April 2010

Home Spirit Home, Part 5

Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

   We have a cabin at a lake in the Adirondacks. We’ve owned the property since 1945. My father built the cabin with help from my godfather, uncle and a friend next door to us. This lake is called Greater Sacandaga Lake. We have a beautiful spot. Private beach right across from a nice island smack dab in the middle of the lake area. Absolutely beautiful. I submitted a story a while ago entitled “Elizabeth (Lizzy)”. It described an encounter with a spirit of a young girl about 16 – 17 years old who use to visit myself and my friend Ron a life long summer buddy I grew up with on the lake.

   But that is not this story. This lake was a flooded valley. There were many small villages and hamlets in the valley before the flooding. They had to move everyone from their homes to the outer most banks of the lake area before they flooded the valley. This was around 1895 when this project was started. It took 5 to 6 years to complete the dam and the relocation of all the villages and hamlets. The residents weren’t the only people that needed to be relocated. Along with the town’s folk, the cemeteries also had to be dug up and replaced to higher ground. Our beach just happens to be right in front of one of these hamlets and a few hundred yards to the north of the hamlet was the cemetery.

   The houses were not taken down and the foundations still sit just under the surface of the water. We would scuba dive down to them occasionally and find coins, old clay smoking pipes and assorted house hold bottles and farm tools. These little villages had been there since the early 1800’s and some before that. The age of the graves dated back to many of the early settlers. Indian artifacts had been found in and around the lake for years as well. These facts always lend to a rich spirit active area. So on with the encounters.

   We have a fire pit down on the beach. Ron and I use to put a fire on late at night, sit on the beach and roast marshmallows, talk about girls and just plain relax. The canopy of stars made you feel like you were on top of the world. There were no city lights to drown out the star light so you could see very clearly the Milky Way. Just amazing. By now you are wondering what all this means. I am just setting the stage for what happens next. One night while Ron and I were sitting by the fire, there was a noise behind us in the woods. It was around 12 – 12:30 am and before the noise in the woods the only sounds we heard was the lapping of small waves on the beach and an occasional slap of water from a fish jumping. Not much more.

   We knew everyone who lived around us and there was no one out that night. The sound we heard was a shuffling of feet. It wasn’t unusual to have a bear or raccoon running around. But this was different. The shuffling was rhythmic, like some one walking and dragging their feet. Heavy plodding footsteps. Slow and with purpose. Like someone carrying a heavy load. We sat very quiet and listened. The sound got louder and louder and it appeared to be more than one person walking. We watched and waited to see who it was coming out of the woods. The foot steps changed as they hit the beach to a soft thud, thud, thud. They passed right by us about 20 feet or so.

The fire in the fireplace was dim because we didn’t dare move to put more wood on it to make it brighter there. Besides, we both pretty much knew that it wasn’t a neighbor. Along with the footsteps there was a breathing sound. A labored and stressed breathing. Like whoever they were had been walking a very long time getting here. A while before, I spoke of the first story I wrote about the girl Ron and I saw fairly frequently. We dug up old maps and layouts of the original placement of the villages and found that our property was a trail from the road to the hamlet just on the northern tip of the island directly in front of us.

   This we knew while researching who the girl was. So we figured the footsteps must be of the villagers trying to make it back to their homes. It wasn’t the first time that this was heard. My brother and his girlfriend came up to the camp one night after having a fire on the beach complaining to my parents about me and Ron tramping around the woods. They told him that we were in bed all the while. We used to see lights that seemed to glow under the water out near the cemetery. We never knew what it was before. We had thought it was star light reflecting down on the water.

   Remember I told you it was so clear and bright the stars look like pin holes in a black cloth in the sky. But star reflection is just that. These lights moved in a line from the shore to the area were the cemetery was then vanished. The lights were bluish white and left a streak like a tail behind them.

   The next day Ron and I went down to the beach to make sure the fire was out. Ron was there first. He called to me before I stepped on the beach and told me to cross over to his property and climb over the rocks to him. I did just that. When I got to him he was looking down at the sand. Pointing out the marks in the sand. Like a troop of people moved through that same spot we heard the sound the night before. Sure, you’re going to say my Father, Mother or other siblings made the marks in the sand. But no! We were the first ones to the beach that morning. Again remember our property and the beach is private. At that time no one would trespass on other peoples land without asking first. A little different now.

   The marks in the sand led down to the waters edge and disappeared. We noticed that only one pair of prints came back out and headed back up towards the road. We asked around town and found a couple of older people, sister and brother Anna and Seth Ulman. They told us that their parents lived during the flooding of the valley, and was one of the residents relocated. They told us that their father was a currier for the town. He would bring towns-people back and forth from Johnstown to the trail that led out to a village near the Island area. The village was called Scottstown. Seth remembered going with his Dad to bring shop goods to the village. His dads name was Everett Ulman.

   I don’t know if it was Everett Ulman or not. I do know that I will never forget that sound and the breathing, not to mention the lights in the water. Oh I forgot to mention that not all the dead made it out of that valley before it was flooded. In the hast and the fact that contractors were hired to exhume the bodies and replace the headstones at the town of Day’s cemetery, some of the bodies never made it to their final resting place.
This fact was uncovered by a historian about 50 years ago while he was doing some research into the exodus prior to the flooding. Notes were uncovered about this project written by the people long since dead that worked for the contractor and the coordinators of the evacuation. The notes read that there wasn’t enough time to exhume all the graves so only the tombstones were moved.

   One of the sites not moved was Scottsville Township. The same cemetery Seth’s father was buried. We never told the sister and brother about the encounter. We did ask if they knew of a young girl about 16 or 17 years old. They told us that Everett (their dad) had a younger sister who died of the fever the year before the flood.  Her name was Elizabeth and she held the lantern that guided the people to and from the road.  

   It would appear now that Everett and Lizzy are still guiding the town’s people, still making the trip between Johnstown and the lake and still searching for a peace they may never find.

Cumberland Island

GA Firefighter, GA, USA

    I happened across this page while looking for other people who have had experiences on Cumberland Island. My story is about my family and I, we decided to stay on Cumberland Island because my dad brother and myself are firefighters and when it caught on fire a couple years ago we were sent there.
   We stayed in the second floor of the old slave barracks. We were supposed to stay in Plum Orchard which is supposed to be the haunted part of Cumberland so we were let down when they put us there but we dealt with it. The first night we were there we heard what sounded like raccoons in our suit cases so we turned the light on to look and nothing was there and the noise stopped. We blew it off as nothing so we slept well that night.
    The second day we heard the door to the second floor slamming shut so we went to investigate and there was nothing that could make that happen. When we went to the bathroom you could hear laughing coming from the stalls it seems so we were starting to get kind of anxious. That night the door continued to shut so we didn’t sleep to well. The third day we worked all day so we supposed nothing happened.
   That night I was by myself in the house because the rest of my family went to Plum Orchard and nothing happened. The fourth day my mom got sick and couldn't do anything so she stayed back and tried to get some sleep but when she was alone she says something grabbed her feet and picked them up and then dropped them back down.
    So this was our last night on the island and we were all lying in our beds when I felt something touch my feet. It felt like a large rock at the foot of my bed. I’m the kind of guy that isn't afraid of anything when I’m awake, but when I’m asleep you don’t touch me. I pulled my legs back and kicked as hard as i could and whatever I had felt to start with was no longer there. About ten minutes later it sounded like the box fan we had in the window was malfunctioning and being firefighters the last thing we wanted to do was set the place on fire. We all got up and turned on the lights nothing in the room was out of place so we looked through the entire house and found nothing.
   The next morning we got back on the boat to leave and the lady that worked on the island asked us about our stay and we told her the story. She had a look of disbelief on her face to start with and then she said that was the reason that none of the island workers would stay in that house and that was not the first time she had heard a story just like that. To this day I want to go back to the island with more equipment and actually do some investigating but I have yet to find the time or equipment so if anybody out there could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I stand behind my story a hundred percent and so would my entire family. Someone out there has to have a similar story and I would love to hear it.

Country Terrors

Anonymous, AR, USA

   I was born on a small farm in Maysville, Arkansas. My parents experienced some very freaky and terrifying things while at this home, that eventually caused them to move.

   My parents moved into that house in 1996, the year I was born. Right before they moved there, a middle aged man had lived there with his daughter. His daughter soon got married and moved away.
Well, the man grew very sad and depressed because his daughter never called him anymore or spoke to him often. He grew so lonely that one day, he committed suicide in a room in that old house. The room was a large closet that had mirrors as the walls inside. So the house went up for sale. And of course, my parents, not knowing the house had been previously owned by a man who had killed himself, moved in.

   They first started noticing creepy things happening a few weeks after moving in. Little things like one day, while my mother was doing laundry near the basement door, she heard footsteps thumping up the steps, sounding as if they were approaching her from downstairs. She heard it more often after that. Another thing, large pictures would be moved without being heard. And once a huge rocking chair had been pushed onto its side when my mother had gotten up (in the same room still) and gotten a bottle for me. She turned back around from the kitchen counter, and the chair was overturned.

   The small things frightened my parents and then some of my other family members moved into the house. The first was my aunt. She had my 1 year old cousin with her, and she was pregnant with my younger cousin. She stayed in a bedroom near the old closet with mirrors. One night, she was awoken by the sound of a Rice Krispy Treat wrapper being smashed and crumpled. She looked over the wrapper (she had eaten the treat before bed) and saw that it was moving as if somebody had it in their hand, crumpling it. But there was nobody there at all. The wrapper was sitting alone on a stool near her door, moving.

   That scared my aunt very terribly and she did not want to stay long after that. Not long after this happened, something even more strange happened. My cousin "Corey" was about a year and a half old and I was about a year. We both had begun walking before that, and as curious babies are, we ran everywhere and got into stuff we weren’t supposed to get into. One day Corey and I came running out of a large closet, him holding a frame that had been lying on the very top shelf of the tall closet, much too tall for babies to reach. My mom was very freaked out by the fact that we had somehow gotten this frame down when she knew we were not tall enough. She asked "Kids, how'd you get this?" And we screamed hysterically "The GUY gave it to us!" And we repeated this over and over. Every time she asked she was very concerned. And we continued to get things out of the closet by ourselves. Apparently from The Guy. I don’t remember this, because I was only a tiny baby, but I do believe my parents, for they have never lied to me before.

   My parents had a preacher come over, to bless the house. As soon as the preacher walked through the door, he became very frightened, as did all the guests that came into the house. He said it was very eerie and cold feeling, and he would like to leave. But he stayed to bless the house. He said he felt that the most intense place in the house was the closet where the man had killed himself. But he had not known the man had done that. He felt this before my parents told him.  This place was soon blocked off.

   My parents moved out of the house after having a crazed cat nearly attack them and rip them to shreds. The cat normally was a very peaceful and friendly outside cat, but one day my parents had to bring him inside, and the cat went berserk. He clawed at everything and shredded the air and anything within a few feet. Then, he got a growl in his throat, and a high pitched scream came out of its mouth louder than a woman’s. Then it ran toward my mother and father, wanting them to get it out of the house. Afraid it would hurt them, my Dad shot the cat with a shotgun, and called the preacher. The preacher said that there was nothing left to do but move. And so they did soon.

   My parents or any of my family never experienced any scary encounters after that. They moved on, as did I. To this day, I don’t remember  The Guy, with whom my cousin and I had played with. The man who had given us cool items from the top of the closet. I’m sure he will never bother us. We think that the man we had talked to was the man who killed himself before our move into the house, but we will never know for sure. But we do know that his soul is alive in that house still and I pray for it. Let God help him and not let him scare anymore innocent families. Let his soul rest in peace.

The Banker

Annabella Salvatore, BC, Canada

   When my family moved to the same city as my grandma and grandpa we moved in the house with them. I tend to be sensitive to the spirits around me and after a while I started to get the distinct feeling there was a spirit in the house. Some time after that I was getting a picture of who the spirit was. It seemed he was about a mid-thirties man wearing an old professional suit like an early 1900's man, like a banker would wear. Even now this doesn't make sense as the house was built in the 1970's. I never really researched the land though. Anyhow on with the story.

   I was in my bedroom lying down in bed and the lamp was right beside me. Now let me tell you something first. The lamp I owned had a lampshade and you could either have a full on light or a pink toned down kind of light. At that moment it was on pink toned down. As I was laying there, all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow dart across. It was so fast I thought I might have imagined it but no. It looked almost like a rat shadow. My bed was quite high and the lamp was on a nightstand so no way could it have gotten there. Besides that we never had a rat problem.

   Over a period of time quite a few other things happened. One night I was in bed talking with my mother when we saw something that made us freeze. First I have to say about the curtains - I have a balcony in my room and the curtains for them are the big fabric strip things that have metal at the bottom to keep them down. Anyway so here we were talking and all of a sudden my mother freezes and tells me to turn around (my back was turned to the balcony). I ask why and she tells me just to do it. I do and all I see is one of the curtain strips twisting back and forth. That scared the crap out of me. I looked around for our cat to see if she had maybe done it but she was nowhere in sight. The balcony door I must add was firmly closed and it was not a windy night. We sat there frozen in fear until the thing stopped. That was not all.

   I had a dollhouse with a bunch of lights you turned on with a button. Never had it acted up and the batteries were dying. I didn't use the lights much because the button was so hard to push and sometimes it wouldn't work. Anyway often at night (and only at night) even though I had the light on, the lights for the dollhouse would start to turn on and flicker like someone had pushed the button even though I was on the other side of the room or on my bed.

   Eventually I grew used to it. Whenever we took pictures near or in the house you would always see lots of orbs everywhere. Now we have moved out and the house stays unoccupied for a while. Sometimes though when I visit I feel a chill in my bedroom.

Anyway thanks for reading my very long story. If anyone wants to contact me my email is GhostGirlSalvatore@gmail.com. I would like your opinion and tips on how to research the land. I am also hoping to get a Ouija board to try and contact the spirit. Thanks!

Old Chester Road

Damion Steele, Liverpool, UK

    I moved into a house in Bebington on the Wirral in the north west of England 2 years ago.

   The house is nice enough, quite spacious and most people who come to the house say that they find the general atmosphere of the place quite welcoming so I don’t believe the spirits in the house are malevolent in nature, however things that have happened here have been quite...well creepy.

   Shortly after we moved in once we'd finished unpacking my mother started to notice things moving around. She just assumed that either me, my step father or one of my siblings moved them around however when she mentioned it to any of us we had no idea what she was talking about. For a while this was all that happened, months passed and then something else happened while I wasn’t around.

   I was out for the night and my mother was taking some washing downstairs when my step father called her from their bedroom. There are 3 flights of stairs each separated by a landing with a landing at the top of the house which is where my bedroom is located, when my step father called my mother she looked up the stairs to answer him. She could see the landing outside my room when she looked up and was quite startled to see a woman dressed in old fashioned clothing looking down at her quite quizzically. When I got home the following day and she told me about what happened. I was naturally quite skeptical because as much as I love ghost stories I never thought for a second somewhere that I lived would be haunted.

   So some weeks passed after the incident when one night I was in my room reading, quite coincidentally enough, a story on this site when I heard my step father scream from downstairs. I thought something had happened and ran downstairs to see what was happening. When I got downstairs I saw him on the floor outside the living room looking quite startled so I asked him what happened. He told me when he turned off the light in the living room he saw a black figure appear in the corner. I looked into the room and there was nothing there at all, I told him he must have been seeing things and was quick to dismiss the incident.

    What happened to me next however made me less skeptical of what my family were saying. It had been about a month since the figure in the living room incident and I was alone in the house one day on the computer in my bedroom. Suddenly the light in my room swung and smashed on the ceiling, the window was shut and it wasn’t a windy day so there were no drafts at all. I thought the incident was odd but didn’t really think too much of it until a week later when the exact same thing happened. I mentioned it to my parents who both joked and said it must have been the ghost. We all pretty much laughed it off and then not much happened for a while, occasionally my mother would see the lady by my bedroom which at that time I still didn’t fully believe myself being ever the skeptic at that time.

   Then I started having other encounters. I started seeing things in the mirror, nothing particularly fascinating just flashes in the corner of my eye that I dismissed mostly because there were other people in the house when they happened. I thought it could have been my younger sisters or brother, but one time it happened consistently through the day when I was alone in the house. Every time I looked in the mirror something would catch my eye then vanish, this shook me a bit but I still dismissed it. As I say I love ghost stories, and I am very open minded but I just could not accept at all the possibility of MY house being haunted as time went on I kept on dismissing things and more things kept happening like things going missing in my room then turning up days later.

   The first time I started to accept it was when my mum bought a Ouija Board and her and my step father were going to use it. Ouija Boards freak me out I cannot stand to be in the same house as them let alone the same room so I decided to go upstairs but I made something of a mistake - I insulted the Ouija Board and teased my parents for using it. To this day I have no idea why I did that because they are things that I fear and have great respect for the power of. I also know that I would never use one for love nor money for fear of the affect it may have on me, irrational? Maybe, but I stand by my convictions on that issue.

   After I insulted the Ouija board I went upstairs and started becoming very headachy. I came downstairs for painkillers and could hear my parents using the board, this made me very nervous and shaky so I got my painkillers and ran back to my room. After a while I was annoyed because this headache of mine wouldn’t go away and my nose started to bleed heavily so I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. I looked in a mirror then once again I saw something move behind me and once again I dismissed it saying I was tired so I was seeing things. I then went upstairs and had a very bad night’s sleep, waking up from several nightmares. The next day I pretty much demanded the Ouija Board be removed from the house which it was and I was ok for a while after that.

   Most recently I had been wondering why exactly if my house was haunted was it only my mother and step father who saw anything substantial like figures? It was about 4 weeks ago that I started seeing things and hearing things that were particularly compelling and I just could not ignore. The first thing that happened was that I was in the house alone and I could hear someone walking around upstairs. I thought it was odd and as I had so many times before just dismissed it and then it started happening much more frequently. Then one night when my siblings had been put to bed I heard what sounded like furniture being moved coming from my sister’s room. I ran up to check on them and to see what they were doing, when I went into the room they were sound asleep and nothing had been moved. I did a quick look around the room next door and the spare room downstairs to try and see what I heard, but there was (surprise, surprise) absolutely nothing. When I told mum what had happened I managed to crack myself up at how much of a cliché the story was.

    After that there was a night that I will never forget. It started when I was woken in the night by very heavy footprints stomping around the house and up and down the stairs. I got up and looked round to see if any of my siblings were awake, but like the furniture incident it was late and they were very sound asleep. I went back to my room and this stomping around resumed so I got up and decided to get a drink. As I was going downstairs I could see into the living room and was very startled to see a column of white light in the room between the coffee table and the sofa. I went into the room and as soon as I was by the door it had vanished. It was so bright that it sort of imprinted on my eyes like when you look at a light bulb too long and you see colours. What struck me about it was that it didn’t seem like a ghost in the traditional sense, there was no figure in the column it didn’t look discernably...well...humanoid. It was literally a pillar of light, so rather fazed by this I went to the kitchen for some water. Then as I went to the kitchen I looked up - I have no idea why, I just had this sense that I really should from where I was. I could see upstairs outside my parents’ bedroom and I saw a black figure walking down the landing accompanied by the heavy footsteps I’d heard earlier, opening my parents door and entering the room.

    I think had I run upstairs any faster I would have broken the sound barrier I went to the landing and got there in time for the door to close. I opened I went into the room despite it being very late and my mother being asleep. My stepfather worked nights so it was just me, my mother and my siblings in the house. Anyway I went in and there was nothing there. At this point I was very, very freaked out and went downstairs, had my drink and made to go back upstairs...but then I looked into the living room where I saw a black figure in the corner and it seemed to be sort of flickering like it was there solid then was translucent then becoming solid again. Well I had had enough so I went, made a cup of tea and sat in the yard, in the snow, in my pjs, with a pack of cigarettes and sat there till it was light.

    The last thing I’ll mention is today’s incident. My mother was stripping wallpaper off the walls, my dad was in the kitchen with the kids and I was in the living room. I heard my mum scream and went to the hall to see what had happened, she said she'd looked behind her and seen someone peeking round the living room door at her looking curious. I can tell you I didn’t dismiss that, in fact it's what inspired me to come on this site and write this story.

   In the end I don’t think any of the spirits in my house (I’m convinced there are more than 3 of them) don’t mean us any harm, nothing that they have done has been violent and as I said at the start people find the house's general atmosphere to be a warm welcoming one. I think the reason for the things I saw the night when I went outside were just the spirits trying to finally prove to me personally that they were really there because I had been so dismissive. I think that their continued appearances are just them trying to keep us assured that they are there and this is their house too, and I’m happy to accept that I think that they are a part of this house. I also know that if you try to dismiss them, they WILL prove to you that they are there, ha-ha.

   I hope you have enjoyed this and if you have any questions e-mail me and I would be happy to answer them, I think that in future I will definitely keep everyone on this site posted on things that happen at my house.

All My Life I Saw Ghosts

Pearl Nestor, AK, USA

   I have seen ghosts all my life. I have had so many strange experiences that one day I started to total them all up and started to go far back into my memories as a child to remember the first strange episode.

    I suppose the first one was when I was five years old and my younger brother was four. We would wake very early in the morning before our parents, around five AM and play with our toys. One day we noticed this strange man looking at us from around a corner, he looked similar to one of our relatives and we thought it was him so we weren't scared. We started to walk toward him and he ducked back from the corner, only when we turned the corner he wasn't there! Then we would see him from the opposite side of the room and we would run to see him only to have him go around another corner and vanish. We were playing a strange game of tag with this guy! We were too young to understand that this was a ghost, even though it perplexed us why we could see him one moment and not the next around the corners, we knew no one could move that fast.

   One morning I woke up early and went into my parents room, they were both fast asleep and there was this very same man in the middle of the bed with my parents. He looked like he was very happy to be snuggling up next to my mom and he looked at me dead in the eye and smiled. I got a shiver down my spine. When my mom was making me breakfast I asked her who the strange man in bed with her was. Needless to say she was taken aback and asked "What man?" then I told her the whole story. She said that I must have been dreaming and left it at that. But my brother saw it too, I asked him several years ago if he remembers that man we used to chase all the time early in the morning when we were kids and he said he did. He remembered after all these years , that year was in 1962.

   Since then I have always seen ghosts, had knocking at the door to find no one there, once walked into a bar and talked to the stranger next to me only to have him vanish before my eyes. Too many episodes. I guess some people are blessed or cursed to see ghosts. It doesn't even scare me, never did. I am just always in awe every time there is an episode. But I'll never understand why I can see them and no one else does, I'm certainly not crazy and years will go without seeing one, but sometimes I'm not so sure. I'll see ghosts as solid as real people usually, (I have seen shadows on walls of people who aren't there) so I may see them in a crowd on the street and they look like anybody else. It's usually hard to tell till they figure out I can see them and then they vanish .Thank you for letting me tell my story.

The Long Dirt Road

Anonymous, TX, USA

   My husband and I just finished our dream home here in a small town near Brownsville Texas. Our house is the last one on our dirt road for many miles.  I suppose it was all too easy to ignore the strange things that we all saw as far as the construction was going on. The house itself  was fully finished by November of 2009 so I guess with most of the stress gone and life slowing to normal it was only a matter of time before we began to take more notice of things.

    You see the house in itself was right as rain as far as normal goes. It was the land itself that became the issue. One day my three boys Austin, 12 Julio, 5 and Manny, 3 all decided they wanted mommy to take them for a walk down the dirt road that runs on after our house. I didn't see a problem since cars rarely used this road because of the lack of pavement making it impossible to drive on if it had rained at all in the past week.

   It was around eight in the morning when we started down the road. It wasn't but a minute or two before a woman ran out into the middle of the road in front of us about twenty yards or so up the road.
She looked odd with a red hooded cloak from head to her bare feet and crazed hair. Her face was painted black with what appeared to be mud and she had about four obedient pit bulls by her side sitting at attention watching as she began acting very oddly. Now mind you it is August in Texas and the closest house for at least ten miles was our own, not to mention the Texas heat and this lady is wearing a full length hooded long sleeve cloak.

   She suddenly started chanting and sort of jumping around while holding this sort of branch waving it over her shoulders. I just couldn't stop looking at her and without a thought I called out to her if perhaps she had had an accident in the area and needed some help. She only then raised her eyes to look our way but only to my children and lifted her hand with a smile motioning for my boys to approach her.
Well as a mother I do not think I need say what I did next. Once we were all back in the house I just brushed it off telling the boys to stay close to the house and that I did not want them venturing down
that road without me.

   It was only that very same day though that we ended up walking down that road again because I realized my youngest sons sandal must have come off there earlier. This time what we saw would be far more unsettling than a strange woman. As I bent down to pick up Manny's sandal I turned quickly when my five year old began to scream one of those hysterical cries for help that make a mother’s blood run to ice.

   When I saw his pale face I noticed he was also urinating on himself. I turned toward the direction he was fixed on to have a look at the source and there they were. I would never in my wildest believe a soul had I not been there but sure enough. There about twenty feet or so on the side of the road were four small people about two and a half foot tall. One of them was about two foot at the most and they were drinking from the puddles of water that collected during the last rain fall. Then I noticed another one but he was much bigger than the four and he wore all black. He seemed to be a sort of watch out or care-giver as he did not participate in the splashing and drinking. The others were all dressed in white handmade type clothing and wore hats that were pointy like a garden gnome.

   They were speaking and what appeared like joking and the entire time not once did they look at us until the big one did. I gave a shout from amazement. Then the big one grabbed up the smallest of them onto his shoulders and spoke to the others to go towards the tall grass. Not one word came from any of us as we watched them walk and disappear into the grass. Since then I have seen them on several occasions around my home just watching me although I am scared I am also equally curious as to what they are.

   They do however cause a little mischief from time to time it is never anything serious only like they want my attention. If anyone knows or has had a similar experience in this way I would love to hear about it if only for purposes of validation.

The Apartment on Lemon Street

Emily, CA, USA

   Spirits have been around me my entire life. I am what people call a sensitive. I sense them and can see them from time to time. From the time I was a baby, they have been almost drawn to me. My family moved around quite a bit, and each house was haunted by something. I remember being terrified as a child, especially since I couldn't explain it to my parents. My mother doesn't sense them or see them, and she completely denies they exist, so I was unable to talk to her about them. My dad didn't want to scare me as a child, but he has confirmed a lot of what happened to me now that I am an adult. I guess it makes me feel less crazy. The apartment I am currently moving out of is what my story is about.

   I live in an apartment that was built in 1915. Almost everything is still from that era, which makes plumbing and electricity a nightmare. It’s a large one bedroom place. When you enter the front door, you are in the living room. At the end of the room, there is a door way to the kitchen and one to the hallway. There is also a large closet on the right wall of the living room. When you walk into the kitchen, there is a door way to the hall immediately to your right. The kitchen large, with the cabinets on the wall in front of you, the sink and counters on the wall to your left. The fridge and stove are both on the wall directly to your left. If you go down the hall, there is an opening on your left that leads to the bathroom and bedroom. If you continue down the hallway you enter the laundry room.
There is a door to the backyard in that room.

   From the first night that I moved in, I felt something. My fiancé and I slept on an air mattress the first night. I woke up to the feeling of something watching me. I didn't see anyone, but I could feel the spirit in the room. When we got up the next day, I decided to keep it to myself and not scare my fiancé. He never had any experiences with ghosts until we got together. Since then, he has been easing into the fact that they are around us. After we moved in, I would feel it in the hall at night, but tried to disregard it. I don't care if they are there, as long as they leave me alone.

   Little things started to happen like things going missing, only to turn up right where we left them, even though we had checked the place moments earlier. When you were doing dishes in the kitchen, it would feel like someone is standing in the doorway to the hall watching you.

    The girl who lives in the apartment above me went on vacation for a week. No one was in her apartment, yet my fiancé and I would be woken up in the morning to footsteps and things shifting around up there. It was so bad one morning that I swore she was in the apartment and even mentioned to another neighbor that I thought she had come back. She wasn't and didn't return for another 2 weeks, yet the noises continued.

   The spirit is a male, I can sense that, and it is either very protective of me, or just doesn't like other males. My fiancé and I started having issues this summer, which we have since resolved. Things got really bad for a while and he started being attacked by the spirit. It only happened when I wasn't around him. One night, he got up to go to the bathroom and came back in with scratches on his stomach. He was freaked out because he said he just felt a burning feeling and when he raised his shirt he saw the scratches. He also told me that after I went to work one morning, he was in the shower and something hit the shower curtain from the outside, he freaked out and quickly got out, dressed and left the house.

   There were times where I would fall asleep on the couch in the living room, only to be awakened to the feeling of someone standing over you. This happened to my fiancé and my dad also. When it happened to my dad, he searched through the house because he was so certain that someone had broken in. He didn't find anyone, but he slept with a hammer under his pillow, just in case it came back.

   The last night I slept there was the worst. It was last Thursday. My fiancé was at his parents’ house for the night, packing up some stuff to move to the new place. I went to bed as normal. I closed the door, as I always do. I had a dream that I woke up and the room was dark. I reached for my cell phone, only to see that it had completely died. I reached for my work cell, and the same thing. That’s when I heard something laugh from under my bed I freaked out and jumped out of bed, towards the door, which was open.  When I got to the door, I saw someone under the bed. I ran into the bathroom, closed the door and woke up. I was in bed, but I could feel it in the room. I tried to go back to bed, but I felt something walk across the bottom of the bed. I turned on a light and the TV, and didn't sleep the rest of the night.

   The next morning, I got up extra early and left for work. I am not looking forward to going back to get the rest of our stuff, but we are doing it this weekend. I just know whatever is there, isn't happy that I am leaving. Hopefully, it will just let us move stuff and not hurt anyone. I hope the next people who live there don't have to deal with what we have had to deal with living there.