December 2010

Paranormal House

Anonymous, NSW, Australia

    I was at my Nans Farm in North Rothbury in NSW where I always loved to visit on my Holidays to go   Rabbit Hunting and swimming, it was always fun. Some things were strange about the Old House 100 metres down the Paddock where my Pop used to live a long time ago.

   I was just starting to unpack my stuff when I looked down at the Old House and saw these little things  like fire embers floating in the air. I couldn't help myself but investigate. I slipped into my shoes, grabbed my flashlight and headed down to the site known as "Paranormal House". I was nervous but I still had the courage to hunt whatever was at the house. I took one step into the old wrecked house which was two stories high (which made it even worse) and I walked up the stairs.

   I scouted around the house with my torch when I found a photograph of my Pop out the front of the house with my Nan. I looked at the photo closely. My eyes went as round as dinner plates. In the background of the photo there was a tall Black figure emerging out of a tree. I dropped the photo straight away and ran down stairs towards the door.

   I was just on the last step when the door closed by itself. I was really scared now. I tried opening the door but it was undefeated, I tried squeezing through the small window. Still defeated. It was time for the last resort. I picked up a roof beam and smashed down the door. This time I won so I dropped the beam and ran. Of course I had to trip on a brick. I looked up...and there it was. The dark tall figure which I identified in the photo. I turned and grabbed the beam once again and looked up. The dark figure was gone...I picked myself up and ran out the door. I reached my Nans house but I didn’t say anything about it because I knew she wouldn't believe me. All I know now is to never encounter Old Haunted Houses.

War Ghost

Chanel Forbes, Victoria, Australia

   I began working in an old building recently that had been renovated and made new a few years back. I work shift work so on a night shift, there is hardly anyone in the office.

   A few weeks ago, I went down to the basement to archive some files and I heard breathing not far from where I was standing. I turned around and saw in the door way to the hall where the elevators are located, a grey figure of a man who looked like he was over a hundred years old.

   I instantly freaked out and began to scream. As I ran into the elevator area I tripped and fell to the ground, skinning my knee on the hard concrete floor. When I lifted my head from the cold ground to stand up, the ghost was right in front of me.

   Not knowing what to do or say I stood there and the bullet holes in his chest began to bleed onto my hands which were shaking with fear. I hoisted myself to my feet and ran through him towards the door. Running through a ghost is like running through a really icy waterfall.

   I ran into the elevator and back to the room in which I was working. I looked at my hands where the Ghost had bled on them and there was no blood at all.

   After one of my colleagues noticed that I had been crying and shaking, I explained what I thought had happened and he said that a few year ago when they renovated, they knocked down one of the walls in the basement to make a bigger room for the files and they found a skeleton in the wall dressed in a war veteran uniform.

My Little Girl Ghost Came To Visit

Anonymous, USA

   I went stay at my godson’s house for the night. I looked forward to seeing my nephew Keith. He was around 1 year old. I had a lot of fun playing with my godson and giving him a bath and getting him ready for bed.

    I was playing in his room when the phone rang and it was my boyfriend at the time Ralph. We had a fight and I got off the phone and went back into Keith's room and was sitting in a rocking chair rocking Keith to sleep when I started to cry.  I then felt this little had on my shoulder and a little voice say, “Don't worry. Things will be OK.”

   When I turned around to see if it was my godson’s mother there was no one there. I realized it was my best-friend's sister who died at the age of eight  on a ride at an amusement park near where we live. I never met her but she was very close to Ralph when they were growing up so she must have been looking after me since I was dating Ralph and his best friend is the brother of the girl.

    At first I was scared but once I realized it was her I was glad to have my own ghost girl watching media still feel her and see her from time to time. This is a true story.

The Moving Doll

Hannah, NV, USA

   I started a ghost hunting team and we decided to have a little fun going ghost hunting.

    My little sister has a doll that has been passed down in her family for like 50 years or something. We heard a loud bang in the playroom where the doll was located. We had propped the doll ("her” as we referred to her as) and now she was across the room face down. We then decided to try and catch it on camera, so we propped her by the trash can and slowly went downstairs.

   When we reviewed the tape, we had discovered she didn’t move, but the shadow figure about the size of a little girl had passed through the back. I asked my stepmom, who formerly owned the doll, and she just walked away fast. I asked my dad and he just told me, “Don’t talk about Lucy."

   Lucy is apparently my stepmom's sister who had a certain disease and she died with the doll in her hands. Her wishes were to be buried with the doll, but it's been passed down so long, my stepmom kept it so she could pass it down to her children. The doll is still in my house and she keeps moving. I don’t mind anymore.

My Best Friend Was Possesed By A Demon

Anonymous, GA, USA

   It was the summer of 2010, and my friends and I was a couple of bored teenagers in a small town looking for something to do. I will refer to my friends as S, T, B, and myself, J.

We were at T's house, it was around 10 o'clock and we decided to make an Ouija board. B and I had done this many times before; we always had a certain interest in the occult and such. But for T and S, it was their first time. I also think it is important to add, that T, B, and Myself all believe in God (were all females BTW) but S did not. Anyways, we made a board out of a large thick sheet of paper and painted the letters & numbers on with nail polish. We turned off all the lights, lit incense and candles. And then we began.

    We asked if anyone was there, and someone answered. The demon's name was Wale (yes, like the rapper.) At first he seemed very kind; we asked him questions of how he died and how old he was (the details I can't quite remember).  As we continued to talk to Wale, he started saying strange things. All of a sudden, he spelt out S _ _ _ D I E.

We all looked at each other nervously, but continued to talk to him for an hour/hour and a half. Then I had an idea: let's play light as a feather, stiff as a board. S said he would be the first to do it. So we put away the Ouija board and S lay down on the floor. I didn't think anything would happen, I don’t think any of us did. But he lay out on the floor, and we all surrounded him. We put two fingers below him, from his head to his legs. We began to chant, "Light as a feather, stiff as a board." After we stopped giggling, we all became very serious. After about 20 chants, something strange happened. Our eyes were closed, but we began to feel our fingers lifting off the floor, our voices began to shake as he was lifted about 5 inches off the ground. At about this time, we all stopped chanting and S fell to the ground. We flipped the light switch on in a hurry, and none of us knew what to say. S had lifted off the ground, we were sure of it.

   We decided to do it again, but got freaked out yet once more and turned on the lights. But this time, something very strange happened. S, usually very happy and outgoing, sat in silence and stared off into space. We all found it kind of strange, we tried to wake him up out of this trance, and then a big tear rolled down his face. We all found it very strange. About a minute afterwards, he was back to normal. We asked him what just happened and he didn't seem to remember crying or spacing out at all.
We didn’t think too much of it, and S said he wanted to go again. So we did; we were determined to have him floating in midair.

   After about 3 times in a row, we took a break. And then S began to act very strange. He spaced out again and began breathing very hard, as if he was scared. He lay down on the bed and continued his heavy breathing, he ignored everything we said. He would grip the covers on his hands very tightly. And all of a sudden he would stop. He would be fine again and not be able to recollect anything that had happened. But after about another hour, it happened again, except this time he began to look around the room as if something was there.

   He couldn’t speak, and he began crying heavily, gasping for air. He seemed as though he was about to pass out, his eyes almost rolling in the back of his head. We were pretty sure something else was in our presence, but only S could see it. This would happen about every hour throughout the night. But it would get worse every time. It was very hard to communicate with him; we kept asking him if he saw anything in the room. But at one point I asked him, is there something in this room? He nodded. B asked him if he wanted it to go away, he nodded again.

   After this, he was fine for about an hour. We asked him what had happened, he wasn’t quite sure. He knew something was strange though, something was very wrong. Things were normal for a while. We were all very tired and decided to get some sleep. But as we were lying there, he began to tremble. We turned on the lights, and he sat up, gripping the covers in his hands. He kept looking around the room.
The look in his eyes was something I’ll never forget: it was fear, and hopelessness. But worst of all, he had almost a sick smile on his face as he cried. He kept looking right at this thing, whatever he saw.

   Finally, during one of his episodes, he was able to tell us some of what he saw. He said that there is something in the room, that it is scary and dark. That it looks like it’s from Hell. As we lay next to him, he pulled me close and whispered, so helplessly: get me out of T's house. He began to come out of his trance, and he told us as we were lying down, he had a nightmare.

    He said he was on a bus, (school bus I think) and all of a sudden everything turned black and he was running through darkness. Voices were telling him to get out. B was in his dream too.

    We told T's mom, and she did a spell at her house and then came to my house to do it (I had used the Ouija there before too) the spell was like a cleansing spell I think, she burned sage. When she did this S began to freak out again.

   After a series of events, T and I lost contact with S & B for a while. I’m friends with S though, he told me that one day when he was alone he started tripping out again and scratched up his arm real bad. He told me that B and him took the Ouija board and talked to Wale, and told him to not f*** with S anymore. I think they destroyed the board as well. Ever since then nothing else has happened.

If anyone has ever has a similar experience, please comment and share. I'd like to know what really happened to my friend.

The Witch House

Gerald Schiwal, ND, USA

   Back in 1994 I was working on a Seismograph crew in north central Texas about 30 miles NE of Midland TX.  The job would take us walking miles off road along the country side, laying out cables and equipment.  One day doing this we came across an abandoned farm house, out in the middle of nowhere.  The house was a one story stucco, with a long front porch and the windows gone.  The house had several oak trees around it.  In the oak trees hung small dried animal carcasses of reptiles and rodents that are found in the area.
    But the strangest thing paintings that covered the house.  The paintings were a graffiti of strange symbols and writings that I did not recognize or understand and never seen before.  Even though we can see it's hallway indoors, none of us would dare go in.  One of the workers had a camera and took a picture of the house.  Shortly after that I had left Texas and didn't see any of those workers for a couple of years and never really thought of that house.  Two years later I was working in Gillette WY, when I met the worker that had taken the picture.  After work I went to visit him in his motel room.  He took a bunch of pictures out of the work we did in Texas. 

    At one point of going through the pictures, he asked if I remembered the old witch house I came across.  I told him I did and he pulled it out and showed it to me.  I couldn't believe or understand what I saw.  The house and trees were in the picture, but the strange paintings that covered the house were not there.  All I saw was an old tan stucco house.

The Long Dirt Road - Another Encounter

Jennifer Lozano, TX, USA

   I have a story that is already on here called 'The Long Dirt Road' and in order to get the full story you might want to read it first. What I’m about to say is very real and I am in no way embellishing or exaggerating. My only goal or reasoning in sharing my experiences with you all is simply because for lack of a better term I am starting to become very afraid.

   It all started with my first encounter with 'the little people’. From the day I first saw them I knew I was a witness to something paranormal. I had no reason at the time to feel afraid of them or threatened. I will give you a quick description of what i saw that day.

   My home sits on the last paved part of the road that runs in front and continues for many many miles. When you get about six steps past my driveway the road turns into dirt. There are no lights on this road and my house is the last house for miles. I had taken a walk with my boys and seen these 'little people' on the side of the road splashing in the recent rain puddles and just having fun. It was unbelievable and since then I have seen them many times. Now this is where my story begins.

   After my first encounter with them I seen them several times and they were always very shy acting and would remain at a good distance watching me curiously. One day about two weeks ago things began to change though. I am not sure what the reason and it has me so scared I am having trouble getting myself to even take out the trash at night.

   Now I saw them that afternoon just kinda watching me and when I put my hands on my hip they began to copy me. The smallest one looked just like the rest but the others seemed to treat him differently almost like a child. He had a black face and wore the same white clothes that looked very handmade. They all wore hats that looked exactly like a garden gnome and they had very large heads for the size of their small skinny bodies. The tallest one was no bigger than two foot or possibly two and a half.

   On this day though it was the smallest one who was copying me. When I had enough of the little game I sat down on my mother’s old wheel chair that had been sitting there on the patio. I stayed outside a few more minutes and then I went in for the night. When I woke the next morning it had rained and there were very tiny muddy foot prints leading from the tall weeds where I had seen them all the way up to the wheel chair and all over the seat. You could plainly see the tire tracks that were all over the patio from the wheel chair from being pushed around all over the place. I laughed to myself and just shrugged it off. This is where things began to change though.

   Later that night I was sitting on the sofa with my kids and I caught a quick flash of something run past the large windows in the front of our home. I decided it had to of been one of the many stray dogs in the area and continued watching the movie. It was not even a minute later that I began to feel like something was looking at me. It was nothing like the times I had seen them this was a very evil feeling. I was filled with fear and didn’t want to look but I made myself and what I saw made me give a silent scream and I swear my entire body felt like a bucket of ice was just poured on me.

   There hovering about three feet off the ground was a little person but this time his eyes were huge and glowing like a cat's. The worst part though was the horrible smile on its face. His mouth was very wide and went from his ear to his other ear and was opened in an evil smile type laugh showing off rows of shark like teeth. I didn’t hear him out loud but it was more like he was putting it in my head and I could hear his laughing and chanting in some strange words that I had never heard of before.

   I began to close my eyes at this point and prayed for God to help me and to protect my children form whatever this thing was. When I opened my eyes I was sure he would be gone but he was still there and he was laughing even harder at me. I got up and led my kids to the back room to watch the television in there. At this point I was so afraid that this thing was going to find a way into my home and I did not need a psychic to tell me that it wanted to hurt us.

    When it was time for bed a few hours later I had calmed down and was doing a great job of convincing myself that I had seen something else and my eyes were just playing off lights of something. I laid down in bed and just as I began to get comfy I hear something hit my roof hard. Then it sounded like something running across the roof and went quiet. I asked my husband if he had heard it and he nodded that he did and motioned for me to be quiet so we could hear. A few minutes later we were sure it was a small animal until we heard what sounded like evil laughter coming from the air vent that leads to our attic. It began to make scratching sounds on the ceiling and it would whisper my name. This continued all night until around four in the morning and then it would just stop.

   I went through this every night for about five days and in the meantime my husband had went up into the attic to inspect for animals or birds or any kinds of hole that something could get inside but he found nothing. Then after the fifth night it got worse. I fell asleep that night and I was happy to have not heard a peep when I got awakened by something sitting on my chest and choking me. I couldn’t scream for help and I was sure I was going to die. I could smell this thing and feel its skin on mine. It smelled like something does when it is dead and has been lying in the summer heat for a few days.

   When I realized how strong it was I began to realize that I had no chance of getting it off me and so desperate I began thinking about jesus and I got an image in my head of him on the cross. At that very moment the thing let go of me for a moment and had a look of pure horror. It began to move backward like someone had just pressed the rewind button on a movie. It went back all the way to my bedroom door and then just stood there for what seemed like twenty minutes staring at mean with a look on its face that was indescribable. It looked just like it had every time I had seen it but this time it was completely naked and had no form of anatomy and its skin looked to be burned all over. At this point I was able to move again and gathered up all my courage and quickly sat up and turned for the lamp beside my bed. When I looked back it was gone but there was a black spot on the floor where it had been. I Got up and as I looked closer I realized it was completely burned and still very hot to the touch on the area where it had stood. I ran over to my husband and he woke up easily which made me angry how he could not have heard or felt anything at all. I showed him the carpet and he looked at me and said, “Oh my god Jennifer, what happened to your neck?”

   Now before he had said anything I hadn't even noticed any burning or pain at all but as I looked in the mirror I was horrified and I just could not believe how I had not noticed it before. There were deep burns on either side of my neck and were beginning to become painful. Now I’m not sure if it was in my mind since I was seeing it for the first time but I became uncontrollable and was shaking with fear.

   The next day I went to a local clinic in town and the doctor said it was third degree burns and asked me how in the world hid I manage to get burned on the neck in such a pattern that looked a lot like hand prints to him. I had nothing to say and I sure as hell was not gone tell him the truth.

   Now since this has happened I have heard it a few more times in my attic but I am in constant fear of another attack. What if this time it don't let go? Why is it acting this way towards me now when it seemed so harmless before? If anyone knows anything about this or has a similar story I would be very excited to hear from you. I was told by a friend of mine that people around here call them duendes which means little people in Spanish and they say that they are tricksters and cause mischief. Other people have told me that they are elemental spirits. Whatever they are they are very dangerous and I am in fear for my life and most of all my children.