January 2010

The Convent

Anonymous, TX, USA

   My girlfriend and I had gone out on a date in a city about 45 miles from where we lived.  On the way home I just wanted to have some fun and scare her so I told her that I was going to show her this haunted convent that I had heard about and was supposedly haunted--that is all that I knew.

     I turned off the interstate highway and was driving through this small town looking for the abandoned convent.  I had seen the convent from the interstate during the day but had never actually driven into town to find it.

    While driving through this small West Texas town I told her a bogus story about how all of the nuns had been killed by a deranged man back many years ago and this was why the convent was closed.  I was setting the mood for a really good scare!!

    I had a general idea of where it was but was having a difficult time finding it. We drove for several minutes and I was just about to give up looking when I said, “Let’s try this street.”

     I turned right and was driving slowly when I saw a ghostly figure floating across the road about a half block ahead of us.  Startled I stopped the car and immediately asked her if she had seen anything and she replied with a resounding, "Yes!"

     I asked her to describe what she had seen and she began describing exactly what I had seen.  It looked like a woman gliding across the street in a long black robe.  About halfway across the street she turned her head and looked directly at us and then turned away.  You could not make out a face but you could tell it was the clothing of a nun because of the white around the face.  The transparent figure continued across the street and disappeared to the left behind some trees.  The entire episode lasted approximately 5 to 7 seconds.  I sped up and turned left to see if I could catch another glimpse of this fog like figure.  When I turned left, there it was, the convent that I had been looking for and couldn't find. 

   The "ghostly nun" had helped us find our destination. It seems as this little joke that I was playing on my girlfriend had backfired on me and I was probably more scared than she was.  I put the car in reverse and immediately sped away.  I have never believed in ghost or anything like that but I cannot explain what I saw that night.  The girl that was with me that night has been my wife for 20 years now and we have told that story many many times through the years.  It still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. 

Invisible Steps

Selma, Norway

   Many years ago, when I was a lot younger, we (my family and I) used to go on a trip every year, and stay on a hotel for one or two nights. I loved these trips, and I was always very excited, but it’s one hotel I just never forget...

   We were in a small hotel far away from home. I didn't really like it there, but I tried to have a great time there as well. It was a playroom there, for children. We got a room almost next to the playroom, which was right behind the corner. I and my brother loved to play in this playroom. We brought toys, and play with them in the playroom, and had a great time.

   It was the day before we went home, that it happened. We were packing or bags, when I couldn't find my toy phone. I was looking everywhere. So, I went to the playroom to see if it was there. I ran past the corner, and into the playroom. I found the toy phone, and start walking back to the hotel room. Then I heard steps on the other side of the corner. I didn't really care, because it's really no big deal to hear steps in a hotel, that's pretty usual. But when I past the corner, it was different. I heard the steps, but i couldn't see anyone. I kept walking, but the steps came closer and closer to me, and I start walking faster. The steps past me, and I start running against the door. When the steps disappeared, I just stopped, and stared the same way the steps went. I couldn't hear them anymore. I was standing there, thinking... thought about what I just saw. Did I really see a ghost? Then the fear came back, and I went crazy about knocking on the door, which was locked.

   "Open the door, open the door!" I screamed. Finally, my mum opened the door, and I threw myself into her arms. "Mum, I want to go home!" I screamed.

The rest of the day on the hotel, I spend crying, and staring in the roof. My mum said I was all white in my face, but I didn't care. It's weird that someone can get that frighten just because of something like this. But to actually see a ghost, or know it is there... it's a really special feeling, than you just can't describe. When you tell someone about things like this, they just don't understand that it really can be that scary... You have to experience it yourself to know what it's like.

And i tell you, this is a true story. Even though it's a long time ago, I am sure it happened. My mum also remembers the day I was so pale and crying in the hotel. I never told her why, because every time she asked, I just got this empty face, and she didn't get an answer. But I know it happened, and I also know I will never forget it.

My Great-Grandmamma's Seeing

Anonymous, England

   I heard this story from my dear great grandmamma.

   It was a few months after my granddad Harry died. My great grandmamma was sitting on her couch with her dog Mistie watching TV when something unimaginable happened.

   She said, "I felt a sudden chill down my spine when I heard a blissful sound call my name so I stood up only for the sound to get closer.
“‘Angela, Angela' it called.
“I looked in the mirror to find my beloved son Harry standing behind me, smiling. A cold withered tear
Rolled down my cheek. I turned round to see nothing there, but that wasn’t the last time I saw him."

   It was only a couple of days later when we went down the cemetery and laid some rose flowers by his grave (he was cremated) only for her to see my granddad’s face blossom within the roses. She hasn’t seen him since but her dog sadly passed away not too long after. 

The Hidden House

Samantha, CO, USA

   In 8th grade a couple of friends told me about a "haunted" house on the outskirts of town. I was very interested in going there since I'd always wanted to see a ghost.

   They said that a man had come home from a bad day to find his wife with another man. In a fit of rage he killed his wife and two small boys and put their bodies in the large fire place. He then killed himself. It's been said that the police found the wife and kids...but that the man had never been found.

   A couple weeks after hearing the story we had a slumber party, my friend’s parents agreed to drive us out there (they were big ghost buffs too). The house was kind of hard to find since you had to take a couple of old dirt roads to find the driveway (which was like two miles long), but we finally made it.

    Upon seeing the house my friends got scared and decided to stay in the car, so the parents and I walked up to the front window. It turned out to be the living room with the fireplace. It was dark inside and we couldn't see anything, the mom turned on her flashlight and shone it through the window. Hunched in front of the fireplace was a shadowy figure, when the light hit it, it looked towards us. I started running for the car but the parents stayed where they were.

   After a couple seconds they started running too, I jumped in the car and locked my door. The parents did the same when they reached the car. They started the car and started driving away. My friends and I watched out the back and for quite a while it looked like the hunched thing was running after us. I heard something hit the back of the car as we finally pulled out of the driveway. When we got back to my friend’s house we looked at the back of the car to see if we could find out what hit it. All there was was a small dent and what might have been a smear of blood. I never went back to the house, neither did the others as far as I know. If I ever get a camera I might go back...

Footsteps and More

Anonymous, OK, USA

   This account as written by me in September 2007.

    My husband and I have 4 children. We moved into our 40 year old plus year old home last year. Since then, I have heard footsteps on the stairs (like a light-weight adult's steps) when no one is up (I will check...everyone asleep). The steps seem to stop at the doorway of my bedroom, the master bedroom.
Sometimes when this happens my border collie will charge up the stairs, run into my room and hide her head in the corner. She usually isn't like this. I have heard this several times, with no one around, all still sleeping.

   I have been in bed and felt the covers "pull down" tightly on one side of my body (like being tucked into bed), yet no one is there to sit next to me. I turned over to be sure, still no one there. About a month or so ago, I went downstairs to let my dog outside. It was around 3:30 AM (this is when most of the activity happens). I let her out, left the back door a jar and went into the bathroom downstairs just a few feet away from the dining room. The dining room has ceramic tile flooring with 6 wooden chairs at the table. I heard three loud, familiar scraping/dragging noises on the tile...someone scooting the chairs under the table. The noise is very distinctive as my kids do this all the time. I froze thinking someone had come in the house through the backdoor that I left open for our dog. I went into the dining room, no one there…dog still outside, waiting by the open door! She would have normally barked and come back inside. I saw that three chairs were pulled out from under the table.

   About 2-3 weeks ago, I was sitting here at my PC and felt a hand rest on my ribs and slowly drag their hand across my back and ribcage. I thought one of my kids came up behind me. No one was there. CLEARLY, someone put their hand on my ribs. Then, within a few minutes "someone" tapped on my shoulder... again, no kids, no one.  I went to check them and they were watching TV. I have no idea what is going on.

   I have been somewhat skeptical of ghosts but now am open to ANY help or suggestions! Thank you so much. Also, it seems to be me that others observe these things as one of my daughters did hear the footsteps on one occasion. I am not crazy. Just a mom to four kids, go to church Sunday school, etc.

    I had to put an AC unit in my room which helps to block out the footsteps. As I posted, I wrote this in 2007. It is now Dec. 2009 - Since then, I have experienced very little “activity” over the last 2 yrs. One morning, early, I woke up and saw a white mist float from my bedroom doorway across the bathroom doorway – which is next to the BR door – and fade. It wasn’t smoke or steam, just faded away in a couple of seconds. It was approximately 5 feet in height and 1 ½ feet wide.

     I also did one EVP. I could make out a barely audible, “help me” on it, but still I don’t have the right equipment so am not positive. Now I am hearing the footsteps again, after not hearing them for about a year. Can things like this lie "dormant"? I am wondering…my oldest daughter moved out a year and a half ago, and has recently moved back. Some of this activity stopped when she left – although she didn’t experience anything weird while out of the house.

   When she was 3 and 4, she would come into my room at night (in our previous home), and tell me a man was standing by her bed. Of course, I would go in and check, and see no one there. One of our other daughters (in the same previous home) was “missing” one afternoon when she was 3 ½. I found her playing in our cluttered garage talking to herself. I asked her what she was doing. It wasn’t her usual to go into the garage. She said she was “playing with the man.” I panicked thinking someone had broken into the garage or house, and immediately looked around. No one was there. I asked her who she was talking to, and she just looked at me so strangely, like I was crazy and said, “Mommy! Stop it! The man by the black bag! (clothing for the local Goodwill).”

    When I told her to come inside, she turned toward the garage, waved and said, “Bye...Maybe I can play later.”…She never did this again, and not before or after this had ever had an “imaginary friend”…Just curious…Can’t “things”, “entities” attach themselves to people, or children?? I even wondered if this is my dad who died in Oct. 2004. He did not live here, though. There was a guy that stayed here with friends for a while. He has a distinctive last name. he moved out a few years ago. I searched the death index for the name, and one woman did die with the same last name in my zip code in Oklahoma, at an old age. Sorry to grasp straws, just want to know what is going on