March 2010

Home Spirit Home, Part 2

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

   So, I left off with this story that we have a shadow been skulking around here and there. No real mischief though just popping up late at night. What ever or who ever it is doesn’t seem to need any contact with us. I thought I might write a little about some other spirit activities that have occurred over the past 32 years. And maybe a little of my childhood experiences. My family has been steeped in spiritualism and mysticism as long as I can remember. Two of my aunts were Sooth-Sayers. A fortune teller as it is known today. My great Aunt Lillian foretold my older brother Butch’s death about three months before it happened. Firstly I would like to tell you about the current home we live in.

   One night while I was working on a project with my younger son on the computer which is located in the dinning room next to the fireplace. Again, the dining room sets directly under my wife and my bedroom. The living room is underneath my daughter’s bedroom. With that out of the way you have an understanding of where the rooms are situated in the house. Like I was saying, I was helping my younger son with a project on the computer in the dining room when all of a sudden there was a banging noise in the upper right corner of the ceiling just about where the door to my daughter’s room, between the living room and the dining room.

   There were three raps on the ceiling and then something that sounded like a squirrel scurrying across and in the space between the ceiling and upstairs floor. It ran right across the edge of the ceiling out towards the back door. There was a stink right after the incident. I shot a looked at my son and he said “It wasn’t me!”.  My son and I sat there in shock at first and then we just shrugged our shoulders and started to go back to doing what we were doing when I turned around and there stood my daughter, as white as a sheet, sweating and shaking all over. She was mouthing something but no sound came out. The look on her face? Terrified is what it was.

   I sat her down and asked what the matter was. She said that she was sitting in her room doing homework and heard a loud bagging on the door. She thought it was one of us so she opened the door to yell at us but no one was there. In the instant that she opened the door, it was jerked out of her hand and slammed shut. A voice made a low guttural growling at her and everything on her dresser began to shake violently. She ran out of the room and downstairs to us.

   This wasn’t the end of that night. Later around 2:00 am the back door opened and shut harder than ever. There was a loud bang and footsteps up the stairs to the bedrooms. They were slow and deliberately hard. Someone was not happy and wanted everyone to know it. For about a week and a half, things were moved around, picked up and placed in different paces in the house or just become missing. The TV would come on and change channels by itself. We had to unplug many of the electrical appliances to stop from being woken up every night.

   There was nothing going on in the family at this time. No real stress or problems out of the ordinary. I have said it seemed that the occurrences would become more and more aggressive with any additional stress from any one of the family. This episode didn’t fit the normal spirit activity.

   There is one last thing though. We were being locked out of our house every day and had to be sure to take keys with us every time we went outside, even if we went for the mail. Who ever it was did not want us to come back in. I am not sure why but after a while all the crazy things started to taper off and life got back to normal. Well as normal as it could be living in a haunted house. Or as we like to say the “Life-impaired”.

Home Spirit Home, Part 3

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

   This story is a little darker than the rest. But I felt that leaving anything out such as history and what led up to the incident would make this story a little confusing.

   When I was younger I lived about two blocks way from where I am now. The house I lived in was my Grandmothers house. So you see our family has been living in homes previously occupied by other family members. I never knew my grandmother. She died the year I was born.

   When I was about 12 years old and I was at a ball game with my father in New York City. It was a class trip. We had a nice day and were returning home. As we made the turn to the school, there were people all around waiting to pick up their kids. I noticed that there were two priests standing there as well. I for got to mention I was an alter boy in our church and the outing was organized by the priests for the parents and children of all the alter boys.

   We got out of the bus and one of the priests immediately came and got my father. The other priest grabbed me and kept me from hearing what they were talking about. I was a little afraid because at that time you could say I was a bit of a rebel. I thought I was in trouble for something I did. I couldn’t remember anything that I did do but I guess because of all the past trouble I figured there must be something I did and I will find out soon enough. My Dad came over to me and took my hand. He didn’t say much all the way home. We lived about a block from the school and church so it was a short walk home.

   I must have walked that route dozens of time to and from school and the church. It didn’t seem half as long as it did that night. We finally made it to the front door of our house and I saw a whole bunch of people inside. Man, I thought, I sure did something bad! We went inside and my mother was crying, so were some the other people. All of a sudden my godfather appeared and took me out in the backyard. He sat me down and told me my older brother Butch was dead. He was murdered in Troy, New York, another city just outside of Albany. My older brother was living there near his work. They said he drowned that afternoon while we were away.

   Well the rest included a wake then the funeral and people coming in and out of our house for a week or two. My mother was very out of it. She cried all the time calling my brothers name. One day my father came to my other sister and brother and me and asked if we smell anything out of the ordinary by the staircase to the upstairs. We all had noticed that there was an odor. A cologne smell, Blue Blaze, the aftershave my older brother Butch use to wear. It was very heavy and only appeared in the staircase. The odor got more and more intense to where we almost couldn’t bear the smell.

   One day I was coming home from school. I was walking with a bunch of my friends, doing what kids do after school. When I saw one of the priests from my church coming out of my house, again. I hurried home to see what was going on. I was told we would be moving out of the house for a few days and staying with my godfather and mother. The priest would be performing an exorcism that night. It appeared that my older brother was still here. From what I was told, my mother’s unwillingness to let my brother go caused him to stay.

   The exorcism was done and the smell went away. About a week later I was sleeping and the phone rang. It was late at night and everyone was asleep. Back when I was little, if someone called you from a long ways away the connection sounded static and the voice seemed far away. The ringing sound the phone made was strange. The only way to describe it is lazy. The phone was on a desk outside my door so I answered it. I said hello and the voice on the other end said “Hi Ray! This is Butch. Tell Mom and Dad I am all right and you be good.” I said OK and we said goodbye. I was still half asleep and so I went back to bed.

   I woke up the next morning and remembered the incident and thought I dreamt it. I went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. My Mom was cooking and my Dad was reading the newspaper. I sat down and started to eat when my father asked me who was on the phone last night. I almost choked but I said no one. I knew how much sadness my brother’s death brought to the family. If I ever said anything about what really happened I was afraid that they would be mad at me. It wasn’t until 40 years later when I was sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee with my mother that I told her. She remembered that night. And she actually said she understood and believed me. Maybe I should have told them then. But it felt like the right time when I finally did.

Home Spirit Home, Part 4

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

  I continue with more of the saga and parade of spirit encounters. The strangest one so far was the night these spirits decided to become vocal. It was around November or December,  Holiday time. There is something that I neglected to mention in the other stories. Most of the more active accounts of spirit activity seemed to happen during this time period, from September to December. Don’t misunderstand me, there were plenty of spirit activity during the year, it just seemed to peak around this time.

   I have been told that many people experience depression and anxiety during this time as well. Reports of a rise in suicide and violence. “Tis the season to be Jolly” I guess may not apply for all. My cousin works in the psychiatric wing of one of the large hospitals here and she has told me they have to increase the medication and security for many of the patients due to this seasonal outbreak of depression. Funny thing, most of the patients really don’t know what time of year it is, but they react all the same.

   If you have read any of the other stories, you may already know the layout of my home.
If not I will briefly explain. Our bedroom is directly above the dinning room in our home. With that said on with the tale. It was around 2:00 am on a Friday night or Saturday morning as it were. I was a waken by a sound. Half asleep I got out of bed and headed downstairs. My wife was not feeling well and she decided to go down and lay on the couch so she didn’t disturb me.

   The sound was a voice singing a song of sorts. Six notes. I am a musician and was able to remember the tune the next day. The voice must have sang the little tune more than once because as I woke upstairs I heard the end of it and then again while I was almost down the stairs and in the living room. The voice was so loud and clear it appeared to be everywhere. But mostly in the dinning room. I looked in the dining room which is right off the living room and there was nothing there except our two cats.

   One cat was sitting on the floor and the other sitting on the dining room table. Both were looking straight up at the light in the middle of the ceiling. Remember, that exact spot is directly underneath our bedroom upstairs and directly in the middle of our bed. My wife was somewhat awake at that time and I asked her if she heard anything. She said “Someone was singing”. The tune was so distinctive. It was arranged like so: B – B-flat – E, A – A-flat – D.

   The spirit sang this combination of notes more than once. The tune has haunted me ever since. Her voice sounded very melancholy but strong and clear. This incident never happened again but I will tell you, I’ll never forget that sound. All I can say it was other-worldly in nature. The next day I talked with my wife about the encounter and we took that whole day to try to find a logical reason for the voice.

I asked our neighbors if they were up and had a radio or TV on last night. None of them did. The cats were the real stickler. They sat there for quit a while staring up at the light in the dining room. For many weeks later the one cat would come into the dining room and just look up at the light for a few moments then go on about its business. Many times animals and very young children are able to see things we won’t see.

   Yeah I didn’t say we can’t see, I said we won’t see. Kids and animals seem to see things we adults refuse to see. Must be the loss of innocence or something like that. All I know is, ever since that night a different feeling has come over this house. Believe it or not. The feeling is much warmer and peaceful. I know how all this must sound but unless you live here or have had experiences of your own, there is no way to describe the feeling of a spirit encounter.

   We are planning to have a séance in the near future. With that said, I am hoping to have some more “Home Spirit Home” stories to tell. Until then, keep your spirits high and your encounters to a minimum.

My Father's Ghost

Jonathan Hurley, TN, USA

   First of all, let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? I currently am seventeen as of February 15, 2010. So i take you back twelve years or so when i was younger.

   I was a normal five year old, but my father was dying. I didn't know how to handle it.... he was very sick and had to go to the ICU as his lungs were bad.

   I had a dream on October 17, 1998 that he would die the next day. So I pondered and was scared the next day, then my mom came home... She told my sister and I the news I DREADED, my father died. He lived only for my sister and I. But, there is a twist.

    Every night for about two or three weeks, when everyone was asleep and all the lights were out, I found myself waking up and there would be a golden orb above my window. In a flash, it always swooped around my room at a 90 degree angle and disappeared above my head.

   I believe in my heart it was my father checking up on me. It was the reason i could cope with my loss. To this day I feel he is looking down on me from heaven, and if I see him again, I could not be any happier.

Strange Happenings

Chris Tyler, DE, USA

   I like to think of myself as a logical thinker. I process evidence presented to me, and then make my conclusions based on such. Therefore I have never really taken "ghost stories" seriously.

   However during a plant shutdown in December of 2001, I changed my beliefs on the validity of ghost stories. I was working at the Mack Truck production plant in Hagerstown, Maryland at the time as a security guard. During the month of December that year they shut down the plant and all its operations for the month to allow for a union mandated vacation,  as well as performing needed repairs on the facility.  To enter the plant during this time you would have to check in with our security office, sign a sheet indicating what part of the plant you would be working in, and for how long. Therefore we always knew where maintenance workers would be. To leave the plant you would go back into the security office and sign out.

   I came in to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift on a Saturday and as I prepared to leave the office to make my rounds through the plant for my "fire and security" watch, I noticed all workers on the list had been signed out. My captain informed me that no one was in the plant working, and we were on minimal staff, so it would just be myself and her until 7 am.

   As I walked through the doors I noticed the plant was darker than usual. They turn off almost all the machines, and most of the lights in the plant during shutdown to save power, and money of course. I was glad that I remembered my flashlight. I was about 45 minutes into my 2 hour rounds that I experienced my first "happening". I was near the oil wash, where they clean off the engine blocks as they come out of the drilling line, and I saw a flashing amber light moving slowly through the machinery. It was my duty to make sure the plant was empty and that all the maintenance department forklifts had been secured, so I followed the flashing light looking for an intersection that would take me closer to it. 

   The light turned away from me and gained more distance as I broke into a jog trying to get around the oil wash. I radioed into my superior what I was seeing and was informed to secure the lift, and escort the worker into the office. Finally I turned a corner and could barely see the shape of the lift in the distance moving away from me into the loading area. It was impossible for me to make out a person riding the lift due to the darkness, and distance. Shouting at the person driving would do no good due to the noises made by the lift and the exhaust fans in the plant that must always be running. At least he would be trapped in the loading area. The only entrance to the loading area was right in front of me where he pulled into it.

   I could clearly see any shape escaping the bay against the white brick walls on either side of the entrance.  As I entered the loading area I saw the lift sitting at the far dock, forks half raised, light now off, and engine silent. As I approached I could see none of the bay doors were open. Had they been,  an alarm would have sounded, the same goes for any number of fire doors near the docks. I placed my hand on the lift and felt the warmth of the engine below the seat.

   Despite the heat from the lift, I got a cold chill. I has heard stories about "ghost workers" here. Usually told by the old timers, and one old security guard who had names for them. I always scoffed at their tall tales, and laughed at how serious some looked when they spoke of them. But here I was almost all the way on the other side of the plant, a good 20 minute walk from the office, faced with the undeniable truth and evidence that a ghost or energy that I could not explain may in fact exist. It all suddenly became real for me. I reached for the keys on the lift to secure it only to claw at the steering column. There were none. I lowered the forks, and picked up my radio mic, and asked my Captain if we had any keys missing from the forklift key box. I was informed we did not. The keys for that specific lift number 479 were hanging in the box. I quickly gathered my flashlight and clipboard and made a beeline for the office. I worked there another 4 months before leaving. In the next 4 months I had more and more things happen to me and around me. Things I cannot explain. Usually they occurred while I was alone on my watch, but sometimes in the company of the "Old Timer", who would simply nod and say, "that’s Charlie."

    I have not had any experiences since then. Nor do I wish to. I hope this is received well, frankly I’m glad to get it off my chest.