February 2010

Home Spirit Home

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

   I have lived in this house for 32 years with my wife and three children. A little history about the house dates back to 1904 when it was built.

   A man named Peter Fuller built the house and a mill not far away from the house. He was the main supplier of flour in the area. The mill was on the hill leading to the downtown area of the city. His house, now ours, was at the top of the hill, less than a quarter mile away. He owned the house for 40 years and had one son William Fuller. Peter was born on January 23rd 1888 and died March 12th 1939. His son William kept the house for 15 years and sold it to a Donald Munster, Peter Fullers first cousin, who then sold the house to us. Later after moving into the house on May 16 1975, we found out that Donald Munster was our cousin as well. So this house has been in the family since it was built in 1904.

   I went up into the attic one day to see what was left behind. I found an old gas fireplace heater, some books and a box of tintype photographs. I showed my mother and father the pictures and among many of them were my great grandfather and mothers portraits. That was so cool. We have them hanging in the stair well leading upstairs. So now you know a little of the background to the rest of the story.

   From the day I moved in, up to present day, there has been many weird things happen. During the many years my kids were growing up, they often came to my wife and me and told us about the people that come in their rooms at night and talk to them. We just thought it was them dreaming and/or half asleep remembrance. As time went by, the occurrences became more frequent and the weird happenings more prevalent. Dressers would shake and the chains and things hanging from the mirrors would rattle. The beds would shake and the windows would rattle. I know windows rattling aren’t signs of spirit activity. I would probably agree but the rattling was rhythmic. I mean the there was a tapping sound that could never be mistaken for wind or trucks driving by the house. The tapping took on a rhythmic cadence of five (5) equally spaced taps declining in volume as they played out. Most of the time it was right by me on the window next to our bed. Many times it would keep up until I would say “Please stop, you’re keeping me awake”. And all of a sudden the tapping would stop. Weird Huh? Well that’s not all. As my daughter grew older and started entering puberty the spirit activity increased. I read that spirits tend to gravitate towards young adolescent girls. There is some kind of energy they give off.
Anyway, more distinctive and reoccurring activity started to ramp up.

Now my wife and I were hearing bumps in the night. The back door would open and close, mostly around 2am in the morning. And mainly Saturday and Sunday nights. The door would shut and you could hear distinctive footsteps coming up the stairs and ending at my daughter’s bedroom door. Many times she would wake up and someone would be talking to her. Whispering things like “Shut the window”
or “turn off the fan”. The tapping on the window got louder and the rattling of the dressers were more violent. The interesting thing was every time I said out loud “Please stop” it did!

   My daughter described the one spirit as a tall thin man with a long coat on, long straight hair and he wore a brimmed hat. One other thing, he appeared to have a bottle of beer in his hand. He stood in the corner of her room just inside the shadow and just beyond the light looking out the window. Once in a while he turned and smiled at her. She never felt threatened or afraid. We went to the library and looked up Peter Fullers Mill and hoped we could find a picture of him. We got lucky and there he was, long hair, hat and coat. Just as my daughter described him.

   Oh yeah, I did say one of the spirits. There a few here, the one man I just described and at least three others. One other man who doesn’t do much of anything but walk around. There was an old woman that live in the basement. I built a kids room down there so they could have friends over make as much noise as they wanted and sleep there.  Many times friends that slept over saw the old women. She seems to like the kids and just watches over them. You know she is there because of the scent of flowers. As soon as you smell the flowers she appears. She has a house dress on, you know one piece from the neck to the floor. It has little pink and blue flowers on a beige background.

    The last is not so nice. We never really got a good look at that one but it seemed to be who was causing all the rattling and thumping. My younger son had that one in his room quite a bit. It was small and made low growling sounds. He said that it stood by the door in his room to the attic. He also said that this spirit, whatever it was, had red glowing eyes. My son said that it seemed like a little animal more than a human spirit.

    Over the years that my children were living with us many spirit experiences happened. As soon as they left one by one to go out into the world the re-occurrences began to fade. I had replaced the old loose fitting double hung windows with replacement vinyl windows and the tapping stopped too. A while later my wife bought this wooden sign and hung it in the upstairs bathroom. I was in taking a bath one morning and all of a sudden the tapping started again on the wooden sign. All I said then was “Welcome Back”.

    There were so many spirit happenings during that time it is hard to write about all of them. If you like this story let me know and I will submit more as a continuance to this one. Oh yeah there was one last thing. I try to read books that are not trying to convince me that spirits exist as much as books that tell the “why fors” of certain activities of spirits. As I have come to understand there are particular and distinctive traits to different types of spirit activities and spirits in general. I said there were only four spirits in the house but I neglected to tell you of the shadow that runs around here still. Corner of the eye kind of appearances are normal from what I have read. This shadow lingers for a longer period of time and only by the stairs. We see this apparition often. I have kept a log of the occurrences. It seems to coincide with stress in one or more of my family’s lives. The more the stress the more frequent the appearances. Go figure.

Finley's Haunted Bar and Grill

Dana Mierkey, CA, USA

   Finley's bar and grille, smack dab in the middle of farm land is the last of the mom and pop operations complete with its own entity who has resided there for the 16 years that Debra Finley and husband Mark have owned the place. I felt a heaviness of energy years ago when I stopped in for a delicious lunch and wanted to ask if it was haunted at that time but felt it was inappropriate as the place was full inside and in the garden with customers.

    Recently on a day off I just popped in Finley’s, introduced myself then asked the owners if they have experienced paranormal activity. They were taken aback and wanted to know who told me. After establishing I wasn't too crazy, just curious if they could validate my feelings, they both opened up and shared the personal experiences they and their staff have had for the 16 years they have owned the business. This was great news as I am a paranormal investigator and wanted to see if my new friend Tabatha Vega   owner of G.R.I.P (Ghost Research Investigations of the Paranormal) and I  could possibly bring some of our team in to do an investigation. Though it was a first for Debra and Mark letting investigators in they agreed so we came back on a Saturday night with equipment and did a full investigation.

   Involved in the investigation was G.R.I.P founder Tabatha Vega and her 14 year old daughter Tyrah, investigator Eileen Verhulst and myself Dana Mierkey. The events that occurred were exciting and quite a  thrilling hot spot of activity. From the minute we got there at 9 pm my cell phone turned itself on three times in a 15 minute period, my camera wouldn't function correctly  and at the same time this is occurring a voice on Tabatha's recorder that she left running when we first stepped in the building is heard to say  "I'm right here" .

     Tabatha calls out in the first half hour of being there "is there anyone here ? Can you please make a noise?” A rustling sound is heard coming  from the kitchen followed by a very loud  crash as a large pot placed upon hooks on the ceiling came crashing down startling everyone. Tabatha reacted immediately and went to the kitchen and was using her school teacher voice asking it to make a noise again. She conversed saying the crash of the pot didn't scare but excited her and encouraged the unseen entity to do it again.

   Evp  caught on audio, was a whisper that sounded male and said" no." Tyrah then stepped forward and in  her gentle coaxing manner asked the entity to move the spoons, evp  caught on audio was another whisper which says "I can't" . We had a rewarding investigation and obtained some good evidence.

Her Blue Eyes Went Black

Susan K, SD, USA

This account happened between a 3-4 month period.

   I had spent a long afternoon sorting through personal belongings at my storage shed and I returned home to discover to my dismay that I was locked out of the house, despite the fact that I had my house key in hand!

"How strange!" I thought as I tried the lock again and again. No luck! Here I was outside on a chilly winter's evening. As I tried the lock for the third time, it occurred to me that somehow the door knob lock had gotten turned. My first thought was unthinkable, so I brushed it aside. Had my room-mate done this on purpose?  "Surely not!" I argued with the unthinkable thought, but as the hours ticked by, I wasn't so sure.. and then another thought entered my brain: "Someone does not want you inside this house!"

   This thought was accompanied with a feeling of underlying dread, the kind of dread that no matter how hard you try to push it away, it still lingers. During the time of my repeated attempts to unlock the door, I had called my room-mate on her cellphone to alert her as to what had happened. Immediately she replied, "I didn't do it." Funny, I never said she did…

The conversation was brief and I assumed she was on her way back to town to help me get inside the house.. So in the meantime I tried the door knob lock once more. This time, the key slide right in and I was home free! Finally, warmth!

   Now this is where my story gets more interesting. Later that night before sleep, I'm in bed with the lights off, when I found myself watching a ball of light travel up the bedroom wall. Up, up and up it went and when it reached the ceiling, it traversed towards my direction. (how neat! I thought to myself). While this was going on, to my left, I saw a pure white light circle our house and pass by my window. I can still see that beautiful light! I got a sense of peace and calm from it, but that soon ended and I saw nothing more of it.

   I then turned my attention back to the ceiling when suddenly, the whole ceiling lit up as if from floodlights! I didn't have time to process this, for a dark shadow in the form of a huge bird appeared on the ceiling! It had a large beak and it faced the direction of my room-mate's bedroom. To this day, I am amazed that I was so calm about the whole thing. The next thing I knew the bird shadow morphed into a figure: a teeny tiny head on top of a shroud. I continued to watch fascinated, until one side of the figure started to flap, as in a bird's wing. This was when I let out a startled cry and the covers went over my head! Seconds or minutes passed, not sure, for when I peeked up at the ceiling again, all was now a normal night-time dark.

   So what was this shadow being? I believe it was a dark force and it was telling me that it was planning on following my room-mate to her new home. It was showing me "who's boss". Oh and my room-mate? She showed up two hours later.

   Before I end my account, I want to add that there have been other unexplainable events at this house: auditory footsteps and rappings, spooky music in the basement, loud scraping noises with shudders were heard while said room-mate and I were in the basement one evening.

   It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I added things up: all the paranormal events were tied to my room-mate. What zipped it up for me was my room-mate herself. I had been teasing her about a client of ours, when my room-mate gave me a look of utter bewilderment - she acted like she had no idea who I was talking about! I couldn't understand it, surely she was pulling my leg? But then, I saw a lost look wash over her face and her blue eyes went black.


Anonymous, FL, USA

   A few years ago I had a spirit that had become “obsessed” with me.  “Ted” , as I called my stalking spirit, had watched me, left me gifts, and when I ignored him, he had come to my room when I was asleep and frightened me. After his behavior escalated, I had demanded him to leave and he did.  Or so thought.  I am married with no children and my husband travels for his job about 15 days a month. 

   Because I am often home alone, a couple of years ago we adopted two small dogs to keep me company.   Like a lot of little dogs, my dogs like to sleep in the bed with us. It is comforting when I am home alone to have them there.

   One night about two months ago, while home alone, I woke up to see both of the dogs sitting upright on the bed staring intently at the closed bedroom door as if at any moment they expected someone to open it.  I softly spoke their names and they did not flinch.  I reached out and touched one of the dogs and he did not move, turn to me or acknowledge me in any way.  They both stayed sitting upright staring at the door.  To say it freaked me out is a huge understatement.  For what felt like minutes but was probably seconds, I was frozen.  At this point, like the dogs, I was watching the door and unable to look away.  Just as I was leaning over to pick up the phone, the door knob twisted 180 degrees to the left.  A noise came out of me that I can only describe as a choked scream.  The dogs freaked out and chaos ensued.  Then like every stupid horror movie victim, I ran to the door and flung it open to see what was on the other side.  Nothing.  Next came a quick check that doors and windows were locked and a sleepless night.  A few days later I dismissed the whole episode as a combination of high strung little dogs and an over active imagination.  I wish.

   On and off for the following weeks, the same scenario would occur and only when my husband was not at home.  I would wake up to the dogs staring at the door and no matter what I did, whether I would turn lights on, say their names, or even poke at them, they would not move.  It was disconcerting.  It got so bad that I started sleeping in the guest room when home alone thinking it might help to break the cycle.  But even in the guest room, I would wake up with the dogs staring at the door. Then, I decided that I would just ignore the behavior.  When I would wake up, I would force myself to turn my body away from the door.  The poor dogs were exhausted day after day and I was frustrated.

   I told my husband what was going on and how we (the dogs and I) were not getting any sleep and he suggested that I put the dogs in their kennels at night.  So, I did exactly that the very next night that I was home alone.  I hoped the dogs and I would get some sleep. Wrong.

    Halfway through the night, I woke up to the sound of the dogs hysterically barking in their kennels. They were downstairs, in the laundry room with the laundry room door closed. I was in the master bedroom sleeping with the door closed and locked.  I sat up in bed, allowed my eyes to adjust to the dim light and noticed that the bedroom door was wide open and standing in the doorway was a figure. 
It was “Ted”. I hollered for him to leave and he slowly turned and just vaporized. I went and let the dogs out. One of the dogs had shredded his bedding and scratched at his kennel door so furiously his paws were bleeding.

The dogs and I are back to sleeping together, but now with the bedroom door open.  It seems to be a little better. The dogs aren’t as anxious about what is on the other side and “Ted” can come and go as he pleases.  I don’t know what else to do.

Panting From Under the Bed

Henry, MN, USA

   I used to live in an old Victorian house when I was younger. During the Great Depression, it was used to house many unemployed people, and being quite old, I suspect it to be haunted. A few seemingly paranormal events occurred to me while in the house.

   Of course parts of the house that were unfinished like the basement were creepy, but other than the few events I'm about to describe, I never seemed to notice anything unusual.

   The first time something significant occurred to me was when I was reading in my parent’s bedroom. I was home alone at the time, and reading some novel atop the bed when I began to hear a peculiar noise. The noise was very quiet, and it seemed to be coming from under the bed. At first I brushed it off as maybe some noise coming from outside, but it grew in volume and I realized it was panting. This alarmed me and I froze in place, holding my book in my lap and listening further. The panting was getting louder, and sounded more like someone imitating an animal panting rather than an animal or person actually doing it. Eventually the panting grew to an immense volume and intensity and I had enough. My body unfroze and the adrenaline took over. I flew off the bed in a mad dive for the door, opened it and booked it down the hall where I paused to make sure no one or thing was behind me. After about a minute of staring at the doorway I gathered up my courage and went in to investigate, where I found nothing around the room or (this took a while to check as I was very frightened) under the bed where the noise seemed to be coming from.

   A year later, I had forgotten about this incident, until it happened again in MY room (which was above my parents room). I was doing something on my bed, again it could've been reading or playing a Gameboy game or something (it was quiet) when I began to hear that distinctive panting I had heard before in my parents room coming from under my bed. Again I froze, listening in to make sure it wasn't some other noise, and again it grew louder and louder. This time I didn't wait around as long, and I jumped off my bed and ran down the stairs, closed my door (my bedroom was in the attic) then went down the stairs to the kitchen where my sister was talking on the phone. I was a little flustered by what had just happened, and I didn't go back up to my room for quite a while that day!

   Now I like not jumping to conclusions and remaining as logical as possible, but I have no idea what could've been making that noise those two days! The noise was only coming from under the bed in both instances, and the first time I was home alone and the second time my sister (who was the only one there other than me) was two floors down talking on the phone! I do suspect it to be some kind of ghost as my parents room has always seemed a little strange, as I will detail further.

   This event took place when I was young, probably ten, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit but I was quite the scaredy-cat. I was sleeping with my parents in their bed (I know I was a little old) when I woke up at around day break. I looked across the room to where my parents massage table stood (they're both massage therapists) and I saw what appeared to be a misty, multi-colored figure floating in mid-air! It appeared to be hooded, but other than that there was no limbs or face that I could recognize, more like some reclining mass resembling the shape of a person wearing a hood. I froze in horror and just stared at it, though it didn't seem to notice me, and it slowly faded away. I just went back to sleep some minutes later after that (it was gone) but I know I wasn't asleep when I saw it, though the figure could've been my mind playing tricks on me, I doubt that.

   What I'm about to describe was something recurring that did frighten me quite a lot, and I'm not sure what it means. I write it more in hopes of having my question answered on what it is, as it could be some psychological phenomena and could be dismissed as such. I used to sleep in my parents room quite a lot as I was scared to sleep alone.  Whenever I did though, and I was trying to fall asleep, the same thing would always happen to me. It's kind of hard to explain, but when I closed my eyes, I would see strange and scary faces which usually looked demonic "floating" around. This was not my imagination (as far as I know) conjuring up images, like when I imagine something like a polka-dotted elephant, but it appeared to be just within my eyelid, or if it was dark enough floating around right in front of me. The faces like I mentioned previously were quite scary, and would always seem to move around, looking quite angry and opening their jaws as if to swallow me. This has ONLY happened in my parents room in my old house, nowhere else where I have slept, whether in my old house, new house or anywhere else. This of course could be my mind playing tricks on me, but I leave my email address in case someone could explain to me what was happening, paranormal or not, as I always got a strange sense from my parents room and the floating faces were quite frightening!

Thanks for reading my stories!