had never had a personal experience until a few years ago.

   In November, 2006, 8 days before my 16th birthday, our house burnt down, well, not really burnt down. It was mainly smoke and water damage, but the kitchen was black. So during 2007, my mum, brother and I moved into a 3 bedroom house about 4 blocks away while our house was being re-built. From the moment we moved all our stuff into that house, I knew there was something different. I always had feelings of being watched.

   The first experience in that house was my brother’s. Now I’ve never actually asked him if he believes in ghosts or not but he swears this is true. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was sitting on the computer reading stories from this website, of all things while my mum was asleep in the lounge room and my brother (who was 11 at the time) was just wandering around, complaining that he was bored. I suddenly felt the need to go to the toilet so I went to the bathroom. When I finished, I walked out, only to be greeted by my brother, pale as anything, stating that he saw a white figure float into the lounge room. My heart jumped and I brushed past him and walked into the lounge room. There was nothing there, except my mum of course.

   My experience flipped me out. I’m the sort of person who tends to wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Where my bed was positioned in my room, I could see out my door and see the kitchen bench and the laundry door. Anyway, I woke up one night like I usually do and happened to look out my door. Standing in the laundry doorway was a white figure. It was like a faded white, but I could still see it. I blinked a few times and it was still there. I started breathing heavily because I was scared. I reached over to turn my lamp on without taking my eyes off the laundry door. When I turned it on, the figure disappeared. Needless to say I was pretty shaken up. I turned my back on the door and laid back down. I didn’t turn my lamp off.

   A few months after my experience, which I had forgotten about by then, my cousins came down from Sydney for Christmas. One night, my 3 year old cousin walked into my brother’s room, which was next to mine, and ran out shortly after, crying. We all gathered around her to see what was wrong. She was crying about a man on the wall. We tried to get her back in the room, but she wouldn’t step foot in there. That freaked me out a bit. She slept in the lounge room with her mum that night. But the next morning, she was fine. She had no worries walking into my brother’s room and playing in there.

   Once our house was re-built we moved back in and I’m glad we did. One day while my mum’s friend was around, my mum was relaying her ghost experiences.

   In the house we moved into while our house was being rebuilt, my mum was sitting at the computer. Now, where the computer chair was, you could feel the air conditioner on your back. It was a hot day, so she had the air conditioner on. While she was sitting there, she could feel something warm on her back, more specifically, on her right shoulder blade. She said it was like there was a hand pressing on her. Even though it was scaring her a bit, she just ignored it and it only went away when she got up to pick my brother up from school.

   Her next two experiences were in the house we used to live in when I was 7. One day, my mum was in my room cleaning when she heard a bang come from the dining room. She ran out to find the large photo frame that was hanging on the wall, face up, and roughly two metres away from the wall it was hanging on. Normally if a photo frame falls, it lands face down right next to the wall, or it falls back to lean against the wall, right? That scared my mum. She told my nan, who believed her.

   The next one she told even scared me because it happened in my room. I had a touch lamp in my room that had three brightness setting. Each time you touched it, it would get brighter until it turned off. Anyway, my mum was in my room, cleaning, when the lamp turned on by itself. It was at the first setting. Then it got brighter, and brighter, then it turned off. It did this about 5 times, at a steady pace, like someone was touching it. My mum bolted out of my room and didn’t go back in there that day.

   The very first encounter she had was when she was my age. She was in a bad mood because my nan wouldn’t let my mum go to her boyfriend’s place. So she stormed into her room and threw herself onto her bed. She was facing her door when she was a black cat run out of her room and down the hallway. They didn’t own any cats. She ran out and told my nan but she just brushed it off. My mum searched the house but didn’t find anything.

    On a side note, my cat, Puss, that I had for 12 years died in our house fire. She died peacefully on my bed from smoke inhalation. She was asleep. I still feel that she’s with us. Occasionally my new cat will run around chasing something, and so will our dog. I know that if she is still here, she’s looking out for me. R.I.P my baby.

Thanks for letting me share my family’s stories.

What's Going On?

Anonymous, Kingston, Tasmania, Australia

   I’m a single mum of two beautiful boys, we live in our own house as we have done many before this. For years now I have sensed two spirits in particular ever since I did a séance 5 years ago. While I was doing this with my ex-boyfriend his mum and just a friend of ours, a male named Mark came through and wanted to tell me that my uncle had killed him and that I was the only person to help him. He gave me the name of a hotel not too far from here and told me the number of the room, he then went on to say that once I walked into the room I would know straight away where he was. He warned me that if I don’t help him then my eldest son Zac would kill his father in his 16th year of life as his father would attempt to rape me and Zac would then do a life sentence in jail. I didn’t and have still have not done anything about this as I don’t know what to do and if I should believe it.

   A few years later I had an experience where I was just about to fall asleep and a woman’s voice started talking to me. As soon as I heard the name Mark my eyes sprung open and to my surprise there was no actual person as such but two balls of light at the end of my bed and one on the right hand side of the bed. I sat in my room just not believing what I was seeing, I sat there for ages and they didn’t go...I got up and turned my light on thinking I was just paranoid but the lights were still there. I climbed back into bed and thought I’d just wait it out when all of a sudden it felt like the life of me was being sucked out, I was so scared! I jumped out of bed grabbed my 3 year old son and ran down to my boyfriend’s mum’s at the time. As I ran every tree shook violently until I reached her front door. By the time I got inside I couldn’t breathe and I had tears rolling down my face everywhere. I’ve never been so scared in all my life as I was that night!

   A few years have passed now and like I said I have sensed these two spirits with me I know that there both male but completely different. I sometimes see them when I’m alone at night but I don’t feel afraid of them; it’s just like it’s natural for them to be around me, I see the first one he peeps around each corners at me never shows his full self and the other crawls around down the hall way but he’s a full grown male. I’ve seen him at times as well.

   I also sense another male that appears from time to time and when he’s about my whole body just fills with fear in an instant and I know that’s not good at all. I’m not sure what he wants or what his intentions are but I wish he’d go away. Thankfully for me when I get the sense of him (which is only when I’m in bed) I have someone looking out for me. I’m thinking it must be a female as I’ve only found that I sense males. But I feel her sit on my bed and I can feel when she touches my head, patting it as if to say that she’s there and its okay to sleep she'll make sure I wake in the morning type of thing.

As of late I also hear women and children trying to talk to me as I go to sleep of a night. I sleep with my ears covered at night so that I can’t hear. I have no idea what’s going on or what I’m meant to do about all of this....

   If anybody has any ideas please feel free to let me know because I’m completely lost here!! I’ve also had a few very weird things happening around the house as of late but perhaps that should be another story as I’m not sure it’s happening or not kind of thing....