July 2010

Haunted Hospital

Paul, Queensland, Australia

   I am currently working in a small country town hospital in Theodor, Queensland. Something interesting happened on one night shift. There were only four patients in at the time, all were bed ridden elderly.

   At around 0100hrs I was in the main hall of the ward, not this is a small hospital that is built in a U shape. At one end of the U is the Emergency Department (ED), along that arm is the pharmacy and reception. In the corner of the U is the operating theatre and the ward extends along the base of the U, then on the other arm is the kitchen, staff room and training room.

   I was standing in the ward hallway about half way along the base of the U when someone walked out of the Director of Nursing’s office across the hall toward ED, I was wondering who of the staff was still at work at this time of morning as I had just left the only other staff member on in the staff room. I went to investigate but could not find anyone in the hospital. I thought I was seeing things!

   I walked back to the staff room and told the other nurse on what I had seen, she told me I was just tired. It was a good half hour after that that we heard the distinct sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. We looked at each other and dove out of the room to see who it was, once again a full search of the hospital revealed nothing! I thought it was odd as the floor was concrete but the footsteps were definitely on wood.

   We gave up thinking that it was just out first night and we were hearing things, around 40 minutes later at around 0215hrs there was a loud crash from the far end of the hospital followed by footsteps again. Once again we both dived out of the room, this time thinking one of the patients had somehow climbed over there bed rail and fallen. Once again after searching the hospital nothing was found, all patients were asleep in bed.

   We were chatting about it just before hand over in the morning saying what an odd shift it was as we were hearing and seeing things. This elicited an odd response from the regular nurses! (We, that were on are relief nurses) “Oh, that would have been the Matron.”

   It turns out this is nothing unusual for this hospital and most all staff have experienced something. One odd part of it is she has never been seen along the ward or near the kitchen and staff area, only near her office and the foyer. This was just like seeing another person, no transparency, no missing bits just a person and on thinking about it no sound either of footsteps or movement!

Something else that made the footsteps make sense to me is that the original wood hospital burnt down in the late 70s and this one was built on the same spot only with a concrete floor! A few nights later I took my digital camera with me to take some pictures, I took one immediately after the other outside the Director of Nursing’s office looking along the ward hall. The first shows what appears to be an orb and the second just an empty hall.

My Grandma's House

Rachel, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

   My Grandma and Grandad lived in a house that is only about eighty years old, and so when I was little, it hadn't had anybody die within the house. When I was about five or six, I was playing in the smallest bedroom there with my walkie-talkies (if you don't know what they are then they're like a mobile phone, but you can only communicate with the other handset of the pair- they operate on a frequency unique to the set, so that no other signal should be picked up). Now, I was attempting to see if I could hear my voice in the other handset when I spoke into the one i had in my hand, and the other handset was at the other side of the room (remember, I was only six). Then, I heard a voice from the handset I was holding- it was saying "Guess who it is now, guess who it is..." and it continued to tell me to guess. At only six you wouldn't have thought I would have been that frightened, but I was absolutely terrified and switched the walkie-talkies off and never used them again. My grandad dismissed this as just picking up another radio signal, but I believe that it was something else.

   Also in my grandma's house I keep smelling cigarette smoke, and neither of my grandparents are smokers. It's really strong, but generally disappears after a few seconds. I sometimes smell roses too, but that is fainter. I didn't mention this to anyone but then I heard my grandma sniffing one day and she told me that she could often smell cigarette smoke in the house! I then told her I could too, and she told me that she thought it was my great-great grandad who smoked "like a chimney" up until the day he died, watching the house. I told her about the roses and she said she could smell them sometimes, but not as often as the smoke.

Anyway, in 2007 my grandad died in December in the house. He had been in hospital for months before and while he was in hospital my grandma had dropped the keys to the garden gate outside and had never found them again, even though she looked every day for them. She never told my grandad because they always used to fight about where the keys were, and she didn't want to tell him she'd lost them. Then after he died, my grandma went outside, passing where she had dropped the keys and looked down- to see the two keys, perfectly stretched out with their keys on either side of their key-ring (i.e. not looking like they had just been dropped there) and with not a mark on them, even though they were lying in mud. She swears she checked that spot every day after she lost the keys and they weren't there.


Piper, NSW, Australia

   On the 25 February 2007 my eleven year old sister died, I was fourteen then.  A cancer of the bone had taken over her body and my sister was no longer able to live. Grace died in the accompany of her immediate family.

   Although my sister is gone I know that she is not too far away from me. I can hear her walking around at night, when the rest of my family sleeps. I find her clothes on my bedroom floor. Old toys and trinkets that we used to play with when we were little appear in my school locker. I am not scared for me but only for her, it began like this.

   Three and a half years after Grace's death I was used to finding her stuff around the place and communicating with her in some form. If I ever had trouble with finding something I would reach out to her and ask where a certain item was and shortly after I would find it. I enjoyed having her company around me and to never be alone but I always wished for more. I wished that I could see her in the flesh again.

   The day was coming to an end. All the birds had gone back into their trees and now the bats were coming out. My Mum and Dad were going out to a work function that night and now me being an only child was left at home alone.

   From memory it was around 9:30 pm when I heard footsteps coming from upstairs, I walk up the stairs and towards my room to check it out. None of the bedroom doors in our house have locks on them and as hard as I tried to open my door, I didn't have the strength to win against that unearthly force.

   I went back downstairs knowing that it was Grace playing a trick on me. Ten minutes later extremely loud banging noises began. I went back up the stairs and finally I was able to open my bedroom door. To my shock and disbelief I saw a foggy version of the back of my sister sitting on my bed. Even though I could not see her face I could tell that she was sad and miserable. It pained me to hear her sobbing and crying. Grace had scratches and cut on her hands and feet. I closed my eyes and said out loud "Grace you are dead now."

   All I remember from there was waking up on the ground in my bedroom, I figured I must of fainted. Ever since that night I haven't heard from my sister since. It's been pleasantly quite around here. 

Sensing Spiritual Prescence

Anonymous, OH, USA

   My story is not really about one particular experience, but a series of different experiences throughout the years. My earliest experience was when I was about 10 years old and I can remember standing in my mom's kitchen and feeling someone touch my shoulder and so I turned around to see who it was and there was no one there, that I could see… hmm that kinda freaked me out! After that there were numerous different "things" that occurred such as strange unexplained noises, things cutting on and off by themselves, me waking out of my sleep at night just feeling like somebody was in the room with me.
   When I became a teen I saw something on TV that said if you ever feel you have a spirit in your house or around you to speak to them and they'll listen, so that's what I did. Whenever they started making noises or cutting things on I would tell them to stop and it shocked me when they listened, it made it that more real but it also stopped me from being afraid. I am a Christian and I really don’t believe in "ghosts" but I do believe in spirits, both good and bad and I think I have definitely encountered both. I have very vivid dreams mostly about people close to me but sometimes even about people that are not so close, and anytime I have a dream about someone close to me I'll call them and tell them about it and more than half the time it's dead on. They'll tell me they just can believe what I’m saying because it's something they’ve really been dealing with.

   Now I am 24 married with 4 children and my husband knows about everything and he is always supportive, I sometime see someone in the house or hear someone speak (and I don’t know who, I’ve never asked) and I'll let him know but he encourages me not to speak to spirits because they could be bad and he believes it would only encourage them.  I have always wondered what to do with all this because there has to be a reason why these things happen and although I'm not afraid I still feel I should maybe do more about it and I don’t, most of the time I just ignore it. I would like to know what I could do.

My House

Natalie Jean, CA, USA

   Recently, well, really three years ago almost,  my mom, dad, little brother and I, moved into a new house in Corona, California. The house is about four years old, and the previous owners didn't take very good care of it.

   A lot of times, I stay home alone, because my little brother plays a lot of sports, so I stay home to do my homework, and whatnot. So, maybe it's a case of paranoia, who knows. Whenever I would walk around the house, I would feel someone watching me, or some footsteps, in and around the house. None of our neighbors were home the times it happened, and there was no one walking around the outside, or in the bushes.  I have a very logical mind for a fourteen-year-old girl, and I tried to figure it out, of course nothing but that came to mind.

   I just got freaked out and I would start to take my homework with me to Milo's practices, because I was so freaked out. I wouldn't sleep in my own room for nights on end because I didn't want to be in my room. Before anyone else in my family had any experiences, I had about five, but I only remember two because apparently in the middle of the night I came screaming to my mom and my memory isn't that good in the day anyways.

   One night, I'm laying in bed, and it's about ten thirty or so, and my friends keep sending me texts, and I'm too lazy to turn my phone of, I turn it over, and I go to sleep. Suddenly, around 1:00 am, I jolt awake. There used to be space between my bed and the wall, but after that night I moved my bed.

   Every night my door was closed, but as soon as I wake up I see a shape of a little boy appear, and I think it's my little brother, Milo. The figure goes around the end of my bed and into the gap in between  my bed and the wall, again I thought it was my brother, so I'm swiping at it with my arm saying, "Milo, I'm going to tell mom that you came in without asking," and "Milo, if you don't get out I'm gonna throw you out" things like that.  I finally walk over to my dresser, and turn on my lamp. There was nothing there when the light came on. I was so freaked out (my door hadn't actually opened or closed during that whole time). I ran to the door, and was desperately trying to get the door open, I finally swing it open and book it down the hallway. I'm not a screamer so I shook my mom awake, and I'm so freaked out I'm crying, and yelling "there was something in my room! There was something in my room!" I was making a bunch of commotion, and Milo comes out of his room, saying "What's wrong? Why did you wake me up?" I started interrogating him, and I was hysterical.  I freaked him out, and I freaked my parents out. I didn't sleep in my room for a week and a half after.

That was last year in 2009, this year, maybe a little bit after the new year, my brother reported something similar, he said he saw someone in the doorway into our hall. Our house is a one-story house, so it's kind of simple in design. The figure he saw was in the doorway, connecting the living room, to the bedroom hallway, It was someone who had a vague resemblance to me, but it was a very shadowy figure, he told me. It looked like it was tall and had long hair, and had the same figure as me, but it was kneeling. Again, I sleep with my door closed so I didn't see it and I knew I had not gone out at all during the night. He's forgotten all about it but it freaks me out. Maybe it's our family that has recently passed coming to check up on us, or maybe it's because it's a new house on old land. I just don't really want to find out.

Ouija Board Gone Terribly Wrong

Amanda, KS, USA

   Okay, first of all, I’m not crazy. I am a 13 year old girl who goes to a catholic school. I am very religious and I don’t, or DIDN'T, believe in ghosts and demons. I always said I believed in spirits rather than ghosts and I don’t believe in the devil, I just think that he is real.
   I am a completely normal girl. Before I moved into this house, I never even thought of ghosts...ever. Now, I feel like they are a vivid part of my everyday life. As much as I try to make them go away, they keep coming and coming. I don't care if you don't believe me, typing this out and telling someone about it makes me feel exceptionally better.
   Now for my story. A month ago, I was sleeping in my room and I woke up at 3:06. (I remember exactly because of my grey alarm clock by my bed) and I heard someone downstairs scream my name. It sounded like my mom in a really deep voice. "Yes?" I screamed downstairs, but nobody replied. I waited a few seconds and then I heard someone scream "Amanda" two more times. I was confused. I screamed really loud, "What? Mom? What?" But, once again, nobody replied. I creeped out of bed and walked downstairs to my parents’ bedroom. My mom and stepdad were fast asleep and my older brother was at a friend’s house and my younger brother was only 6 at the time and his voice absolutely did not sound like my mom's just deeper. I ran upstairs and pulled the covers over my head. That was a minor occurrence. What happened later is much worse.  Everything went back to normal. Every once in a while, I'd see a black shadow in the corner of my eye. I always told myself, it's nothing. But it was something...something I regret ignoring.

    A few nights ago, I had a friend over who had recently moved to Tennessee and she was visiting her home town. I invited her over for a sleepover. We watched a scary movie so we were pretty freaked out. She told me about a time when she was at a friend’s house and they used an Ouija board and they asked the spirit if it was following her friend, and the board moved to yes. She told me they ran outside and hugged each other and cried. I was so excited. I looked up how to do a Ouija board and I finally convinced her to do one with me. I took a piece of paper, wrote yes on the left side, and no on the right side and 1234567890in between them and then the alphabet above that and "goodbye" below the numbers. We covered a table with loose-leaf paper and put the board in the middle. We put our hands on the board, and the second they touched, the wind blew really strong and we heard something tap the window.

   We closed our eyes and started meditating on the question, "If you are there, show us. Can you do something?" A few seconds after we started meditating, we heard loud stomps by the bathroom (5 or 6 feet away) like a large, grown man was jumping up and down and stomping. We screamed and ran upstairs (we were in the basement) and I felt a cold sensation and all of a sudden I felt burning on my leg. I pulled my sweatpants up and saw a large scratch about 3 or 4 inches up my leg. It was bleeding slightly and we hugged each other and cried. We ran outside and took a walk. This is what freaked me out; there was no wind. We heard something tap the window because of the wind. There was no wind outside. Not even the slightest breeze. I cried really hard and said, "I have to live in that house!"

    We walked back home and I remembered watching a show about ghosts and they said that animals see things we can’t (particularly spirits), so I locked my dogs downstairs. We had left some grapes, popcorn, and beef jerky downstairs so I thought the dogs would run to the food, but instead they immediately started barking and growling at something (I was standing outside the door listening) I heard one of them cry so I opened the door and they ran and hid somewhere in my house and their tails were between their legs and their heads down. I was terrified.
Once again, I felt burning on my arm. Like inside my arm. Like holding a block of ice to my arm and it’s so cold it burns. My friend, Paulina, put her hand by mine and said, "Whoa." I asked her what and she said, "Your arm...It feels....hot." She placed her hand on my arm and quickly pulled it away, "It's freezing cold when I touch it! Amanda!" It burned very badly.

    We hugged each other and fell asleep on my bed. So the next morning, right before she left, we heard her mom ring the doorbell. We were in my room and I definitely remember turning off the lights. I remember it 100%. After she left, I went back upstairs and all my lights were on. I ran downstairs and here I am. I am scared I made a spirit angry because my arm is still throbbing. It was been over 24 hours of pure cold pain. I need help.

    Please, I beg of you, NEVER EVER use a Ouija board. For the love of God, don't do it. Please. I messed up. I messed up really bad.

Little Boy and Answering Machine

Leslie Machuca, NJ, USA

   My name is Leslie, I am 22 years old, I live by myself in my one bedroom apartment. Unexplained things were happening to me in the apartment, like the phone going on speaker by its self and turning off.

    In between other occurrences, one day in particular, I was home alone, cooking, I was actually cutting up potatoes when I heard a little kid’s voice say: " I like potatoes ". I turned around from my kitchen counter so quickly to see that no one else was home. I investigated outside to see if maybe someone was playing a joke on me, since there’re NO windows in my kitchen or near, NO ONE could actually see me cooking.

   I felt a little crazy, because I know what I heard, my body was so weak and I was frightened. As I watched the hair on my body stand up, I was at the same time so curious to know what had happened to me. Little did I know that this little voice was recorded on my house line answering machine. The phone never rang, and to hear my messages I usually have to press the button. Well, I didn't find out the voice got recorded until 30 minutes later when my answering machine was beeping. I almost knew if I pressed the button I would hear the voice just because the phone never rang and it was a very strange situation.

   Soon enough after the fear left my body, I got the courage to play my only message that got recorded at the same time I was cutting up potatoes, saying " I like potatoes ". After this happened a lot of other occurrences came to mind, like the TV always going on and cartoons would be playing. I want to talk to someone that's had experiences, that could be honest with me and help me feel, a little less crazy.

   Since I was 5 years old, I can actually say I've had experiences with the dead. But not until now have I come to realize this hasn't stopped, it never did. The recording happened about a month ago, nothing has recorded since, but the phone still goes on speaker phone on its own once in a while.

Ominous Shadow

Anonymous, Manitoba, Canada

   The summer of 2007, I was attending college and staying at my grandmother’s house in southern Alberta. I always had a scared feeling there at night; I can’t explain it in any other way but fear. I had stayed there as a child and always had that feeling. I never seen anything to prior to the experience I am about to describe, but here goes.

    I was sitting up one night watching an episode of "Rome" on HBO and I looked towards the end of the hallway. I saw a white orb come out of the wall and go right up through the ceiling. I felt afraid but I tried to rationalize the experience in my head. When I went to bed that night, I saw something zoom past my backside in the dresser mirror of my bedroom. I think it may have been the same orb that I had witnessed earlier that evening. Again, I passed it off as me being tired and tried to rationalize. A few nights went by and I did not experience anything.

   A few nights later I was in poor spirits as my boyfriend had broken up with me. I was going to grab Kleenex from the washroom. It was dark, but I could see well. I was standing beside the bathroom door with my finger on the light switch. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Near the hallway towards the kitchen I had seen a figure. It was like a shadow or smoke, it was like a human figure and moved very slowly. It seemed as if it was walking away from me. When the figure noticed me, it started walking towards me and reached out to grab me! I screamed and as I screamed it disappeared. I turned the bathroom light on and my grandmother came quick to see what was wrong. I didn’t tell her what I had seen as I did not want to scare her. I am unable to stay in that house to this day.

    I told my grandmother what I had seen in her house just this evening, she told me she was having trouble with her new neighbors and I had brought it up. She told me that when I was 5 or 6, I told her I had seen a "Man" behind the dresser of the room I was staying in who looked like Grover from Sesame Street. I don’t recall this, but she swears it. That sure gives me the chills.

Tina's Here

Sisily, WA, USA

   During the summer of 7th grade my cousin came over, with nothing better to do we decided to try the Ouija board we recently had bought. Right away the pointer started spelling something out; when it was finished we realized it had spelled "T I N A". The rest of the night we continued asking about Tina, finding out that she was 6.

   About a year later we had forgotten about the Tina incident, but my friend Anna wanted to try the Ouija board after hearing about a murder that had taken place in her house. We gathered in Anna's room, Marie, Jake, Anna, and I, with the board. We asked if anyone was with us and it said yes, when we asked who it spelled "T I N A". Seeing that returned my memories of the night with my cousin, but I kept it to myself and removed my hand from the pointer.

    Without me it continued to give information about Tina, information that me and my cousin had already known but Anna, Marie, and Jake didn't. Getting scared they all took their hands off of the pointer, but the moment they did the unplugged stereo started to play "Gives you hell" by All American Rejects. We ran out of there as fast as we could.

Anna, Marie, Jake, and I kept on about the incident after that and decided we would try a séance to talk to Tina. We set up the candles around a table in a grove of cedar trees in the front yard, and started a chant we found online to "summon sprits". The candles blew out all at once (It was a warm humid summer night) and we all got a feeling almost of dread, like we shouldn't be there. We ran, leaving the paper behind. We went inside to talk about what had happened and about an hour in Jakes PSP started playing music, "Gives you Hell."

The thing was Jake never put that song on his PSP, in fact he hated All American Rejects. It also happened to be the song that went on in Anna's room. When we came back later to get the candles we found the paper, torn in pieces and thrown around the trees even though no one had gone out there.

Other little things happened since then, weird feelings, voices, shadows, and even popcorn being thrown at Marie and I mocking a ghost movie. I don't know if Tina is one of the girls murdered at Anna's or if my house has its own history but we all feel almost threatened by Tina... but whenever we have that feeling or see something we always turn to each other and say in our best "Poltergeist" impression, "Tina’s hereeeee..."

The Library

Joanne, Liverpool, England

   My first and, fingers crossed, last experience with the paranormal occurred when I was just eleven years old and in Primary School. As I was in 'Year 6' the oldest year in first school, myself and a friend, Leigh, were given the great honour of being Library Monitors. This meant that we were entrusted with staying in the library during lunch and break times, keeping out younger children, tidying up etc... We kept our 'jobs' for at least a month with no incidents, until one sunny afternoon, something happened that ensured we would resign from our positions immediately!

   Firstly, I think I should briefly describe the layout of the library in order to get the full effect of the story. It is split up into two parts, one being non-fiction, the other fiction. Upon entering the library, you are in the non-fiction section, there are three round tables with chairs at the bottom which sit underneath a large window which stretches right across the wall, allowing a lot of sun into the room. The fiction area is a whole other room, separated from the non- fiction part through an arch way entrance in the wall. The entrance is completely open, with no covering such as a door. However, from the far end of the fiction section, where the bean bags and 'comfy' where the chairs are, all that can be seen of the non-fiction area are the tables and chairs.

   It was lunchtime and Leigh and myself were sitting on the bean bags in the fiction section of the library, reading in silence when we clearly heard the library door slam. Now the library door, no matter the time of day, was always kept open, held in place by a wedge of wood as it was heavy and rather old. Needless to say, it created a huge bang, causing Leigh and myself to jump out of our skins. My immediate thought was children from the younger years joking around but this theory was scuppered when I remembered that dinner ladies stand at the entrance to the playground and did not permit any children going down the corridor during lunch. The only person it could be was a teacher or dinner lady as they were the only people with access to this area at this time.

    Leigh, by far the braver of the two of us, called out,"Is somebody there?" Predictably, there was no answer. As we were in the fiction section we couldn't see anything except the tables, certainly not as far as the door. It was then that the dragging started. The unmistakable sound of a person shuffling their feet heavily across the carpet. Leigh and myself were frozen with fear, and found ourselves even more terrified when heavy breathing was added to the dragging. The steps and breathing were coming closer to the archway and Leigh and myself braced ourselves for seeing something. However, it stopped right before whatever it was would have come into view. Leigh and I sat motionless and silent for at least two minutes, waiting for some demon to attack us. Mercifully, nothing did and after giving each other 'the nod' leapt to our feet and raced out of the library hand in hand, without looking back.

   We didn't stop running until we were outside on the playground, and then slumped on the hard gravel, hearts pumping. During the rest of lunch we discussed our terrifying encounter. We agreed that it couldn't have been anyone playing a prank, as we would have heard them leaving the room after scaring us. Also, as the door was still closed when we bolted, we knew that we would have heard anyone opening it and then closing it behind them, no matter how quiet they were.

   To this day, neither of us have any clue what was in the library that day. We considered telling a teacher about our encounter but changed our minds, afraid of sounding mad. We simply handed in our library passes, citing that we missed playing during lunchtime and the position was bestowed on another unsuspecting duo. We didn't tell the 'newbies' of our experience and if anything unusual happened to them, they didn't share either. During the last few months of school, Leigh and I stayed well away from the library as much as possible and I think when I left Primary School, I was glad to see the back of that library more than anything else!